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  • By lucklust 27 Apr 2017 20:49
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I was just home, having finished my day's work when I got a text, settled with my freshly brewed cup of tea. Opened iphone from wife 'I hope you realise you're lucky to have me, a customer says so' I sent back that I always known that and that he was right. I sat and contemplated what this might mean then I got a follow up 'Fuck, he's just come back in with his phone number... calm down now!X' I was well excited then got a query 'You haven't … Read more...

  • By Dave w 27 Apr 2017 17:33
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This is a true story I've been wanting to tell all about for years, we live in a town near york and about 10yrs ago me and the now ex wife were in the middle of our separation all quite amicable we'd just grown apart. anyway as we had a young child we agreed to live in the same house but sleep in seperate bedrooms. Rachael had started to go out in the town on a Saturday night with her friends most of them single as she was as we had split, Rachae… Read more...

  • By Trainer 26 Apr 2017 19:55
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I have worked in and out of London and over the south east and west for all my working life and I’ve moved house a couple of times, when I thought that the job I was doing was going to see me through. So I now find myself in the position of commuting 70 odd miles twice a day to this new post. As my wife has home help for her disability she suggested that I try to get lodgings near the job and only commute up and back weekly, whilst I wasn’t t… Read more...

  • By Shocky horror 26 Apr 2017 15:20
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This happened to me yesterday afternoon.

I returned early from work, not something I do regularly. My wife was dressed in a very short dress, stockings and suspenders, and no Panties and the neckline on the dress was very low cut, no bra underneath. What the F... I was about to say, when she stopped me. Are you the boiler repair man I've been waiting for. The penny dropped, She was acting out a scenario she had spoken to me about some months… Read more...

  • By Hotnfresh 26 Apr 2017 14:42
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I've been working for a takeaway in the evenings for a few years now delivering food to customers one recent account around 11pm Ish on a Friday night I took pizza to a customer which was the last house on the street you have to go around to the back door as I've been a few times as I did 2 houses down with the kitchen light on there stood a mature lady kissing a guy and when I looked closer he had he's cock out she was slowly wanking him I just … Read more...

  • By Dennis Woolley 26 Apr 2017 11:24
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Cock hungry slapper she may be but Leanne has really gotten into her new hobby of flashing her body off to whoever is around to see. So far it has nearly always been to truck drivers on the motorways, apart from a display she did for a minibus load of young guys at a service area.
Lately she has been showing off in pubs and a few other places, just a flash of her legs and if they were lucky, they may have just caught a glimpse of her knickers. W… Read more...

  • By TA 26 Apr 2017 09:58
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As before, read my last blosg to understand whats going on. Last one was 21st April.
My ‘girlfriend’ loves my blogs. She doesn’t think I do it justice but its my way of sharing a huge secret. She’s very daring and wants me to tell you to tell you that her name is Andrea, so there we are.
Andrea and I had a huge fight last night. We text each other and usually end uptalking dirty by text which ends up in me getting turned on and want… Read more...

  • By Mike 26 Apr 2017 06:55
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My wife and I have a very open marriage; she is extremely highly sexed, and I love her getting fucked by other guys and sometimes another woman. Her particular likes are younger, muscular or athletic, very well hung, black guys; she also likes the arrogant thug type. Sara is 45, looks about ten years younger, she has a very fit, toned body. She works out, swims and runs most days. Her body is amazing size 10, 36d2435, long legs, firm tits and a v… Read more...

  • By Tanya 25 Apr 2017 21:44
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Since returning from holiday I have come to an agreement with my husband, well I told him really, I am prepared to unlock him in the week and I will let him fuck me once or twice but in return he must agree to be locked up at weekends and I am going out on the pull to get some different cock
What happened on holiday opened a door for me, I never knew what I was missing and I am determined to carry on with my new lifestyle
Last weekend I bought …

  • By Jim 25 Apr 2017 15:46
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In the previous part I covered how we met and our first real misadventure with another girl. What I didn’t do was give you too much detail about my wife and myself…As I stated in the previous story, though now in our 40’s, we both get told that we look young for our age, my wife in particular. A slim size 8 with a tight little butt and amazing legs and pert small boobs. She has always waxed her pussy and never shaved resulting in the smooth… Read more...

  • By JohnBoyd97 25 Apr 2017 10:27
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Natalie worked as a lounge singer in a clubs in town. She was married 32 years old with a baby. Beautiful blonde hair and a gorgeous figure. I was 18 years old and had known her since I was a child, she used to baby sit me sometimes.
She would drive to work every weekend to perform in pubs and clubs, until one week her car broke down. Chris her husband is unbelievabley lazy and never bothered with driving and so I offered to drive her to work f… Read more...

  • By Karenxx 24 Apr 2017 20:39
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Had a late,night out last night so was unusually late out of bed, we always sleep with the curtains open I think hubby went out for a cycle which was the norm, as it was warm the covers were off, I was laying face down, (you seen some pics) I heard a slight noise at the window and turned my head, the window cleaner was staring at me, i could not resist so spread me legs and lifted my bottom, you will have seen the pic, I heard him gently call fo… Read more...

  • By Jen 23 Apr 2017 19:23
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Mandy froze, her finger still touching my clit through my panties, very slowly I stood upright and let my dress fall back over my very excited body. The feel of the material on my nipples almost made me orgasm, looking at Mandy she had the most wicked grin as she pushed her finger into my pussy, forcing my panties into me. I could not help it as I shuddered and came on her hand. Biting my lip to try and keep the person next door from hearing me… Read more...

  • By Scrum5 23 Apr 2017 14:44
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Hi, I must tell you about our latest meeting with the gent from Cwmbran. It started with me and Denise lying naked on the bed a fortnight ago. We were lying on our sides with my cock in her mouth, and me licking her cunt while pushing the black dildo in her cunt. I said, are you enjoying this, she took her mouth off my cock and said it would be better if there was another cock here. So. shall I phone him, ok she said.
After the phone call, whi…

  • By Happy knowing that he fucks her. 23 Apr 2017 09:19
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My wife has a fuckbuddy. His name is Brad. Of course he has a better than average sized dick. That’s easy to understand because why else would she keep him?

Last night he must have been going through his camera or phone and pulled up a few photos that he had not previously shared. Normally he sends me some when she is with him or just after she has left and on her way home.

The ones he sent last night got us both in the mood and we en… Read more...

  • By Dial 23 Apr 2017 08:58
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This was going to be a short story but the more I wrote the memories came back, so bare with me.
I watched a film on tv called the phone box, well half of it all it was a man talking to someone down the line, it reminded me of an indecent that happened a few years back. My girlfriend worked in the same office as me but on a different floor so we could go a week at work without bumping into each other, which was probably a good thing, as we saw e… Read more...

  • By Wendy 23 Apr 2017 05:14
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Hi I'm Wendy, a petite brunette married 24yo. I say petite as I am only 5ft tall but my breasts are definitely not petite at 34D. I have a shapely body, long brown hair and a sexy firm ass. My pussy sports a broad landing strip of short brown pubes.

I've been married for a year or so now and hubby has been my one and only man - he took my virginity and we have enjoyed great, exciting sex for over 3 years now. He loves to have sex away from our… Read more...

  • By PingaChoco 23 Apr 2017 03:55
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Just out of uni and looking for internship or junior role and happened to get a reply offer from an accounting firm. She was 25, I was 22 and she was in charge of me in an office together all day every working day. As usual, being a cock-head I gained inroads through flirting suggestion persuasion etc and finally she agreed to visit my pad only if i'll visit her church. She finally visits and after some pressure she agrees to only suck, she suck… Read more...

  • By Jen the Slutty Uber Driver 23 Apr 2017 02:51
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Hi Y’all
Thanks to everyone and I am glad you liked reading about me and what I get up too. I thought someone would want to know about my husband’s son who lived with us until he joined the Marines a year and a half ago. He is a hunky guy and it was so good to have him living under the same roof. Anyway he joined and moved to training and then to deployment.

He came home for Thanksgiving which is in November for anyone who doesn’t kno… Read more...

  • By Toyboy 96 22 Apr 2017 18:22
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I posted about a week ago just talking about how me and the wife have enjoyed swinging. I promised I would tell you about a night a few weeks ago but had a busy few days and finally got round to it. Hope you enjoy, please give us some feedback me and Julie would love to here what you think.
So my wife Julie has a few bulls she regularly enjoys, sometimes in our home sometimes at hotels etc. A while ago she was having a bull round, Antony who sh… Read more...

  • By Tame boy 22 Apr 2017 16:23
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Follow on to my wife's dogging adventure last week ,she went too a he party? Last night with her two male pals it was a big piss up and a stag do after in one of the lads flats she could see the way things were going early in the pub when one of the guys was lifting her short skirt too his mates and trying to move her panties a side to show off her pussy . there was about five guys who were up for some fun and filled her full of drink .back at t… Read more...

  • By HornyCpl 22 Apr 2017 04:22
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We're both in our mid-40s and after 20+ years of marriage she is still hot for it whenever I want a leg over, which is about twice a week, plus the two or three times a month when she initiates it. The last few years we've added fantasy talk during foreplay, usually about her being pulled at a pub and being fucked in the car park whilst I watch.

A few months ago it became a reality. I had arrived home after work and she looked so tantalizing i… Read more...

  • By Cindy 21 Apr 2017 19:55
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Hello there just some info about me im fifty year old gilf in really good nick a size ten and huge tits . I have just had my first black gang bang always wanted to be fucked by well hung black guys. My hubby made contact with a couple of young black guys who had seen snaps of me in my kinky gear and more than willing to fuck a kinky gilf. Dave had a room at the premier inn we checked in and i started to get ready put my hair up into a pony tail p… Read more...

  • By J 21 Apr 2017 18:23
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Continuing on from our visit to Acanthus I persuaded my husband to visit Paradise club on Wednesday earlier this week. When we arrived it was very quie and we debated with the guy at reception if it was worth entering with only two other guests inside, my husband wasn't keen, but I thankfully prevailed and in we went.

We were given a tour by the owner it's a very classy club with a great bar and dance area, sauna, steam room, swimming pool and… Read more...

  • By Alffiedog 21 Apr 2017 16:40
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This a true story. My wife and I have a great sex life and there isn't much we haven't done to together or in a threesome. The wife isn't so keen on FFM she loves MMF.

When I first asked my wife if I could fuck her arse she said only if she could use a dildo on me after. It turned out she didn't like it but I did. So likes to be boss sometimes and now and then uses a dildo to fuck my arse.

We went to a club that we normally go to that let… Read more...

  • By TA 21 Apr 2017 10:59
  • Fact

Hi again. Firstly I’m sorry if my story was confusing, my ‘wife ’as she now likes me to call her was with me and helped me write it and I think we got carried away. It’s all true but we did leave somethings out. jbim04, read it again.
If you want to know the origins of my advertures you only have to go back a few days to the 19th, read that and this will make sense. But those who can’t’ be bothered, I’m 28 married to a wonderful ma… Read more...

BEST TO read my Post from a few days ago on the 17th April. It is about how I, (John) teased my best pal Frankie by showing him photos of my sexy wife Karen who he'd always fancied. One night just a few weeks after Frankie had emigrated we were on the bed fucking and talking. I said he will be missing coming here and she said she will miss teasing us cos she loved how it had turned us both on so much. I said I was amazed she'd been so … Read more...

  • By Jen the Slutty Uber Driver 21 Apr 2017 04:40
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I live in the USA and work as an Uber driver. I my name is Jenifer but I like to be called Jen. By my own definition, I am a slut and love it. My darling husband in a cuck. We both have been married before and have kids and he also had a son from a previous marriage who is now 20. I can tell you about him but maybe another time.

I arrived home this evening, a few minutes before five, nearly an hour later than usual. A fellow Uber driver… Read more...

  • By Jim 20 Apr 2017 15:45
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I’ve been with my wife for nearly ten years now and then that time we’ve had a multitude of naughty encounters. When we met, we were both in our 30’s, I was stuck in a stifling sexless relationship were I’d satisfy my needs through various affairs and brief sexual encounters through one night stands etc… my wife had ended her previous, and similar relationship, 2 years earlier. She, however, had a series of one night stands and one regu… Read more...

  • By jim 20 Apr 2017 15:38
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I’ve been with my wife for nearly ten years now and then that time we’ve had a multitude of naughty encounters. When we met, we were both in our 30’s, I was stuck in a stifling sexless relationship were I’d satisfy my needs through various affairs and brief sexual encounters through one night stands etc… my wife had ended her previous, and similar relationship, 2 years earlier. She, however, had a series of one night stands and one regu… Read more...