• By PETROS 25 Feb 2018 14:09
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TRYING SOMETHING NEW. I recently wrote about my 35th anniversary with my long-term fuck buddy. She now lives in Spain. I live with my wife in Cyprus. Sometime ago we met two women in a local bar. We got on great with them. They were quite open about the fact that they were gay and married. Lyn was a rea… Read more...

A little background to my diary.
I am 47 and the wife has just turned 50. Ever since the kids were born 20 years ago i suppose i have allowed our sex life to drift. I suppose we have let ourselves drift as well. When we meet she was a hot 12/14, big boobs and almost all i could want.
Now she is a size 22, still lovely. I was a waist 32 and fit, now waist 38 and not as fit.
Sex has been somewhere between 4 and 12 times a year, as an average ov… Read more...

  • By Ellie 25 Feb 2018 13:39
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When I first met my husband (nearly 9 years ago) we were both dating other people. We worked together and after months of flirting we eventually started an affair. Within a month we had both dumped our partners and became an item. 18 months later we got married and now, as a 31 year old my husband and I have an arrangement where I am allowed to give other guys blow jobs but never fuck them and I always have to tell him about it. I think becaus… Read more...

  • By Straponwilly 25 Feb 2018 13:22
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I used to go to a council run sports center near Torbay, where I lived that had a wet area that three days a week was clothing optional. It had a sauna with a cold plunge pool, a 6-8 person jacuzzi and a steam room as well as a relaxation area and two showers.

The first couple of times I went I wore my trunks, but by the third one I was naked like the majority of the people. I'm not going to lie the clientele was 95% male. Occasionally some c… Read more...

  • By Frank /Susan 24 Feb 2018 09:39
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On occasions during the year my 57 year wife , would tell me that a younger colleague at work would , ask her out on a days outing, saying that " his wife is going way this weekend over to her mothers" her reply was always the same, you men are all the same.

I would keep encouraging to take him up on it, it was harmless and I bet he is only buffing.
He is only looking for sex while the wifes away and anyway it would be all around… Read more...

Hi I lived with Ruth for 5 years we never got married but we lived like a married couple!! Ruth is a very hot milf and I loved the way men look at her!! we went to Jamaica for holiday in 2016! We stayed at a lovely hotel! It was off season so it was mainly us and staff! Any way one of my fantasys was for her to wear a g string bikini and high heals by the pool. So on our third day she had built the confidence to wear what I wanted. It was a nylon… Read more...

Sharing my UK Indian wife part 3
During the next few days I continued to exchange messages with Shaun and Paul to ensure we were compatible. My wife knew nothing of this, she was just under the impression we would go to Birmingham for shopping and a night out, which she was looking forward to. It was Thursday evening and I took my wife to a hotel bar near our house for a drink. It was a quiet bar and we liked to go there for a drink as it was cl… Read more...

  • By Anonymous69!! 23 Feb 2018 08:43
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I’m not the most gorgeous of girls, I’m a real woman with a stomach, curves, zero self confidence from the years of rejection from the husband! I love my husband, he’s just not into the sex side of our life.

I’ve lived the last 16 years thinking that I could change my husband into wanting to fuck me senseless 24/7. How wrong was I. A leopard will never change its spots!

My only pleasure was watching porn in bed and getting myself … Read more...

Mandy and Susan
This happened a few months back when we had the high winds here in the uk

I don't do boredom too well and sitting still at a weekend is hard work for me.
So it was with a pleasure when the phone rang.

It was a friend of mine asking if I had a few hours free, her friends fence had blown down and since I had put hers up a few months ago she wondered if I would go and have a look to see what needed doing.

She would be ther…

I love ready people stories about their experiences....always makes me think back about mine.....again this was an early experience with an ex-partner...sorry it’s a long one but I do get carried away with details... lol

We invited some friends of my partner around for dinner and drinks and had already agreed that they would stay over so that they could both relax and have a good drink. We believed that they were a little "dodgy" like us as … Read more...

  • By Hubby Kev 22 Feb 2018 21:07
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over the Christmas my wife Jackie who is 50 but looks 40 had her first MFM threesome with myself and a Neighbour both 51, a couple of weeks later we was discussing the night both agreed that we should repeat it and I confessed that I would like for us to go away for a weekend and repeat the Threesome but with a stranger. Jackie was not sure about a stranger but would give it some thought, any way over the last few weeks of our love making and me… Read more...

Life as a crossdresser part 2

Since my first part a lot has happened. I love walking out dressed when I can but being married it is all very secretive. Before you say it yes she knows but chooses to ignore it.

My BBW friend has had some health issues but I am down to see her next month. Who knows what I will find.

SH has been a bonus, I go on cam when I can and have even been caught by my wife fully dressed whilst cramming with a guy … Read more...

  • By Ian Rogers 22 Feb 2018 13:21
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My wife and I had a threesome with a mate of mine. It was enjoyable enough, maybe a bit too much for her as she asked if we could repeat what had happened that drunken night. Although I did enjoy it I was weary about doing it again. I said that I'd have a think about it as I wasn't sure that I wanted to share her again. Her reply to this was.
"I'm going to fuck him again, whether you let me or not."
Wow. I thought.
So a Month or so had passe…

  • By PTL 22 Feb 2018 11:03
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This is going to sound lame to some of you seasoned swingers but I have wanted to share experience for some time and now I’ve found this website this is the perfect place to do it.
I’m not going into names because it’s a small world and you never know who reads these but I am 56 and my wife is 52. We look after ourselves so am proud to say that we don’t look our ages. My wife looks especially good. She is juts under 6’ like me, we w… Read more...

  • By bystander 22 Feb 2018 10:54
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Curiosity killed the cat they say. i have had an experience where that proverb was brought to the fore. My wife went for a new job at a business on the outskirts of town. She came back very pleased with herself, having been appointed directly as the interviewer had been sufficiently impressed by her understanding of the requirements. I was delighted and she was keen to get back to work after selling her business a few months earlier and had … Read more...


Dean had tickets for a posh charity dinner dance on the following Saturday, it was a well known bash locally and I knew the tickets were very expensive. He asked if we wanted to come but I told him it was out of our budget, Dean insisted that it was his treat for all the meals he’d had at ours so I accepted. Jade’s mum Lisa said she would love to have Brad for the week end give us a break so that was sorted.
Jade sa…

Sharing my UK Indian wife part 2
This next part of the story follows on from my first story. If you haven’t read it pleas Again all stories posted are true.
The experience we had in Nottingham with my 2 ex work colleagues had passed and we still thought and talked about it when we had sex which made us both horny and the sex better. After this experience our sex lives improved as we were more open minded and more honest with each other. We di… Read more...

  • By Paul the lodger 21 Feb 2018 10:29
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Hello all, I’m Paul and I’m 28 and single and until I read these stories I thought what I was doing was rare but clearly not. I live with a couple who are odd a fuck. They are both in their mid 50’s and to look at them you would say they are quiet and boring as shit, in fact apart from what I’m about to tell you, they are.
He is like a guy you wouldn’t notice even if there was only the two of you in a very small room, his wife is no… Read more...

I had always thought what it would be like with a fellow female for a long time.
The years had gone by without carrying out my fantasies.
Then just after Christmas i was in M&S and was looking at buying a dress for work.
As I was browsing through the different sections i noticed a section with really nice blouses.
Some were quite sheer and made me blush so I was kinda keeping an eye around that I would not be noticed.
The reason been…

  • By Tongue tease 20 Feb 2018 15:16
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We moved into a new house around a year ago, recently we have had a few things go wrong with the central heating and other stuff so have had to get in touch with the landlord. Anyway my wife called me the other day to say the heating wasn't working and that she would need to call the landlord. A short while after, she text and said he was at the house and was trying to fix it. I was already on my way home from work and when I got there the landl… Read more...


Sorry this is more an account of what happened and slightly embellished, I’m not great at stories so please forgive the spelling and grammar
HI, my name is Sean I am 28 married with a two year old son, my wife Jade is 25 and we have been married five years. Jade had an awful pregnancy so we have decide not to have any more kids. Jade has a gorgeous figure, slim awesome long legs and a… Read more...

  • By Steve C 20 Feb 2018 11:11
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I am a member of a fuck buddy web site which is where I met Paul and Emma. I’m 56 and Paul and Emma are both 32. We exchanged e mails for a few months before meeting up so I knew exactly what they wanted and although I was desperate to fuck her all they wanted was to have someone join in with some ‘soft swinging’.
Their thing was for Emma to lay her back on Paul’s tummy and he I would feel her tits with me kneeling in between her legs … Read more...

Sharing my UK indian wife part 1
This story I am about to describe is true and are about my experiences of sharing my Indian wife. I have changed the names for these stories. We are an Indian Sikh couple from the UK, Leicester. We have both been brought up in England and we have been married 8 years. My name is Manvir and my wife’s name is Jaspreet. I married Jaspreet when she was 22 and I was 29. We are now 30 and I am 38. Although my wife is… Read more...

  • By Lisa 20 Feb 2018 04:48
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I suppose the main thing you should know when reading this is that I love my husband dearly and think he is amazing for putting up with my sex addiction. I just can’t resist a good looking or well endowed man and that has got me into all sorts of problems.

My problem is that I have got such a high sex drive that I think about sex and being pleasured constantly. Ideally I’d have sex two or three times a day and pleasure myself in between a… Read more...

This true story happened in the summer that Charles & Diana married. I had taken a week's leave with two friends to work, as unpaid volunteers, on a private steam railway. With my friends working the steam locomotive I was to be Guard/TTI/Signalman. (A TTI is a Travelling Ticket Inspector). This particular line is around 6 miles long and connects with another attraction at its northern end so making a reasonable 'circular' tour for coach parties … Read more...

  • By Sarah 19 Feb 2018 20:57
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More time had passed since my older neighbour had allowed me to take his load. His 55 year old cock had been no match for this 18 year old's mouth. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Turning from side to side, admiring my naked young body. Blonde hair - check, small perky breasts - check, a tight firm bottom - double check. I could see why he couldn't hold onto his load. I mean what man wouldn't want this? Mmmm his load. I continued to re… Read more...


A few weeks ago both myself and my rather gorgeous girlfriend paid a visit to a club near Bedford for the first time and what an evening we had!

We couldn't believe how many people were there, so we had a look around and finally made our way back to the bar and dance floor, checking out the hot couples and girls we liked the look of. C was dressed in a short skirt, hold ups, thigh length boots and a very revealing sparkly top showing off her … Read more...

  • By Pauleast71 19 Feb 2018 15:28
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This follows on from my previous W.S.M.A Pt 2 true story, its about my Wife Zoe who is infatuated with a work colleague of mine Kirk since a unplanned meet at a nearby pub before Xmas2016 where upon Zoe invited him indoors after we gave him a lift back to our house. It began with Kirk fucking Zoe and spending the night with my Wife as I was relegated to the spare room and listening to the sounds of them fucking before falling asleep.

  • By Rob and Brenda 19 Feb 2018 14:03
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I’m Robert and my wife is Brenda, I’m 56 and Brenda is 54. We have a limited swinging lifestyle that we want to share with you but not in this country just in our holiday home. We own a villa in Florida with a golf course to the front and a wooded area to the back which the pool over looks. Brenda and I have a great sex life and enjoy making use of the secluded pool area. There is a wooden fence surrounding the back of the property about … Read more...

  • By stuwy9 19 Feb 2018 12:49
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I have posted a few stories, as I have said as I get older and less inhibited more dirty opportunities seem to arise...and not just my dick! I spent last weekend in Birmingham and made a brief visit to Taboo Cinema. It was quiet but I got talking to one guy about the porn showing as we both wanked and the conversation got really dirty, which turns me on more. He was describing what he would do if a bird came into the cinema and how we would both… Read more...