April 25th - Lee

Sally has a crush on Lee and I was not surprised she had booked him in on Saturday so she could maximise her time with him. I am sure when I gave her the challenge of booking in our regulars that Lee would have been the first email she read. Lee was meeting number two of our regulars, booked willingly by Sally without my intervention. What an achievement that in a year Sally had been shared first with one guy and now freely be… Read more...

  • Written by Stephen 12 May 2018, 08:55
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You may care to read my first 2 posts entitled “What I needed was a good teacher” to understand how I began having sex with Sally, a lovely lady nearly 20 years my senior. My problem was that my wife wanted rough sex, which was something I did not feel comfortable with, but Sally had volunteered to teach me as she and her late husband had enjoyed a ‘rough ride’ from time to time.

A couple of weeks after my first ‘lesson’ with Sally… Read more...

On Saturday afternoon, my wife had gone to meet her friend and I had some time to read the newspaper and enjoy the sunshine in the garden.

After 30 minutes I heard a knock at the door, I thought it might be my wife back but when I answered my neighbour, Sarah was standing there. Sarah actually lives five doors up the road with her husband, Alan.

We have lived at our current property for over 20 years and Sarah and Alan moved to their hous… Read more...


Bank Holiday Monday was a day off for me and Dee while my wife had to work. I suggested to Dee that we have a day of fun but she said that she could only get away from her family for a couple of hours.

Before going to meet her I laid out some BDSM items on the bed and fixed two lengths of chain to the headboard.

We arranged to meet at the local retail park where she would leave her car (she has family living near me and her car is easily r… Read more...

  • Written by Caspin 6 May 2018, 18:30
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So, there I was, once again sat at a bar in some bland clone hotel, too close to a motorway and too far from any character, drinking a cold beer on my own.

I looked around at the fellow patrons, more middle-aged men like myself, on their own, nursing a beer, no doubt wondering where their lives have gone.

‘The curse of the business traveler’ Ian had called it, and he was right. On the surface, any one of these men would no doubt tell yo… Read more...

April 18th - Brian

We now have three confirmed regulars that have met Sally on more than one occasion -

Brian - First guy to share Sally and fucked her again in January
Lee - Sky TV guy who shared Sally again in February
Ian - My pal who was with us only last month for an awesome evening

All three and my other friend Grant have all been texting and emailing me to organise another meeting with Sally as soon as possible. I have always or… Read more...

Meeting 12 - April 7th

So far only 4 of the 11 guys that I have shared Sally with have come from dating or swinging sites where we have profiles. The evening with Mark back in October was a wake up call and a lucky near miss. That was despite proper checks including meeting Mark and the fact that he was a serving Navy man. This incident had hit home that there were risks with meeting guys we don't know. It has been my preference since then to… Read more...


With the wife sunbathing with her sister I had gone for a walk in the dunes hoping to find some action of the bi variety. I climbed to the top of the nearest dune to the camel park and found what I was looking for, a guy on his knees just waiting for a passing cock. I stripped off and soon we were enjoying each others dicks. After a while he got out a condom and lube and offered me his arse,I needed no urging and was soon pounding away. This is … Read more...

I called into the setback layby where I had a great meet a few weeks ago. There was one other car there so I pulled up a discreet distance behind and just sat and waited, my cock starting to grow hard in anticipation of what might be to come.
Sure enough, after a few minutes there was the flicker of brake lights then the driver’s door opened and a youngish guy in a smart suit got out. He glanced in my direction and when I flicked my sidelights… Read more...

  • Written by Lisa 21 Apr 2018, 09:21
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At the end of his first posting on here (My wife wants to be a Hotwife posted 13 March), my husband, Geoff, said he would post a further story of the 2nd and 3rd times I met my black lover, Josh. In the event, I managed to persuade Geoff to let me write the tale, partly because Geoff is currently very busy at work, not to mention his quest to find my next lover, but also because Geoff was not actually there the 3rd time, so he has to rely on my a… Read more...

  • Written by Happy Colin! 12 Apr 2018, 19:57
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My wife Sue and I are in our late fifties.
Our kids have flown the nest so it’s only the two of us in the house.
Our sex life was good but over the years it has become stale.
Sue works as a teaching assistant in a local school
And I am an electrician who works long hours .

Several months ago I came home early from work as I was feeling unwell.
As I put my key in the door
I could hear noises from upstairs ?
Sue wasn’t due home ye…

This only happened last weekend and i think i might have enjoyed it a bit too much, ive always been a bit curious about what it would be like to suck another guys cock and make him cum in my mouth, ive thought about it a lot lately as i'm now in my 40's and i feel i don't want to miss my opportunity and regret never having done something that has intrigued me my whole life. Well last Friday i got my wish , id gone out for a drive as i often … Read more...

Through a well-known swingers site I arranged a meeting with a couple. I had contact with the guy (David) only at this stage, I was a little sceptical but figured it was worth taking a risk as the role play/scenario he had in mind was really up my street and the pictures of his wife (Julia) were very hot albeit in a tasteful way with lingerie on etc. He was very specific about what they wanted which was a kind of a cuckold thing I suppose with a … Read more...


I arrive at your house, we say our hellos but there seems little point beating around the bush. I give your partner a long lingering kiss, tongue deep down her throat to gauge your reaction: nervous but excited it appears.

I whisper something to her and nodding understanding she gets you to sit down and secures your wrists behind you onto the back of the chair. Then the fun begins, your woman does a semi strip, revealing a very hot body, just … Read more...

  • Written by A bird watcher 5 Apr 2018, 17:12
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Five years ago I bought a static caravan, you know the big ones that have all the mod-cons, just so that the kids could have a holiday every time their school was closed and we could use it as and when we wanted to. I get a lot of time off in my job, and when I’m off I tend to go up there for a day or so just to chill. There is a nature reserve about 20 minutes drive, and I do enjoy walking the dog around the reserve, the kids love to go there … Read more...

Meeting 11 - Sally is picked up in a bar

Sally and I often venture out on a Friday or Saturday night into Birmingham to drink and dance. It is not uncommon for Sally to be the attention of the men in the bars we visit and she without fail will get chatted up and will get many invitations to have a good time. That always means she will get fondled or groped or touched up at some stage which she has got used to after all these years. I have ofte… Read more...

  • Written by David 27 Mar 2018, 10:52
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My story is about somebody else’s secret life, but I suppose I should start by telling you a bit about myself. I am 31 years of age, single and I live with my widowed mother. My Dad died 10 years ago, Mum is in her 60’s and doesn’t enjoy the best of health, so I feel a responsibility to make sure she is OK. I am single by choice, I don’t really want to settle down yet as I enjoy the single life. Besides, looking after Mum makes me reluct… Read more...

  • Written by Edward Ericson 26 Mar 2018, 13:50
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I had spent the day in Manchester, travelling by train from my then home town, Shrewsbury. Well, I say "day", using my cheap day ticket, it was almost lunch time by the time arrived. By the time I had finished my business there, the evening rush had begun, so I opted to eat there and to travel later.
Big mistake. Or was it?

The journey from Manchester to Crewe, where I had to change, was without event, but Crewe, as is often the case, was … Read more...

  • Written by Kuvak 22 Mar 2018, 07:53
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Just meet lovely couple both 73yr old ,hubby was wanting his wife fucked by new cock. She believe it or not was the best cocksucker I have ever met,sucked me for about 20 mins nearly came about four times but each time she felt my hips thrusting eased of and let me cool down again. I bent her over and fucked her pussy deep and hard ,fantastic pussy control gripping my cock tight. She withdrew from my cock and sucked me again for ages ,then took m… Read more...

Next up was Grant who is another recommendation from my friend Ian. I first met Grant at a stag weekend in the Summer of 2016 which I went as a guest of the best man which was buddy Ian. Grant was married to one of Ian's cousins. Unfortunately they had split up just last summer. Sally has previously met Grant at the wedding in 2016, as did I, although she apparently only vaguely remembers him from a trick he played on her. He bet Sally £10 that … Read more...

  • Written by Geoff 13 Mar 2018, 20:14
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Lisa and I have been married for nearly 15 years, living together for 10 years and had 2 children before we decided to tie the knot. We had (and still have) such a good relationship that we didn’t see the point of getting married in case it spoilt things for us. We had both had boy/girlfriends before we met and neither of us were virgins, but we quickly became a couple and we moved in together. Initially, Lisa moved in to my rented flat and, wh… Read more...

  • Written by Charles K 13 Mar 2018, 14:25
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Hi my name is Charles
And I’m in my late fifties .
My wife Sharon is a few years younger than me .

We always had a very good sex life and now that the kids have grown we have become more adventurous.
We like to watch porn and
Sharon dresses up in various costumes and fetish’s gear at the weekend !
We also enjoy a little mild BDSM.

But a couple of months ago
Sharon told me in bed
that her sister Julia had confined in her t… Read more...

Some of you may recall my previous submission

Caroline’s big suprise !

I often teases my wife Sue
About the night we peeked
At her sex starved niece
bren well fucked by my big cock mate Andy .

Sue was really turned on my the sight of Andy’s big

It was my wife Sue’s 52nd birthday on Saturday
And we had arranged to go out to dinner.

I hadn’t told her I had also
Invited Caroline and Andy
Also .

After t…

Sorry for the delay in this follow up account.

In part one I left off after Dee for the first time ever, had just swallowed my load.

She asked me to remove her shoes and stockings because she wanted to be completely naked for me. I raised one leg up and as I rolled her stocking down her leg she put a hand between her legs and started to finger her pussy, making eye contact with me as she rubbed herself. I removed the other stocking and … Read more...

I hadn't seen Megan for some time and just as I passed her place, I seen her through the window, sat with a cuppa. I tapped on the window, making Megan jump, she the laughed when she saw it was me. She motioned to the door and shouted, it's open. When I walked into the living room, I could see why Megan didn't come to the door - she was sat in her red laced thong!

Megan lept to her feet and gave me a big wet kiss, with just a hint of tongue. M… Read more...

My relationship with Dee has moved on in leaps and bounds and we see each other as often as we can although it’s difficult having sex due to work and family getting in the way.

A couple of weeks ago I suggested to my wife that it might be nice if she took a long weekend and went to visit her family up North. Thankfully she agreed and off she went. Dee told her family that she was doing an extra night shift at work as cover for being out … Read more...

  • Written by Mike S 22 Feb 2018, 12:17
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I was a section manager in a large Civil Service office some years ago, this was quite a boring, monotonous job but I was surrounded by women, on an almost 20 -1 ratio. This sounds better than it was because it meant I had to listen to numerous discussions about hair, clothes, babies and what other people had done to each other. One of the better part of this however was that there was en endless supply of breasts, cleavages, legs and bums to gla… Read more...

October 2017

This meeting had been a real battle with my moral code and worst luck persuasion skills. I like to think I am careful with the guys we have met as I don’t want to undo my good work with Sally so far.

So the session with Mark on Saturday evening in October probably occurred 6 months too early for Sally and although I found it amazing (that is my dilemma) it temporarily planted a seed of doubt in Sally’s mind about this way … Read more...

This all happened by chance and with a bit of bravado i suppose , i was sitting have a cuppa after unloading into the docks when a guy in his 30's out jogging stopped by my door and struck up a conversation with me through my open window. Nothing untoward there, he chatted about the usual shit, the weather, work and such and out of the blue he said can i give you a blowjob, i nearly choked on my coffee! I said i don't think so do you, he wasn't … Read more...

  • Written by Wildstrawberry 28 Jan 2018, 11:50
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The back door to her home creaked as I nudged it open, and I cringed anticipating her voice searching me out in the darkness from a distant room. But there was no voice and I breathed out with relief as I stepped inside and gently closed the door, now cut off from the storm outside. I knew her family was out of town and wouldn't be back until the next day but this was an intrusion, an uninvited intrusion and she was always so clear that my role i… Read more...