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The well known spot in the M25 J10 area has some very interesting police and Surrey Council Council posters up. It appears that offensive behavior and littering has been reported there, and as a result extra police patrols will be in place.
I was there yesterday lunchtime having a burger and coffee from the cafe. was there about 40 minutes, two police cars came in, 2 very nice lady policemen walked about for 20 minutes and the Surrey County Council Wildlife Rangers were also there.
Take care folks, don't get caught with your trousers down.

M25 A3 jct

I thought man power and money was a short commodity with local councils and plod, so is it really that cost effective to pursue litter bugs so aggressively ?

Brilliant spot.
Had a bj once from a traffic copper there.

Quote by browning
Brilliant spot.
Had a bj once from a traffic copper there.

You sure it wasn't a highways agency lady? She used to go in for lunch in the liveried Shogun and then come back later in her FordFocus, or so I heard :-)

A3 - M25

The police have spoken to me there and assured me they are not interested in the sex that goes on there but they are interested in stopping yobbish behaviour from boy racers there. I have recently witnessed them arresting boy racers. One idiot was so careless he bumped into a police car as he raced around the car park icon_lol
Credit must go to a guy who can often be found of an evening parked up around there usually in the layby on the opposite side of the A3 from the main car park. He has helped negotiate agreement between cops and car park users (whatever their sexual proclivities). Any trouble there & you should talk to him. He helped me deal with the cops when I had a spot of trouble there. He has a hot line to the cops.
It would be silly to expose bare flesh in front of Joe Public but flashing and dogging people who make it clear they are interested is OK if you take care.
Have fun.
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