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Meeting with other swingers can be an experience is that not often forgotten. The build-up, anticipation and excitement of an encounter is what makes swinging meets a special erotic practice. Meetings tend to be planned in advance, but a spontaneous encounter can present many sexual thrills as well.

Finding other swingers is a process that this site makes incredibly easy to do; you can easily use the site's search facilities to find your ideal partner(s) to explore your own inner sexual desires. The site has connected thousands of partners together with some fascinating stories discovered.

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How it began

I was about to learn about sex games and fantasies

I was in my early twenties, hasty marriage over , I was living the life of a Jack the lad in my own flat. A mile from where I grew up and my teenage haunts, and a mile closer to town where I went out to pubs, clubs, gigs etc. There were a few friends with...

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and seduction

Before my next movie I was asked to pick a man up. He was not unpleasant but not attractive. I wore a tight blue dress. George was looking bored, perfect. I sat next to him. "What are you doing here?" "Pardon?" "I'm here to see Mr D." "So am I, what do yo...

Gran Canaria sex

Our experience in PDI

We have not blogged before but thought we’d give this a try to share our experience. Apologies in advance if it’s very long but I’ll try to get more succinct for any future updates. Writing this was fun and gave us a good memory of last week. Night 1 We a...

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Girls night out

The late arrival provides a worthwhile desert

It had been some weeks since her steamy encounter with Joe and I honestly thought she was abandoning her swinging ambition. However, she received a text out of the blue from her long-standing friend Julie, suggesting they go for a meal and a catch up and...

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Months ago I posted on here about a non shagging meet with someone i knew who had recognised me from SH. Married, quite happily, but bored I suspect its a familiar tale for many men and women. We've met a few times since then, always basically the same th...

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Another swing

I had two men and a woman

We had taken a Hotbed, and been invited to dinner by our hosts. I put on stockings and a matching bra. "Should I wear knickers?" I asked holding up the small black lacey matching knickers." "Are you intending to take them off?" Paul asked. "I am, if no on...

I'm currently working away from home in a tiny Oxfordshire village converting their garage into a little bedroom with en suite. I've worked here a few times and know them well enough that I stay over a few nights each week. The nearest town in abingdon an...

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He told them my name was Cunt and my sister was called Bitch.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Tony asked me. "Yes, I am." I answered. Tony knocked on the door. "I'm…" I started. "Her name is Cunt." Tony interrupted me as he shut the door. He unzipped and dropped my dress, it was the only thing I had on. "Nice ti...


Looks like a rematch

After the chance meeting in the pub back room, she’s become hungry for more.

Do you remember the chap who joined us in the back room of the pub - the one partly closed for redecoration? Well, my dear wife, whom I’d always considered strait laced and a little prudish does! Then things moved on a pace when fuelling my car at our loc...

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A couples perspective of the 1st time we had a meeting mfm

My wife always fancied my mate Martin, we've known each other for about 6 years

My wife always fancied my mate Martin, we've known each other for about 6 years. We would often talk about him joining us while we were having sex. When we meet him as a third person Mandy would have mind blowing orgasms. We decided that I should mention...


Suzy’s exploits

I’m not racist

Hi this happened quite a few years ago now but was recently mentioned and bought it all back to me I had recently split up from my hubby due to me seeing a guy .David was a younger blk guy On the night in question I had been out in Portsmouth with his cou...

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