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  • By boyblunder 24 Jun 2017 15:57
  • Gay

It's been a while coming but I was busy!

Here's the next chapter in my story, but I recommend starting at the first one for those who haven't. Hope you enjoy!

What happened at the Opticians surgery was quite incredible, I was left to clean myself up whilst they watched me, smiling and still stroking the front of their trousers. I left through the door in silence but not before Tom said, tapping my backside… “good lad…see you soon… Read more...

  • By BiTrader 22 Jun 2017 18:11
  • Gay

This is a true story about a very horny afternoon spent cruising/dogging in a bi/gay location in MK a couple of years ago, which sadly has now been closed to cars following the installation of barriers, which is tragic, as it was a very hot place, with constant MM action.

Anyhow, I had met a young fit gay guy there previously and enjoyed some great mutual fun, following which we swapped phone numbers and then arranged a Sunday afternoon meet u… Read more...

  • By JohnB 15 Jun 2017 19:31
  • Gay

I have established myself as a decent and fun wank buddy (see room share and group wank).

The footie lads were all heading to the lakes for one of the gang's stag weekend and we had booked a bunk barn for the weekend. The cars were loaded with beer and as planned we set off Friday lunchtime and arrived at about 5 ish.
The sun was still shining and we were right next to a river. One of thre lads got the beers and preceded to strip to take a … Read more...

  • By JohnB 14 Jun 2017 23:15
  • Gay

After a night out with some colleagues and footie buddies four of us who were staying over at a hotel ended up in a Greek restaurant for more beers and something to eat. Whilst we were there a lively hen party came in and seemed settled for a good night.
Shortly afterwards to waiter approached and asked if we wanted to move tables as a male stripper was soon to arrive and perform. We said it was fine and settled down to watch what happened.
T…

  • By Ael 14 Jun 2017 00:57
  • Gay

Surprise Visit

It was a dreich day as I arrived in Edinburgh. I had planned a few places to visit, but found that the entrance fee was half of what they were asking if you booked online.
So change of plan. Jump on the first bus that comes along and go with the flow. The bus finally arrived at the bottom of Leith Walk after negotiating a myriad of road works.

I decided to walk back up the “Walk”, all the way back up to Princes Street… Read more...

  • By Frankier 10 Jun 2017 16:11
  • Gay

Some years ago while still married to my first wife I was watching a lot of porno. I used to wank while watching and I found myself getting really horny while watching gay videos. This was before the AIDS epidemic. I went to a gay massage parlor and was told to strip and lay down on the table. The masseuse who came in was wearing only tight shorts. He was very flirty and kept making suggestive comments. When he was close to one of my hands I r… Read more...

  • By JohnB 8 Jun 2017 20:48
  • Gay

On a night out after work we turned up at the local Travelodge fully cut having downed a few beers over the night. The hotel was full and I was last in the queue, Phil one of the lads from the team was in front and the lady at the desk advised he'd booked the room for the week after. The hotel was full and there was nothing she could do. Being pissed and out in the sticks I said he could share with me. We walked up to the room.
Once inside, …

  • By Johnnyb 6 Jun 2017 19:54
  • Gay

On a trip south with my boss and some colleagues I decided to split from the group and explore a local gay sauna. I made my excuses and everyone said they'd also take the opportunity to do their own thing and have a break from the nightly beers the group had gotten used to. I went to my room and showered and then made my way to the local gay sauna club. It was naked night and undressed and made my way through to the different rooms. My cock sta… Read more...

  • By Steve 3 Jun 2017 13:07
  • Gay

Ive always known I was bi since I was a boy but never had the opportunity to experiment until I was in my 30s. I'd been working in a small business for two years with just one other guy called ritchard on the night shift . During the summer it was common to work in just shorts . In the middle of one summer nights shift my mate mentioned out of the blue that he was honey as hell , the comment went straight over my head until I got home .
My…

  • By james 27 May 2017 20:29
  • Gay

Last June I wrote in here about an experience I had with two lovely guys on a narrow boat. Well ,It was June 2016 and after nearly a year I had really given up hope of seeing them again....Wrong !
Last weekend I was tidying up my garden beavering away , completely lost in the music I was listening to from my MP3 Player. when a hand touched my shoulder. I was surprised and turned around quick to see that it was Paul and Terry , the two guys who … Read more...

  • By Henry Tuttlebeck 23 May 2017 20:54
  • Gay

The first time I had gay sex was when I was 18 on holiday in Ibiza with my mates after finishing exams.
They just wanted to get drunk every night and chase fanny but I wasn't interested.
The third day there I was walking up the coast alone in the afternoon. It was a very quiet secluded part of the island.
I came across a small sheltered cove with a small beach. There was a guy about 30 sunbathing naked. He had a nice body, well tanned and slim… Read more...

  • By FLYING_GUY 14 May 2017 15:47
  • Gay

How can that be? A second first?

Well it was amazing! After my first gay fuck, when I felt a rock hard penis inside me for the first time, I had one fairly regular fuck-buddy and I used to love getting on all fours for him.

One sunny summer afternoon, I’d arranged to drop round to his place for what I thought would be more of the same. I had a hard on when I was still parking up nearby!

I rang the bell eagerly and had very little … Read more...

  • By pete125 9 May 2017 23:16
  • Gay

Went to my usual pick up place Monday 8th hoping to have sex with a man. A46 Coopers Hill Gloucestershire. Car park on main road.
Got there 6 30 pm. Couple of men around. Went to the different places men meet at there. Eventually a chap turns up and I followed him to one of places. He was already getting his cock out as I approached him. He had a semi on already! Really thick cock. Wanked him for a few strokes then went down on him and sucked. … Read more...

  • By Bi_ guybolton 9 May 2017 08:21
  • Gay

I have always been curious, and my marriage had collapsed last year, but being the faithful guy I never wanted to put my marriage in jeopardy,I had looked at mmf porn on the web but this got me more interested, once my divorce was final it was time for me ! I want to a male only sauna in Manchester but didn't get and real action had the odd play, so having left I went home! A few weeks later a work mate told me about meeting women on Craig's list… Read more...

  • By Reactors 7 May 2017 18:06
  • Gay

This story, in part true, is a continuation of the series; Making Unemployment Pay.

He attempted to push his cock head into my hole but knew I needed to be opened up more. Having licked and sucked at my arsehole, which I writhed in pleasure to. He now began to open it with more determination. He forced his large calloused middle finger into my tight hole.

The rough hard skin of his large finger tearing against my gob lubed and well fingere… Read more...

  • By Reactors 27 Apr 2017 16:19
  • Gay

We sat around chatting for a while and after a few more drinks one of the guys asked if I had a girlfriend, I had and told him the story. I asked them about girlfriends and they all said they'd like one but the work they do and the hours being long stopped them from having a relationship.

At this Sean, who was quite pissed at this point, announced that he had had the best blow job ever the other day. The other guys started to rib him about it … Read more...

  • By Reactors 25 Apr 2017 23:09
  • Gay

It was the mid-1980's, I was 24 and after 5 years of living in the north-east, I knew I had to return to London, if I were ever going to find a job. I contacted my aunt and uncle who lived just outside central London. They offered to put me up for a few weeks.

My girlfriend and me had broken up 6 months earlier and work in Thatcher's north-east of England was increasingly hard to find.

Towards the end of these weeks, my uncle suggested to m… Read more...

  • By pete125 17 Apr 2017 21:05
  • Gay

Not been to the one and only place I go for sex with men for a month. 10th April. Got there before 7pm. Wandered around woods but not much going on. Went back down to car park and got in the front seat of a van. Just chatted with driver about all the sex we liked to do. We got our cocks out and started wanking. We didn't touch each other as there were quite a few people around. I then had to go. Went back about 9pm. His van was still but there no… Read more...

  • By Josh1991 17 Apr 2017 20:13
  • Gay

This happened around 5 years ago. I was on my way home from uni for the weekend when one of my tyres blew. I managed to get the car into the next lay-by and got out to take a look. I hadn't long passed my test and although my Dad had explained briefly how to change a wheel I didn't feel too confident giving it a go in the dark. There was a lorry parked further up in the layby and a guy about 35-40 was standing near it smoking a cigarette. He had … Read more...

  • By kardamena 17 Apr 2017 19:48
  • Gay

"Cum in my mouth. Yeah, shoot your load in my mouth. Let me swallow your cum" I repeated to myself as I jerked my cock rhythmically. The movie on the screen showed a guy sucking cock and swallowing cum. I had edged my 6" cock multiple times and was sitting at my computer table muttering to myself in bliss when I looked up. Jake, a guy from my office, was standing in the doorway of my bedroom with his phone held in front of him.

"You really l…

  • By UP4FUNRU 17 Apr 2017 10:19
  • Gay

This made him suck harder and within seconds I was squirting my load into his mouth, when I had finished he stood up and faced me and then started to kiss me passing the contents of his mouth into mine whilst he was rubbing hard and fast on his own cock he then bucked a little and shot his hot cream all over my belly. With this he said time to get dressed and go which we both did without a word we said our goodbyes his was with a little smile.

  • By UP4FUNRU 17 Apr 2017 07:17
  • Gay

My first time with another guy was in my early 30's with my mother in laws new boyfriend tony. She had been with him for about 6 months much to my then wife's disgust as she was not very keen on him, he was in his early fifties and very sure of himself.
I had always in them days done a bit of sport and was now into squash as part of my keep fit push, tony had never showed any interest in any sport so was a bit shocked when he asked if he could … Read more...

  • By Hogwhammer 9 Apr 2017 23:28
  • Gay

I’m sorry that it has been a while since my last post but life got a little busy
as before this is substantially true
I had been going to my favorite spot in the woods on my own for a few months sometimes after a call from my master but more often not.
I had started wearing a long waxed drovers coat which opened at the back to the waist giving easy access to my arse. I had condoms and lube in the pockets which my regular fucks could get at … Read more...

  • By John Richs 5 Apr 2017 05:23
  • Gay

A little break to Sunny Benidorm

I did a little research online and saw that there was a place called El Sofa in the old town. It described itself as a place to go to watch porn with other likeminded people, gay, bi and hetero. I liked the sound of it and convinced my lady friend that I was away for a walk to explore Benidorm. I found. The place in a side street, a small entrance led into a little sex shop, with a Chinese lady at the counter.… Read more...

  • By sandhurst ricky 4 Apr 2017 15:31
  • Gay

well what can I say I'm typing quick so just read don't complain about my grammar etc its the content that counts I often go to an outdoor walking area known for gay /tv escapades just outside blackwater yately common off a30 had so many encounters there no waiting just down to business I'm a 60 yr old married guy and seem to prefer older daddy types as they don't mess around also to make my intentions clear I wear panties and holdups under jogg… Read more...

  • By Maturelover 18 Mar 2017 12:28
  • Gay

So there I am sunbathing in my parents back garden and I can see the old bloke next door at his bedroom window watching me. He is clearly wanking under his dressing gown so I decided to give him something to wank to. I put my hand down my shorts and rubbed my cock hard, I watched him as I wanked he had given up any pretence now, his dressing gown was open and he was wanking what looked like a very big cock.

So I stood up pulled down my shorts … Read more...

  • By Princeoftarts 16 Mar 2017 14:38
  • Gay

One of those nights that got out of hand, I guess.
An raucous, boozey card game in the hotel bar had carried on in my room. Now, with the vodka running out, the girls had pushed off to bed. A half hearted game of strip poker meant that I had three men left in my room. Pissed, and in varying stages of undress. One of them was an older guy - perhaps 70 I guessed - who had somehow joined in the fun. Now he was driving the game to a conclusion.
"R…

  • By Little John 15 Mar 2017 16:09
  • Gay

Just a quick, I drive a taxi, no never had an luck with a passenger but sat nite I was cranking for a pee, I'd just dropped off a couple in alysfird heading for Chatham. So I stopped along the old Maidstone Road kits catty, . There's a little pathway halfway along the hill so I dived in there had a pee an a bit of a pull on my clock then headed for my car, as I stepped onto the path a tyranny was by my taxi, my clock throb ed, can I help, … Read more...

  • By gayvoyeur 6 Mar 2017 20:50
  • Gay

So as you may have gathered me and the husband have had a number of 3ways and 4ways over time eventually leading up to playing alone on occasions.

It’s only recently that I’ve realised I’m a cuck and not only love to watch my husband getting fucked by other guys, get turned on at the thought of him playing alone and telling me about the fuck afterwards.

We had a number of regular fuck buddies at the time, and I got more and more comfo… Read more...