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My very first time

The night that I discovered that I am Bi.

My name is Will and with my partner Mal have enjoyed many interesting adventures. We are both bi and open in our relationship. This is a pretty accurate account of my first timer with another fella. 10 years after leaving the army I met up with one of my...

Girlfriend and a visit to a hotel

Girlfriend and i have an evening together

This is a work of total fiction, it is not true, or is it. I picked up my slut from the normal place we left her car, in a car park halfway between her house and mine. Normally empty and not well lit on the edge of a large grassy area and next to a car re...


Donna had competition

In the film Donna was fucked by three lads half her age.

It was the day before my twenty first birthday when I married Donna. She was and still is the most beautiful woman that I know. Sex with Donna is still as fantastic as the first time we slept together. So now at thirty eight I was devastated when she star...


Naked pussies

As I measured her feet I couod see right up her skirt to her naked pussy

There I was your typical broke student. I was struggling to pay my rent, food, clothing and beer bills. Then I got a lucky break. Besides the two bar sessions that I was doing I was told that a shoe company wanted assistants. I was straight down the high...


Our new house

As she went up the stairs I could see her bush of pubic hair, she had gone au natural.

I had just left my bank manager and he had told me the most that I could have for a mortgage on a second home. I had to dash to see the estate agent at the house that I fancied. I was surprised that it wasn’t the chap that I had organised the viewing with...

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Cheating with an old MP

Her hand dropped to my crutch, my own hand slipped under the hem of her dress to find she was panty-less and very wet.

I have been an amateur photographer for many years, and I was out in the wild countryside setting up to take some photos when I saw movement further down an overgrown field. I wondered if it was a deer or something like a boar and grabbed my handheld and...

Another visit to the naturist spa

I’ve now become a regular and was able to enjoy an audience

I have been visiting the naturist spa on a regular basis and have got to know a few others who go too, including a guy who I have been meeting away from the spa. We arrived late afternoon as it was getting busy I suggested we try to go to a room then befo...

My First Visit to The Naturist Spa

Having tried the nudist beach I was keen to experience a spa

Having been to Fairlight a few times now I had been interested in going to a naturist club or spa and experience what it was like to be closer to others. I love to be looked at and was really turned on at the thought of lots of men, and women looking at m...


The last hole

As I looked at the view Anna stripped off

My wife and I have a nice house in a nice village in Gloucestershire. My wife works in the NHS and does long hours. I am fortunate in that I can work from home. I was sat in my office and peering out the window at new neighbors moving into the cottage beh...


Photos for a dating site

Vicky wanted some personal photos of herself for a dating site

I was forty one , single again and broke. I had been a professional photographer since University. I enjoyed it very much, but it was very much a boom or bust living. There was times when there was more work than I could handle and times where I barely br...


Nude sun bathing

nude sunbathing led to swaping partners.

It was one of the hottest days of the year. I took my girlfriend and headed for a spot I know. It is near the end of a very long lane that is a dead end. There is a very big field where we had sunbathed and made love before. Avril was looking forward to i...


Sun Sea and Sex

Went to Spain for fishing and sailing and spent nights with a couple of Babes.

My wife and I were out with Gerry and his wife. I had been reluctant to go out as my wife and I were going through a rough Patch and it didn't seem to matter what I said, it always ended an argument. I was almost to the end of my tether and ready to walk...