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First time Stories

first time


Cheating Maddie

Maddie asked me to stop by her place on Friday. “Sugar?” Maddie asked as she put the tray down. “One thank you.” Maddie placed the tea in front of me. “How did you and Anna start to swing?” “We met on a beach and my wife invited Anna to our room.” “So you...

My first time part 2

My visit to Terry had turned into something unexpected. By the morning I'd not be in doubt of my sexuality

Part 2 Terry got up and put his dressing gown on to answer the door, my heart now racing at what might be. He turned round, his demeanour changed abruptly, he told me ‘ go clean yourself up , we have a visitor’. This sudden change in Terry was something I...


First time swinging Playa del Ingles Club

Our first time swinging and what great time we had with a fabulous Irish Couple

Our 1st time swap Playa Del Ingles club This is my memories of our first experience of swinging in November 2017. We had been going to Gran Canaria for a number of years and enjoyed our times there, we had even ventured as far as the naturist beach at Mas...

Wife seduces new neighbour

New neighbour takes more than an interest in my wufe

We noticed a new neighbour had moved in a few doors down, a single woman by all accounts, a newly divorcee in her mid 30s quite tall and leggy ,shoulder length dark hair, basically kept herself to herself. We had noticed a few times she would be ' casuall...

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Mrs. Professor

A young boy loses his virginity.

I am a forty-three-year-old divorced brunette. Since this stage of my life ended for me, I started to noticeably take care of my appearance. I regularly went to fitness classes, I would not leave the house without makeup and curled eyelashes. I'm the type...

My first time

My friend takes a chance , one that'll change my life forever

Although this happened a long time ago I'll never forget my first experience so I'll write this as best as I can remember, I hope it invokes memories of your first experiences. This happened unexpectedly when after a night out on the town with my long tim...

Surprise encounter.

I had never really thought of meeting couples, but they welcomed me into the lifestyle with open arms... And legs.

I thought I'd share the fist encounter that opened my eyes to the lifestyle. A few months back, last summer, I had just spent the day out walking in the Peak District, I ended a bit lost and returned later than I had planned and by the time I finally got...