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Exhibition Stories


Filthy Frank

The sofa was covered in creamy cum, Sen’s not mine!

It was Christmas of 2022 when we found out that we were both a pair of complete pervs. You see we’ve always been somewhat conservative in our sex life, adventurous but, well conventional. All that changed after Sen had a dream though. After Christmas day...

A suprisingly enjoyable Eurovision Night

Discovering the pleasure of a big one after enjoying her big toys

After a girls night catch up Alexa returned home and plonked her self on the couch next to me, ready to spill the gossip of all the shenanigans that had been ongoing in and around her friends lives. Some interesting, some mundane and then the last bit whi...

Jack Tar

How I discovered dogging.

video calling her husband while parked up on a trip leads to dogging

I'm Fern, and I'm about to share with you the story of how I first ventured into the hot wife dogging and swinging lifestyle. It all began when I received an incredible career opportunity shortly after tying the knot with my loving husband. The catch? I h...

New life. New beginning. Part 5

Moving out. Starting anew.

As stated in the first 4 parts. The young lady in this story asked if I could help her write her account of what happened. The alarm woke me the next morning totally refreshed. I jumped in the shower and as I started to shave my pussy I was tempted to try...

New life. New beginnings. Part 3

Moving out. Starting anew

As requested here is part 3. As I stated in the first two parts. I was asked by the young lady in the story to write this on her behalf. The next day was yet another beautiful day, and I found myself awake at what I thought was really early. I checked the...

New life. New beginnings. Part 2

Moving out. Starting anew.

Thanks for the feedback. As requested, here is part 2. As I stated in part 1. I was asked by the young lady in this story to write this on her behalf. I dropped the bags on the bed, I then started to look through my new clothes. I held up a light pink ves...

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New life. New beginnings. Part 1

Moving out. Starting anew.

I’ve been asked by the young lady in this story to write and post this, as she has read my previous stories. And she thinks that I might be able to write better than she would. It is written solely from her point of view. One thing that may be a bit unusu...

Weekend away with my Slut (Day Two)

Naughty Weekend and nothing to do but play…

Day Two Slut woke before me, I know this as I was woken by a lovely sucking sensation on my cock. I was not in a hurry to do much other than lay back and enjoy, Slut has a marvellous mouth, she doubts her own skill but no one I have ever had her suck has...


Val's Trigger

It penetrate her tiny anus, Val squealed loudly, and I held still expecting to be told to take it out.

It’s sad but I was single, twenty-four, and still living at home with my parents. Then things took an upturn. The house next door became free when the old man there was taking into care. The house was redecorated from top to bottom and then a couple in th...


Wild time on holiday, what happened next

I was turning into a very hot wife; some might say a slut on this holiday

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my posting about my entry into the world of swinging. It would be true to say that our night with Angelo didn’t go as we had planned it too. After the eventful day at the beach I casually mentioned to Paul...


Susan Gets Used

getting lost leads to trouble !

We had just gotten married and this is the story of our honeymoon trip. We travelled from a small town in England to New York City for a week of fun and games. It was in a room at the Marriott Marquis that first night I introduced Susan to full sex. At fi...


The Hotwife - Chapter 3

Hubby loves to show off his wife to strangers…

Sophie follows Georgio into the cinema room with a glass of champagne in hand. She looks sexy yet classy at the same time. They approach at the bottom of the staircase and Sophie looks upwards tentatively at the audience. Although it’s dark she can make o...


The Hotwife - Chapter 2

Hubby loves to show off his wife to strangers

Georgio holds his wife by the hand as they walk down a back street in the town centre, a short drive from the restaurant. Georgio had refused to say where he was taking Sophie, who had never been this side of town before. She looked around for clues on th...