atlantisEVOLUTION William Clowes St, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3AP, UK

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We are glad that you have found us. If you are new to swinging or if you have been in the lifestyle for many years you will find EVOLUTION is a great place to swing and enjoy your swinging lifestyle.

We actively encourage great swinging relationships in a very positive environment. If you are new to swinging you will never feel out of control, our members are simply the best and they really do care about each other and they positively welcome new members.

You might best describe EVOLUTION as an Adult Nightclub, it’s a place where you can meet, dance, have great swinging sex and chill. In fact that has become somewhat of our mantra - meet - dance - sex - chill.

Do keep in mind that our absolute aim is to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your time at EVOLUTION and that you keep coming back to the warmest of welcomes for a long-time into the future.

So. From us to you and on behalf of our many thousands of members all over the UK and the World who we just love and adore, we would like to wish you the very warmest of welcomes.