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A New Adventure

Encouraging wife to indulge in no strings sex

We all have our fantasies, especially when you have been together for a while, it does keep things alive sexually. In my case I am very lucky, my wife June is often very obliging, and between us we have got up to tricks that would mortify our friends. Jun...

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Drenched in Baby oil

One bottle goes a long long way

This is a true story and one that I wished had ended differently A few years ago while working in the UK for a large company, part of my job was to visit our buildings in the Republic of Ireland. On this occasion I was visiting Galway on the west coast. I...

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Down in the Dunes

She told me she was going to wank me and give me a blow job and she was going to swallow my load for our audience

‘Look to your left but don’t let him see you.’ Sen hissed out of the corner of her mouth. ‘Who?’ I tried to nonchalantly but quietly reply as we walked past the scrub in the middle of the dunes. Of course, it wasn’t at all obvious that we were now loiteri...

Wife finally realises her ' Real' sexual desires

Several months of abstinence from the swinging scene revealed just how frustrated my wife was.

It had been several months since we, as a couple, had met anyone to satisfy my wife's ‘ cravings’ for sex and my humiliation having to watch her have it, we had the odd fumble together but other than that nothing. I thought our adventures together were ov...

Ashtray four

I'm secretly doubtful

After our dogging episode my cock mad partner wasn't interested for a while,yes we had regular sex but she never mentioned her fantasies ,I think the dogging night shocked even my sexy partner, but I knew it would not last ,in fact it took weeks before sh...

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My Sister’s Ex 2 - Becoming His Slut

Submitting to my sister’s bully ex as things escalate to new desires.

It was four days since I deepthroated Rich to a huge orgasm in the living room of my sister’s house. I wasn’t sure if he would keep to his word and keep my true identity intact but I thought that if he was intending to expose me it would have happened by...

Martin calls part two

This is second part

Please read part one first My husband paid for the dress and lingerie at the boutique, we drove home from there , my pussy was very excited at the prospect of dressing in the lingerie that we had bought especially for meeting Martin hopping it would be se...

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Sex with the housekeeper

Maria joins us for a threesome

My wife Sue and I have had our fair share of sexual encounters with other couples and single girls, but for the past few years have pretty much just kept to ourselves. Although still very sexually active together we’ve not found the need to seek thrills o...

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Anya Returned

Irina went out for sugar and I got Anna's honey pot

Anya had joined us early January but she had avoided us or talking with Irina about what happened. The next time I saw her to talk to was when she came to our home. Irina invited her in and seeing she was nervous I went out to buy sugar which we never nee...

Martin calls

Martin the chef call asking to meet

Martin who when we first met him was the head chef in a bar / restaurant that we visit in our local town. My husband and I had gone there for a meal, which we had to send back to the kitchen as both meals were served cold. Our meals were replaced and were...

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Lesson 2

Everyone gets a bj

“Remember to order your dinner.” I told the class as we finished lunch. We returned to the bedroom. “Stand by your beds.” Eve called. Eight naked students stood by their beds. “I said this morning that this course was all about overcoming your inhibitions...



and friendly brides

I first met Abigail on the way to a wedding, it was at the airport. Her skin shone like polished ebony and her white dress was a complete contrast. It did not seem like a travel dress. The only decoration was a gold brooch that weighed her dress in a deep...

Terri's Knocking Shop part 2

Further adventures of Rachel & friends

After about 3-4 months the situation in Terri’s then took a different path. One evening I was there watching TV with Rachel & Terri. Carol had been out with girlfriends, but then came home early and went to her room without popping in to say ‘Hello’. At o...

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Ashtray Three

If you are sure!

Now our sex life was moving, well for my wife definitely,and yes I was in my element,she was having different men and I was safe knowing that for her it was just sex and our relationship was stronger than ever,it was a Friday night.and we were in bed and...

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Gloryhole First Time

Mature Man Sucks 18 yr old

When I was 18 I went abroad for the first time, a holiday with my girlfriend, 2 wks in sunny Spain. 2 wks of Sex, Sun, Sangria. Early 1970's. After 2 wks together we said we'd have a break for a couple of wks ....... I still had a few days off before goin...

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