the fuck that got my mind racing…

Hi im mark im a 33 year old guy and im married to sarah who is 38 my partner of 8 years. We have been married for the last two years. We have a great sex life and even though we are both open minded we are not swingers or ever played with other people etc. Sarah is about 5,5 tall shoulder length blonde hair a size 12/14 quite busty 36ee broad hips decent bum carries a few extra pounds but carries them well.
It was a few months ago on a tuesd… Read more

watching sexy wife Fact

great night…

last week hubby invited our friend Dave over to watch a rugby game on TV. he than asked me if I fancied any fun with the two of them, because when we have sex we occasionally talk about me fucking another man in front of him, this turns us both on and Hubby’s fantasy Is to watch another mans cum dribble out of my pussy. I replied maybe and hubby said if i did want some fun to dress sexy. I decided that I would have some fun, and informed hubby … Read more

Dogging the first time adventure Fact

My first time dogging now hooked…

Well after the test initiated by Julie I was in no doubt that I wanted to experience dogging. My BF was ok with it but my mind was thinking about it all the time and my work colleagues noticed I was very preoccupied with something but it’s not something I could discuss lol. The week dragged by so slowly and to heighten my experience I was told not to have sex before Saturday night. I kept thinking of how many would there be, what ages, sizes wh… Read more

A Swinging Life - Episode 1 (part 3 of 3) Erotic

Ruth and David (and Lesley)…

I woke up disappointed to find that I was alone in the bed. Ruth must have decided to spend the night with David. Waking up to her the day before had been a pleasant change to my normal student routine. Beds in the halls of residence weren’t designed with that luxury in mind, in fact they were probably designed to discourage it. I heard some noise downstairs and decided to see who was up and about. Ruth was in the kitchen cooking

“You sho… Read more

Age? Fact

still lead in the old pencil…


At the age of seventy eight I’ve kept myself fit and look younger than my years. I recently moved into a sheltered housing complex which has been downgraded to tenants housing for those over the age of fifty five.

Of the forty flats only six are occupied by single males while the rest are occupied by single females. Most are widowed or separated. It didn’t take long for word to get around that I was a dab hand at DIY. Calls fro… Read more

wife wanking stranger in the cinema Fact

Even better than I'd hoped for…

It had long been a fantasy of mine to take my wife to a cinema and expose her whilst there.
She agreed it could be quite horny as she doesn't mind some flashing.
So we decided on what clothes to wear and it was a white blouse, her just above knee skirt which has a zip from top to bottom. Underneath was her red underwear, bra, french knickers, 8 strap suspender belt and black stockings. Her coat covered in all up.
When we got there we made sure… Read more

Sara Fact

Wife takes a lover…

We had been married 4 years when my wife and I attend a Tourism and Holiday show. I had started my own business in the Finance Market. Things were going well but I as working long hours and my wife Sara insisted we needed a break. Our second child was 6 months old so life was busy.

At the show we met a fellow who ran a small sailing boat hire company. He was trying to get his small business going and was at the show to promote it. It seem… Read more

Sexy meet up Swinging

Sexy Ass Ladies…

After a long time we met up with our friends and although we were nervous we drove to the meet excited. My Mrs had a sexy outfit on lovely loose dress with black stockings and suspenders with a matching thong. I rang up and I spoke to Steve who said they were in the bar waiting for us. He told me that his Mrs Helen had a really sexy outfit on and was excited.

In we go and I spot them sat in the corner smiling and they waved at us, We sit… Read more

My Indian lodger Fact

Caught with knickers…

4 days ago I knocked on the door of the flat which is attached to my house and it became the best afternoon of my life.

It’s a little 1 bed place that we always find easy to rent as it’s close to the Uni. I have nearly a dozen properties around town, but this is the only one I manage (the agency does the rest). It’s mainly for convenience, but also because I don’t want crazy tenants living next door to me!

At the moment we have a … Read more

Down by the Tyne Gay

We I like playing in a bush…

Well it was Sunday night and I had to do some running around, this meant heading up to Newcastle. I got into Newcastle at around 6:30ish a good hour and a half early, so decided I would have a look under the redheugh bridge see if anyone was kicking around for a bit of fun. No one about I thought am not giving up this quick am going to have a look along the end carpark.
So off I went down by the Tyne dark night and into this dark carpark. There… Read more

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One night stand Fact

A fling with a colleague…

I’ve been working for my present employer for just over a year. I don’t particularly like working there. I distract myself watching the managers P.A. waddle about in her heals and wiggling her beautiful ass. Everyone including the Senior Management fancies Miranda (name changed). Miranda met me in reception on my first day and conducted my induction - I fancied her straight away, she is hot. She’s about 5 6’, blond (fake), beautiful … Read more

A Swinging Life - Episode 1 (part 2 of 3) Erotic

Ruth and David…

I woke up the next morning and momentarily couldn’t figure out where I was. Then it came to me, I was at Ruth and David’s house. I thought about last night’s events and turned to see Ruth still fast asleep. I tiptoed to the en-suite to have a pee, trying not to disturb her but by the time I got back into bed she was stirring. “Morning” she said as she cuddled up to me, putting her head on my chest. I could feel her ample tits pressing u… Read more

My Horny Landlady 2 Fact

A fantasy fulfilled…

Thanks for all the positive comments about the experience I had with my landlady - losing my virginity and having full penetrative sex with Sally. It was a heady 6 weeks or so of great sex and she even let me cum inside her. In fact she wanted to feel it shooting up inside her and it was very exciting for me, a young 20 year old student, pumping my semen into an experienced 41 year old married lady, willingly taking my sperm into her unprotected … Read more

Our Fantasy Series - 2 Swinging

Another fantasy, this time some fun on the beach.…

So this is the second in our series of fantasies. One of our regular thoughts during sex since we had our first time on a nudist beach last summer.

This involves a pre-arranged meeting on a beach with a couple. Arranged between me and him for our partners.

We have agreed to head to the same beach as the weather is warmer and we want to sample what the UK nudist beaches have to offer.

We arrive and park up the car, feeling excited to fina… Read more

Maspalomas Fact

February 2019 Fun in the dunes…

Quite a long story but all true.
It began in January when I joined a vanilla dating site and started to chat with a woman who very quickly gave me her phone number and things progressed from there. The first night I went down to see her we ended up in bed having great sex and spent the night chatting about our experiences sexually. She confessed that she enjoyed naked sunbathing and had last summer spent many a day on the nudist beach at studlan… Read more

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Never look at wife’s phone !!!! Fact

Video accidentally sent !!!!…

My life changed with one look at my wife’s phone one night. Let me give you a little background, the wife and I are in our 40’s , have 3 kids they are in their teens, so finally we occasionally get to do things without kids!!! One night we got an invite from our young neighbors to a cook out.
We got to the Ken and Jill’s around 2pm and we all started drinking beer, we don’t get together with friends very much because we ar… Read more

last minute holiday final installment Fact

The best holiday experience ever…

This is the final part of our fantastic holiday last year in Cyprus, George the sunbed man made the a holiday to remember.
I had caught them in the throes of having sex in our hotel room, George was giving my wife a good fucking as I went to the room, literally caught him with his pants down him stood there with his cock wet from my wife's pussy, I was desperate to take it in my mouth and suck the juices from it.
I suggest we all went into the… Read more

Rod and Dave and pals Fact

A birthday celebration to remember…

Eureka. An unexpected bit of me time. Hope I can conclude the birthday party Liz was at as the sole lady among ten of the senior generation and me. Having eaten and drunk the games in the officers mess had begun. Snooker darts and cards. Liz, in a deep cut black velvet dress, backless and deep plunging front and naughty thigh split had only a pair of hold ups and shoes on, having tossed her thong onto the dining table some time earlier.

Read more

Car park down by the river Gay

Newcastle what fun…

Well it was Sunday night and I was off to meet with some friends in Newcastle.
It's late winter and it's dark early so I wonder if there will be anybody around under the redchiff bridge this early.
So I drive down the side road pull up and have a quick look around before heading into the waist ground ( if you have been round you know where) all clear off I go.
Off through the gap in the bushs and a walk around. Nothing nobody around, it's been… Read more

Rod and Dave Back Home Fact

Randy old men have a party…

Rod and Dave returned to the country a earlier this month and came straight round to discuss Dave's party. They were still perfect gentlemen until let loose with my lovely wife. Liz had become attached to the dirty pair last year when Rod, our neighbour became besotted with her sensual ways and naughty habits. It was a promise that Dave's birthday was going to be special and Liz was to be the main attraction.

In their absence at a reunion p… Read more

First Threesome Fact

Our first threesome…

Yesterday I finished work early and got home at 4pm so I texted my wife Sarah to tell her I was home and do you fancy a bit of time together before we pick the kids up from their grandparents. 9 times out of 10 it would be a no but the text a got back said yes I will be there in 10 xx.

Just after 4:30 somebody knocked on the door and it was my mate mark who wanted to borrow a tie for an interview he had tomorrow. Two minutes later the door wen… Read more

Ex girlfriends daughter part 2 Fact

Sexy Becca…

I wrote about how Becca and I started a week or so ago. We have met three times, since the first meeting. Tuesday she came to stay until Thursday. At about 6 pm she came to the house, we kissed she had a glass of wine. She said she was going to have a bath and she would come to the pub once she was ready, and told me to get a discrete table. I went across to the Victoria, which was a little busy, I ordered a large vodka and tonic for Becca and… Read more

My Horny Landlady Fact

Sexual awakening with a sex starved wife…

After reading some of the accounts on here I thought it was time to share one of my own. As a young 20 year old back in the mid-1980s, I was studying hard at university. Sex was something I had not even thought about never mind experienced. At that time I had however watched a couple of porno films in private and had masturbated once or twice. I found it pleasurable, especially during orgasm!

I stayed in a house with another guy, both of us in… Read more

ANYA Swinging

We share our lifestyle with a younger woman…

The first time I saw Anya was this past July near Monterey. She and her friend were the last two to climb aboard the "booze cruise" - a wine tour Wife and I have taken a few times. It is a good time of riding around the countryside and taking private tours of wineries in the area and enjoying good wines with a dozen or so other people. Anya and her friend were definitely out of place on the tour. First, they were at least a decade younger than th… Read more

Is it an age thing? Fact

Got into my 50s. Been straight all my life and now I seem to be bisexual.…

I’m now in my 50s - been married for 20 years. About 6 years ago we did some swinging in an attempt to get some magic back into our sex life. The initial swinging wasn’t altogether successful. We did some soft swinging but I didn’t partake- just couldn’t get into it. My wife got into it and I got very turned on watching her perform. I masturbated whilst other guys ploughed into her and we had much better sex at home after she’d bee… Read more

A Swinging Life - Episode 1 (part 1 of 3) Erotic

Ruth and David…

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been swinging for over thirty years now. I started swinging as a single guy and it looks like that’s the way I’ll finish, but I’m happy to say that for most of the time it’s not been the case.

There’s a heirachy in any sort of swinging scene and as you get older your position in it changes. Of course the young beautiful people will always be at the top but I was never in that league. There was not… Read more

Last minute holiday, part 2 Fact

A holiday to remember.…

Well if you read our first story about our holiday in Cyprus you will remember how the wife had taken a fancy to George the sun bed man.
I had given the wife the go ahead to get friendly with George, well actually i had said id like to see him fuck you, and she was excited by this, me too.
A couple of days went by and we had seen George same old routine he collected the 8 euros gave the wife a smile and her a smile back, on one of the days I st… Read more

Holidays Always Do It Fact

wife loves the sun making her horny…

The holiday season always perks me up as we scan ideas for destinations abroad. Our favourites are Italy and islands in the Med. last year we decided on Sardinia and got some tourism booklets and facts about the island. At first glance you see it as a small island traversed in a day. In reality it would take a month to get round it in reasonable detail. We decided on a small place in the north looking towards Corsica. Our villa had its own … Read more

Meeting my new girlfriend Fact

The next chapter in my life…

This is the story of how I met my new lover Sarah. I’m sorry but there’s no sex involved in this story. It’s just the build up to the start of our relationship.

I love it when Ed talks dirty to me when we’re having sex and one of the things that turns me on the most (and often pushes me over the edge) is when he talks about me with another woman. One morning after we were lying there recovering from another intense session he said I… Read more

An Awakening Fiction

How you never know what you are missing till you find it…

Like a lot of men hubby had often fantasised about me being fucked by another man but out turns out he got more than he bargained for. We talked it through and decided on a few ground rules. Hubby would be there, it would only happen if we both agreed and condoms must be used and that’s as far as it went.
A month or so later a colleague from work was leaving and we all went for drinks after work. During the evening we all had a good time and a… Read more

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