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  • By Sharron T 18 Oct 2017 00:33
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I am in my mid 30s if i am to be honest a bit of a plain Jane , i got married at 24 and divorced at 28 no kid , and a bit vanilla when it comes to sex , ive only had 6 lovers. I live alone and a girl friend of mine brought me a sex toy for my birthday , I laughed when i opened it , took it home and hid it away , then a few months ago i stumbled upon swinging heaven and your sexy stories , after a bottle of wine , and the hot sexy story i was read… Read more...

  • By Alan 17 Oct 2017 16:04
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This story relates to our first exploration of Angie's sexual boundaries. To give some context I will give you a little background to our adventure. Angie was 34, blonde and around a 12 figure. I admit my bias but she was and remains very attractive with the ability to turn much younger men's heads, especially when she wears her indecently short skirts. I was 39 and whilst I kept myself in shape I was struggling to fulfil her sexual appetite. Unf… Read more...

My wife Lynda and I have been together for a long time, she is lovely but has always lacked confidence, it's crazy but she's sure that no-one would find her attractive.This idea has made her shy in sex though she is very responsive.
It came about ,some time ago, that the thought of me with another woman turned her on. It seems that her first serious boyfriend, a soldier , would let her know of his conquests while away, she was 17 but he'd work… Read more...

  • By Jess 17 Oct 2017 09:00
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It was 1997 and I was 17 almost 18, still a virgin id had the odd fingering off lads normally in the park after a bottle of cider, it was never anything to get me going, lads at that age never thought about pleasuring you it was just to see how many fingers they could put inside you, once that was over with I’d reward their rough fingering with a wank. not a fair deal in my book but I never had the urge to go the full way.
I’d was a tea tim…

  • By Lucy and Greg 17 Oct 2017 07:50
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A few weeks ago, Lucy, my darling wife and I were out of town for a couple days. It was a quick getaway so we could enjoy some alone time. We found ourselves in a quite bar that was pretty empty when we got there. It was the end of the night so we didn’t mind. We already had a pretty good buzz so we intended to have a night cap and head back to the hotel.

We were there for about 20 minutes when Lucy decided to get up and dance. There … Read more...

  • By Sue xx 16 Oct 2017 20:41
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Well since my posting on 29th Sept, hubby has read it and my life has accelerated. We are now members of a swinging club and I have had my first nervous visit. More which later as I need to set the scene.

As you may have read I am sexually active and enjoy nothing more than a good night in or out with hubby giving me a good seeing to. One of my favourites is to strip down to my stockings and straddle hubby in the '69' position as I love to fee… Read more...

  • By Julie 16 Oct 2017 16:19
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I have been married 27 years and still very much in love with my husband. But as he is the only man I have ever been with, I have recently got interested in what it might be like to be with other men. I looked online and found this site and my favourite bit is the stories.
I haven't gone as far as meeting anyone from here as I have realised that is not what I want. I don't want anybody who is a swinger. I am only on the site to look, and read … Read more...

  • By Jockweiler 16 Oct 2017 14:50
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This was about 1982 so not at all recent although I reckon still horny enough to relate. We lived in Leighton Buzzard and my then wife worked in London. I worked unusual hours which afforded me playtime. We had been to a neighbour's party the weekend before and I had got on well with one of the neighbour's wives Anne. No touching but outrageous flirting. She was a fit young woman and played netball for Leighton Buzzard , training about twice a we… Read more...

  • By honeyhole69 16 Oct 2017 13:05
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I am Sara and last year I went with my Hub's to a work colleagues of his Wedding, where I met my Hub's Boss Phil and his Wife Diane, I ended up that night in a Sports field with Phil and me sucking his lovely cock and him fucking me as his Wife Diane kept my Hubs entertained at the Reception . Due to that night my Hub's ended up getting a pay rise and I have been meeting Phil once a month for the past few months all with Diane's approval, I we… Read more...

  • By Nick L 16 Oct 2017 01:10
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In 2005 I took a gap year between gaining my A level grades and going on to Uni. Thanks to a friend of my dads I got a labouring job at a local building site. My parents were not well off and I was determined to make some cash before I started my studies. The job was hard physical work but it paid well and I managed to save a reasonable amount. Just before I was due to start at Uni my best mate Phil convinced me to come with him for a weeks hol… Read more...

  • By The Mrs 15 Oct 2017 22:38
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I have been with my husband 30 plus years. We have always had a full and active sex life.
When we was younger we used to read magazines together.
This led to us fantasising about me fucking other men. As these stories were the ones that got us both hornier than the rest.
It took about 14 years to get round to actually fulfilling that fantasy as we had kids. Plus the fact I thought he only wanted this to happen so he could fuck around.
This ha…

  • By Asiapt 15 Oct 2017 08:35
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We were invited to a Thai wedding and although I was reluctant to go, my wife who is also Thai said it would only be for a few hours and we should go as it was a very good friend who was getting married… So off we went and I was sitting there watching all the Thai girls, some with and many without their husbands. The evening went on and I had had about 4 Budweiser’s and had just returned to my chair at the back of the dance floor with a plat… Read more...

  • By Asiapt 15 Oct 2017 08:05
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So after a night out on her own Pai (a Thai girl renting a room in our home) came home at about 5 am totally drunk and she could not even get her key in the lock. She was separated from her husband and he had custody of the daughter who was about 10. Pai is Thai and 36 yrs of age with a very nice body, tiny little tits but really long nipples. I got to see them at a BBQ one day when she had a loose top and when she leaned forward I could see righ… Read more...

  • By Asiapt 15 Oct 2017 07:20
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We had decided to go to TG in London for a night out and Jane was wearing a black see through blouse with buttons and no bra so her amazing 34c tits and nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric. A black pvc skirt and sheer thin black tights with no knickers.

I had my leather trousers and black lycra t shirt.

We had wandered around for an hour or so and were getting horny watching all the near naked couples and one totally naked gu… Read more...

  • By joan 14 Oct 2017 16:37
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As I turned 16 in August 1998 I had very few friends was very very thin only wore a 28a bra and was a goody goody at everything never in trouble at school never even been kissed by a boy on the Thursday before I was 16 I decided to rebel and walked to school smoking knowing that I would be in trouble if seen .I attended a private girls school I was seen and got 3 strokes of the cane over my knickers. Ours was one of the last schools to still use … Read more...

  • By TULS 14 Oct 2017 13:14
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My husband and I have just returned from a romantic holiday in Cyprus. Everything was just perfect, the weather was hot the hotel was lovely and the opportunity to have time together without the stresses of daily life was a real treat, My husband and I enjoy a healthy sex life, we regularly have sex and he is a very tentative lover, making sure I orgasm at least once (usually more) before we fuck, often using a range of toys and techniques deve… Read more...

  • By AlKaz 13 Oct 2017 19:50
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Following our sort of dogging this was the follow up starting yet another series of adventures . Enjoy....
It took me a couple of weeks before I got the opportunity to mention Rachael’s performance as we don’t work directly together but I met her of all places outside the toilets where people only go for the oblivious . I passed the usual work related before I though grab the bull by the horns. with “ great performance at the mere two Sat… Read more...

I've been married 35 years now. Married 11 years and 3 children before that. Now 69. I met my present wife a few months after my marriage broke up. I've been bi-sexual for more than 40 years and love it. You may have seen my posts on here from the past 5 years. We met through mutual friends and got on straight away. She is very petite, slim and with very nice tits. I knew nothing about her when we met. Both 34 so assumed she would have been with … Read more...

I had met Stella just a week before Valentine's more than twenty years ago, I had taken her out just once after meeting her and fancied her from the start. She was tall about 5 feet 8 inches, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, big tits and long sexy legs. She had come on to me and I could tell she liked me as she started chatting. She had a lovely personality from the start and was happy go lucky type of girl, she was only nineteen. I am two years old… Read more...

  • By City guy 12 Oct 2017 23:39
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I had dropped them a note about a month before their repose note arrived. The response note was short and suggested that we meet at a central London hotel to have a drink and explore the chemistry, I flicked back onto their profile to remind myself what they looked like. The pics were of the wife and whilst she was wearing great lingerie her face was obscured. I replied suggesting a date and asking if they had a clearer photo so that I could reco… Read more...

  • By Harry 12 Oct 2017 21:15
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Im a HGV driver i was dropping off a load i Sleaford on tge A17 , there is a layby there ive had fun a few times , married men who arnt getting any at home so they are looking for anyone to suck them , anyway i parked up for my rest break but the layby toilet was locked , i sat in my cab and cars came in and then left cos the toilets were locked . A few stayed and the old signal of turning you interia light on , i got out of my cab for a ciggie … Read more...

  • By james171178 12 Oct 2017 19:15
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Thanks for the comments guys, so I have tried to the finish the nights story.

When we reached the pub (in South Cave as it happens) it was very busy, and it was not easy to find a table and seat, but anyway Alice and I sat down in the quietest place we could find whilst Mike went for the drinks. Alice looked fantastic like the cat who had had the cream! We whispered that it was exciting to be in a public place with no one else knowing what had… Read more...

  • By Dundeebi 12 Oct 2017 15:00
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True story and I’m actually trying to track down my morning fun! So mike if you’re on here reply!

Must be about 5 years ago I arranged to meet Mike at a Gatwick hotel. At the time I was bi curious and never tried cock!

Mike arranged to come round my room in the morning and I answered the door with a cock starting to swell.

Mike came into the room and we were both a little nervous - his first time too.

Like the amate…

  • By Naughty trucker and wife 12 Oct 2017 14:12
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Following on from Ali having spent a weekend as a sub fuck toy for dean and his friends, all went quiet for a while on the sex front, Ali wasn’t so keen on meeting new guys, and I was becoming concerned as she was going off sex at home too. Then suddenly out of nowhere I get a text as I’m driving along in my truck, 100s of miles and several days from home. “ I’ve met a new guy online, he seems exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I… Read more...

  • By Glen 11 Oct 2017 21:58
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Let me introduce myself my name is Glen I’m divorced and live alone I’m 5’ 11” tall 32 years old and visit the gym regularly, I keep myself in good shape.
I have just returned from the best holiday I have ever had, and i would like to share my experience with you, it's a long story but worth it:

I’m the foreman in a local distributor i'm in charge of 18 men.
William (never Bill) the boss is a very good boss, well after last week … Read more...

  • By Pantiessmellnice 11 Oct 2017 19:00
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I hate my sister in law. She is an interfering bitch. Unfortunately I have to be nice for the Wife's feelings.
Any how,the other day I was asked to feed her dog as she was away for the day.
After doing the deed I went upstairs to wash my hands. Immediately I noticed the bedroom door was open. I went in and saw a pair of panties on the floor. Now these were not sexy at all but big comfy cotton ones that for some reason I had to sniff. By God th… Read more...

Well it was not a surprise to walk in this afternoon from work to find sally working herself on a rock hard cock but was surprised to see who's cock it was.

Today sally has been a naughty Slut as I walked in on her sliding herself down on one of my friends large cock.

Gareth has been a friend of ours for many years. His wife is a real knock out and loves a flirt but nothing has ever happened much to my disappointment.

Gareth has never…

  • By Sean 11 Oct 2017 15:44
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I'm early 40's married&thought I was a straight guy,all this changed,I was at a bar&got talking to a couple he (Jonathan+wife Lucy) stayed until the bar closed, they said they were booked in at the pub b&b so ended up staying for a lock in,truth or dare came up&Lucy said shed always fantasied seeing two guys been nervous&excited I said I'd always thought what it would be like been fucked like a girl,I lay on my back and watched his nice cock slid… Read more...

  • By Sherri_19 11 Oct 2017 14:22
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I have a fiancée who i love , our sex life is fun , i do like the role play genres. Anyway we also like watch porn together , dont get me wrong seeing a girl being fucked by big dicked studs does get me off , but secretly i have been getting turned on by the girl / girl action and i must admit when ive come home from work and D is at work , i put the girlie porn on , i dont even get a chance to use my vibrator my finger bring me off very quickly… Read more...

  • By Sean 11 Oct 2017 14:02
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I've never had any gay or bi tendencies but all that changed during summer,I'm 44yr old&look after myself but had too much to drink was tupst&missed my last train home so called into the nearest bar not realising it was a gay bar,after been checked out by a few I don't know if it was beer or the fact I hadn't cum for weeks I ended up on the stage as the main attraction and gave countless bjs before a younger boy asked if he could fuck me,I knelt … Read more...