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  • By heavybreather 25 Apr 2017 19:48
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I walk into your room and see you naked and blindfolded on your bed.Two handcuffs either side of you. I walk in and without saying a word. I force your legs apart, breathing warm air across your lips.Then suddenly stop, flip you over, and handcuff you to the bed posts. Your now on your knees, and vulnerable. I see a empty wine bottle in the corner of my eye. A clear, long necked and smooth glass. I slide the bottle between your legs and tell you … Read more...

  • By Greedyboy 24 Apr 2017 15:55
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And leaves empties

Well I know now that I should have bottled my spare breast milk and sold it to the body builder. But what would I have missed out on? This fit, kind young man came round twice a day to take the pressure off my heavy tits. A new mother can get very lonely, especially if her husband is working away. This way Stevie, who I thought of as my milkman, and I were both very happy.

After his face popping up when I dreamt about my… Read more...

  • By Greedyboy 22 Apr 2017 16:23
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Fresh Milk

The background to my story is that I am a new mother. I’m happily married to a lovely husband and during and after the birth of our son he was the most loving and considerate any husband could be. His work takes him away for weeks or months at a time and eventually it was time for him to leave me alone with my baby. So one day I was queueing in the supermarket with baby in a sling in front of me and waiting to pay for my grocerie… Read more...

  • By Horace 21 Apr 2017 19:41
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Sworn to secrecy I really want to tell Keith what his Mrs has been up to, but a promise is a promise.
A little background - I have known Keith and Lyn for a good while now and helped Keith realise his fantasy of seeing Lyn with another guy.
It took a long time for Keith and me to persuade this voluptuous lady to allow me into her bed, but it was so worth it. She is an amazing kisser and really loved to tease Keith, who would watch on and wank w… Read more...

  • By Travelbird 27 Mar 2017 22:52
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So John and I have been together for quite a few years, and I suppose you could say our sex lives have been adventurous, both indoor and outdoors.
I drew the line at dogging, and despite \johns efforts I declined the idea of blind dates with guys he made contact with online.
However, John is persistent and he has always made it clear that the idea of me being fucked by another guy as a one off would be a real turn on. Naturally I havent done a… Read more...

  • By Penny 6 Mar 2017 17:46
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I must tell you what happened to me last summer in a local park. Me and hubby usually spent some afternoons in the park sunning ourselves and reading so that day started off no different than every other day. I was wearing a nice flowery print front buttoned summer dress, no bra as i only have small breasts and like the feel of cotton on my nipples. I also wore jeans and skimpy white GString knickers. I wore the jeans as my dress was a little sh… Read more...

  • By Mr K 4 Mar 2017 23:43
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I live in Peterborough with my soon to be wife for 30 years we have been together through thick and think, we've both had affairs in the early years but we have always stayed together.
Just recently I confessed to wearing stockings and suspenders and silk panties etc whilst we were rather drunk one evening, I also admitted to dressing up and visiting several gay dogging locations around Peterborough.
After my confession my missus admitted t…

  • By Nick 28 Feb 2017 20:59
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Myself and my wife and my brother in law went out one night
It was nice eavening so we decided to go for a drive out, we went
to what I thought was a ordinary walk in the park, we just drove to
the parks edge when my brother in law quietly wisperd to me do you
know we're we are,I said yes of course I do why you ask me that,but
have you ever been to this erea before no don't think so why, this is
where they do dogging, what the fuck is dogg… Read more...

  • By AdamB 14 Feb 2017 01:31
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Just over a year ago I decided to hire a cleaner to come in a couple of times a week and give my house a clean. I placed an advert in the local paper and had several women respond, many were in their 40's and 50's, one of them stank severely. There was one who was in her mid to late 30's, she was pretty and had a nice figure. I asked her, as I did them all, why she wanted the job - her response was very honest and I felt a bit of pity for her. Sh… Read more...

  • By Maria B 13 Feb 2017 02:13
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I was so pleased that so many enjoyed our threesomes, Maria, Milly & Billy, and asked for some more stories we had together
I had met Milly through my Mum and Milly's Mum being mates, I was always encouraged to play with Milly when we were young- as I got older, I had read stories seen porn
DV D's got my fingers up and was really enjoying sex,
Milly came into my sex life when we went on holiday, we had a double bed, and by the end of the w… Read more...

  • By Ian 5 Feb 2017 10:52
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My sex life as been boring, a few one night stands, and because I live on my own I watch a lot of porn and read dirty mags, also I am a bit kinky and like to dress up in women's sexy underwear and short dresses and shave my body, but I only do this on my own because I am to shy to let other people see me.
Anyway all this changed, I was finishing work on a Friday and thinking it's another boring weekend when one of my work mates asked would I hou… Read more...

  • By Ian 5 Feb 2017 10:43
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My sex life as been boring, a few one night stands, and because I live on my own I watch a lot of porn and read dirty mags, also I am a bit kinky and like to dress up in women's sexy underwear and short dresses and shave my body, but I only do this on my own because I am to shy to let other people see me.
Anyway all this changed, I was finishing work on a Friday and thinking it's another boring weekend when one of my work mates asked would I hou… Read more...

  • By Eddie H 3 Feb 2017 06:07
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A few weeks ago, my wife and I were in the company of a very old, but very active couple
As things do - we all had a fair bit of drink, and any reserve was gone
My wife asked the old woman how they kept so active- without any hesitation she said lots of sex - now my wife laughed at this reply, but the old lady was serious - she said they met at school and got engaged at 17and married at 19- she went on to say we have had sex near about eve… Read more...

  • By alaina 2 Feb 2017 13:47
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Turning the car into the quiet lay by on a Septembers afternoon, Alaina could see there were already five or six cars parked presumably their occupants waiting for someone or something to stir them into action.
Choosing a space mid way along the line of vehicles, just in front of a blue works van, with the occupant watching intently trying to assess this new intruder. switching the motor off and reclining the drivers seat a bit , Alain … Read more...

  • By Greedy Fun 23 Jan 2017 11:17
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So there i am bent over licking i lovely wet pussy and a cold wet finger in my hole, in seventh heaven and a cool evening air on my tingling body what more could i want? At this point i feel his finger being removed and his hard cock gently pushing on my hole, i take a breath and turn to say "no rubber no lover" he stops i hear him reaching down in to his jeans which at this point are round his ankles and hear that russeling of the packet and in … Read more...

  • By Greedy fun 22 Jan 2017 20:53
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I was out for a drive around the Bishop Auckland area late one night, when that feeling came upon me i needed to play. It had been a little while since I last played but i was up fun any safe fun i could find.
My brain started ticking over where to try, it was 12 am ish and most of the places would be quite now but I thought f**k it I need fun.
So I thought Rushyford here i come and off i went. It was quite one car so i turned round and pulled … Read more...

  • By EddieM41 21 Jan 2017 10:50
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After a day of lounging around and some light cross country skiing my wife and her friend sit down... to chat about the night before..."i am in no mood for drinks" they both agree. You know he texted me about you...he wants to meet you tonite her friend says to my wife... "I cannot... "... "he is nice" she says.. you need to at least meet up and tell is over... he is staying at a hotel nearby... My wife thought he owned the cabin but it w… Read more...

  • By EddieM41 21 Jan 2017 10:04
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Finding my fantasy of my wife having an incredible night of sex with a stranger after a day of partying my fantasy and mind demanded more and more of the story as how it would play out. It took me not long to have follow up dreams about how it would.... so here is the best of my recal how it plays out.

...After a night of incredibly hot unprotected animalistic sex that started with a dance and a peck on the lips my wife awakens lying next to … Read more...

  • By EddieM41 21 Jan 2017 09:17
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A recurring fantasy I have had that has helped me loosen some tension is one where my wife, we are happily married (15 yrs), open, have a great relationship but are a little tight lipped when it comes to exploring (for real) our sexual fantasies. One weekend a couple of years back her very attractive friend (all in their mid 40s, fit and gorgeous) recently became single after a long relationship, she invites my wife (her good friend) up to her ca… Read more...

I have read many a fantasy, googled many a fetish site on impregnation, force bred etc... trying to find a fantasy similar to the one I have had for a long time. None coming close to mine. I thought a great way to get this off my chest was to share with this great community of open minded people so here it goes...

My wife and I have been married for about 15 years. We are both active and super friendly, somewhat conservative people. We are bot… Read more...

  • By Brenda G 17 Jan 2017 04:06
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I love reading of other peoples stories - so I thought I would give you a different type of lifestyle.

I met Brian by sheer luck, I was in the middle of a ten minute walk from the supermarket, to my new one bed flat,
8 months pregnant, now in the middle of a massive downpour, I was getting very little shelter at the bus stop - when a car pulled up and to my great relief, it was a neighbour from across the hallway - "jump in he said" - I did … Read more...

  • By R 12 Jan 2017 01:58
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My girlfriend S is 5ft 7, slim, with great legs and perfect 34C tit , only 30 but a real vixen! She decided to have some fun recently while were in Germany. She was wearing a short white dress with long boots and tights. Her dress had studs and no buttons so she was messing around and teasing me by popping off her dress and showing me her tits.

I whipped out my camera and started taking photos. The hotel room lighting and the white dress m… Read more...

  • By Jane 5 Jan 2017 18:07
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It had been a while since myself and John had spoken about our fantasies. John suggested a bucket list. We both set to work on pulling our lists together.
On sharing it became clear that both of us got turned on by having another man in the room. On discovering this I quickly booked a hotel room in hope of carrying out this fantasy.
On arrival at the hotel we went about finding a man that was happy to join us.
We proceed to the room but didn'…

  • By Annie 31 Dec 2016 10:31
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What a night.. Annie had met a group of friends for birthday celebrations, as she made her way to the packed bar she slipped into a gap between two very young guys. Surprising getting cosy with thoughts of the past and how naughty she used to be... Annie's husband loved hearing stories of how slutty she was before him and for over a year now he had been trying to convince her to go out and have fun with other men for his pleasure. Annie struggl… Read more...

  • By Sue n Me 30 Dec 2016 00:28
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Fortunately I was just getting ready to go and do the weeks shopping when the phone rang.

“Hi, Sue! How's things?” I asked.

“I'm lonely.” she replied.

“Bill not back yet then?”

“His job's running behind. Won't be back for a couple more weeks at least.” I was told.

It's between 170 and 185 miles, depending on the route taken, door to door and I was there in time for dinner. I pecked Sue affectionately on each cheek, … Read more...

  • By Trahune 11 Dec 2016 19:27
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Tilly had groped me and then taken my anal virginity with her strap on. That was only the start of a spiral into a sexual depravity. I am not complaining as I enjoyed and still am enjoying it.
Tilly loved leather and now she had seduced me she had an outfit tailor made so she could access various parts of my body and if necessary restrain me. I loved wearing it and enjoyed being educated by her. She decided to share me with various of her frie… Read more...

  • By Jim 7 Dec 2016 16:07
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Following on from the post of a couple of days I saw a different side to my sister in law, Margaret. I knew she had those "i fuck really well" features and deep down I knew she would suck cock. It was just one of those feelings you get with some of the things that she does.
Anyhow on the second day of the holiday we went down to the beach again and I am sitting there hoping to hear the "I am off for a walk down the beach" but nothing is mention… Read more...

  • By Cesca 5 Dec 2016 15:21
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That's what the message said... 'short and sexy'. That's what the message said and, being Irish, I immediately thought of it as rude and took umbrage and ignored him for a long time. Why do we Irish see an insult where maybe a compliment is intended. After all I am short-ish and he had called me sexy and people do like my bum. Despite what Randy Newman says, short people do have gorgeous bums; me included perhaps?

So, I engaged with my new fri…

  • By Gary B 19 Nov 2016 22:46
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Well, It's taken me a long time to put my experience in writing. About ten years ago I used to go fishing with a small group of guys, It often involved staying over night in B&Bs. One day a new guy joined our group and I finished up rooming with him. His name was Brian, about 60 years old, ten year older than me! First thing I noticed about him was that he was very touchy feely with me, but I just took it as being friendly. Anyway, the first nigh… Read more...