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Daytime dogging in Doncaster area

Daytime dogging in Doncaster area

Just wondering if any couples in the Doncaster area go dogging in the daytime or whether there are places worth a look in the daytime. Not so much a request for a meet but if we knew where to go, we would probably take a look. We know dogging is mainly an evening thing but wondered if there were other couples who maybe found it difficult to go in the evening.


hi there you have pm xx i will see what info i can find out for you from some couples who play in the your area....

hope this will help you , summer time is the best for daytime meets ........ as you can go on a nature walk ...... and take in the sights and sounds of mother nauture... as she is all around


hi all,will somebody help us out with suitable locations in the doncaster area.we are a couple, s,35 and j 45.not looking for the usual areas as these seem to have gone down hill of late.please pm us.
thanks s n j.


Wheres Jomu ?? Jomu mate why arent you moaning about all these couples telling each other where all the sites are ?? Bloddy internet , soon all the couples will know where the sites are ! TCH


Hi there Silk and Big G, dont take this as been argumentative because that I certainly do not intend. I've spoken to D_M a few times on here and we have had some good advice from them via pm's. Doncpl we have not come across before but we have not mentioned any places by name in the forum, and Doncpl have asked to be pm'd if anyone has any info that may help, which we have not as we seem to have the same problem as them.


It was just a joke guys dont sweat xx


Couples can do whatever they like BG.....they can tell each other of [nearly] unknown sites 'til the female bovine animals come least it'll keep the tourists thinking....and some lonely dogger somewhere will go home happy and content....


Quote by Silk and Big G It was just a joke guys dont sweat xx


Quote by Silk and Big G It was just a joke guys dont sweat xx

Sorry guys my fault, didnt realise it was in jest, just thought I'd better make it clear we were not mentioning place names as there are those that do. Please show mercy


Anyone would think were nasty !!

Are we that bad ?


i am sure us couples in donny could come up with a new area if we all put our heads together,there are plenty of lanes and woods.


Quote by Silk and Big G Anyone would think were nasty !!

Are we that bad ?

No not at all.


ok, lets put our collective heads together and pm each other with places in donny,we thought that there may be existing which we didnt know about.thanks

out tonight

any cples out tonight in donny ??well be in the 3 spots we know dont know any others lol


Wow this thread is old now but I remembered posting it wayyyyyy back. So just to bring it to the fore again. Is Donny dead and if so then daytime fun would probably be a big ask but someone may have stumbled upon somewhere thats out of the way and seldom visited by anyone ?
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