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A New Adventure

Encouraging wife to indulge in no strings sex

We all have our fantasies, especially when you have been together for a while, it does keep things alive sexually. In my case I am very lucky, my wife June is often very obliging, and between us we have got up to tricks that would mortify our friends. Jun...

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She was a bigger slut than expected Part 1

Continuation of Finding me a new slut.

I was feeling euphoric after my first DVP fuck, but the posture was tough on the knees, so I was getting uncomfortable. A glance at my watch confirmed I needed to leave soon, the wife was expecting me home for a dinner party, so, still totally hard, I sto...

It started at the Gym

Nothing to do with physical exercise,. Oh I don’t know though.

It started at the gym. I got a call from Chloe about a girls night out with Rosie next week end. “I’ve got nothing to wear.” I exclaimed, standard female answer. An excuse to buy a new outfit. “Already thought of that, Rosie has invited us over for a peru...

Creampied by decorating neighbour

Decorators "caulks" my wife's insides

Follow on from neighbour creampie story My wife Kerry and I were doing some decorating and we employed our other to help out. After our last encounter with our other next door neighbour kerry was game for anything. Anyway we decided to decorate 2 bedrooms...

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My first Gay Interaction

How i was sucked and fucked

Hello, I’m going to tell you a story about the night I sucked another man’s cock. It happened quite a few years ago when we were on holiday with a few couples and after our wives had gone to bed I’ve been talking into the night with a guy I accused of bei...

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Late night overtime with HR manager

We dozed then she woke me with her mouth

If you have been following my stories about my encounters with my HR manager you will have read that in my last one I had overtime with her and after a full session we rested and recovered. I was then awakened with a warm tongue running up and down my sof...

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Cheating Maddie

Maddie asked me to stop by her place on Friday. “Sugar?” Maddie asked as she put the tray down. “One thank you.” Maddie placed the tea in front of me. “How did you and Anna start to swing?” “We met on a beach and my wife invited Anna to our room.” “So you...

Girls night out

Joe was poised to renew his acquaintance with her panties

It had been planned for a couple of weeks but something told me the girls night out was a bit of smoke and mirrors. As it turned out, her two female companions had agreed to exit the pub, should Joe show up. My wife slipped into her knee length black skir...

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Jack Tar


Did not really know what a cuckold was until he was one

CUCKOLD. Like most young men, I would have never even considered the possibility that such a word existed, let alone the fact that I could grow up and become one. Not too long ago, the mere idea of it would have angered me greatly. I had a typical youth,...

My wife with the ship's crew

She fucked the second engineer and was lined up for the chef too

Some years ago, my wife was supervising a group of trainees on board a former minesweeper, now a training ship. I was also aboard as training officer. She was the only female staff member on board for this trip. Part of this duty required her to sleep in...

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Fantasy Wank

This story was instigated from chatting to guys in one of the chatrooms

Fantasy wank. I normally log in most days and take a peep in the chatrooms that are about. Mainly out of interest to see what people are chatting about. Lately quite a few of the rooms have been stagnant for actual room banter. I assume all in there are e...

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Sitting in the cafe where I had arranged to meet Ella, a nervous apprehension swept over me. Discretion was key for us both, so the photos we shared were, well, tantalising with faces hidden and so it was a blind date. She knew what I would be wearing and...

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Letting the genie out of the bottle.

Discovering the joy of sharing.

One of my many fantasies, in theory the easiest to fulfil, was to suck my own spunk from my wife's cunt after having filled it. Somehow, after my climax, it did not seem like such a good idea. Is it something to do with the curse of all men, the desire fo...