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Educating Sandy - Fringe Benefits Fact

Word gets around…

‘Can we do it again?’
‘Of course, but I may need some help. Have you sucked cock before?’
The look on her face gave me my answer.
‘That is a no then. Would you like to?’ I kiss her. As I finish, she looks me in the eye.
‘I am not sure. I have never wanted to before but you have taken me to places I have never been and I feel I should oblige you.’
‘Obligation has nothing to do with it but it is all about participation. I kno… Read more

Youngsters obsession with oldies Fact

Not allowed to fuck her but I get a great hand job…

I have read a few stories about your women having obsessions about older guys and I think I need to tell you my story.
I’m 66 and a widower and my neighbour is obsessed with me. She is 24, married and tells me she loves her husband insanely which is fine, but she visits me at least 3 times a week, not for sex but for me to play with her tits whilst she gives me a hand job.
It started when she caught me in my dressing gown which was open, it… Read more

They used my wife Fact

strangers get more out of my wife than I do.…

I have been married to Lucy for 5 years and we have a great life. We are very much in love and have a great sex life. However, there is one thing I have tried to get Lucy into and that’s what I would call ‘soft swinging’. I didn’t want to watch her being fucked by another guy because that would be too much even though I get guys almost begging to be allowed to try. You see, Lucy is 31 & gorgeous, she has long ginger hair, faint freck… Read more

Wife’s adventure with older rich man Fact

Wife’s adventure…

Hi there. Me and my wife have just got back together after three years apart she is 43 mixed race and very sexy indeed. Since we have been separated she got friends with a much older man of 61 now he is very rich so you can see the attraction ha anyway it’s very complicated she can’t just break it off so she still goes to see him once a fortnight so I stay home with the kids she said when she got to his very large house last night he was j… Read more

Tony and Mark fuck my wife: remember Harry then Harry the Steve from a while back? Fact

Two more men have now fucked my wife.…

Some of you may remember my story of a few months ago: Harry then Harry then Steve fucked my wife.
That story happened when we in our late twenties and thirties.
At 61 my wife is still giving me a treat of coming home filled with another man’s come. I have written it so it makes a better story.
This is what she told me happened:
Mrs S went to a charity event as part of her job, her firm sponsors the charity involved and she went as the per… Read more

Lily, my submissive whore wife seduces neighbour's randy son, or rather he seduces her. Fact

All night sex after the weekly dancing class…

My wife seduces neighbour's randy son, or rather he seduces her easily, but after many years of first knowing her.

True account by wimp hubby Walter

Lily, my wife, took a fancy to the now grown up son of one of our neighbours, who now lives on his own, and as he was always holding her very seductively at weekly dances to which we used to go, and him 'suggesting' they get to 'know' each other intimately even, until one night to his surprise … Read more