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  • By deanne 27 May 2017 11:00
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Although I have had a few more experiences, last Thursday night {the 1st warm night of summer) is worth recounting. About 1030pm, I arrived at a local park’s car park dressed in grey miniskirt, white crochet top, deep red bra/thong/suspender belt, and 4” heels, blonde wig. Only 2 empty cars there, so got out for a smoke but no sign of possible action. I decided to go for a walk in the park, since it was warm and I was feeling horny; down t… Read more...

  • By gazza2000 15 May 2017 08:12
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ive put a couple of stories on here about my mate kev a gay guy who love guys in lingerie, on saturday night he was having some friends around for his 56 birthday, i arrived at 9 and there was about 5 guys there, drinking and chatting,as the evening got on guys started touching each other , a few guys started sucking others and stripping off, kev said to me go and put some gear on, i went upstairs and put on a red bra, red panties with red suspen… Read more...

  • By Sissychrissy 16 Apr 2017 14:06
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At 57 my desire to be young again is at its height, I am longing for the days when I was back at the start of my long journey. I have started to hunger for the feel and taste of a hot hard cock more and more than ever before. I am married with little opportunity to sate my desires and want to be used as I was back in the good old days.

In 1974 it was not a problem to be a slim teen boy with long hair and a girly look as the pop scene of the ti… Read more...

  • By Davinia 15 Mar 2017 10:41
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Cold evening or not I decided on impulse to dress and head to Royal Oak layby and see if I could find some excitement.
So, dressed in a black and white check pinafore dress, see-through top, black sheer nylons held up by a 6-strap suspender belt, no panties because they only get in the way, one inch heel shoes and wearing bright red lip gloss I set off for Royal Oak.

On arrival there was no other vehicle in the layby but I decided to give it … Read more...

  • By Pimlico60 9 Feb 2017 18:03
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Feeling especially horny, I dressed in stockings, flimsy nickers and basque top. Having covered myself in sweatshirt , tracksuit bottoms and coat - I then drove to a known parking area frequented by men. (This is a cold grey early February afternoon so I wasn't terribly optimistic)

Once parked - I removed coat, track suit bottoms etc. Almost naked, I felt so sexy holding my hard cock and knowing that if anyone came close enough to my car, t… Read more...

  • By Sissyslutlinzy 6 Feb 2017 16:11
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Hi this story is mostly true but is condenced to make it more wank friendly lol.
So its 3.30 and im finishing work at the supermarket next to the metro centre and ive already planned everything for the 4 meets ive aranged tonight.
Im already wearing my stockings,suspenders and panties, i used hair removal cream nearly everywhere this morning before work and all the rest of my gear is in my bag in my car,
I drive to my spot where i get change… Read more...

  • By Dodgycd 3 Feb 2017 09:20
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This really happened and my face was covered as I walked back to my car,enjoy xx

there is a great wood near M50, one night 3 weeks ago Whilst driving late from a conference meeting feeling tired, I decided to keep me awake, I would pull over at next services, which happened to Frankley (I think) on M5 about junction 3, I was heading towards Swansea so still a couple of hours to go.
i pulled in to the bottom end of car park away from other veh… Read more...

  • By Karen 20 Jan 2017 19:42
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The following account of one of my sessions which took place in the late 80's was recently re-written for a gentleman friend of mine. he was very appreciative so I thought I would post it for SH readers.

Several weeks had passed by since I had found enough free time to be the girl I enjoyed becoming when made over and dressed. No trips out into the country side to be myself, no positive contacts on the contact sites and the frustrations wer… Read more...

  • By saman 15 Jan 2017 12:31
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I must have been quite young and I spent a great deal of time on my own. the family was somewhat disjointed but comfortable and I had spent time at prep school. Little did I know how those early experiences would shape my later years.

I had already experienced wet dreams and it would not be long before sleepovers in a shared bed awakened my hormones and led to those first touches, arousal and mutual pleasure. However, in parallel with this I … Read more...

  • By Gabbyjustforyou 8 Jan 2017 20:01
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Hi, my name when I dress is Gabby. I decided it was time to update my photos as I had been on a buying spree, so on Friday night I checked into an Essex hotel with my new outfits, wigs and boots. A few enjoyable hours later I has just over 100 new photos of me dressed as the girl next door, the secretary, classy lady, flight attendant, school girl and the slut. After making sure all my makeup, lipstick and nail vanish had been removed I ventured … Read more...

  • By robertjames747 29 Nov 2016 16:00
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Last wednesday I went to Tog Hill Picnic Site near Bath, looking for some bi-fun.

Most of the punters were either very old or not attractive, so I decided to leave and get a coffee. When I got back I had just driven in when a a bare leg came out of the driving seat of a little red car. I slowed as I passed and saw a tall man dressed in jumper and very short skirt, and carrying a handbag get out of the car and go into toilet block.
I parked u…

  • By Alaina 9 Nov 2016 23:32
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Going Out to my weeklyMens club meeting one late summers evening I donned my white fishnet stockings and white lace panties , and lace suspender belt , all under my smart black trousers and shirt with tie . The meeting was held in a local pub and was a weekly event . No one guessed that I was wearing FEMA attire under my man clothes which really turned me on as i was a habitual cross dresser and had been for some years unbeknown to my wife .

  • By KevinCG 6 Nov 2016 21:26
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Bonfire Weekend.
Wife was away for the weekend, so took advantage and dressed for the first time in ages.
Had been in Primark and bought some new clothes - Pink Teddy with Suspenders,Pink Panties,Tan Stockings, a green patterned short dress, pink high heels.
Bought a wig in a local shop, got a butt plug from the local Private shop, then went home and dressed up,put the butt plug in, and for the first time put some makeup on.Wow I was so turned… Read more...

  • By SAMMIS 1 Nov 2016 14:07
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Having been and admirer of all things Tgirl for a long time, I had progressed from World of Transvestism (remember that) on to the internet and the videos, photos and stories it provides.
About two years ago, I came across and advert for a Tgirl and admirer daytime party in Melksham , as I was visiting customers not that far away I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss. I travelled to the venue that is in part of an old factory, up th… Read more...

  • By Lisa 31 Oct 2016 22:31
  • TV

Hello , If you read part one you would know i met a married couple Ken nd Liz , Ken fucked me but Liz took me to a new world of sex she had lesbian tendency, Any ways Liz rang me Saturday on my mobile asked if i was busy i nearly choked with excitement no i replyed like to come over kens away i am a little bored told Liz i would be over in 20mins, i put my make up on blond wig blue frock with a flower pattern on tan seamed stocki… Read more...

  • By Lisa 28 Oct 2016 22:19
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From my previouse post you will know i was introduced to being cock docked by an old man in leigh his cock pushed inside mine while he fucked what he named my quim, Any way he rang my mobile to tell me he knew a couple gagging to meet me after he had told them about me gave me an address in leigh with the post codetold me it was set up for the coming saturday if i was ok with that i texted back to accept so george could let them know, Saturda… Read more...

  • By Leatherbasque 8 Sep 2016 10:55
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Another normal day, but I've got to go to the physiotherapist. It's only a routine appointment, to see what's happening with my shoulder. I've had problems with my feet in the past, which this physio has treated, but they're OK now, nothing to be done with them today.

I arrive at the appointment. Into the office and we chat about my shoulder. I take my shirt off and she starts to manipulate my shoulder, checking what's better and worse than … Read more...

  • By TV Wendy 2 Sep 2016 16:09
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Hi Tv wendy here again since our last session at the apartment Sara has been taking Estrofen she has been taking 4 a day for the last fortnight and there is already a difference in her boobs they now look like bee stings and her nipples are very sensitive she is hoping to develop them to 36c and dispense with falsies, I still take 2 tablets a week to keep my 40c bust nice and firm I started on them 15 years ago when my boyfriend bought them for… Read more...

  • By Harriet 26 Aug 2016 15:41
  • TV

I arrived at Sauna/sauna reception at opening time, with my bag of girly clothes and got a towel, some lube, condoms and a key for a T-girl locker upstairs.
First call was the loo to douche, lube and put my 6" long butt plug in, which opens me up for cock and makes me juicy like a real girl's fanny.
In the t-girl changing I stripped and put on full make-up with cherry lips and red eye liner.
Then I put on black fishnet crotch-less tights, 4… Read more...

  • By andreacdxxxx 18 Aug 2016 13:46
  • TV

6months ago I was down south, I'd finished a seminar and was heading home up the M5, after half hour into the journey my mind started thinking of sexy things, so I made the decision that to help the journey go quicker I would pull off at next junction and find a Layby and have a change, it was about 8.45 so dusk to dark.
The next one was the Bridgewater junction, I pulled off and turned right and after about a mile there was a big Layby on my l… Read more...

  • By Cwd 4 Aug 2016 16:21
  • TV

My first and unexpected CD/TV encounter was as a student . Following a night out I saw a very attractive lady clearly intent on being picked up. I stopped and she got into the car. Finding a quiet spot she soon had my hard cock out and started giving me a blow job. At the same time she thrust a finger deep into my arse - I was a little surprised then realised that she was a he ! That got me even more excited as a blew my load into her mouth… Read more...

  • By Mightyfajita 11 Jul 2016 12:35
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Its many years since I started crossdressing and why ? Well who knows but I always remember when my parents went out I used to love wandering round the garden naked even when the neighbours were in, probably first signs of being an exhibitionist. I also used to go to the local park, a small affair next to the main road, but it never stopped me wandering in it naked despite the cars being able to see me.

The change from exhibitionist to crossdr…

  • By TV Wendy 7 Jul 2016 22:27
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Hi, tvwendy and again writing about my latest exploits in and around Scarborough,
Last Wednesday I took the car and drove to the Clock Tower on the Esplanade
I had arrange to meet Sara my longstanding Tv girlfriend to catch up on the gossip, she now has a black boyfriend who is hung like a donkey ( don’t know how she gets it all in)
Anyway we sat down on the seats overlooking the mini golf putting pitch I was wearing a white mini ra ra ski… Read more...

  • By John 3 Jul 2016 21:06
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About six years ago I used to travel up and down the country working in a job I hated, yeah I know, there's a lot of us who have been there, though occasionally it had it's benefits. I was asked if I could visit a client just outside of London on a Sunday, which for my line of work was odd, but it meant I had to be away for essentially the weekend which I enjoyed. I travelled up to the hotel I was staying at, checked in and then went to the bar f… Read more...

  • By Lisa 1 Jun 2016 13:34
  • TV

I had decided to try a gay cinema for my first time ,My wife Karen knows i am a full panty wearing sissy a cock lover on the night i got dressed and ready wearing suspenders stockings lace balcony bra with a flowing summer dress on Karen took her panties off and gave them to me to wear the gusset was wet and could feel the wetness between my legs finished my make up with a nice red slutty lipstick and was ready for off slipped into my car on the… Read more...

  • By Somersetsissyjoanne 31 May 2016 16:04
  • TV

I have been dressing for years and visiting various sissy chat sites, it was on one of the sissy chats sites I came across my on line Mistress. We started chatting, mainly me telling Mistress what I enjoyed dressing in and some fantasies.
I am a sissy sub when dressed in either my female or sissy baby clothes, Mistress would set me various tasks to complete and I had to explain in for detail how I felt when doing them, one particular task was to… Read more...

  • By Somersetsissyjoanne 31 May 2016 14:58
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I have been dressing for years and visiting various sissy chat sites, it was on one of the sissy chats sites I came across my on line Mistress. We started chatting, mainly me telling Mistress what I enjoyed dressing in and some fantasies.
I am a sissy sub when dressed in either my female or sissy baby clothes, Mistress would set me various tasks to complete and I had to explain in for detail how I felt when doing them, one particular task was to… Read more...

  • By Dave-Dawn 10 May 2016 16:08
  • TV

For as long as I can remember I've indulged in cross dressing. Last week though I was taken to the next level when I was caught by my aunties neighbour.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when my auntie and uncle were going on holiday with my mum and dad. My auntie is extremely fit and always wears lovely sexy clothes. Many a time I've even had a wank thinking about her. Now being 18 I was asked if I'd be house sitter for a couple of weeks w… Read more...

  • By deanne 18 Apr 2016 12:39
  • TV

Last week, I was working down south for a few days. With spare time, I was browsing in Debenham’s lingerie section looking to add to my collection when a voice behind me said “hi Dave, how are you keeping”. I turned round to see a blonde lady in her 40’s who seemed vaguely familiar. “I’ve not changed that much have I” she said, and back came the memories of an 18 month affair some 12 years back. It was Carol (name changed) who ha… Read more...

  • By Nomis9 16 Apr 2016 16:02
  • TV

We had been chatting online for sometime about our fantasies and had finally taken the plunge and decided to meet in person. We decided on a neutral location that would hopefully allow us both to be comfortable. We had both booked separate hotel rooms to allow us to be more discrete. I arrived around 4pm after travelling to London earlier that day for work. I checked in and made my way to my room.

The nerves were already beginning to get to m… Read more...