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I just couldn't believe the day I had, I was so glad to finally get home, dealing with clients all day was sometimes tedious but today it was just exhausting, and to make matters worse it wasn't over as I knew I still had some quotes to do when I got in and it was already getting on 6 pm, but I just kept telling myself, at least it's Friday.

When I got in the house I reali…

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as a 40 something year old man who is married and not getting a lot of sex from the wife i have started to think about what it would be like to try things with other people i have seen places to go but thus far not had the guts to go and try it out
but today i plucked up the courage and went to a well known place i sat in my car waited my legs were trembling my cock was hard i was dribbling precum in anticipation if anything would happen
and …

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She lay in bed....... wet outside, shame her sheets weren't. This single lifestyle isn't all its cracked up to be. How she wished to feel another hand rubbing her erect nipples......following the contours of her body until fingers delved into her wet soft pussy....... she longed for a tongue to taste and lick her flicking in and out ........ the alarm rang and up she got , her knickers from the night before laid on the hotel floor. She always f… Read more...

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I watched a lorry driver in a lay-by pretending to have a piss, he was just behind my car it was gone midnight and just off the A1. He was a big man, tall and thickset with a broad thick chest wearing a T-shirt showing his muscles, tapering to a small waist showing his physique off, basically he was rubbing himself and I was watching in the mirror, I had fantasised for ages about wanking a man, this was my chance I thought, I nervously got out an… Read more...

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This incident occurred in the late 70's, just two days after my 19th birthday. But I remember it like it was yesterday.
I'd been in the Army since I was 17 and my unit was sent to Scotland for some training in the snow, the winter was particularly heavy that year so we thought that the powers-that-be must have been having a laugh.
We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere in groups of 6 and had been given instructions to RV at a set of coord… Read more...

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We are seasoned swingers that live in the USA. I have written a few stories on here because it seems the only place I can be absolutely sure of posting anonymously without creating an account and logging in.
Many years ago I got a ticket from a cop that lied so he could meet his quota for writing tickets. His word against mine... Cop always wins. I was infuriated. Since then I have become a huge advocate of video recording everything. Everyth… Read more...

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I just visited Japan recently with my wife and her twin sister. They are originally from the Philippines.
They have a younger sister (Reyna)who married a Japanese man (Hakaru). We were visiting because his wife Reyna had given birth about a month before. I almost didn't go because I thought I would be bored and we would be over there during my bithday. I was a little disapointed because on my birthday I was used to celebrating with our other s… Read more...

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After seperating from my first wife and during the years that followed before I met my current wife I went through a strange period. I was out of the military and went back to finish college. In the military I competed in weight lifting so I was heavily muscled. I had many casual encounters with college women. After completing 2 degrees I started working as a Field Engineer in the early 90's and I was traveling quite a bit. At the time I was not… Read more...

After a 10 hour flight from Los Angeles during which I thought of nothing other that my wife taking another man’s cock into her mouth and then riding it hard in our hotel room before I got back. We had made an arrangement that we were both free to take other partners if the situation arose. There were rules to be followed - no repeat dates, no local meets, no overnight stays, no uncovered sex. We must also tell each other everything. After seve… Read more...

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Misted Passion

It was the end of autumn when the trees were changing and my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a visit at the local bath house for a sauna. Thankfully this time of year it wasn't so busy and we arrived late in the evening an hour before closing to have the place to ourselves.

We changed in our respective areas, showered and both arrived in the steam room wearing nothing but a towel each. We slowly made our way to the… Read more...

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Curious Comparison

My wife and I were having a quiet night in with a friend who decided to visit and chill with us, we were chatting away about all-sorts and listening to a chillout cd in the background when the topic of abs came up and our friend was showing off his almost-6-pack.

My wife was definately impressed as she enjoys a good looking body like most people, then she asked me to stand up and compare my non-existent 6-pack with his. … Read more...

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Lady Surprise

My wife and I had always fantasized about another woman joining us, and we had been talking to this cute asian girl online for a few weeks. Now was the time to invite her over and bring our fantasy into reality, and we were both quite excited.

It was 7pm on a Friday night and Kim was just moments from arriving. We rushed around making sure the atmosphere was right and that everything we needed was to hand, condoms, lube etc.… Read more...

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Masseur Ex.

It was mid November when my wife and I decided to get away for a while and visit asia. We ended up in a really beautiful island resort filled with white beaches and clear blue ocean, not to mention the resort itself with great big wooden buildings and room service for all.

A few days of total luxury and great food calmed us down and made us happy wandering around the resort, and then a european looking guy walked up to us and c… Read more...

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Friends Night Over

One night my wife and I had our mutual friend over to watch a movie and have a chat, and we ended up watching some b-movie and having a good laugh taking the piss. All of a sudden a girl wearing a schoolgirl outfit appears on screen and our friend watched eagerly and states that he always had a thing for girls in uniforms.

My wife then disappears upstairs for a while and comes back down wearing her schooly outfit that we … Read more...

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It is funny how there are now efforts to save people from crazy religions like Scientology and others.
I don't mind people being religious but when they become zealots about pushing it on others it bothers me.
About a year ago we visited a cousin of my wife's that lived in another state with her husband. My wife's cousin (Nan) married Paul a few years earlier and Nan had just gotten her US citizenship. Nan was 28 and Paul was 37. About five y… Read more...

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Please Note: The original of this story has been posted before, it is not my story. However, what is presented here is very different as I let my imagination run with the possibilities that the original story presented. So to the original author I hope you don't mind this remixing of your work. The first 50% of this story is as it was originally posted. The second part is a massive expansion of the original. I hope you like my work. Bottom line i… Read more...

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I wrote a few stories on here already. Mostly because it lets you post a story without signing in, and to me keeping anonymous is very important. To explain how I changed my mind about creampies I would have to go back quite aways. Back in the early 80's I attended a college for 2 years before going into the Military. I attended at a University extension campus in my home town so I was still living at home. In high school me and a friend of mine… Read more...

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This happened about 15 years ago when I was on a business trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania.
My sister in law (My wifes twin sister) Sylvia came along with me. Sylvia is more submissive than my wife but she is great when it comes to making a sale. Especially when selling to a man.
My wife (Anna) and her sister and my wifes cousin (Maria) and me all live together.
All three women used to work as bargirls in the Philippines. Before I married my w… Read more...


Chapter 2

First day

Jack awoke to the sound of barking dragging him out of a dream he couldn’t quite remember something about a plane trip and a blond. Shrugging it off he looked at the Bedside clock 5:30 time enough to doze for an hour or so.
The barking continued relentlessly, Sam had been missing for two days now he knew he had been off whoring as usual. Kelly’s bitch on heat again shed left a couple of messages on his answering m… Read more...


Chapter 1

The day was hot I look up from grooming the gelding and watch the dust trail advance up the road towards the ranch.
Looked like a white pickup truck maybe some customers although it was getting late in the day.
Jess was restless been ridden all day and now was ready to be loosed into the pasture.
There hadn’t been much people over the weekend business had been slow and now it was Sunday afternoon.
The bunk house was em…

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Hadn't seen my friend with benefits for a little while so was eager to go when he text me. Got the kids sorted and made an excuse to my husband to get out. I picked him up like normal and we went for a drive around. I think he was as eager to see me as he had his hands on my thighs as soon as he got in the car.
We got up to a woodland area and started walking around with me flashing my bum at him from just in front of him where I was walking jus… Read more...

  • By Adam 18 Oct 2017 15:53
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A couple of months ago I joined an adult dating site and got chatting via email yo a girl (I'll call her Sandy) who said she was 23, I'm 49. She actually initiated the conversation, and over a couple of weeks we got on really well, she sent me photos and I'd reciprocate. After about 3 weeks, she sent me a mobile number and said 'call if you want, I'd love to hear your voice'. So I did, she sounded really hot. We'd chat for a while when she was al… Read more...

  • By Curly Sue 18 Oct 2017 06:08
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I have always loved to crossdress since i was a teenager , but it was always only solo , but over the last year i have been getting my rocks off dressing has a school girl , pig tail wig , blouse white bra , black pleated sports skirt , white panties , stay up stockings and black shoes , i put in my but plug and when im ready i ride my back pussy with a black dildo , i wank into my hand and rub it in my face like ive been used .
A few weeks ago …

  • By Raysalaugh 11 Oct 2017 09:50
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Kate and I relaxed in bed that Sunday lunchtime. Our friends had left and we had gone upstairs to work out what had happened and how. After her all night romp with Scott, she still wanted a little more and so we had made love. I had taken my time and enjoyed screwing her, sliding into her slippery and wet pussy. There was little else I could do as I was knackered from my all nighter with Ann.

"So if that door catch hadn't given way and caused … Read more...

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So today’s call was somewhat unexpected and strange, but I answered and we had a good chat, we ended the call with me agreeing to meet her and her friend in a pub in one of the district centres near to her home.
I walked in to find a beer, for me, already on the table. Sam gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips, before introducing me to her friend Tammy. I had no preconceptions of Sam’s friend so wasn’t surprised to find a woman, similar i… Read more...

  • By Pixiesha 8 Oct 2017 19:25
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You go for drinks with friends and there's a party back at one of their houses ... you go and your v drunk. Once you are there everyone listening to music so you join in . There's a girl who is behaving like a whore and kissing everyone taking of her clothes she kisses you and you end up having sex ... you immediately regret what u have done and at the time u was drunk and felt a little out of control. You cum inside her she fucked u and cum on… Read more...

  • By Raysalaugh 8 Oct 2017 10:12
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My wife and I lay beside each other in bed naked. it was Sunday morning, well almost Sunday lunchtime in fact, but we lay there glowing and smiling in the way people do when they have recently been experiencing great sex.
"What brought all that on Kate?" I asked her. She giggled and looked at me lovingly. "I really don't know, but I thought you could have stopped it if you had wanted to" she replied. So it was all my fault then. "I wouldn't da… Read more...

  • By Ruth 30 Sep 2017 00:10
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Me and my husband had always had a active sex life but there was one thing we had spoke about but had never experienced. So for my 30th birthday i made it happen. I know he likes to wank and watch me get fucked but i have always had a fantasy about being blindfolded and being left in a public place. So i put a few adds on diffrent sites put the location and dates on and set things in motion. I told my husband to pick me a outfit out and he picke… Read more...

  • By Pixiesha 29 Sep 2017 20:27
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My friend comes round with her younger brother . he keeps looking at me and looks embarrassed when I notice it Turns me on . I tell u privately that I want to fuck him and maybe teach him a few things- my friend goes home but he wants to stay with us so I'm happy. I flirt with him making him feel That I am interested in something - he is very wary because your in the room . I touch his leg and tell him it's ok we are just talking My boyfriend … Read more...