Bottom to top to versatile Fact

I was online (working from home) earlier this summer, it was a hot day, so shorts and barefoot for me. I find my self thinking “sod it let’s see if I can get me a little bit of action”. My wife I knew was going to be out till late. So I nosed around the Bi chat rooms. And started having a private chat with a guy 90 odd miles away. There was no picture on his profile and he was 63... he said he loved to kiss!) Anyway it got more and more ho… Read more



My first swinging experience was way back in the mid-80's. Remember when you bought Contact Magazines? Some had phone numbers but you replies to most via PO Boxes. I used to buy mine from a guy who ran the shop which printed them in Bolton, always managed to make my visits there co-incide with publication day!

After loads of attempts got a reply from a guy up in Rochdale who was organising a gang bang for his wife. Two firsts in the one night.… Read more

Stella and Leon part1 Fact

In 2013 I took the wife to London for our Anniversary, I booked a Hilton near West End for the weekend and booked a show which was on the night we arrived Friday.
The Saturday was our Anniversary and I booked an Italian restaurant as I thought it would be romantic as it was our 20th Anniversary. She really enjoyed the show and I was happy but it wasn’t really my thing. The Saturday we relaxed had sex then just went with the flow, breakfast som… Read more

The bored wife part 4 Fiction

As I reached out my hand I thought of many reasons why this was a mistake, but one reason to go for it!

The taxi arrived outside and all 3 of us got inside .steve sat between Beth and i with his hands on our knees slowly moving his hands up discretely knowing the cab driver could see.
Shortly we had arrived and Steve paid the cab driver and gave him a wink! The driver then said enjoy your night you lucky bast#*d!
We entered the top floor f… Read more

Missing old friends and much enjoyed cock Fact

If anyone asked me what was the best time of my life I would have to say 10 years ago roughly, hubby and I had found that including another man in our sex life was just the best thing ever. Please don't get me wrong, Chris is not gay, he just loved to watch, film and be included in some amazing sexy adventures. It all started as I guess these things do with a drunken chat while watching some porn together, he had always enjoyed the "black guy fuc… Read more

My first bi-dogging experience Fact

Just had to share this with you all
Was feeling extra horny with this good weather so decided to go for a drive to a known dogging spot not far from me.i was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.pulled in at the car park and noticed there was 2 cars sitting,one empty and the other had a guy in I watched for a bit,playing with my now hard cock.a car came in,parked up and the driver got out and walked into the wood.then the guy in the car who was … Read more

Oral fun with owner John - Men only sex sauna Fact

When im in the area i always go to a popular gay sauna , ive had some great times there with like minded men , all sizes , ages lots of spunky fun .
John the owner works behind the welcome desk , friendly with everyone , during my stays ive had fun with the sauna fun floors and had a coffee next to the welcome desk .
On my last visit , John told me it was quiet, not many in , i went for a walkaround had a bit of fun , i came back for a chat wi… Read more

Every little helps!? Meetings

So I regaled you all a while back about my experience in a local park! Things on that front have quietened down been a couple of times but no new action!!
This little trist comes from an evening out in the village, I’d gone to watch a mates band play at a local pub. I was with a friend and we got accosted by three ladies, not young, not models, but shapely and toned, as they worked at the local gym, anyway me and my mate being apparently alon… Read more

My wife sucks my friend off Fact

Seeing my wife suck my friend
My wife MrsC has always been perfect for me, she can be serious but she can also be naughty, we have a friend who we both went to school with many years ago, he still helps us out to this day, but one at home we were settling down for an early night when we heard a knock at the door, upon answering it to our surprise it was my mate, just passing he said (as if) I thought, anyway we let him in, offered him a coffee a… Read more


A Weekend Away. Fact

Monday this week my wife Elizabeth had a bit of a surprise. Her lover rang her out of the blue and asked if she was free for lunch or something more interesting. She phoned me and I said I would be home and she added that she might bring him back to our place but was expecting our daughter to call. I suggested I went and told her I was calling with some plans for her garden which was ready for an immediate revamp. We agreed to be prepared and … Read more

Dutch adventure Fact

You know how strange things happen, well I had gone to Amsterdam for a sex weekend but my car broke down in a little dutch village on the way. It being late friday night I was fortunate to find an hotel still open. I went in and asked if they had a room. I was told yes. The receptionist was a woman in her mid thirties and her name badge told me she was called Ellen. I asked if I could get a drink and maybe a sandwich. The answer was that she wou… Read more

Tight Times Fact

Times were tight, financially I mean and we had a budget which no longer stretched to the end of each month. I had no chance of a rise and some people had been laid off so no point rocking the boat or I may worsen the situation. My wife already had a job but thought she might be able to cover our shortfall in the immediate term by going back to waitressing or doing bar work if there were any jobs going I put some feelers out and heard that a pu… Read more


great horny meeting TV

I followed Ron to near where he lived
he told me to wait for the all clear after his wife had left for work
when i got the call he told me to enter around the back of the house and let myself in
opened the door to find Ron with black pvc harness on and a cock strap around his lovely big balls
i followed him upstairs and on the top of the he turned and faced me a put his large bell end on my cheeks and said something like
do you remember … Read more

Fucking an older woman can be just as much fun as my young wife Swinging

In my previous posts, I told you how my wife started sunbathing topless in our back garden, watched by our next door neighbour, Clive, and this developed into her having sex with him in our spare bedroom. I’m not sure whether I had started to feel left out, but Clive’s wife, Celia, had become suspicious, and was trying to find out what I knew, which developed into us having sex in their marital bed. The amazing thing is that Clive and Celia a… Read more

House call Fact

After our holiday in which sue fucked Greg on the last night he as become a regular caller at our house when he is working near,sue loves his large thick cock and can not get enough of it .the last threesome we had ,sue and I were in the 69 position with her on top Greg wanked his cock hard and put it in her pussy just in front me,he shagged her hard,with me licking her and his shaft as it went in and out of her,as he was cumming he pulled out an… Read more

Learning Curve, Part 3 Lesbian

Scarlett grabbed her sizeable clutch purse from the floor. The purse made it's distinctively common sound as the button seal was popped open.
Scarlett had a smile on her face that was beyond mischievous. Holding the purse from May's view she reached in and pulled out something before quickly discarding the purse. When she presented what was in her hand, May's eyes almost doubled in size.
She held two toys in her hand. The one that was most di… Read more

She said yes! Fact

After years of hints and asking for a threesome my girlfriend said yes! We are together 2 years and I've been hinting at for about 2 years!!

She always said no and didn't understand the fantasy. Even had a few fights over it. Some gentle persuasion with the occasional porn and positive 'true story'on a forum seems to have worked.

Has a bit of a fight after we had just had sex a week ago. I usually make her cum a few times , but this time … Read more

Bukkake bitch 5 Fact

Omer the next few weeks I had my cock sucked regular as my slut wife found a new zest for my cum. Morning in bed before we ride and in the evening downstairs usually with the blinds open. I found myself watching and rewatching my video of her sucking the headmaster and found myself increasingly turned on watching her bobbing her head in his shaft. I liked this and wanted more. I invited a few of the footballl team round for a few end of season dr… Read more

England scores, as does dirty Debs! Younger stud shoots and scores, impregnating my mrs with his two very own big balls! Fact

The wife Debs is at it again, it's become her hobby now I think.

Debs now doesn't just chat up men when she is out, she's discovered the online world of new cock, including swinging heaven! The other day I got a text while I was at work, it was from Debs and read "pulled some young dick online, he's coming over this afternoon. Hurry home! Love D. X". Fuck me, I thought. My cock was instantly hard. "Who? What?" I replied. All Debs wrote back w… Read more

Sunny Afternoon 2 Fact

Lovely to get some positive messages to yesterday's posting. The original occurrence took place in late June and not surprisingly Liz got texts from Gary the next day when he asked if they might meet up again or if it was a one off. As is our way she said she would discuss it with me and I duly agreed that they could meet provided I got to watch at some time. I know this can be off putting for some men, but the majority are pretty cool knowing… Read more

Pleasured by 2 men with hubby watching Fact

I’m Chloe, age 34, red head, size 8-10 with a good firm figure due to swimming and running. I only have small perky tits, my nipples are big and really stick out. I only wear a bra for work or when I have to and love the summer where I wear either tiny shorts or short skirts or dresses. I love guys checking me out looking at my tiny tits free and bouncing around, my nipples showing through and then trying to look up my skirt etc.

I love we… Read more


Meeting my first British girl Fiction

I moved to Bristol 4 years ago. Being Spanish in uk was a dream for me. I always dream making love with a foreign woman. But now i was the foreigner surounded by beautiful british girls. All blonde girls and with a nice british accent. Lol
I couldnt resist, so i join the site. It took me a while to find the right woman. She was the same age as me, late 30s. She wanted to have dirty sex with me and did i. We met in a hotel in the morning. I text … Read more


Scandinavian fun Fact

At the time I lived in a small leafy village in rural Hertfordshire and had just joined SH when I noticed couple on the website that had a distance of 0 miles and to my surprise they were of similar age to me and interested in meeting a single male.

So as usual I sent of an email introducing myself and thought nothing more of it until a few day later I had a message in my inbox from Rita and Steve, they said they had looked at my photo and was… Read more

The bored wife part 3! Fiction

As I stood there waiting for my mouth to open,,, it felt like 10 minuets had past before I replied . Hi yes I’m Sam ! (I just wanted the world to open and swallow me! ) I wonder if we could meet I found the texts to you by accident.
I just said I’m sorry, and agreed to meet her the next day.

I waited at the wine bar in town as arranged and orderd a large white wine I really needed it to calm me down! What,???why??? Did I agree to meet h… Read more

Sucked off by my mates grandad Fact

I am 22 , bi with girl and boy friends .
A few months ago my mates grandad ( Bill ) asked me to give him a hand emptying his lock up shed , The job was going to take a few days ,i get on well with Bill hes a good laugh , we loaded his van and bill did the drop off at a charity shop , i stayed to sort out the next load .
It was hot so i took off my top , when bill came back he commented on my 6 pack , bill did another 4 trips , to finish he got … Read more

Sunny Afternoon Fact

My wife and I have an agreement over our sex lives which basically allows me to raise sexy ideas to her and if she is in the mood, then game on. This particular day dawned and she turned over and suggested we 'did something' that day when she returned from exercising. We both use the gym and have kept ourselves pretty active and not too bulky though i could use losing a stone or two.

After breakfast I mentioned that perhaps we could visit a … Read more

Hillside fuckery Fiction

We sit there,atop the hills, watching the sun finally rest behind the horizon. We hadnt done this in ages, the warmth remained however and we just sat, enjoying the moment. I feel a hand on my leg, slowly sliding up towards my groin. I look at you and you smile, giving me that look. Before i realise my cock is in your hand and im sitting backto enjoy a sunset sucking! Your tongue gracefully dances over the tip, while you increse the pressure arou… Read more


Awakening Fact

I used to feel I had something to be ashamed of, that I was different to everyone else. No more though, I’ve met too many people and heard too many stories that I now know it’s a fantasy shared by a lot of men (and a lot of women too). I don't care what other people will or will not admit to, but the truth is, the thought of my gorgeous and incredibly sexy girlfriend J using her body, her mouth to pleasure another guy or a woman and to see th… Read more

Thai this time.... Fact

I picked the only week of the summer when the sun wouldn't shine.

No one was out dogging and no one was meeting, what to do with a slow evening in Northampton?
Having enjoyed a fabulous massage a few days earlier, I decided to try a different flavour and a Thai masseuse had a free session. Booked and showered and off into the town.
Not the most salubrious surroundings but clean enough, soon relaxing to the soft lighting, music and scented c… Read more

Sexual submission and satisfaction Fact

I’m mid 50’s now and my husband is early 60’s. Having totally gone off sex he kindly gave me the green light to get it elsewhere as long as friends didn’t know etc.

I’m still considered attractive and can generally pull guys at ease. I’m curvy size 12-14 with curves in all the right places and look good in tight fitting clothes and my big tits get a lot of attention especially in low cut tops.

It was a year ago that I had my fi… Read more