• By Rob knox 13 Mar 2018, 15:54
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I will start my story driving home from a meeting I needed to stop for a pee miles from home couldn’t last any longer so pulled up at lay by and walked to the toilets it was quite dark when my eyes adjusted to the light I saw two outher men at the urinals undid my zip and took my cock out and started to have a pee I noticed one guy stroking his cock and then the other guy was doing the same my cock started to get hard it was time for me to go b… Read more...

  • By Da_Putzler 10 Mar 2018, 23:29
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No Privacy In The Park

One time my wife and I were in Strathclyde Park, having a good night in the bar and leaving around midnight to walk home. Since it was a warm night and we were full of the drink, we decided to sit in a clearing next to the lake, surrounded by trees.

After a while we got horny and before we knew it were naked and going at it hard. It was a good night for a fucking session and we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

S…

Having been to see Mike on several occasions for the Swedish massage and knowing that I could trust him implicitly I had little hesitation in booking a sensual massage with him when he told me that it was a new service that he was providing.

Mike visited me at my home on this occasion and arrived punctually with his table ,oils, towels and music and even candles. He set up his equipment whilst I removed my clothes with the exception of my pan… Read more...


This is a fantasy (and my first story and never was good at English at school) I would like to try this one day with another woman if they are interested, hope you enjoy or get ideas from it and enjoy reading and get turned on.

We meet up at town before going to cinema to watch fifty shades freed a few weeks after it released so we know it won't be as busy. I take her to somewhere private and get out a bluetooth remote control dildo, clit tea… Read more...

  • By Da_Putzler 3 Mar 2018, 22:22
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Sexual Happenstance

We arrived at the club just after 10pm and wandered up to the bar to get the first round of our nightly alcohol intake, the music was pretty good for an early start as my wife and I sipped on our cider and found an empty table near the dance floor. She was the first to make her way up to dance and show off her figure hugging dress as she moved around to the music, I admired her curves through the black fabric and wondered … Read more...

  • By Melanie 1 Mar 2018, 07:30
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I’m Melanie and I am 28 now. I’m in a relationship with a 32 year old guy who treats me like a princess and we have been together for 3 years. We have an active and good sex 3 times a week. My bf tells me that I have a great body where I have 34C size tits. My bf has an average sized dick (which I found out later on is slightly below 6”). Prior to this bf, I had 2 exs and my sex with the first ex was normal as his dick was smaller than my c… Read more...


This past weekend I awoke after having been on a long distance flight, recalling a dream I just went through. You know the kind you have to "check your pants"... I have often fantasized about my dear wife having torrid sex with someone I know and strangers but we have never really even discussed these dreams and fantasies. The dream I had was so real I had to check to make sure it was a dream.

My wife a beautiful and fit blonde in her 40s from… Read more...

  • By Pantypaul 17 Feb 2018, 13:32
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I love wearing my wives panties. She is well aware of my fettish and so long as she does not see me, in her panties or, see me playing with them is quite happy to let me have my fun.
Best panties are if she has been out and I imagine her getting chatted up and creaming her panties. Or if they are well stained ,where some other bloke has had a grope.
I wanted a bit more, so when on various chatlines, found out there are loads of guys who … Read more...

  • By Chameleon 14 Feb 2018, 12:28
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Now what I am about to relate, occurred last year before christmas. My wife June and I have been married for some years, with two daughters, our lives are pretty good, sex is also good, one could say we are somewhat adventurous. I have over the years taken lots of photos, many of which are online, and have written some accounts of what we have got up to.
I guess I am the instigator, on this occasion it was prompted by me advertising on a swinger… Read more...

  • By Jack in the Box 10 Feb 2018, 23:02
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I slept well what from a boozy session the night before and shoving my cock repeatedly into my mother in laws dripping pussy that morning. About 11 a.m. I could feel that someone else was in the room and I slowly woke. Shes stood there wearing a nylon dressing gown tied at the waist and carrying a tray with a bowl on it and a large glass. "I,ve brought you something to eat and a drink" she said. Well thanks but what about you? "I had something ea… Read more...

  • By Trvler 10 Feb 2018, 08:10
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As we were walking to the strip club I was thinking that this night just keeps getting better. I’m with my fiancé, she has no bra or panties on, she’s flashed some strangers, and know we are entering a strip club that she suggested. It’s hard to believe that 9 months ago she was a virgin and extremely shy. What a transformation. Her confidence just makes her even sexier.

When we get into the club I walk us right up to the stage, front … Read more...

  • By Petros 9 Feb 2018, 16:41
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35 YEARS – AND COUNTING - More left out than put in.
Mel and I have just celebrated our 35th anniversary together with a Viagra fuelled weekend away. That’s 35 years of having an affair and still being married to the same people. I don’t think my wife ever found out. She certainly never said anything. Neither did I, when I thought she was shagging on the side. If you are going to have an affair, ladies there are a few things you shouldn’… Read more...

  • By Trvlr 9 Feb 2018, 10:28
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We just left a club where my fiancé flashed her beautiful pussy to several strangers. I was the only person to have seen her pussy but not anymore. We left all excited and charged up. She really enjoyed not wearing panties and flashing strangers. As we jumped into a taxi and drove to another club she said that she loved the exhilaration she got when a guy realized that he was going to see her neatly trimmed landing strip. The cab driver was inte… Read more...

  • By EddieM 6 Feb 2018, 11:10
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Trying to really push my sexual boundaries through fantasy I have of late had this very erotic fantasy / fetish. Not sure if more a long last fetish or a fantasy.

My wife and I have been married for nearly 20 years and happily so. However like many the sparks are not so hot from time to time. That being said I have fantasised just about everyone attractive I know and I feel I need to keep pushing that boundary.

Of late I have fantasised a…

  • By Trvlr 4 Feb 2018, 06:39
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A couple of months before getting married my fiancé and I went out to the clubs. When we started dating she was a virgin. I took take of that and we had great sex. Before we got engaged we would explore different fantasies. Please keep in mind I was her first and only. We were very passionate and she was into trying new things. Some of our fantasies would be that she would expose herself to a stranger. Like wearing a shirt skirt without panties… Read more...

  • By EddieM 1 Feb 2018, 11:33
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Yeah I know it is quite "taboo" to even think about having a sexual encounter with the sister of a wife but the pent up fantasy frustration has to come out somewhere... rings My wife is an attractive blonde, fit and a great mother in her 40s, looking at it from a taboo perspective I have often "released tension" by fantasizing about her sister, tall blonde, active, happy and a little more lively than her sister (my wife) and a few years younger b… Read more...

  • By Steve8 13 Jan 2018, 11:43
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Just been enjoying Martin and Martin K's stories of fun at Wansford lay by and Southey woods.

I first came across Wansford lay-by by accident passing one day and spent 2 hours at the glory hole sucking a variety of cock. I was around 20 at the time and it was incredibly horny. ever since I have dropped in when passing which is sadly only about once per year of lucky. I hope to drop in again this Mon/Tue def around Tue early PM I'll be in hire… Read more...

  • By Da_Putzler 3 Jan 2018, 19:20
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New Tech

A knock at the door woke me up with a jolt as I stared at the clock, damn! it was 7:20am and I was not in a good mood. I quickly got up, threw on a robe and stomped downstairs to see who it was through the peephole, then quickly brightened up when it revealed the postman holding a package.

I opened the door and signed for my parcel before running into the living room to open my new toy, a wireless video door chime and security cam… Read more...

  • By Da_Putzler 28 Dec 2017, 16:25
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Masquerade Balls

The holiday season brings many chances for a good night out and this year we were hosting a christmas masquerade party at my workplace where everyone was ordered to dress up and be merry, and as always plus one's were always welcome since the more the merrier.

My wife and I decided that Batman and a sexy Robin was called for and surprisingly enough the local high street had a decent haberdashery filled with costumes left ov… Read more...

This account benefits from the Tardis effect – A long passage of time passed in a few paragraphs.

Ever since the nights when I borrowed my Mum's Austin A95 Westminster and wrestled with my girl on the back seat I've wanted to get my head between her legs and my cock between her lips. It was the days of free love although at the cost of a couple of lemonade shandy's and two Babycham's it didn't seem very free to me on just over four quid a we… Read more...

This is not a finished story but please read and provide feedback :)

I just couldn't believe the day I had, I was so glad to finally get home, dealing with clients all day was sometimes tedious but today it was just exhausting, and to make matters worse it wasn't over as I knew I still had some quotes to do when I got in and it was already getting on 6 pm, but I just kept telling myself, at least it's Friday.

When I got in the house I reali…

  • By midlands guy 7 Dec 2017, 10:32
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as a 40 something year old man who is married and not getting a lot of sex from the wife i have started to think about what it would be like to try things with other people i have seen places to go but thus far not had the guts to go and try it out
but today i plucked up the courage and went to a well known place i sat in my car waited my legs were trembling my cock was hard i was dribbling precum in anticipation if anything would happen
and …

  • By Loveslime 2 Dec 2017, 01:15
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She lay in bed....... wet outside, shame her sheets weren't. This single lifestyle isn't all its cracked up to be. How she wished to feel another hand rubbing her erect nipples......following the contours of her body until fingers delved into her wet soft pussy....... she longed for a tongue to taste and lick her flicking in and out ........ the alarm rang and up she got , her knickers from the night before laid on the hotel floor. She always f… Read more...

  • By BillUK 1 Dec 2017, 15:26
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I watched a lorry driver in a lay-by pretending to have a piss, he was just behind my car it was gone midnight and just off the A1. He was a big man, tall and thickset with a broad thick chest wearing a T-shirt showing his muscles, tapering to a small waist showing his physique off, basically he was rubbing himself and I was watching in the mirror, I had fantasised for ages about wanking a man, this was my chance I thought, I nervously got out an… Read more...

  • By Major (rtd) 27 Nov 2017, 16:09
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This incident occurred in the late 70's, just two days after my 19th birthday. But I remember it like it was yesterday.
I'd been in the Army since I was 17 and my unit was sent to Scotland for some training in the snow, the winter was particularly heavy that year so we thought that the powers-that-be must have been having a laugh.
We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere in groups of 6 and had been given instructions to RV at a set of coord… Read more...

  • By Swingersacrossthepond 15 Nov 2017, 20:38
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We are seasoned swingers that live in the USA. I have written a few stories on here because it seems the only place I can be absolutely sure of posting anonymously without creating an account and logging in.
Many years ago I got a ticket from a cop that lied so he could meet his quota for writing tickets. His word against mine... Cop always wins. I was infuriated. Since then I have become a huge advocate of video recording everything. Everyth… Read more...

  • By Swingersacrossthepond 14 Nov 2017, 19:15
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I just visited Japan recently with my wife and her twin sister. They are originally from the Philippines.
They have a younger sister (Reyna)who married a Japanese man (Hakaru). We were visiting because his wife Reyna had given birth about a month before. I almost didn't go because I thought I would be bored and we would be over there during my bithday. I was a little disapointed because on my birthday I was used to celebrating with our other s… Read more...

  • By Swingersacrossthepond 13 Nov 2017, 01:23
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After seperating from my first wife and during the years that followed before I met my current wife I went through a strange period. I was out of the military and went back to finish college. In the military I competed in weight lifting so I was heavily muscled. I had many casual encounters with college women. After completing 2 degrees I started working as a Field Engineer in the early 90's and I was traveling quite a bit. At the time I was not… Read more...

After a 10 hour flight from Los Angeles during which I thought of nothing other that my wife taking another man’s cock into her mouth and then riding it hard in our hotel room before I got back. We had made an arrangement that we were both free to take other partners if the situation arose. There were rules to be followed - no repeat dates, no local meets, no overnight stays, no uncovered sex. We must also tell each other everything. After seve… Read more...

  • By Da_Putzler 10 Nov 2017, 18:47
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Misted Passion

It was the end of autumn when the trees were changing and my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a visit at the local bath house for a sauna. Thankfully this time of year it wasn't so busy and we arrived late in the evening an hour before closing to have the place to ourselves.

We changed in our respective areas, showered and both arrived in the steam room wearing nothing but a towel each. We slowly made our way to the… Read more...