In praise of the older lady Fact

we were soon fucking like crazy…

This is a true story that happened to me ten years ago when I was 19.
I was out with my posh friend Josh, who I’d been friends with since junior school; Josh had quite a skin full when he told me his mother had told him I was a very fit lad if she was 20 years younger I’d have to watch out. I was very much taken back by this revelation, I had never dreamt that she would fancy me; especially as I she had two married daughters aged 24 and 26, … Read more

Wifey’s First Hotwife Experience Swinging

My amazing wife fucked another man while I watched, at first...…

We met him in a bar close to the hotel. Wifey and I had been having a few drinks and were getting a bit touchy feely. I noticed a man watching us, well, watching my wife. He appeared to be alone. Wifey and I kissed a long passionate kiss, my hands were exploring her body occasionally resting on one of her tits.

“We’re being watched.” I whispered in her ear as I gently squeezed her. She looked at him and he quickly looked away, maybe emb… Read more

Swinging in Finland. (Final Part). Swinging

Swinging for the first time while on holiday in Finland.…

The next morning, while we were having breakfast, Steph asked me for a detailed account of my time in the bedroom with Rita, after I had given her all the juicy details that I could remember, she admitted that she knew that I had been watching from the bedroom door while Jarri was fucking her on the sofa. She took my hand and asked should we be feeling any shame or guilt for our actions, I reminded her that we had recently discussed the pos… Read more

Sucked off by 2 men together Fact

Local cruising spot always my favorite place for cock fun…

I was so fucking stressed out at work i needed to release some pent up energy , with time on my hand i went to my local cruising area , the weather wasn't the best but all i could think of was cock,
I parked up there was a work van there and a few dog walkers.
I got out of my car and walked down the small clearing path behind the car park , there is a old bird watching path ive had fun in , i step inside and a few minutes later a man walked tow… Read more

Hotel Whore Cuckold

My wife lovers…

A couple of years ago my wife found her first of three current lovers. There wasn't a grand plan for her to end up with three other men to sleep with on the side, it just so happens luck and opportunity have been kind. My wife is 36 and has always enjoyed men older than her, since hitting her thirties she's developed a taste for the mature gent, men in their fifties and sixties really turn her on and make her feel like a dirty little slut.
Thi… Read more

My sexual experiences enhanced ( Part 3) Fact

My husband gets his wish…

As I left the bathroom Mike was getting off the bed and going o the bathroom. I lay down on top of the bed on my side facing the bathroom I turned on the bedside lights as mike came out of the bathroom he threw the towel that he was drying his hands with onto the chair and walked around the bed an snuggled up to me in a spooning position.
I could feel his limp prick against my thigh before his hand came over my body and started to squeeze and … Read more

Our first swap was an orgy Fact

An amazing night of sex…

My wife Shellie is 5’3” tall, slim and gorgeous and we had messed around with the idea of swinging for some time. As she put it, we’re both 40 and if we didn’t do it now we may miss our chance, so we arranged to visit a swingers party.
I was surprised at how long the process was. We found the site, sent a message and then photo’s which in itself was weird, sending naked photo’s of the two of us to strangers. In the end we were acc… Read more

Getting hooked on rimming First Time

Two boys getting hot and sticky…

Following on from my previous story about the twins Jack & Jill (posted 15 Sept), back in the late '90s when we were all 16.

Jack and I were now wank and suck buddies, becoming more and more comfortable with our expanding sexual awakening. I also carried on fooling around with Jill, we took each other's virginity soon after the events of the first story. Jill didn't mind that Jack and I did stuff but, we never talked much about it, just the… Read more

Seeing Tracy with anothe woman part 1 Fact

Bi curious…

Tracy and I have an amazing sex life and what happens in the bedroom is never boring. When really horny we alway talk about our fantasy things. Tracy has always wanted to experience sex with another woman and I have always said I would love to see her with one.
Recently we booked a weekend away to a nice B and B with a four poster bed as we like a little light bondage fun. Let me describe Tracy, she is in her late 40,s with naturally blonde hai… Read more

sissy truck driver. Cross Dressing

night work…

Before my retirement I was a long distance lorry driver,, The image expected is of a masculine,strong person,I was physically strong to do the job but very weak emotionally,I have always been a closeted gay,Having two seperate lives as it were,although my fem side would sometimes show,Once my days work was done i would for a layby,picnic area known for gay cruising,One gets to know them over the years,My cab was large and well fitted out. I alway… Read more

Kissing after a blow job Fact

My wife had me kiss her after she had sucked me…

A few years ago my wife and I were staying at her parents place for some family occasion. We’d all been to the beach and were having showers to wash of the sand and salt.

To speed things up a bit my wife and I got in the shower together with no plans on our minds. While we were in the shower I started playing with her boobs and kissing her.

She put her hands between my legs and gave my cock and balls a good massage. When she had my cock… Read more

Breakfast with Mr and Mrs T Cuckold

Meeting a truly sexy, truly fabulous slut wife…

Me and mr t arranged to meet up and talk and I met them in a pub one Friday night. I walked in and she was gorgeous with beautiful eyes in a black top and white Jeans. I could quickly tell they were nice middle class couple together for a long time. He was very cool and polite and we started talking, mostly and mrs T. Mr T is more quiet but mrs t has a outgoing and lively personality with very sexy voice. I wanted her immediately.

Mr and Mr… Read more

First time was with twins First Time

Childhood friends become friends with benefits…

For the purpose of the story, I will call the twins Jack and Jill (not real names of course).

The time dates back to the late nineties when we were all teenagers. Jack & Jill are boy/girl twins the same age as me, 16 years old, both of them had blonde hair, slim athletic figures and cute attractive looks. I had been friends with them for several years, they would visit and stay next door to me at their grandparent's house often.

Jill and… Read more

kotu beach gangbang Fact

group holiday…

earlier this year ,6 of us married women went on a birthday bash to the gambia , our ages from 38 to 45 , this occasion was for Christine's 40 birthday . we spent a week at an hotel on kotu beach ,our first few days we were pestered by the local boys, so we ended spending most of the time either by the pool or on the hotels sun beds on the beach .
on Saturday it was birthday time for chris , so that night we went to the strip for her party… Read more

An office night out Fact

Shelly was the boss of the HR department. She also liked to wear stockings to the office...…

Shelly and I finished our gin and tonics and left the bar. The others had gone already. We had started drinking early so we were all feeling well oiled.

Shelly was the boss of the Human Resources department. She hadn’t worked for the company for long; maybe 6 months. She was a tall slim redhead who enjoyed a drink and smoked more than she should. She had long legs, large breasts, green eyes and a fine nose. She was married, a bit cheeky and… Read more

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It was my birthday - the perfect afternoon Fact

I finished with a big smile on my face and empty balls…

I love my football , it was my birthday , my team were on telly i had my team colours on , i had booze next to my TV recliner chair .
My team were 2:1 up my girlfriend popped around and i said it the football you will have my attention but not now when the match is on .
But she had another agenda , dressed with a skirt on , she sexually flashed me he wet panties , i had one eye on the footy and one eye on her pure white panties.
Then she put h… Read more

Singapore Fact

Bugis Street off Victoria Street.…

This happened to me a some time ago.

I was in the Airforce at the time and used to go fishing with Bill, a married mate of mine. Him and his lovely wife Eve was posted to Singapore. I was to go a few months later so we would catch up. They had some nice fishing pools just out side of the City.
This is before mobile phones, their Flat didn't have a phone. It was a case of getting there and if they were out then tough fucking luck, come back l… Read more

Foursome fun Fact

First foursome with wife…

This is a true story about the first time my wife Helen and I met with another couple.
We had decided to experiment a bit in our sex lives by meeting another couple. We put an advert in a swingers magazine, no Internet forums in those days, and received loads of replies. After sifting through them, we settled on a couple who lived about 25 miles away from us.
A date was arranged to meet at a pub about half way between where we all lived and on … Read more

Around south Durham Dogging

Jane takes it all…

We went for a drive to Royal Oak just to see who's about. There was a camper van with a man stood in front of it so we pulled up and I got out to chat leaving Jane in the car. Jane had on a black mini skirt, hold ups, ankle boots and a white see thru blouse, no bra and a black thong.
I found out that the gentleman I'll call him Gus was looking for ladies for fun and asked if my wife was up for some fun in his camper. I said that she maybe up fo… Read more

Dan Fiction

Kinky little encounter…

Dan stood at the foot of the bed, a serene smile on his lips. Eyes roaming over her, this was his time. The time he indulged himself, let his pleasure come to the fore, take the lead.

Karen was on her knees face down on the bed, hands cuffed behind her back, ankles cuffed and tied to the footboard. Gagged and blindfolded, the only way to communicate nods of her head, they’re agreed code, her bottom flushed red.

It had been a long work tri… Read more

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School fun again Fact

Sheer filth…

Sarah had provided multiple blow job's and seemed more than happy doing it. We then decided we'd do a dare when we could. The basic thing was to see if I could get my cock in her mouth in most places around the school.

The staffroom was quickly ticked off as we went there in the middle of a non teaching period. We went in and at first went to the smaller cupboard room at the back. Some people used it, but not often. We figured if disturbed tha… Read more

I like assertive woman Fact

I made a mistake and was spanked for it…

My boss “ Silvia” is very demanding , she has a vicious tongue, very assertive and very vocal.
To be honest there is something sexy when she is in demand mode , a few months ago we were nearing the end of a big contract and i forgot to contact our facilitating team , luckly the panic was averted but Silvia was not happy and i got a bollocking and then summoned to her office for a even bigger lashing , i got called everything and all i could… Read more

Wife meets work mate Fact

First time wife "met" a work mate…

This is a true story about the first time my wife, Helen, met and fucked a work colleague. She is tall with blonde hair and big boobs and at the time was working in an office with several other girls/women.
A regular caller into the office was a guy called Phil who worked for another company but did some business where Helen worked.
Every time he called in, he made a point of having a word with Helen and it was apparent he really fancied her. … Read more

End Of The Road 3 Swinging

First time bi…

It’s the early eighties, I was in my early twenties, married (too young) to my first wife, baby daughter, struggling on one wage, working all hours. First dry spell where sex is concerned since my mid teens.
I must point out here that I was never faithful to my first wife, nor was she to me.
My social life had always consisted of pubs, discos, nightclubs, etc. Of course lack of funds put paid to that for a while, and put paid to pulling gir… Read more

My first time Gay

The old man…

This happened many years ago but it is something I never forgot . I in was going to the pictures one afternoon to watch a western film when I got there I was early . and had to wait for them to open needing to go to the toilet there was a urinal over the road and it was the type where you had to go downstairs. I was standing there pisssing away when a old man stood along side me it gave my a fright as I never heard him come down he had his cock… Read more

The madras connection Swinging

fact based story from 2015 based in India…

Fact based.... In the summer months of 2015 I and a couple of my friends were visiting the southern states of India just after the monsoon season. We were staying at a hotel in a province of Madras close to the river Meghna, a bustling little town with auto rickshaws rushing to and fro beeping furiously at passers by both human and non human. “Road safety never was big issue in these Asian countries” I chuckled at my friend Dan, a chubby rotu… Read more

My Wife’s Aunt Fact

I beacme my wife's Aunts lover when we split up…

Sarah, my wife was 33 when we split up for 3 months. She just wanted some freedom. Life was moving fast and she felt she wanted some change. She had started work straight out of university with a good job. She soon climbed the company ladder. We married when she was 27 and had 2 kids. She went straight back to work after each child. She was in high demand from her company.

There was nothing I could do or say, she just wanted time on her… Read more

School filth continued Fact

Sheer filth (…

Sarah had given me one of the best blowjob I'd had to that day. We wiped away my cumm, as much as we could see and sat chatting about what a turn on that was. It was then that Sarah said she had to have my big, thick cock in her asap.

We had to get back to finishing off tasks and preparing stuff. But we'd agreed that fucking was on the cards as soon as we could.

For the next four days, I was treated to a blowjob once, and in one day twic… Read more

The tea shop owner Fact

Sweet as the tea she served…

I've been training very hard for a boxing fight in November so I've been buying green tea to subdue the hunger feeling until I am scheduled to eat. Yes it's that's bad.
Across the road from my apartment there's a tea shop that sells all kinds of different flavoured tea and I've been in a few times. Usually served by a guy but today was a cute little woman in tight fighting work pants, a white t-shirt and an apron. She greeted me like the other … Read more

I caught my daughters boyfriend playing with himself while sniffing my dirty knickers Fact

I caught him - i watched him pleasure himself then i left…

Our daughter Jennie has been seeing Sam for over a year , he can be a bit cocky at times but he is a good boyfriend and Jen likes him.
We have a house family pact that they can stay together in Jens room , we had the talk and Jens on the pill.
Weve all been that age of arousal all the time , we know they do things in her room but as long as there are no babies we just put the volume up on the TV.
My marriage is OK but not fireworks and sparkle… Read more

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