My hotwife ( the hotwifes side ) Fact

he loves cock and I love to share…

After my hubby (A) wrote ( My Hotwife ) I thought I would put my side of our amazing relationship in writing. I hope it will help others to understand it from a woman's view and maybe some of the wives and Gf will want to try and have what I have.
As (A) said , I love fat cocks , sex and sharing it all with him. It's all about great exciting sex , ok not every encounter is amazing but 90% are. The making love is between the two of us and that i… Read more

Our skit wives First Time

Fun with my wife’s grind and husband…

My wife and I are both in our early fifties and still enjoy an active sex life!
A few months ago my wife’s friend at work Susan invited us to join her and her husband for a weekend at their holiday cottage in North Wales .

We drove down and were met by
Susan and Dave who I only met once previously .

Susan is
a voluptuous blond about a size 16 with large breast and Dave
is a 6ft muscular Jamaican guy
Both were a similar age to us… Read more

Dan Erotic

Bit of kinky fun…

Dan stood at the foot of the bed, a serene smile on his lips. Eyes roaming over her, this was his time. The time he indulged himself, let his pleasure come to the fore, take the lead.

Karen was on her knees face down on the bed, hands cuffed behind her back, ankles cuffed and tied to the footboard. Gagged and blindfolded, the only way to communicate nods of her head, they’re agreed code, her bottom flushed red.

It had been a long work tri… Read more

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An entry in my drippy husbands diary Fact

The wimp gets a hand job…

My drippy husband keeps an online diary and a few weeks ago, he had left his computer on and I came across this from a couple of years ago'.

Got sex again!!!!

Sandra was out at with her work mates yesterday evening and I watched her getting dressed, which i love doing as she looks so beautiful. She wore hold ups, black knickers, the little black calvin kline ones, which she looks so hot in… Read more

Trick or Treat Erotic

Bit of fun…

A white flash outside the window drew my attention from the computer screen. The Williams son, dressed as a skeleton heading home from trick or treating. I slumped back in my chair, another year Karen had taken the kids out by herself. Yet another Halloween spent buried in PowerPoint.

“Trick or treat.” The voice soft and sexy, Karen.

I turned in the chair, surveying her leaning in the doorway, an impish smile on her lips, “And who are… Read more

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wife demands I fuck her best friend Fact

blow job goes to a fuck then a threesome then all in sex.…

My wife and I have just started on the swinging thing and it is amazing. What’s even more amazing is that it was my wife who pushed me and I would say even cornered me into it.
It started with my wife’s friend Kelly getting a divorce. She is 45, plain in a nice sort of way, in great shape with really nice pear-shaped tits. It starts with me telling the wife that we should find her a new man, the wife tells me that she isn’t; looking f… Read more

large cock First Time

my reception…

i work as a receptionist at a dentist, im nearing my 50 year mark , over the years ive got friendly with all our clients and seen there children grow up etc , at the end of the day one of the dentist said how about a drink after work, she started talking about one of her clients a young boy of 16 who she laughed and said he seemed to be getting a erection and getting uncomfortable each time she saw him , i laughed and said take it as a complimen… Read more

Random meet Gay

Very horny, all true.…

I had just got home from a night out, was feeling extra horny, more so than usual. It's been building up for some time that I needed another man, I hate cheating on my gf, but the need for cock is strong.

I was sat on my sofa, looking at porn when I decided to log into fab guys, I was immediately drawn to a sexy tv called Tish, after a few messages tish was on her way to my place. Tish arrived in her Male clothes, but went straight to the bedr… Read more

Blast from the past 8 Fact


I made my way back to my own room, showered and changed ready to go down to the bar for a drink and something to eat. I could see the girls in the restaurant through the glass partition and they were clearly having a good time. Wine was flowing freely and they all looked decidedly hot. Later on the arrived back in the bar and I sat with my beer, admiring the view, dresses were generally short, some were beautifully low cut, hair and makeup on poi… Read more

All tied up Erotic

I felt like I was in a porn film…

All Tied up.

Our next meeting was once again at Masters house , he told me that all clothes etc that he wanted me to wear were upstairs on the bed , so I went upstairs & got dressed, I was all in black , stockings / suspenders , thong , push up bra & a tight long black v neck T-shirt & high heels .As soon as I walked down the stairs , he put a blindfold on me & held my hand & he lead me outside , horrible feeling walking & not being able … Read more

Older lady Fact

Ann had removed her panties…

Hi all.
This is a story about my holiday in Croatia last week.
My name is Rob and my wife is Mel, I’m 46 and Mel is 44.
We saw a holiday advertised incredibly cheaply, it was a week’s coach trip to Croatia, we usually don’t bother with this type of holiday, you find most are OAP’s,( not that there’s anything wrong with OAP’s), but at the price we couldn’t say no.

There was a lady who was on her own; my wife got quite friendl… Read more

Hospital girlfriend & nurse treat Erotic

I was so turned on i was ready to blow…

Last Summer i did my back in playing football , to cut a long story short i was admitted into hospital for tests and then a operation.

Im ok now but i ended up staying in hospital for 5 weeks , i was told not to move , so i was fed and washed and had my arse wiped which is so embarising , anyway after 4 weeks my girl friend visited me straight from work , shes a secretary and wears stockings i was gagging to release my built up sexual tension,… Read more

Strapon surprise Fact

Beer garden fun…

I first realised the pleasure of my arse being played with when I was in my early 20s with my then wife Anne. I used to love going down on her and licking and probing my tongue around her tight little ass hole as I fingered her, I could feel my tongue easing her puckered hole opening little by little and wanting to press my hard cock there, but she always said no she wouldn't do anal even tough she obviously got aroused with my tongue. I was a b… Read more

Another milestone, Eastern promise. TV

asian delights,…

Life had moved on since Pam and i had totally gone our separate ways,she had her own circle of friends and i was meeting men and staying away more,I had always gone out of my way to keep my relationships casual,never wanting to get to close to a man,some of my best sexual experiences were in dark pub car parks or laybys,The excitement of kisses and hands groping up my skirt before being pushed to my knees was always a big turn for me.This all cha… Read more

Blast from the past 7 Fact

the weekend continues…

Sarah got dressed and headed off for breakfast and off for her retail therapy with the girls. I mooched around the hotel before heading for the pool and spa around 3pm. The facilities were very smart and I had a swim and waited for the girls to arrive. They soon appeared, in a mixture of swimming costumes and bikinis (Sarah in a very sexy little red bikini showing her perfect little breasts). I clocked them all one by one and have to admit that t… Read more

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Fuck Buddy Buys New Lingerie Fact

Touched up by the lady shop owner…

My fuck buddy is 35, great figure with fantastic tits, peachy arse cheeks, long legs and a naughty mind........known her for yrs .... we dated for a while then drifted apart. She's moved back to the area a couple of yrs ago and since then we've had a few adventures........she's always up for a dare too.

A couple of weeks ago we were in London for an overnight and she decided to buy some new sexy lingerie......said she'd found a shop and I went… Read more

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Very naughty night with my husbands mates Erotic

Unplanned night of drinking led to a very unexpected ending…

My husband Mark has his old school friends round one evening. I had met Paul and Tim a couple of times before and as they were good looking and flirty I wore a short skirt and low cut top.

So they could all drink the we’re going to crash at ours and the drink was soon flowing. As usual the talked about their old school days, but this time it was a lot about what they all got up to with the girls.

They obviously were a randy bunch and I fo… Read more

Gran Canaria Dunes Swinging

We found some excitement in the dunes.…

Robbie has encouraged me to relate to you our first holiday to Gran Canaria. It was back in the late 80’s and after having lost my baby weight from having two kids in pretty quick succession I had regained my body confidence a lot.
We went to Playa del Ingles for a week, just us without the kids. We had of course heard about the nude beach and I was looking forward to it after having enjoyed going naked in Lanzarote a couple of years before.
Read more

A gum job off my mates grandad Fact

I loved to suck and swallow…

I am 22 and bi .

A few months ago my mates grandad ( Bill ) asked me to give him a hand emptying his lock up shed , The job was going to take a few days ,i get on well with Bill hes a good laugh , we loaded his van and bill did the drop off at a charity shop , i stayed to sort out the next load .

It was hot so i took off my top , when bill came back he commented on my 6 pack , bill did another 4 trips , to finish he got me a few beers , not… Read more

Hospital Walk - a follow up Fact

Determined to make the most of things, we accidentally went dogging!…

This is a quick follow up to my last post about the "tests" I ran whilst in hospital to ensure everything was still in working order. Once out, I was determined that I would enjoy an active sex life for as long as illness and drugs would allow - I should add that both myself and my wife are around the 60 mark and in good shape. She is blonde with 36FF boobs, a little bit on the cuddly side, but it works for me!

To cut to the chase, we went out… Read more

friends fun Fiction

Tiana 19 inspired by you…

Tiana woke up, the way she had fallen asleep face down hand still between her legs fingers all shrivelled due to her juices. Viginal hair all crispy and matted, her nipples firm and electric shocks buzzed through them when stroked. A desire for the toilet forced her out of bed, as she passed Mark and Desiere's room she was disapointed, the door was open and the bed neatly made. As she reached the bathroom door it opened, Mark came out and left t… Read more

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I’m a very frustrated and now very guilty housewife First Time

Unfaithful for the first time and seeking forgiveness…

So this is me: early 40’s, body kept in good condition, and considered pretty, at least in my youth. Natural auburn long wavy hair, size 10 and for you guys 36dd tits which get a lot of attention.

Also I’m pretty much happily married other than the severe lack of sex or even interest from my husband. I’m lucky if I get it once a month.

Although he is obviously bored of sex with the same woman (me) he likes me to dress sexily and wea… Read more

Wife flashing on the Underground Fact

I enjoyed watching her stockings amd panties exposed…

I recently posted about my wife flashing at a petrol station which I'm glad to say she found exciting.
Recently we had an overnight stay in London. I had helped pack her case and chose some clothing I wanted to see her in.
Whilst showering she said to get some clothes out for her, So I put on the bed the shortish skirt with the zip she wore the last time she flashed, and her red satin bra, panties and 8 strap suspender belt and black seamed sto… Read more

Old man fucks my young wife Fact

My wife is having an affair with a 72 year old man and it’s all my fault…

I’m 32 and my wife is 27. We married just over 3 years ago and have a great sex life. J is slim with perfect almond shaped breasts, long chestnut coloured hair and dark green eyes. Early on in our relationship we started experimenting. We would have sex in the open, in woods near our home half hoping to be caught. On our honeymoon we had sex on a sunbed just outside our cabin on the beech knowing that an older man next door was watching.… Read more

Xmas delight Fact


Further to my story about my sister giving a young lad from work a lift home ended with him becoming her fuck buddy and him having biggest fattest cock she had ever seen Anyway her works Xmas do was cancelled pre xmas so they had it in January in a posh hotel Her hubby didnt want to go so she took me instead. I was looking forward to meeting her young friend and she was right he was dark handsome and really cute. Anyway he had brought his young b… Read more

Ad reply - As it happened Erotic

Copy of exchange of messages in response to an ad posted here…

Hi, What a great ad and an even more terrific bod your wife has got. I am not sure I am the pervy old man that you are looking for but I am definitely a dirty old man. I am wanking over her already.
I would fuck her with you and other guys watching and then wank over her face making sure to spunk over her tits and face. I'd probably want to piss on her as well before fucking her in the ass.
But what should you be doing with her.? Start by … Read more

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Center Parcs- the next meeting Gay

After having a quickie with a guy, I met his partner as well for more fun…

I recently posted an old story I wrote a while ago about how I had a quickie in the changing cubicle with one half of a gay couple, only to find out they were interested in a 3some. For various reasons I didn’t get around to writing the 2nd part for over a year, but now I can share with you so you don’t have quite the same wait.

After getting a hurried encounter in the changing rooms by the pool Mal had revealed that his other half Jimmy w… Read more

Blast from the past 6 Fact

The Girly Weekend…

A few more weeks of phone and WhatsApp sex followed and then she told me about a plan she had come up with. A group of her schoolfriends met up every couple of years and stayed in a nice hotel, did the usual girlie stuff of spa, shopping, cocktails, dinner and dancing. This meant she was due to have one or possibly two nights in a hotel room and should I decide to book into the same hotel, she pointed out she would have ample opportunities to kee… Read more

Seduced or Used for a Blowjob Gay

hotel seduction…

Somehow conversation shifted and drifted and before I knew It were were several beers in and the question was asked about a fantasy that we had never shared with anyone. I said that I did not know, I would have to think about it. This was not inaccurate because although I had worked with him for a few years, we hardly knew each other and so I wanted to keep things friendly. Things went quiet for a bit though and in the end I asked what his was th… Read more

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Seconds are often the best Gay

Will we meet again?…

Although i have a few meets, every now and then I feel the urge to visit a sauna and give myself to more than one guy. The difficulty is though, i have a very sought after smooth athletic body, at 56 now, my cock isn't up to much, so i'm a total bottom. I am also choosy about my men. They obviously have to be top, of a good size, mature, not overweight and clean. Ticking all these boxes can be very tricky, particularly on a Monday on a sauna in… Read more

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