Live Sex Shows in and Around London

Hi peeps,
I was wondering if anyone can help me with regards to Live sex shows in and or around London? I have a girlfriend coming over for a weeks holiday in June and she would like to see one....I have no idea where to even start looking.
Any help would be great, thanks

Yellow Pages?

there is a live sex show performed at my house every night....twice on Saturdays.....sadly, its only a one man show....

I'm afraid LIVE sex shows are illegal still so you won't find them openly advertised as such......the most you could find would be your average strip show.....also best to stay well clear of soho's clip joints unless you fancy parting with a hell of alot of money!

Illegal or not they happen, though I know of none in London itself. If that really what you after maybe you should advertise as a voyuer? Or head out to amsterdam, cheap flights and not illegal over there...

around Liverpool Street used to be a good place for ' lap dancing' clubs/bars....mostly 'respectable'...some not so

Why not take her to a swingers club?

Swingers' Club would be best option

She wouldn't have to join in ( unless she really wanted to :-) ) and you have a choice of Club Lick ( Walthamstow ) Hamshaws ( nr Gatwick ) and Blue Lagoon ( Dagenham ) to name but three...

There are no public access shows for real sex action in the UK. Its all private. Dogging would be the only alternative for a freebie. Otherwise, trawl the fetish and swinger clubs.

Quote by getcarter
there is a live sex show performed at my house every night....twice on Saturdays.....sadly, its only a one man show....

Is it stand up? ecstatic
If she's coming over then surely you can make your own sex shows icon_confusedicon_confused

so since we have gathered that they are looking for something in london that is illegal in the u.k.........shouldn't this thread be locked??? icon_confusedicon_confused

I forgot to add that, some of the established porn cinemas allow various goings on. BUt you won't see much in the smoke and darkness.
Amsterdam. Go there on a smokers trip.

WOW thanks for all the responses, i did not even know it was illegal whatops:
I had thought of a swingers club as she has been before while in Germany but i have not been before, bit of an eye opener i am sure and the thought has crossed my mind....
Thanks all again,

Yes, their are!

I was invited to go to one in London three weeks ago but I left it to late to confirm and they did not reply.It is organised by a swinging couple and they call it indoor dogging.The wicked thing is, they only expect a contribution from you.Tiffany is really hot!
They also do couples only swinging nights...also fo just a contribution.Its called joyfest...any one heard of it too!
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