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  • By Co Durham lad 20 Oct 2017 02:20
  • Gay

I drop my friend off at home every Friday night. The wife is generally in bed catching up on some kip, this gives me some time to do a bit of cruising. I have had some good late nights out generally about 11:30 -12:00 some nights its boring as f**k people sitting in there cars and wont get out, they just sit there ( no fun )
However i find sometimes its real fun, and this night it was.
I dropped on to the A1 and headed south as the Rushyford la… Read more...

  • By Focus_75 19 Oct 2017 21:43
  • Gay

Recently returned from a business trip, sat alone at the bar and got chatting to an American guy also on his own.

After sinking a lot of beer and whiskey we seemed to be hitting it off like old friends. Felt his knee against mine and thought what the hell and left mine against his, took the plunge and gently brushed my hand against his leg to test the water and he just gave me a knowing smile, raised eyebrows and that look.

Abit later on h…

  • By Bobbi 19 Oct 2017 21:24
  • Gay

I am in my 40s , i have always been turned on cruising for cock fun , dogging , sex cinema , my favourite was the cottage toilets , parks , town centre, seaside , service station , HGV parks , ive loved and sucked / fucked in most of them .Early in my 20s it was everywhere but now with CCTV cameras and security , its hard to find fresh cock .Early on i would go to my local toilet and wait , then cock watch at the piss stones , the 1st time i was … Read more...

This is a very recent adventure I had
My names Billy. I live in Uxbridge. I'm married guy 3 kids. Completley straight or thought
I fell out of the pub and offered s couple I know a lift home as they lived en route. I used my Uber app and up popped the name of Savic collecting in 3 mins.
He promptly turned up and we all climbed in. Me in the front
Savic made me miss a breath. He was around 25 years old. Blonde and to be honest beautiful. … Read more...

I know this is familiar to many of you but it does happen. Went to my usual place for sex last night. Car park on A46 Coopers Hill, Brockworth. Got there 6pm! Another car pulled in so I went in the woods and driver followed me. Once in the woods he got his cock out and I sucked him. Soon became obvious he wasn't going to be shooting spunk in my mouth and I had to go off anyway. He said he was new to all this. His marriage broke up some years befo… Read more...

  • By Mike 17 Oct 2017 12:08
  • Gay

Back in 2002 my job had me working in different parts of the country, and I was staying in a hotel near Reading for the first time. I had eaten my evening meal and was sat in the bar of the hotel with a drink, when a guy asked if I minded if he joined me. He was about 60 years old, and I thought he was there on business and wanted to chat so invited him to sit down.

We chatted for quite a while on a variety of topics, which eventually ended u… Read more...

  • By Lovinghunk1990 12 Oct 2017 10:36
  • Gay

So I've always been the giver, over time i started fascinating about big cock.

I finally got a chance to meet an guy at a hotel, I am 6ft muscular and this gentleman was a mature guy.

We got into the hotel room after stepping out the elevator at which he was playing with my cock. When we got into the room my heart was pounding, I was really going to get fucked! We're undressed and on the bed, he starts playing with my cock, sucking it. I … Read more...

So where was I?.....

Pete, while still firmly in me, moved me towards the bed..pushing me face and chest down with my arms now behind my head, he again begun to move in and out at different speeds and intensity. He was no closer to summing but the angle I was at, he was hitting all the right areas and my cock was pushing hard against the bed. As Pete was fucking me, the movement was causing my now exposed helmet to rub across the bed sheets an… Read more...

Well I knew this trip was going to be good but didn't think it would turn like it did.

Myself and wife landed late in Corfu and after being bussed to the hotel settled in. Next morning we attended the welcome meeting, as you do, with another couple, Pete & Linda. Straight away I was attracted to Pete. Toned body and rippling muscles.

After the meeting we all, after introductions, met around the pool. Pete took his top off to reveal a nippl… Read more...

  • By Hunk 20 Sep 2017 03:10
  • Gay

So I've always been the giver, over time i started fascinating about big cock.

I finally got a chance to meet an guy at a hotel, I am 6ft muscular and this gentleman was a mature guy.

We got into the hotel room after stepping out the elevator at which he was playing with my cock. When we got into the room my heart was pounding, I was really going to get fucked! We're undressed and on the bed, he starts playing with my cock, sucking it. I … Read more...

  • By SHG 19 Sep 2017 14:52
  • Gay

This happened around six years ago, I chatted to a guy on here, I was in the chat room in panties and holds up and he commented on my ass and body shape.

He asked me if I dressed fully and I replied that I would like to but getting hold of wigs, clothes and especially shoes was impossible.

He then said why not come over to mine, I have everthing, you could try different wigs, stockings and shoes etc.

I arranged to drive to his one luncht…

  • By HappyHubby 18 Sep 2017 15:10
  • Gay

If you have read the other two parts, you will recall the current situation.
Tom had told me to go upstairs and get into night the rather large whiskeys he had given me, I was very relaxed as I staggered up the stairs.

Part of me was telling me I should go home, however, as wife was away for the night.....excitement took over.
As I entered the bedroom I took final swig of the whiskey, which helped clean my mouth as Toms cum wa… Read more...

  • By SHG 16 Sep 2017 18:03
  • Gay

If you have been to the Greenhouse in Darlestan you will know about the sex swing deep in the basement of the building.

I arrived one thursday afternoon and hooked up with an older guy in the theatre room, after going off to a private room and getting a good fucking, he asked me if I wanted more cock.

I was gagging and of course said yes, he laughed and took me down into the cellar, it was pitched black but I could make out the leather sex … Read more...

  • By SHG 16 Sep 2017 12:44
  • Gay

A couple of years back I was staying at my place in France and getting very fustrated at the lack of opportunity to slip out and get some cock.

One evening I had to drop the inlaws off at the airport, so I made sure that I was showered and clean just in case there was some fun to be had at the motorway stop on the way back.

It was about 10.30 dark and still very warm, I had shorts on and a T shirt and nothing else apart from one of my wifes… Read more...

So here we go. Part 3. We were in his bedroom and he opened a drawer with lots of sexy underwear. Just the thought of dressing up had got my cock throbbing once more and by the way his cock was he was getting very horny too.
'how about these' he said offering me a black lacy thong. I slipped into it.... Mmm a bit tight but bloody horny especially as my cock was so rock hard. He then started to pull on stocking and suspenders and I couldn't resis… Read more...

Well after the first meeting and some really horny wanking and sucking fun we arranged another get together. This time it was a midweek evening and Bob (not his real name as he is on this site and discretion is paramount) had said that he could accommodate at his place. Again we agreed to meet in a pub a few miles from his. We met and had a pint and general chat normal blokey stuff. 'Time to go' he said grinning. 'Sounds good to me' I replied. 'O… Read more...

I am a mature bi guy and I occasionally meet other men of later years for intimate fun. What has amazed me is the number of much younger men who contact me. I have had messages from guys in their twenties and early thirties and occasionally even from nineteen year old bi youngsters. At first I did not understand why I appealed to them and so I asked outright.I had answers like this:- 'Maturity means experience.' 'I'm just after cock and I like y… Read more...

Got chatting to a guy on this site who seemed really genuine. We had chatted a few times about the usual stuff what we both liked and what we fantasised about. After a few chats we arranged to meet in a pub between where we both lived as neither of us could accommodate at present.
I nervously entered the pub and recognised him sat at a table in the corner.... Red jumper on as arranged. I approached him and introduced myself. He smiled and asked … Read more...

Not had sex with a man for about two months now. Went out yesterday evening to my usual place on Coopers Hill, Gloucester. Six thirty arrived. Saw the vehicle belonging to someone I've had sex with a few times over the past four years and went off up the hill to look for him. Spoke to a man who said he was further on. Sure enough he was there. All he was wearing was a long anorak and shirt but nothing below the waste. Normal for him. I've seen hi… Read more...

  • By HappyHubby 5 Sep 2017 14:19
  • Gay

I told you earlier of what happened a few months back......this is what came to pass 3 weeks ago.

My wife had gone away for couple of nights, so knew it was probably now or never.

I rang Tom,,,, nervously heart pounding as I did, I reminded him who I was.... he sounded very pleased that I had called.

I asked him if offer of coffee was still on.....he laughed and said yes of course....but added don't forget the etc.....I laughed nervously… Read more...

  • By HappyHubby 5 Sep 2017 11:06
  • Gay

This happened a few months back & am still in bit of shock about it.
I have for many years been turned on by putting my wifes panties on ....find it very exciting.

Anyway, I decided to put a pair on under my jeans to take dog to the woods for a walk. They always feel so nice against my skin, seem to always have a semi on as they rub against me & being a thong....felt nice pulled up tight.

The local woods are always deserted.... and my mind… Read more...

  • By richard 21 Aug 2017 01:13
  • Gay

I had been to a local sauna in Hove Twice now and it had been a few months but I still thought about my previous visits ,how I was new how i didn't know the ropes and couldn't read the signs .it had been preying on my mind over the months how I was fucked upstairs I think was expecting that but not when door opened another guy entered the room as well as entering me I was innocent then.
my third visit I did feel a little better paying at the co… Read more...

  • By peter 13 Aug 2017 10:16
  • Gay

im a guy who's 50 and like a bit of cock fun,my first time was with my landlord who was gay, i was looking for a room to rent in london, when a advert on a shop window said from to let, i phoned the number and arranged to see it that night, i was 25 at the time and nervous in london having ccome from the west country, i was met by mark, he was 60 and tall, he showed me the room and his house, after a cup of coffeei agreed to move in on the satur… Read more...

  • By roddersxx 9 Aug 2017 13:25
  • Gay

Years ago I was seduced as I worked in a DIY shop, my boss had gone home for lunch leaving me to run the shop. A older guy came in and after some time I found he was seducing me, by chatting me up, rubbing his hand over my groin whereby I got erection. Subsequently we went to the back of the shop out of sight where he took me into his arms and kissed me, undid my belt, lowered my jeans took out my cock and sucked me as well. then made me go down… Read more...

  • By Just another guy 8 Aug 2017 16:02
  • Gay

This is another true story that followed on from my bi adventure.

I arranged to meet an ex work colleague who I had not seen for years, so decided on a few drinks near where he lives. He is openly gay and I have been to events with him and his husband before. Anyway, we were all out at a pub near his house and the afternoon rolled on. He suggested he went back to his to continue the drinking so I happily said yes. Just after getting there… Read more...

  • By L.E. 6 Aug 2017 21:06
  • Gay

I'd finished a half day training course near Brighton and decided to seize the opportunity to visit a gay sauna there. I almost decided not to go, but at the last minute I thought what the hell. Nearly put of by the parking costing as much as the £15 entrance fee too. I entered. My first impressions were it was busy as six guys were by the lockers. However when I toured the two floors there were only a few other guys visible. I ventured into the… Read more...

  • By Just another guy 6 Aug 2017 13:52
  • Gay

I have been reading stories on here for a while now so thought I would write about my own experiences for other to hopefully enjoy.

I was out drinking and on one of the last tubes home to meet a girl I had been seeing when I got talking to two guys. We flirted and laughed, I knew I had a connection with one guy. He said he was getting off and asked if I wanted to share a cab with him, so I did. On the ride back we continued to flirt and whe… Read more...

  • By James 29 Jul 2017 19:37
  • Gay

I had a rare day off work this week and was home alone, all my family were out for the day and I was feeling horny. I logged on to a swingers website I use and was almost immediately messaged by a guy very local to me. We started chatting and it became apparent that we were both married men looking for discreet fun and into the same things. We hit it off really well and most importantly he said he could accommodate this afternoon, he told me he w… Read more...

On the way to the gay sauna I saw a handsome guy in a builder's reflective jacket. He was around 25 or so and tall and slim. He flashed me a quick smile as he crossed the road and then to my surprise he headed to the sauna entrance!

Once I had got undressed and showered there was no sign of the builder. I headed for the glory hole area. The first cubicle I entered had a hard cock encased in in a condom poking through the glory hole! I quickly … Read more...

  • By DaveG 17 Jul 2017 22:01
  • Gay

I have to travel with work and they make me stay I'm over in hotels in motorway services. I was staying at the one at Lymm where the M6 meets the M56. I checked in late and dumped my stuff in the room then headed out for some food. It was late and so it was McDonald's or WHSmith. I gathered some stuff and was about to pay when the man in front of me dropped his shopping and on the floor was a dirty mag. I just smiled and said nothing. I paid for… Read more...