Last Friday Night Fact

Fun with a stranger…

Last Friday, I was invited to the bar by my friend at around 4 in the afternoon. This usually ends up with her having to be carried home and me having an early night. I arrived at the bar around 5 in the end and settled down gossiping and trying not to drink too much too quickly.
At around 7, a group of three guys came into the bar looking for somewhere to spend the night as they were camping on the beach and it was freezing cold at night. As we… Read more

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The drive back from Scotland...... Meetings

......and the young hitchhiker…

This is a bit long winded, but it explains a lot, and unlike some on here - its true.

I was born in Falmouth, Cornwall and still live there with my wife and kids. My sister, Mary, lives in Aberdeen, Scotland - she met her husband when they were both in the RAF and when they married, they moved to his home town. We try to see each other a couple of times a year, taking turns to visit.
Last July, I brought a new van for my work (self-employed)… Read more

Is this the real life is this just fantasy Cross Dressing

It’s just a fantasy story…

I was on holiday in the West Country last year with my wife Julie and we decided one day to take a walk in the woods close to our hotel. We wandered for a while sticking mostly to the bridlepath though occasionally risking the muddy paths worn by more serious walkers. I was busy taking photos of flora and fauna (hobby of mine). To be honest I hadn’t taken much notice of what Julie was doing, she’d wandered on ahead of me along one of the mudd… Read more

Canaries Cock And Pussy 3 Erotic

Took the Cock Hungry Bitch to the dunes…

Staying with friends at their villa last year they'd introduced me to Shirley.......see Canaries Cock And Pussy 1 and 2 ....... very sophisticated Divorcee who loved gay and bi guys for the company. Over a couple of days I'd fucked her a couple of times and realised she was a real cock slut when she got started ........ she hadn't had cock for two yrs until I fucked her.

One night after a few drinks she started talking about going to the Dunes… Read more

Getting in with the boss Fact

Things are getting better with the new job…

Well the game has been upped at work. 😜.
Tuesday just gone, I knew it was just going to be a Danny and I in the office. With this in mind. I dressed to try and impress 😂.
Any way Tuesday morning I get showered 🧼 and put my new office skirt suit on short blue dress with matching blouse 👚.
Usual no knickers but also I didn’t put my bra that day.
After getting to work and cracking in for a few hours. Danny doing the same with a… Read more

No Longer Bi Curious Fact

Follow on from "The Day I Had Never Forgot"…

I told you how I was seduced by a 28-year-old, guy when I was about 17 (53 years ago). So, 53 years later I’m putting out feelers on a web site. I have a few enquiries but one seems a decent guy (how can you tell? But I’m desperate). It take’s 6 month’s and a couple of near misses before we finally get a date fixed 10.30am his place. I’m on a car park near his place by 10.00. I sit in the car and the next 28 minutes seem as long as the … Read more

2/10/17 the Mike and Sue visit final session. Swinging

AL, gets a Bi proper Bi introduction.…

Apologies for the several months of delay . Search AlKaz to catch up …..Enjoy
The weather was perfect for the time of year and we visited the East Lancs railway lunching in Ramsbottom and then a walk on Holcombe moor. Not too many people about Mike and I both taking chances to grope the women . . We returned to change as we were eating at our favourite Chinese and we had a taxi booked. Kaz parked herself on the loo as I was brushing my teeth … Read more

From 1st MM to Dom Fact

Things getting a bit weird…

I won't waste time going over my past two stories but I've gone from not touching a guy, to fucking ass, to being a MM Dom in about 5 months..Sorry if this is a bit long...
My smallish young friend and I met a couple of times in Jan-Feb this year, basically I went to his place where he gave me amazing blowjobs and let me fuck his ass, I have thought a few times of going further than wanking him off but it just doesn't appeal to me, despite him … Read more

Unexpected blowjob. Gay

Sucked by a Welshman.…

This little story happened last week, I was driving home to Wiltshire after working all week in mid Wales,the job finished much later than I had expected but I still wanted to get home even thought it would probably be the early hours of the morning before I would eventually finish my drive. Anybody who knows the roads in that part of Britain will know that it would not be quick. About an hour into the drive I was desperate for a piss, I saw… Read more

Ozzie Interlude Fact

Trip to Perth…

What I am about to relate, happened in September, 2018, but I only found out about it March this year.

My name is Steve and I'm married to Sandra, I'm 60 Sandra is 52 been married for over 30 years, and as far as I am aware Sandra has never strayed. We have a long time close friends Derek and Lynda, Lynda has family in Perth, Western Australia, and goes over every couple of years for a couple of months, she's always asking Sandra to go with h… Read more

i wanted him Fact


it started in 2000 when sam my gay best bud from school moved near mme
it was a saterday miserable wet day we sat in samms loung chatting about who he fancied after about 1 houre i was
imaginging him doing me hard and making my ass bleed i asked him does he want to remain pals still ?
of course he said id do anything for u rob u know that ok i said embaresed and blurting it out fuck my tight ass now there was
a pause ok he said and we … Read more

Wearing a skimpy school girl dress. Erotic

Fantasy, A loving couple roleplay as schoolgirl and daddy,he then acts like he is a stranger who rapes her, sort of.…

Wearing a skimpy school girl dress.

Sir is on his way. I ordered a new outfit as a treat for myself and of course in hopes Sir will enjoy it too. A sexy school girl lycra halter dress with pink cheque detail on the collar and skirt. I was really looking forward to trying it on and when I did the tight stretch in the material felt great and made me feel younger and sexier. So the school girl dress is a win already because I feel good dancing in… Read more

PART 1 OF 2 - THE MASSAGE First Time

Enjoying massage given by two guys…

THE MASSAGE - ( names are private and random initials used to protect privacy of this true event ) – PART 1 -

JJ keeps nagging at J to organise another massage she so enjoys them, they do help her relax and stimulating her mussels and body also her mind. In fact she confesses she gets very aroused and turned on sexually. J says lets get a professional to give you a sensual massage for a change your always going on about enjoying another per… Read more

Sister act Fact

A husband who can’t say no !…

My name is Dan ,
My wife Gina and I have always enjoyed an adventures sex life but to my knowledge neither of us have ever strayed .
We have discussed swinging in the past but never took it any further .!
And now that the kids have left home we enjoy watching a porn film on a Saturday night and after a couple of bottles of wine we end up having a good fuck session on the couch before continuing in bed !

A few months ago one Saturday after… Read more

virgin hooked Fact

my best mates boy…

im 53, my husband died 3 years ago and had a great sex life, im 5ft tall 44gg and a little over weight but keep myself pretty fit ,love high heels ,stockings and just love my 44 s , but no sex for ages, and recently ive noticed my neighbours boy looking at me when im gardening in the front or hanging my washing at the back,so I have put a looser top on and made sure he got a eyeful and gradually he got round to some small talk about gardening … Read more

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Free taxi Fact

Long ride home…

Eileen had got ready to go out with her friends from work the go out once a month have pre drinks in one of there homes and then head into town. Eileen had a low cut top on with a knee length skirt stocking high heels and white bra and matching knickers. She told me about when she got home about four in the morning she said they al had a great night but hers was even better I said O yes tell me more which she did not got me rock hard. She said he… Read more

the tightest pussy ever Fact

sex with a friends partner…

I met Susan at the local supermarket ,she was struggling with a load of bags .I offered to carry some for her and we walked home together to her flat. She asked me in for a coffee and I accepted. When we got in she made the coffee I could see the outline of her large breasts through her jumper. My cock was getting harder by the minute. She told me that her husband was working away and she was alone with her kids. She became very upset when she to… Read more

Bosses wife Fact

My first milf…

In the 80s when I was 19 I was working for a builder who was 60. He was a self made man and had a big house in Kent and a 45 year old brummy wife. We had an early job planned one day and so he asked me to stay at his place so we could get off first thing in the morning to the job. It was a boiling summer day as he drove the van to his. He was a great bloke and a proper laugh but not at all pc. “Watch my mrs son, she’s partial to a bit of blac… Read more

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Bosses wife Fact

My first milf…

In the 80s when I was 19 I was working for a builder who was 60. He was a self made man and had a big house in Kent and a 45 year old brummy wife. We had an early job planned one day and so he asked me to stay at his place so we could get off first thing in the morning to the job. It was a boiling summer day as he drove the van to his. He was a great bloke and a proper laugh but not at all pc. “Watch my mrs son, she’s partial to a bit of blac… Read more

How my wife surprised me. Fact


Chris was my second wife and was really hot when it came to sex. We had been married a few years and I got a job abroad, six weeks on three weeks off. I had an idea she was being unfaithful when I was away as she loved cock so much. She always talked dirty whilst having sex and I asked her if she was cock and she she was. I then asked if she wanted more cocks and again said yes. I asked her how many had fucked her and she said lots. One night I a… Read more

The Unlikely Stud Fact

A long while ago…

This is how I ended up regularly servicing several women over a number of years. This is a true story although as it was getting on for 30 years ago some of the details may be as a result of my imagination but the core facts are true
I am one of the lucky generations who were able to move into my own place in my early 20’s I purchased a one-bedroom flat and although the mortgage was steep I still had enough money at the end of the month for a… Read more

He fucked her good Fact

Sloppy seconds was good.…

Our story is 100% true and goes back to before we were married. I had always liked the idea of sharing Sharon who is very pretty, blonde hair, 5’-1 tall, lovely tits and a great body.

We had talked about her being fucked by another man, as i was her only partner but she was not very keen on the idea as finding the right person would be hard and she didn’t want to be a little slut!

We did however go to a mixed sauna in local town and s… Read more

My wife pretending to be asleep again Swinging

She did it years ago, and loved it but never had the chance since…

My wife had always talked about the time's she stayed at her friend's house after clubbing.

She'd crash on her friend's bedroom floor with a quilt wrapped around her, one morning she went to the loo, she heard her friend's brother in the shower next door.

She liked him, and thought about him coming out of the bathroom naked.
She went back to the bedroom and left the door open so she could see the brother come out the bathroom.

As sh… Read more

Julie’s Birthday treat Part 1 Fact

Helping my friends husband…

I have had a really great weekend and I planned it all myself. Well nearly I will explain. Jeff and Julie are our friends. Julie is a bit stuck up and can be very patronising at times. She has over the last 6 months become a very sex driven woman but likes to be in charge. I have had some great adventures with them and a couple of weekends back I had a lovely gang bang at the flat which Jeff and Julie helped to organise. So when Jeff texted me wa… Read more

ex girlfreinds daughter part 3 Fact

sexy asian slut…

I have written about Becca before, on two occasions, she is the very sexy 26-year-old daughter of an ex-girlfriend of mine. She has an amazingly sexy tone body, long legs and great firm tits, and a smooth very sweet tasting cunt. She is married and gets away from Bournemouth as often as possible to meet with me and stay over, luckily her job requires her to stay in London once every couple of weeks, sometimes more.

She came up to London last W… Read more


Once she knew…

True but some years ago
Sammy my wife was cheating on me, i had been working away and when i returned at the weekends she would go out on her own,and thats how i caught her
after this over the next few weeks i encouraged it more and more as i found it one hell of a turn on, she was on the pill so her fucking bareback was great i just loved the sex with her after
She became more and more confident she could do as she wanted to once she knew she… Read more

Helping a couple - part 5 Meetings

Follow up from the first four parts…

This is the fifth episode in the series that I am writing on behalf of Peter.

Ann has just mounted David and they have both cum together. I’m not sure what to feel at the moment. I’m so excited that I feel I’m going to cum again without even touching myself ..... but I’m trying not to.

I was so happy to see Ann have such a huge orgasm, but jealous that it was David that she mounted rather than me. I’ve never managed to get her s… Read more

Noobs to swinging Threesome

Seeking advice…

Around 6 weeks ago I had suspicions my missus was up to something, I did the shameful act of snooping through her phone one night when she went out of the room and took pictures of messages between her and her work colleague where they expressed their desires to fuck each other and had shared pics. The day after I confronted her about it, she shouted I walked out then a few hours later she called me back and (maybe?) Like a dumb ass I came back. … Read more

Helping Out pt 2 Fact

Cock curiosity sanisfied…

Whilst on holiday recently, I had allowed my wife to fuck a guy in our room while I sat on the balcony and afterwards she told me about it. It was the first time she had had any cock other than mine and she had only fucked it and had taken his spunk inside.

We had agreed that she should have him again but this time they should take time and she should get to experience his cock in other ways. The cock concerned belonged to Brian, a widdower … Read more


Accidental encounter…

My wife is away for a few days and I decided to work from home today. Whenever she's away (and even when she's at home sometimes), I will often wander around the house naked. We're not really overlooked unless you go to the back of our extension and even then it's only one house that can see in. Especially when the weather's warm I find it very pleasant and slightly erotic, so will happily spend many hours in this state, only getting dressed when… Read more

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