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Meeting with other swingers can be an experience is that not often forgotten. The build-up, anticipation and excitement of an encounter is what makes swinging meets a special erotic practice. Meetings tend to be planned in advance, but a spontaneous encounter can present many sexual thrills as well.

Finding other swingers is a process that this site makes incredibly easy to do; you can easily use the site's search facilities to find your ideal partner(s) to explore your own inner sexual desires. The site has connected thousands of partners together with some fascinating stories discovered.

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Motorway Service

A quick flash got more than we bargained for.

One of Penny's little 'kinks' has always been showing off. She likes to have people look at her and get some attention. She discovered that she could have a lot of fun when we were out in the car by flashing her tits at lorry and van drivers as we drove a...

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She bloomed into a wonderful slut

Meeting one of my daughters ex school friends

Over Xmas my daughter, now 26 told me about some of her former school friends. A bit like a "where are they now." It was nice hearing about what they're up to. However it was Pollys where is she now that really caught my attention. Polly was always a bit...

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The inside of things together

Going back is going forward

Hey, your profile is making me feel safe, up to a meet? She stars like this. Nobody really contacts me, not nobody nobody but it's rare that the contact is not related to an event or to some question people have about tantric massages. I can't say it neve...

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many more

Second time was better

Carrying on from our first time, i nipped into the station newsagents to get a paper and see if my mate was working as it was all id thought about for the last couple of days, thankfully he was working, i just gave him a wink, i then went over to the toil...

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Coastal Walk

Was I dreaming?

It was a Tuesday on a warm late spring day and I was having a day’s hike along part of the recently created English Coastal Path, it was a stretch in Cornwall that included long sandy beaches, tall majestic cliffs and small secluded sandy coves where the...

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and friendly brides

I first met Abigail on the way to a wedding, it was at the airport. Her skin shone like polished ebony and her white dress was a complete contrast. It did not seem like a travel dress. The only decoration was a gold brooch that weighed her dress in a deep...

As Kath and I have got older, nature must take its course and our sexual actives and fun have developed in a different way, I write of one of our recent meetings To set the scene. A few years back whilst in Amsterdam we discovered the amazing place called...

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At work part 2

We get to know each other

I had just returned to my room at the George when my phone rang, “ Mr Elliott, this is Stephanie, I was worried your hotel would be ok and just wanted to follow up, to make sure all is ok”. “The room is most satisfactory thank you, you have managed that v...

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Fantasy or not?

Wife enjoys being pleasured

As you know hubby encourages me to have fun on here. After a night when he couldn't get it up, he organises a date for me. He drives me to potential lovers house. He invites us both in. We go in He invites us to have a drink. Hubby doesn't as he's driving...

At work

The new receptionist is a more mature lady who dresses well

When I walked into the office the new receptionist caught my attention at once, she was sat at her desk on the phone, she had a patterned blue blouse, showing some cleavage and from the side I could see she had a black skirt and black heels with black tig...

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How many cocks has your wife had. Having been married for 43 years I can tell you that my wife loves cock and from day one she’s been with two strangers a month with my blessing. She says she first had a sexual encounter in her teens with two brothers who...

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How getting caught led on to 3 years of mature fun

caught me balls deep in her daughter on the sofa. It's impossible to keep your dignity, bollock naked, cock rapidly softening,

This happened back in the 90`s when I was twenty and home from Uni for the summer. Emma and I had known each other since school and to be honest whilst she was nothing special to look at she was a great fuck and loved anal. I shagged her the first time we...

How it began

I was about to learn about sex games and fantasies

I was in my early twenties, hasty marriage over , I was living the life of a Jack the lad in my own flat. A mile from where I grew up and my teenage haunts, and a mile closer to town where I went out to pubs, clubs, gigs etc. There were a few friends with...

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and seduction

Before my next movie I was asked to pick a man up. He was not unpleasant but not attractive. I wore a tight blue dress. George was looking bored, perfect. I sat next to him. "What are you doing here?" "Pardon?" "I'm here to see Mr D." "So am I, what do yo...