• By Co Durham lad 22 Mar 2018, 23:27
  • Gay

So i had just been for a swim and a sauna at my local pool, and was feeling hot. I know it isn't long before the light nights come and my early evening fun has to stop, so i think nows the time.
I jump in my car and drive up the road to the layby near Darlington if you local you know where i mean.
As you pull in i pull straight up and wait a minute. Its a trucker layby and dogging but this is usually latter on, but i had a hour to kill. The ca… Read more...

last week in the afternoon i decided to visit the local sauna, under my clothes i had on a red suspender belt and matching panties, with black stockings, on arrival i went in and stripped to my undies and after putting my things away went to the lounge, there was 3 guys in there in the late 50s , i sat next to one and he started to rub my panties, i. went down and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking, the other 2 guys came over and start… Read more...

  • By Peter F 19 Mar 2018, 16:18
  • Gay

Just this morning I slept in late and was quite dozy and still in my dressing gown when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was a guy, aged probably mid 50's, with a parcel for me. It was raining and it he seemed quite cold. He made a joke about how nice it was that he could feel my central heating through the open door. Without really thinking I asked him if he would like to come in for a cup of tea to warm up for a bit and he thanked… Read more...

  • By Richard 14 Mar 2018, 17:43
  • Gay

I was between appointments so I grabbed a coffee from McDonald's and found a far away corner in the retail park. I noticed another car park up but paid no attention.
After 5 min the man from the car came over to my windows carrying a map. He was mid 40 well gromed wearing a suit. I put my windows down and he asked me directions. I was trying to explain how to get there, it was cold and getting dark so I told him to jump in.
I didn't suspect a…

After a fairly long break since having sex with a man I finally got out last night to where I always go. A46 Coopers Hill, Brockworth. Got there 10pm. Only one car in the car park. Got out and looked to see what the driver was doing. He very quickly got out and came round. He knew why I was there and got his cock out. I asked what he liked which was oral. My favourite. His cock was just right. About six inches, not too big in diameter to make it … Read more...

Obviously I knew his name was Richard, but we both agreed as swapped texts for a few days that we enjoyed me calling him Mr Barnes. I had not gone by to see him again later that Sunday, but we been texting back and forth and we had worked out that I would come and visit again some time soon.
That ‘soon’ was last week and it was nearly snowed off. His road was unpassable and getting there was a long slow journey, but I had coordinated an earl… Read more...

Last summer the wife and I went to Fuerteventura for a week.

In the afternoons I found myself walking along the beach whilst the wife was back at the hotel when I came across these rock formations being used by various people.

On getting closer to these rocks I noticed many were being used by nudists. On my first afternoon I didn’t see anything going on other than sunbathing but decided that the next day I would venture out again.

The …

A friend and I were going out for the day and she had promised she would drop by and visit her uncle on the way. Cutting a longer part of the story short, she ended up not coming, but as it was a convenient pit stop en route I said I would still drop in. Richard had not long retired and lived alone which he was adamant was by choice while his family insisted it was because he was such a grumpy sod.
Despite knowing that I liked him as soon as we … Read more...


Being older now and allegedly wiser random meetings and going to cruising site were not really of interest to me nowadays. And you now instantly that this tale is about to continue with a ‘however!’
However, on Wednesday morning, I was on the road early and as I drove along I was getting flash backs to the dream I was having when I woke up. This got me feeling instantly horny and as the daylight began to break I realised I was close to one o… Read more...

  • By Mike 14 Feb 2018, 19:23
  • Gay

I’d been sucking cock for years, and I love the feeling of a hard cock pumping its hot seed down my throat. Of course like a good cum lover I never waste a drop, drinking it all down. But I hadn’t really admitted to myself how much of a cumslut I really was. Until this week…..

I was in Belgium on business, I had a day to myself so I thought I’d go to the local gay sauna and see if I could find some nice cock to play enjoy. The plac… Read more...

  • By incognito 12 Feb 2018, 09:50
  • Gay

This happened two weeks ago

I had been messaging with James for a few days before our planned meet, but it was a tease. Throughout each of the days we’d be quickly messaging each other about all the fun we would be planning to do when we did meet…In the imminent days leading to our meet I couldn’t keep looking to see if I had any emails on my phone in anticipation for his next tease message. We said to each other we wouldn’t wank unti… Read more...

“It’s all a bit weird,” he told me quietly and slowly as we approached kicking out time, “but whenever Jill is out, I jump online and wank off to porn!”
Not that weird I told him back as he went on to explain how Jill, his wife, was away a lot with work which gave him the time alone to wank and ‘get it out of his system’ as he called it.
“So you do it too?” he asked tentatively.
“God yes,” I answered enthusiastically, “…

  • By First time 30 Jan 2018, 11:02
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My first time..

My first time happened completely out of blue and unplanned while I was at College. A group us had been out in Manchester and were on the bus home. Mark who was 5’9 good looking and athletic was snogging Fiona at the back of the bus, while the rest of us were all merry chatting away. Mark was a lady’s man and all the girls had been after him. Slowly our friends were getting of the bus, Fiona had got of as well leaving m… Read more...

  • By Mike 28 Jan 2018, 21:17
  • Gay

Following the recount of my first time with a guy, I promised to tell of some of my other Bi experiences, so here goes.
I travel quite a bit with work, and usually take my stockings, suspenders, and panties with me, and sometimes a few toys. I was working away and in a hotel, and as often happens got the urge for some cock. I had showered and put on my black suspender belt, black stockings, open crotch black panties and my leather studded cock r… Read more...

I have been in a few gay sauna's before and really enjoy the sexual tension they create. Last time I was in France I visited on in Toulouse.

It was very clean had a nice sauna and steam rooms as well as a jacuzzi , but best of all it was full of really fit guys

I decided to explore the place and went down towards a dark area, there was a small flight of steps to a strange little area where you could stand with your cock throuh a peep hole, … Read more...

I was at a loose end and decided to visit the local Newley reopened sauna in Leeds.
At first I was disappointed not many in and the ones that were not showing much interest.
On my second walk round always naked so guys can see what's on offer I have a nice ass an cock for use .
I came across a guy wanking in a room on his own, nice cock cut an fat I soon had it in my hand and mouth nice fat juicy dick. When I rubbed my hand over his arse it… Read more...

  • By Essexwickford42 4 Jan 2018, 13:10
  • Gay

After a long time of not getting any MM action, last year finished with a real bang.

I had a really good session a few weeks earlier (see my other story) and wanted more.

However, I had never had to guys at the same time.

Anyway, I got chatting to one of the guys I speak to on here quite regularly, and he told me he knew a few people who he could often get together (with some arranging) to give me the spitroast I had always wanted.

So…

  • By Co Durham lad 4 Jan 2018, 02:50
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Well as might last account (a trip to Newcastle) was supposed to happen last week i will let you know what did.
Well i got ready but for one reason or another i was late getting set off, i got to Newcastle about 9:30 ish and wasn't going to call in 52 now.
I thought rite under the redchife bridge and have a look about; however there had been something on in the ariana and the crowds where coming out, so that was a no go.
I still fancied cock …

  • By Si , Clive & Stefan 3 Jan 2018, 06:19
  • Gay

I love anal arse play , i have been fucked with a strap on and i love my fav 8” dildo up my hole but ive never had a real cock up my arse , so i went on SH chat rooms asking for a VWE cock to fuck me no strings attached, i got a few time wasters then a guy called Stefan asked for a PR room we chatted he was only 20 mins away , he said if you want to be fully popped i have a black friend “ Clive “ hes got a big cock we could both treat you ,… Read more...

  • By Tom T 2 Jan 2018, 18:36
  • Gay

It was during a weekend away for a mate’s stag weekend and my mate Richard and I shared a room. After a Saturday afternoon session drinking followed by a fair few more we visited the obligatory Lap Dance bar.
I’ve known Richard for about 8 or 9 years since 6th form and we’re good mates. Both have a girlfriend and both have lived with them for about 2 years. The lap dance got us both horny.
Back in the room Richard started asking questio…

I've always known I was bi. Just before I got married for the first I wanted a bit of cock and went into a notorious public toilet in South London - don't bother looking for it, it was demolished years ago!

I entered a cubicle and almost immediately a note was pushed under the gap at the bottom of the wall asking "Age? Cock size? Likes?" I scribbled my answers quickly " 25, 6" and sucking/being sucked" and pushed it back under the wall.

The…

  • By Adam 1 Jan 2018, 22:58
  • Gay

We have a new admin lady at work and she messed up on a recent booking. The three of us were booked into a hotel in Reading so we could attend a conference. Instead of 3 rooms she had booked us in one room and instead of 1 night she had booked and paid for 2 nights. We only found this out when we arrived at the hotel a day earlier than the conference and with a family room booked for us.
I am 47 married and in pretty good shape, Dave is 30ish … Read more...

David text me later that night when we were all in bed. By coincidence I had been thinking about him and had my cock hard and in hand. He was telling me how naughty I had been and that it was the most fun he had had in a while. It turned me on to be wanted like this and it drove me wild over the coming two days when I was locked down with family time. The house got a bit emptier at least and it was easy for me to get time on my own, have a cheeky… Read more...

  • By C 31 Dec 2017, 21:15
  • Gay

Hi. I am writing this story as a follow up to a previous post “My First Bi with my mate” I posted this on Dec 28th, but I have to admit this happened in September.
My mate Steve met at least once a week for our shaving sessions, we started to discuss our wives, and what we both got up to with them in the bedroom. We are all around the 40 mark, and knew each other well, holidaying etc. Steve came around one evening with their personal collect… Read more...

I always enjoy going back to visit with family, but I miss getting any action. I planned ahead this year however and brought both my running gear and bike so that in the very least I could get out for some me-time.
Christmas Eve and about ten miles into my ride along the canal, I slowed right down and soon realised I was being paced by a fellow cyclist.
“Morning,” I called back and soon I was riding next to David who, like me, sought a brea… Read more...

  • By Slurping fun 30 Dec 2017, 19:38
  • Gay

I am a cock sucking sub , i went to my local gay sauna , same old faces same old cocks , big , small , fat or thin i dont give a shit all i want is the salty nectar in the balls.
I met a few regulars i said i want to suck as many cocks and take as much spunk as possible . I went into the play room and got into position , the 1st cock was popped in my mouth , i wanked another then there was 3 , 4 i was in suck sub heaven , the 1st two gave me the… Read more...

  • By Stewart 29 Dec 2017, 07:01
  • Gay

I an working offshore out of Den helder , my flight got me into Amsterdam early so i thought i would do a bit of sight seeing and of course the red light district drew me to it like a moth to light. I fancied going to a sex cinema and going with the flow , there is a gay one but there is also a mixed , i paid my money and once my eyes got accustomed to the light , there was about 10 people in manly men , 2 i could see were openly wanking watch a … Read more...

  • By C 28 Dec 2017, 11:45
  • Gay

I have known my mate Steve for years now, and our wives get on great. A couple of times a week our wives go to bingo together leaving us at home watching tv, and maybe a few beers. It was on one of these occasions that Steve came to ours, and having said goodbye for a few hours to our wives we opened up a beer and started to watch catchup tv, I put on a dating programme, but a naked one. Anyway, it was a lovely looking girl picking a guy to date… Read more...

One of the horniest times I can remember was when I visited the sauna in Shaw a couple of years ago. I had been a few times before and sucked a few cocks but this day was the wildest.
It also happened so quick, I went first into the steam room which was really busy could hardly move or see but I could hear light moaning noises. I managed to sit down but was wedged up next to a guy who immediately started touching his foot with mine and stroking … Read more...

  • By MIKE 22 Dec 2017, 16:20
  • Gay

Following on from my encounter at the gents outfitters....I decided to pay another visit hoping for a repeat performance.
So in slipped on my panties and called in the hope of another encounter
I got to the shop ...and the elderly chap was there....he came over and said "I was wondering if you would come again:
The shop was busy so he gave me his number and ask me to call
That evening I gave him a call and arranged to go over to his place.… Read more...