EGO Sex shop. Erotic

I was preparing to write an account of a very sexy afternoon that I spent at a sex cinema in Germany in August when I discovered that a story with very similar elements in it had already been published on this site about a week ago written by East End Roy. Even though there are some common parts I thought readers would be interested.
I was driving along the A3 Autobahn from Cologne to Russelsheim, late in the afternoon, I had skipped lunch … Read more

Slut Wife Kim part 2 Erotic

First thanks for all the comments and if you have not read my first post best to read that first. I know if you saw my first post (slut wife Kim) you would know Kim's meet with Tony was ment to happen tonight but things have changed. late last night Tony text Kim asking if they could rearrange there meet as he has family stuff going on he can't get out of. To cut a long storie short after Kim was getting cold feet and wanted to call the whole thi… Read more

Slut Wife Kim Erotic

This storie took place three weeks ago. My wife and I have been together 10 years now she is 39 and I am 41. My wife's name is Kim she has blond hair, long legs a big round bum and 32DD tits. I am very much into the thought of her with another man and made this clear after being together a couple of years. Kim has always stressed that she would never fuck another man but we do role play in bed and she will act like she is cheating and I am anothe… Read more

The Journey Erotic

This was the longest leg so far of their journey, right through the corn belt of the Mid-West. In total the train journey would take 11 hours, so far they had completed 6 and already the scenery had become bland and repetitive. Mile after mile of corn and wheat fields, occasionally punctuated by a farm and even more occasional by a small town

Zoe was bored, but unlike Simon her partner was unable to find comfort in sleep. She had finished all … Read more

Our First Foursome Erotic

Many thanks for the likes and comments on my previous stories. These are about 80/90% true with a few changes to make them better reading and hopefully a turn on for some of you.

I really got into the swinging ‘scene’ in my mid twenties when I was going out with a girl called Melanie (Mel). We'd both had experiences with men and women so it didn’t take long to start talking about involving other people in our sex life. This was before i… Read more

Dominant Donna Erotic

Some people will disagree but I think most women like a man to either be in control in bed or at least quite assertive. Very dominant women are, in my experience, in the minority, but I have met some and once had a short but very intense relationship with one who I will call Donna.

I met Donna in my twenties through a mutual friend. She had long brown hair, big brown eyes and a naughty smile and although she mostly wore plain clothes it looked… Read more

Almost perfect Erotic

When I first met my {ex} girlfriend the sexual burn was obvious - she had a cleaning company and deep cleaned a house that I had rented out. She ha also researched me. The cleaner herself was primed to treat me to a range of play and seduction (actually my ex told her I could get her into the fit business). Imagine my surprise when, mouth deep in the cleaner's pussy, the boss and her 'boyfriend' arrived to check on progress..................(ps t… Read more

New experiance Erotic

We live in a rural location our nearest neighbour being a short walk, who are a young couple and we get on very well with. She and I have flirted during the various parties and other social gathering with a little discrete touching, both are partners have done the same with each other but never gone any further until last week.
I had borrowed a tool and so walked up to return it. I was greeted by the female with a lovely smile as she walked into… Read more

Chance Erotic

Though I would share this as happened only yesterday and cannot get it out of my mind.
I/we live in rural England and nearest neighbour is about 5 minutes walk. I had borrowed a bit of equipment a few days earlier and having finished wanted to return it. So Knocking on their door (They being good friends younger than ourselves who's children we occasionally looked after and we share various other times together, but never anything more that flir… Read more

Gypsy Erotic

Gypsy part one.

She stood in front of me
I noticed the smile first, her lips parted and her teeth came into view
Intoxicating her tongue moistened her deep red lips and they glistened.
My eyes wandered down , gypsy was stunning, bra less her nipples standing
To attention , poking out of her knitted top, i had to look again ,yes I could clearly see
A nipple that had made its way in between the hole in her top. Wow.

She must have known … Read more

My wife's black toy Erotic

It all started when me and the wife were flicking through some porn channels, we came across a woman fucking a guy with a big black strap on.
She said wow I would love to do that to you, jokingly I said you can if you buy one and thought nothing of it.
Next day at work she text me to say she had a surprise for me when I got home.
I got home she to me to get upstairs and strip naked so I did she then came in naked also and started to suck my ha… Read more

What was I thinking Erotic

Having spent a great day at the knoll nudist beach, studland I was feeling a little horny. My wife and I had not been getting on for a while and the day helped us connect. It certainly made me feel good as whilst sunbathing in the dunes, Pat had got a lot of attention from the meerkats. She was not aware, or so I thought, until I mentioned one guy was wanking while looking over at her. She said she knew but was ignoring him. Not sure that was … Read more

Lycra Erotic

This is a small but erotic encounter from a few years ago.I went for a cycle ride in Blean woods and was in a part between Canterbury and Faversham enjoying the feel of my new nylon leggings and especially seeing and feeling the suspenders straps tugging at my stockings underneath.Although they feel great and my mind sometimes wanders while I am cycling to all sorts of chance scenarios,I wasn’t expecting what was to come!It was a very still ear… Read more

Next steps to cuckolding... Erotic

It is a long time since I posted here. I am still involved with Molly and she and I have been lovers for 4 years now. She is 30 and a very sexy, busty woman. I know I am lucky to have her in my life.
We have been talking of how she could cuckold me properly, her last effort nearly ripping us apart, and causing much hurt and anguish. I came on here and chatted with a few peope about this and we at lunch time had a 3 way conversation with a wel… Read more

DIY treat Erotic

My name is John and I’m 58 yr old .

My wife Sue and I had a very going sex life until Sue hit the menopause and has lost interest .

I fully understand but it doesn’t stop me been permanently horny!

I have my fantasies about some of my wife’s friends but especially her only niece

Carol visits us regulary.
She has just turned 30 yrs
But still single and doesn’t have a steady boyfriend ?
But tells my wife if her oc… Read more

Dirtiest dreams Erotic

We go away for the weekend. The sun is shining. Lunch, followed by drinks and then getting ready to go out and see where the night takes us. You wearing beautiful underwear, a short skirt, a low top with buttons up the front, but classy, as always. We’re not looking for anything in particular, but definitely up for some fun!

We have a fantastic evening and move from bar to bar, enjoying the balmy weather and the people we meet. We enter… Read more

Tight milf fuck Erotic

I was out with my mates in town for a birthday pissup of one of them. We got talking to a group of older women. One of them caught my eye as I couldn't take my eyes off her chest she was in a tight dress and had big tits, they were bulging out of the top. Anyway we got talking and had a drink and laugh as there were 5 of us and four of them. Every time she bent forward to speak to me in the pub I got an eyeful of nice breasts. I was starting … Read more

last time with a toy boy Erotic

Thanks for your comments and likes.
First a bit about myself. I married young and had two children early, following this my sex life with my first husband was almost non existent. I tried to inject some fun into our lovemaking, but it was treated with disdain and when I tried to instigate sex, I was accused of being sluttish. Sex was irregular, missionary position in the dark. Roll on and roll off,
I met the man who became my second husband, a… Read more

Coming round for tea. Erotic

I thought nothing of it when my wife told me her best friend was coming round for a cup of tea. Little did I know how the afternoon would unfold.
I let Becci in when she arrived and she was wearing a fantastically short denim skirt with tights on underneath. My absolute favourite. My wife, Louise, knew I fancied Becci a little, but also knew I'd never do anything about it and it was only a bit of fun.

Lou has an amazing figure, as sexy as hel… Read more

First time with a toy boy Erotic

This is not a tale of BBC, Threesomes or gangbangs. But is about the first time with a toy boy.
To set the scene I am late forties, go to the gym so am quite trim, I have been divorced – a sexless marriage- and since remarried, my new husband has taught me, the difference between making love and sex, and I consider I am in my prime.
I have two children the eldest now lives away from home and the youngest just turned 18 works at a restaurant n… Read more

Money Problems 2 Erotic

I'd been on tenterhooks all day, Dave, who was helping me with my money problem all I had to do was give him a blow job was playing Golf with my brother who knows nothing about this or my wife for that matter, was going to ring me with a convenient time to go to his and "earn" my second half of my arrears later that day won his return.

I was worried he may let something slip with my brother, he's been on the phone to him (arranged deliberatel… Read more

Neighbours New Lodger Erotic

About 6 months ago our neighbours John [31] and Donna [26] informed us that they would be advertising for a lodger as times were hard, her husband lost his job in the local area and was therefore was forced to find work away from home, and would it be possible if either John or the new lodger [he or she] could park their car at the top of our double drive way to which we agreed. After about 6 weeks Donna came around to the house and told us that … Read more

Massage Erotic

So ...... candles are on, Petels scattered over the bed I'd lay you down asking u to place a towel covering ur self and to lay on ur front
In the back ground the sound of wave on a beach

Warming some oil in my hands I'd just let it drip onto u in random place to ensure u never no where the next drop lands no shock because it's warm but each drop send shivers up as it teases u . Then with my big strong hand start massaging the oil around r… Read more

beach fun Erotic

Hi all Just got back from a break in Valencia. Managed to get away for a day to go to the beach with a book.

Its a massive beach and being april it was fairly quiet. I hire a sun lounger and laid back to relax and read . As the day wore on and i had fnished my book I started to gaze around feeling a bit horny. I had already been approachedby the Chinese women who offer a massage and I was tempted by one who was quite pretty but declined. I t… Read more

Money Problems Erotic

I was walking the dog thinking of how I can raise some cash, I'd got myself in a little debt unbeknown to my wife, not a massive amount but enough to cause me a few sleepless nights.
I sat on some felled tree boles waiting for collection, just sat there staring into space when I was startled back into the world by a loud "Hi Bill how’s things, you look like you've lost a tenner ad found five pence!", I looked up, it was the guy whose land I wa… Read more

My Second Time Erotic

My Second Time

(Follows on from My First Time........)

So after last night's escapades in the lay-by with my dominant lorry driver, the very next day I went into town to the cycle shop, bought some Lycra padded shorts to show how serious I was about cycling, really to add weight to my shaving my lower regions, cock/balls and legs as I'd been told to. There was no way I was not doing as he'd told me, last nights experience in his lorry w… Read more

Finger Magic Erotic

Finger Magic

It was a quiet Sunday evening in with my wife and my mate Eric, chatting about all sorts of garbage while watching the telly in the background and nibbling snacks alongside some documentary on the human condition, and why orgasms are great for the propagation of the species. "Yeah, but how's a fingering suppose to help you get pregnant?" blurted Eric, to which we simply stared and I replied "I think you're meant to make her orgas… Read more

Carol discovers mature BBC . Erotic

My name is Linroy .
My wife Mora and I are in our mid fifties .
Mora is Scottish and my parents are Jamaican .
We have been married thirty years. but have no kids ,
but we have a comfortable lifestyle .
We always had a good sex life but as Mora reached the menopause she is rarely in the mood for sex.

Last year Mora’s older sister died suddenly and as her daughter wasn’t getting on with her father so she asked if she could move in… Read more

I secretly watched my wife having sex with a young man . Erotic

Unbelievably I witnessed my wife firstly pleasuring herself , then secondly having full penatrative sex with a young man that came to stay at our house .
Carl came to stop at ours just after Christmas this year, we had a garage conversion several years ago that our eldest claimed but since he moved out I used it to watch tv as there was a huge wall mounted tv and obviously a bed , it had its own toilet and shower area .
One Saturday afternoon S… Read more

My first time Erotic

I will start my story driving home from a meeting I needed to stop for a pee miles from home couldn’t last any longer so pulled up at lay by and walked to the toilets it was quite dark when my eyes adjusted to the light I saw two outher men at the urinals undid my zip and took my cock out and started to have a pee I noticed one guy stroking his cock and then the other guy was doing the same my cock started to get hard it was time for me to go b… Read more