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Tog Hill


Well we've found where Tog Hill is today - nice location.
(Nice sunny afternoon in Bristol, if a bit overcast.)

When do people actually go up there?
Is there a best time of day or best day?

What kind of action goes on there - lots of participation, exibitions, or just lots of voyeurs?

If we have regular visitors from this forum going there, we might run into you!


Were the travellers still there? Last night (Saturday) there was a varied assortment of old caravans and vehicles which meant nobody was staying after pulling into the car park.

As the policy on times and dates etc is a bit strict here - and with good reason - can anybody who knows if there are any specifc days and specific times - eg Wed after 11pm - to visit Tog Hill send us a pm.

Obviously getting there for the regulars while avoidig the idiots is a good idea.

Of course two couples meeting up there and swapping round while keeping the watchers at bay might be a good idea as well.


unfortunately tog hill is usely full of gays every time ive been up there but if your planing a visit mabey theres hope yet for us hetrosexual doggers drop me a line when u plan to go again

The travelers have taken over the car-park. Although there is plenty of room available I wouldnt want to stay there for any length of time after dark
Hello all, Im a newbie !

Yeh, I popped up there last week and it was full of caravans and people smoking drugs! But Before that, every time I have been there, it has been all homosexual men. Which would be great if I was looking for that. But I'm affraid I am not.

Does anyone else think all us Bristol doggers should arrange a new place? I think I might know of one or two places that would bew ideal. Keep it, I duno, a little regular?


The picninc area of the tormarton junction gets visits from cpls... also the gravel pit and pylons which r nr by........... u have to be patient if any ladies or cpls wanna be watch just email or pm me xxxxxxx

Tog Hill

Hi, I know im resurecting (spelling?) an old thread, but I went up to Tog Hill today, 12 july, and all the travellers have gone from the car park.
Anybody thinking bout going up there, please PM me and maybe we could meet up


Looks like the doggers have reclaimed the site!


Quote by chick0074

Looks like the doggers have reclaimed the site!


... and we haven't had one warm night since!


Hi Rachel,

I'm a newbie as far as dogging is concerned (altho not swinging), but I live quite close to Togg Hill. I've been meaning to give it a go one of these days and see what it's all about. Anytime you're planning to go up there maybe you could give me a shout and show me the ropes, so to speak! lol. Hopefully the evenings will get warmer soon!


Anything happen up there on thrusdays....?? I am free tonight would be good to get some action....

Best thing to do Pete, is go and have a look. Lots of people go to these sites who have never heard of Swinging Heaven (where have they been?!) so go on the offchance and you might strike lucky !


There are people up there shagging/dogging, and I even met a guy local (Pucklechurch) who has been up there to watch, but they don't seem to come in here to talk about it, which is fair enough.

Best thing is go hang out there, wait to see who turns up.
Bring a flask of tea!

I can understand the dogging spots Blue and GingerJo use benefit from the "publicity" as it were, but for my part the day I go up there won't be announced in a publcly accessable forum!

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