Passing in the street Fact

How a nod gradually turned into a friend…

I retired early a few years ago and have got into my retirement routine. I am mid sixties but can get away with early fifties and sometimes I am told late forties. My wife is a lot younger than me so still works full time.
Most mornings I wander down to the local cafe for a cuppa and a chat with some other oldies who do the same.
For the last few months I have been passing a young lady pushing a push chair with a toddler in, and carrying a ba… Read more

Home security lesbian treat Erotic

And they dont know…

I live in hammersmith with my girlfriend , we have a cleaner 2 times a week and another girl does our ironing once a week .
We always use the same girls but i had this feeling that the cleaners were snooping , i wasnt sure but make sure we installed some hidden cameras connected to 24/7 hard drive loop.
Re watching the footage, the girls weren’t snooping they were just being thorough .
We were invited to a friends house in Brighton , we cont… Read more

Lay-by Laying (LBL) Fact

LBL - an unexpected alternative method!…

I'm a 32yo brunette, married woman with shoulder-length hair. Large pear-shaped breasts with big brown raised areoles and pert nipples. A neat but thick bush of short and curly brown pubes with a smooth undercarriage, leading to a tight pink vagina. Both hubby and I have very strong sex drives and we are at it every night, usually 2 or 3 times! Even though his equipment is below average length (less than 6 inches) and quite thin, he recovers quic… Read more

A cuckhold story cont. 4 Swinging

A swingers story…

The time in between there visits did grow shorter but wait for the anti climax it never went too much further. With the weeks between however I was not idle. So not to disappoint the readers I wanted to share a story of the second couple I hooked up with and wow did I have a lot of fun and parties. The pics of these parties I hope to post on this site as well but once again thought I would have a go at writing the story first.

Not a fairy tale… Read more

A one off? Hopefully not Fact

Wife watching hubby offers his wife to me…

I do home improvements and am currently refurbishing a house in Southsea, Portsmouth.

The house is just a cpl doors away from what seems to be a steak restaurant. Last week it seemed a steady stream of Xmas party groups.
Parking is a pig around here so I find myself moving my motor 3 or 4 times a day. On Friday around 6pm I was pretty much done for the day and started ferrying tools to where I'd parked. On the pavement was a middle aged lady… Read more

Im a man and i like to wear sexy undies Erotic

My parner loves me wearing sexy stockings…

I have always been curious about cross dressing well its undies only.
Wacking off to lad mags and watching videos was a great hobby of mine when i was younger , seeing girls in stocking , basque , knickers always took me over the edge .
Every birthday , christmas and as a treat i would buy sexy undies for my girls and if i have to be honest the type and style i brought was for me so i could get off with them wearing them, and fucking whole they… Read more

Too old for cruising Fact

proven wrong…

I am a mature, very fem cross dresser of advanced years, After being stood up last Friday the only fun i could arrange was a car meet, I do try to avoid these meetings as it can be a bit cramped, but as i had been expecting to meet i was feeling quite sexy so i agreed, Luckily i do have a large 4x4 car, so at least there would be room to go down on my man, We met at the arranged location, What a nice surprise, he was a middle aged,very fit Croati… Read more

wife's saucy night remembered Erotic

My wife overstepped the mark…

I've have taken early retirement but my wife K. still works as she is in her early 50's. Always a good looking woman she can still turn heads with a great figure befitting a 30 year old. In later years we have become quite open in our feelings with no jealousy, often we fantasize about others in our love making.
It's that time of year again for office parties and last weekend K. went out with her colleagues dressed to the nines and pre… Read more

Another great experience at the swinging club Fact

Slut wife…

I have posted about my wife Alexandra before, one about the sauna in Cap d Agde, another story of a swingers club in Madrid and a private apartment encounter. This story is about a visit to a swingers club in southern Spain and happened in September. We decided to go on a Friday night which is when they let singe guys in. Alexandra looks beautiful in her super short dress, she had orders from me to flash her pussy when sitting at the bar stool. I… Read more

Why Fact

A true story…

Why?I was recently asked a question Why? and soon realized many did not fully understand or appreciate anal sex and I say so with humility as by far many did and love it.

So after posting some very xxx rated anal pics with bdsm toys, pumps and stainless steel. I decided to explain what I get out of it and to answer the question of Why? and fulfill a fantasy or two.

My journey into anal heaven was without doubt filled with mishaps and … Read more

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Too old for cruising Gay

proven wrong…

I am a mature, very fem cross dresser of advanced years, After being stood up last Friday the only fun i could arrange was a car meet, I do try to avoid these meetings as it can be a bit cramped, but as i had been expecting to meet i was feeling quite sexy so i agreed, Luckily i do have a large 4x4 car, so at least there would be room to go down on my man, We met at the arranged location, What a nice surprise, he was a middle aged,very fit Croati… Read more

Married guy part 4 Gay

this happened today…

After several quick meets for a sucking session, today he got the day off work to do his Christmas shopping done, therefore his wife wouldn't worry how long he was out.

My partner lit my fire before he went to work (he knew I had someone coming round) so the house was nice & warm, the guy arrived & soon our trousers were off & we were snogging while feeling each others bulges through our underwear,

it didn't take long before we were both … Read more

Cheating Married Milf Fact

I get to do the slut from school…

I've been fucking an older for the past 6 months. She's married with kids older than me and I first met her when she worked at the school I was a pupil at.

A couple of years after I left she was in the local pub and to cut a long story short, I ended up sitting on the passenger seat of her wimp of a husband's car, as she impaled herself on my cock, which she'd just sucked rock hard whilst the pathetic bastard was in the pub blissfully unawa… Read more

Stockings on Fact

Hair gone Friday…

I had I holiday day left during the year so it was to be that I booked a Friday pamper day, I had read an article on the Veet hair removal cream so as my partner had some in the cupboard felt the need to try so after an initial patch test it was planned that I would give myself the full legs treatment. The day came everyone else was out for the day I had prepared everything latex gloves, veet cream and a nice pair of hold up stockings for after 1… Read more

A cuckhold story cont3 Swinging

A swingers story…

...cont from a cuckhold story.

After our meeting at my home I did not hear from Dawn or Warren for the next couple of weeks. I follow instructions that he will contact me when she needs you he had said.

I think there was a lot of confusion after that first really explosive cession and the mask was finally gone. He remained in control but she ran the bedroom and we would both have to satisfy her. It’s perfect I thought but all in our ga… Read more

meet with an idiot leads to layby gangbang Meetings

factual story of a saturday meet…

I had been chatting via txts with this guy for about a week and arranged to meet him at a pub local to his address. the idea being I would introduce him to the wife, we would find a quiet cosy corner in the pub where he could get to know her better, lots of flirting, kissing, discreet groping leading on to an exciting session back at his.
we arrived at the pub just before the arranged time only to discover that the pub was a very busy open plan … Read more

Helping out our Neighbour Fact

Neighbours enter but not by force !…

This happened about 10 years ago I was working upstairs in my studio doing some drawings and my Boyfriend at that time Alex came home to tell me he had been chatting with our Neighbour Sally who had 3 son's living with her with a age range of 18 , 19 and the eldest being 21 , Sally had asked him as she said I know Zoe is usually home in the day could she look after the key to our house as if I give it to the one of the boys it will be lost i… Read more

A night at the O2 Fact

What started out as a night out ended up…

So my and my mates go off to the O2, to celebrate another mates birthday.

There we are all having a good time on one of the bars, then we stumbled into these two gorgeous looking ladies but in their early 40s who had come down for a concert.

I approached one of the ladies and we got chatting, really good conversation we talked loads and dance loads too, grinding and gyrating to the pulsating rhythms from the DJ. My mate also got talking br… Read more

After more than 25 years of faithful marriage Swinging

retribution helps us progress…

My husband, Gary, posted a story on here last year of how I started having sex with a disabled guy who lives in our village. He posted the tale as written by ‘The Storyteller’, because he said it sounded cool, but I suspect it was because he felt guilty that he had encouraged me to step outside our previously faithful marriage. So many of the stories on here are told by men and, having thought about my experience (and what happened subsequent… Read more

Slut wife humiliates me Fact

My wife now fucks who she wants when she wants…

I admit my wife Linda is the boss and totally controls me especially when it comes to sex. In our life everything is perfect except for sex.

Linda has an exceptionally high sex drive and I’m not the biggest or the best, as she frequently now tells me. Linda is beautiful and although in her early 40’s has a perfect size 10 figure. She is petite and looks a bit like an older Jenna Coleman. She is cute and you would think butter wouldn’t me… Read more

Mrs C Christmas work fun Fact

Early Xmas prezzy from work…

Mrs C had a little Xmas treat on Friday at work with two of FB’s. I knew it was in the cards from what she left the house wear in the morning.
She had been out shopping on the Wednesday for a Christmas jumper for work. But came back with a Mrs Claws festive dress instead. She looked smoking hot in it. When asked if it was Christmas jumper day she came back with “not a such just treating two of the lads.”

The day past as normal until j… Read more

Bi curious no more Fact

My fantasy came true…

I am engaged to William plan to get married next summer , yes Billy is a great lover but i have always been curious and wanted to be with a woman .
Yes i have fantasied when in bed with Billy especially when he is playing and licking my pussy , with my eyes closed i imagine it is a girl or someone i have seen on tv .
2 weeks ago on a night out with friends from work , i was getting on realy well with Jenny a young temp working in a local office… Read more

May 2017 - Meeting 2 Sharing Sally with my friend Paul Meetings

She told me that she found it so horny to perform for us both and loved the shocked and lustful looks in our eyes.…

May 2017 - Meeting 2

I was keen to make sure that the success of sharing Sally with Brian was not just a one off and I was desperate to start getting her used to being shared more often. Sally and I had chatted a length about the evening with Brian. She was now clear about what I liked and wanted from her and had admitted that she had really enjoyed being with Brian despite her nerves before hand. She even revealed to me that she had found hav… Read more

That time I had my female boss at work Fact

A very hot encounter with my new female boss…

This happened 11 years ago when I worked for a popular travel agent. I was 20 years old and had reluctantly agreed to work there after my parents had forced me to get a full time job (I was very lazy back then).

I ended up working in the bureau de change and for about 6 months nothing really exciting happened. That was however until our manager left under dubious circumstances and they appointed a caretaker manager in the interim. She was 20 y… Read more

First time in the rain Fact

A Nighttime wood walking experience I'll never forget!…

About four years ago I was still feeling (often literally!) my way around naked walking. I'd already had a summer gingerly being more and more daring trying to get further and further away from my clothes but always remaining within easy distance of them just in case. I felt like what the early explorers must have felt like, exploring further and further away from safety and pushing the limits of their comfort.
Ok, so it's not quite the same, bu… Read more

On a Dark road one night 7 Swinging

A swingers story…

The sun is beating down and we had been relaxing all day in the pool and jacuzzi. Breakfast was a scrumptious bacon eggs and coffee. Nothing like good sex to build an appetite.

As evening arrives we retire to our room to shower and get ready for tonight’s fun. The day has been full of flirting and the hint of more to come. He had invited us to spend Saturday night as well and we had already planned to be away for the weekend. Maybe not exac… Read more

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On a Dark road one night 6 Swinging

A swingers story…

His name is Mark they had owned the guest house forever a long story, but he had been nothing but hospitable since our mis adventures.

I had seen her staring at his dick last night during the numerous drinking games we played . I had been looking at his wife too. Nice tits and built for comfort . Mark on the other hand was clearly interested in mine and besides they were now old freinds.

She had seen me getting a blowjob and my face was … Read more

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helping a friend out Fact

blowjob and more…

Was having a drink one night and my friend Kelly asked me if I could help her with a job she had lined up. Go on i said. Well next weekend she was doing a stag night. I was all ears, she said that there was going to be 10 guys, and was going to give them all blowjobs. But said that she felt that she needed a bit of help. Now I'm 60. But look a lot younger, so my boyfriend keeps telling me. I'm blond, big boobs and only 5 foot. But always feel sex… Read more

On a Dark road one night 5 Swinging

A swingers story…

Morning we awake early. Hung over still horny it’s quiet in the guesthouse everybody must be sleeping.

I sneak out of bed don’t want to wake her just yet. I go into the bathroom have to get rid of taste of booze and cigarettes. Feels like a bird crapped in my mouth. The eyes that stare back in the mirror look no better but give credit my cock is still semi hard. I clean up and put on the kettle. Guest houses all the same limited space but … Read more

On a Dark road one night 4 Swinging

A swingers story…

Dinner finished and all the awkward introductions out of the way we retire with our hosts to there entertainment room. Well that's how he described it earlier. " Don't worry , we can have some fun later in our entertainment room"

Well we had arrived at the entertainment room, not sure what we expected but, it was , very relaxed. A large flat screen TV , and many cushions, a fire burning and a row of shooters on the bar. We all enjoyed the… Read more