Messy ending, part 2 Fact

Messy ending, part 2

As I drove away from Jessie’s home, I knew that was the end of that. Or at least, so I thought.
But to my surprise, I received an immediate email from Jessie. She was as embarrassed as I at the disaster in her sex room, and she told me her husband had accused her of being the problem. Seems I was not the first guy to fail as soon as the husband entered the room and asserted himself. So the husband decided she was too … Read more

Wife's friend comes to play Fact

Well it's been a while since I fucked my wife's friend. She knew my wife was going away with my daughters for a girly weekend and spa. I was at. Home on my own cutting he lawn when the bell rang. I opened the door and was surprised to see her. She was in a low cut top with no bra and a short skirt that barely co reed her panties. I let her in as she said my wife had left some old clothes out for her. She went upstairs as she said she knew where… Read more

Sex in the Dunes Fact

Sex in the Sand Dunes

It was something we were both talking about before we went on holiday, and on the 2nd evening I decided I would make a move.

I went to the bedroom took off my knickers and put on a dress I knew it wasn’t windy out and Hubby would get aroused when he found out I wasn’t wearing underwear. After coming out of the bedroom I asked Hubby if he’d like to go for a quiet drink at the bar, He agreed and off we went. We … Read more

My neighbour Fact

This happened many years ago , if I had a day off being on my own I would often put a porn vid on and enjoy a good wank , my neighbour was married , this particular day she phoned me up , and asked me if I would go around and help her move some furniture as she had just finished decorating and wanted to surprise her husband when he arrived home to see the room finished and everything put where it was , Lynn that was her name I never really though… Read more

Messy ending Fact

At the time, I was married to a very conservative woman, but I was eager to experiment beyond what was acceptable in our bedroom. So I joined a website that connected me with a number of more adventurous women. In one case, I quite fell for a very exotic lady (I'll call her Jessie), and we corresponded several times. She and her husband liked to entertain male guests.
Their arrangement was, she would invite the man to meet her, and if she approv… Read more

Frank fancied my wife Jean Fact

My wife Jean was only 29 /30 when this happened. One of my horny drinking buddies fancied her and often said if Jean wasnt my wife he'd want her . During our conversations sitting drinking I'd told him me and Jean liked reading the letters in Escort and Fiesta magazines and her favourites were when wives had a threesome with the hubby and friend so I'd said we should try it sometime. He'd said he'd love to fuck her and I'd said I'd like … Read more

Fun on the balcony Fact

We have just come back from a holiday in spain and I wanted to share this with you . This really happened and it turns me on when I just think about it.
It was our last evening and we had been out for a meal ànd then back to a bar for a few drinks, we had quite a few drink by midnight and decided to go back to out room.
We got our selfs ready for bed and my wife had put on her silky black negligge, she laid on the bed looking very sexy.
I… Read more

just friends always Fact

I just need to let you all know how things have worked out with my wife Sandra after her best friend fucked me. I was shocked at my wife's reaction after i confessed to having sex with Jenna in our bed. She showed no signs of anger at i stood there not knowing what was coming next. When she spoke she eventually she told me that she had arranged it with Jenna to come round while she was out. I looked at my wife and said why,, she replied becau… Read more

She sucked him off and he came in her mouth Fact

Watching her get dressed I was rock hard. She wore her leather dress without underwear. She threw a pair of black knickers in to her handbag and she was ready to. We didn’t speak as I drove her to the pub, and she didn’t look back as she walked across the car park and went inside. As soon as I got back home from dropping her off, I masturbated. I had to.

Just past midnight, she sent me a WhatsApp showing a picture of her hand holding his… Read more

Wife’s sexual journey 5 - making me a cuckold Fact

In a previous instalment (3 - young stud) I related the story of how my wife Sal had started an affair with a young van driver called Jason. After fucking him in the stock room of the charity shop where she works part time she told me she planned to fuck him again in our bed while I was at work.

There was quite a gap before this happened. We had embarked on regular visits to dogging sites and real life gets in the way. It was actually 9 or 10 … Read more

Lucio Again Fact

Lucio, having fucked my wife while I was in bed and out of the way, came to breakfast next morning looking a little uncertain, hiding the fact that he had been a bad boy. He seemed to avoid eye contact with me and kept looking at Liz as if for support. I acted cool as if I had no idea, but we had the best part of three weeks ahead of us with him as a guest so this pretence was going to backfire at some time so as he left for his tutor's class, … Read more

Night at the club Fact

A few years ago, me and my girlfriend visited the swinger's club in Tenerife. We had been to the Dubliner pub first for sexy dancing and drinking. About 1.00am I said let's walk down to the club. She said, ho i don't know. Soon talked her into going. So off we went, her in sexy heels and little dress. Let me tell you about her. She's 60 now big boobs, 36e blond hair and only 5 foot tall. We was soon there, ordered a couple of drinks and sat at th… Read more

A Couples Confession Fact

When I married her mind and I have earned a permanent place in her heart. That is love. Other men can temporary and occasionally be allowed a short visit inside her and we call that playing. It’s our game, a private show of performance for a watching husband. For me its one complex but powerful way of reminding myself how wonderful my wife is and how good she feels, especially when I hear it from someone else.

It’s even more than that, wh… Read more

Welcome Visitor Fact

We decided to be a host to a visitor from abroad. friends had been doing so for a few years and said ti was nice to have younger people around to give some life to their homes again. We had considered it before but this year was the first real opportunity after doing the house up over a number of years. We picked up the number for us to ring and offer ourselves as a host family.

We were welcomed by the organiser of the parties and through h… Read more

My wife's braless night out. Fact

Its taken me a week or two to have the courage to write this. My wife J. is 34 and very attractive with a great body, despite having a child.
I suppose it is fair to say our sex life had calmed down a lot in recent years due to balancing busy work schedules with bringing up a young boy.

Any how over the heat wave J. had taken to not wearing a bra. At first this was just around the home, But I did coax her to come out with me braless on… Read more

Fit for Fucking Fact

Here is what happened after our initial visit to a female work colleague and her partners hot tub the other Saturday , as I and my Wife Amy have been thinking about buying one , it didn't end up quite as expected , but turned out to be a very enjoyable night for all of us and we got a open invite to go back anytime .
Well Amy and I chatted about what happened that night when we got home , she told me she never expecte… Read more

close friends 2 Fact

Thanks for your comments after my story yesterday. A few of you have asked for more insights into my relationship with ‘Julie’. You should read the first story to understand our relationship. Julie is a very sexually intense woman who needs to be satisfied almost daily and that’s where I some in but over time our relationship has become what I would call ‘intense’.
She is very demanding sexually and to begin with that was a littl… Read more

New friend Fact

I'm a happily married woman who enjoys a bit of fun from time to time and hubby encourages this which is great.

I was recently at a good friends house with her and her hubby, she had told me that there was another guest coming too and that it was a guy she knows. Now my friend is aware that I play from time to time as we are very good friends and have been for years. I'm convinced that she arranged this to set me up but she denies it all with… Read more

Slut next door Fact

We’ve lived in the same house for nearly 20 years. My wife and I have been married for almost 18 years and together for over 20. Our sex life is now a none event and my wife shows little or no interest in anything sexual. I’d been reduced to masturbating occasionally until recently. Out of the blue a women whom I didn’t really know who lived a few doors away stopped to chat when I was mowing the front lawn. She simply said hi and ma… Read more

Wife’s Sexual journey part 4 - dogging Fact

After the meet with the small guy and the big dick, (story 2 in this series) I got Sal into the back of the car still in her basque, stockings and heels. Not giving her much option I drove the 10 miles or so to the local dogging site, a car park in some woods. After her first fuck it was about 11pm.

At this stage neither of us knew anything about dogging other than what we had read on the internet.

Sal had been reticent about dogging think… Read more

Quick bi suck Fact

This is a quick and to the point story , i was working in Aberdeen , night time i went out for a bite to eat and a drink by myself , i went to the loo for a pee , a middle aged man joined me at the pee trough , that awkward silence and looking up ,I noticed he was looking at my semi cock and he was rubbing his impressive thick cock ,he reached over , his touch was electric , he gripped my shaft and wanked then the door to the gents opened and the… Read more

Wife’s sexual journey 3 - the young stud Fact

In my last part of our experiences, Sal and I had just had our first one on one meet and were heading off dogging. That was two years ago and our dogging experiences will be a few chapters in themselves.

Going on in the background to all of this is an affair my wife has been having with a younger guy. This is the first part.

My wife Sal works part-time in a local charity shop.

One of her friends there had a good looking young son called… Read more

Train ride with black stud Fact

I was about to lift my case into the carriage due to my tight skirt I was having trouble. When a young black guy helped me, he was abiut 25 years old. I climbed into the carriage flashing my stocking tops and suspenders. He gave me a little push on the bum to help me . I sat down and he was admiring my big boobs in my low cut tight top. I bent down to fix my shoe and and he got another eyeful of my boobs. He opened his case snd produced a bott… Read more

Re Post Wife calls to Danny's Fact

This is how it all started. Like most men on here I have done nothing but imagine my gorgeous wife D getting the male attention her body deserves.

I love it when we go out and catch men looking at her. I love to tease about it in bed she always orgasms thinking about what the men would like to do her
She noticed that I always cum very quickly when we talk about other men. I love it when she lets her skirt or dress ride up to show her stoc… Read more

Taking her on film part two Fact

...James had now come into the room and had started filming me enjoying his wife on the living room floor.
I started to move my way down carols body, kissing her neck before paying her gorgeous tits some attention. Sucking and nibbling on her big errect nipples. I then grabbed and squeezed her nipples with my fingers as I moved to position my head between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs before slowly moving up to her clit which I started t… Read more

Close friends Fact

Guys, I love reading your stories some of them are good but I’m going to tell you about my life right now and I think some of you will be gutted.
I won’t be giving out names because this is a very private arrangement.
I am 61, two years ago my wife left me for a younger man, I was gutted at the time but now I say good luck to them. When it happened, my neighbours rallied round and I found that I had more friends than I knew. I’m going… Read more

Taking her on film Fact

I was greeted at the door by James who handed me a towel, directed me to the the bathroom and told me that Carol was waiting in the lounge once I'd showered.
We'd met online and I'd been chatting to Carol for a few weeks and discussing the possibility of me fucking her whilst her husband filmed. Carol was a very sexy, curvy size 14 lady, who had some amazing sexy pics on her profile. My favourite pic was of her in a corset, her lovely tits ex… Read more

Wife’s sexual journey part 2 - small guy, big dick Fact

Having embarked on our first foray into extra marital sex with a friend of mine, Sal and I were keen to turn up the dial.

I was keen for us to try dogging but she was still a bit hesitant. We settled on a one to one meet instead. I found a guy off Craigslist who claimed to be well hung and arranged a meeting point in a forest area a bit of a distance from where we live.

We arrived in good time, Sal in a black basque, stockings, heels and no… Read more

wife given as a leaving present Fact

I am52 so is my wife Vikki..over the years my wife knows I have always wanted her to go with another guy.while she has never ruled it out the right person or time has never been right..until last week that indian friend has had to return to India due to his visa expiring and he was unable to renew due to financial reasons.he wa gutted to go as he loved life in Liverpool and the uk in general.he liked our way of life pubs football betting … Read more

A State of Mind Fact

For many years my wife and I have had her forging relationships with other men. I for my part have been supportive in encouraging her to enjoy anything she wanted to do. In or out of the bedroom. Having said that, we have certainly not spread it around that she is an easy lay. on the contrary, making sure the person she is with is as discreet as we are, can reduce the figures of men allowed to engage her sexually. I make this point for any p… Read more