Dogging in discreet locations north west

Right lets start with, most of the dogging locations mentioned in open on this site are now wrecked. The boy racer gang undercover reporters police and any nutcase in the mood for action will be there, In my eyes. Myself i like dogging action but discreetly so any couples who feel the same keep it in pm to me please. If anybody would like to share there views on this subject feel free after all it is a forum, so everyone can have there say. Thanks for now happyxx

Totally agree with you. We have tried dogging once.. but would like to again at some stage when we know there will be other couples there as well. But we are just so scared of turning up somewhere thats full of pricks.. or getting started only to be interupted by a gang of boy racers!! Think we should make up some whole new dogging spots and just share the info between all the genuine people! ecstatic

Hi Y'all thumbup
Whereabouts in the NW are you nwuk?
Cos we're looking for some good spots as there's only two places mentioned on ths site for our area, and one is "too close to home" and the other one we haven't had the time to travel to yet!
And we agree with you xxdevil69 - PM's would be a good place to keep it. We really want to try it, but are a bit nervous (first time and all) and want somewhere that won't be overrun by single male mobs, boy racers or every one else and their grandmothers! whatops:

Might start visiting secluded car parks on various nights that aren't already known for dogging.. if there's any which stay quiet (i.e no boy racers etc) I'll start noting them down.
BTW.. I don't have much of a life icon_lol

I know a few locations that would make good dogging spots, or rather places for organised meets - real doggers haven't found them yet icon_wink ...... but I'm not telling! icon_cool

I'll torture the info out of you blue!!!! icon_twisted

I can take loads of punishment..... so that won't work icon_coolicon_coolicon_coolicon_cool

well if that fails I'll just wait till you're pissed!!! Although if you don't telll us, we'll never be able to meet you there, meaning we'll all miss out on fun!! icon_cryicon_cryicon_lol

Just say please - that often works!! icon_lol

again.. forgetting my manners!! Thankgod I have my conscience, Mal, following me around to remind me!!!! icon_lol

Oh, OK...... seeing as you said please...... I might be persuaded to tell you my secrets.......

Yay.. cheers Blue you sexy minx!!!!! Although will have to wait till I get back of my hols (go first thing in the morning, supposed to be packing now sad )

Have a good time, I'll tell you all about my secret places when you get back icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

ok, the next time we are back up the road in lancashire we want invited to play with blue and devil - preferably somewhere quiet what)

only an hour or so from where we are so please keep us imformed too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ecstatic

The best "secret" location I know of is near where I live. Satin and I use it for pic taking quite a lot, cos it is so quiet. There are a lot of dog walkers around in the day, but after dark it is so quite you can hear a pin drop. I've arranged a couple of meets there with guys, and some of them had a problem finding it icon_confused ..... but if you lot of pervs icon_wink are serious about wanting to arrange a couples meet I can take you there personally icon_twistedicon_twistedicon_twistedicon_twisted

Now there is an offer that cannot be refused... Look forward to it icon_lol

i know a great place

i know a great place nr m65 motorway its very secluded place great for meet ups i have used it for that with a couple once and nobody came on and we were there for over an hour pumapaul

I think I know where you mean pumapaul, but aren't the police checking that area as well at the mo?

It seem police interest is increasing in north west

So i urge sensible doggers to keep locations totally discreet. Dont mention them on here.
May i also say that the warnings section is a bit of a giveaway to or is it just me being over cautios ?.
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