Swingers clubs in North Wales?

Does anyone know of and or can recomend a swingers club in North Wales. The nearest I can find on here is in Tranmere on the Wirral. The only thing I could find on google was catzadultfun, but that seemed to more about organised parties, (plus the contact number was an 0909 premium rate one, and that always feels a bit like a scam to me). Surely there must be a 'normal' swingers club in North Wales, or are we just getting into jokes about sheep territory? Apologies to the mod's if this is in the wrong forum.

The last active one i know about was near pensarn but thats gone to the ground so all i can say is none that i,m aware of icon_cry
Ita all about numbers, there just aren't enough active swingers in the n wales area to make such a venture financially viable
There is a N Wales Munch on June 10th ( whatops: blatent plug whatops: )
with plans for more in the future but as of yet its a case of "walk before you run"
Its an on-going venture(non profit) that with local support could be a monthly event we will have to wait and see
mike xx
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