Cucky... A good start Meetings

Helping a swinger husband into the cucky scene…

A cpl months ago I got a message from a couple on here. I had peeked at their profile but not messaged as they were pretty explicit about not looking for solo males.

Anyway we messaged for a bit and it turns out they are experienced swingers and we compared notes about the places we'd been such as ab fabs, hellfire and vanilla alternative.

It was the chap messaging and he explained that he'd been sucked off by a guy while another guy fucked… Read more

Saturday morning fun Meetings

More adventures in a car…

We don't get to meet often but Saturday had been planned and we both made it, which doesn't always happen.
In preparation I had changed before leaving work, a bra, stockings and suspenders plus a tiny thong, all in black.
I arrived on time but he wasn't there.
Ten minutes passed then he arrived.
We didn't have a lot of time so I got out if my car, walked to the passenger side and opened the door.
We have to be very careful, as should anyon… Read more

A well behaved mouth Meetings

Pleasing her…

The phone chimed as the message popped up on screen:

“I want him to lick you. He is to make you cum. But no fucking.”

My belly flutters with a little excitement, my pussy gently throbs at the thought of having my clit sucked, but it also aches for a hard cock.

A second message appears.

“He can play with your nipples and pussy. No kissing. And no cock.”

A third.

“You are to be naked and blindfold when he arrives, and wi… Read more

A perfect sh meet Meetings

Three into one does go!…

This is fairly tame but a true account of a swinging heaven meet on Saturday afternoon

I had replied to an ad from a couple in early December. They were fairly specific and were looking to meet a few guys just a cpl days later. We'd exchanged a few messages and basically their plan was to have a few guys come round, using the lounge as a holding pen whilst one by one they went to the bedroom to fuck the wife.

The chap was really up front, e… Read more

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Lunchtime delight Meetings

Meeting my 20 year younger love for a fun hour...…

It was a work day, but I had arranged to meet with my lover for a lunch time. She had access to an empty, though furnished place and I picked her up from work. We decided she would go in first, get herself ready and then text me to join her. I pulled up and she got out of the car, sexily smiling and told me to "Watch your phone". I waited, looking at some saved photos on my phone and then a text flashed up "Come in, lock the door behind you and s… Read more

Helen plays with another guy Meetings

Meeting with Rob…

This is another true story about my wife Helen, meeting and fucking with another guy. For those who haven't read my other true stories about my wife Helen a brief description follow. At the time that this happened Helen was about 38 yrs old with long blonde hair and large 44 DD Boobs. We had been playing with others for a couple of years and Helen would meet other guys on her own as well as couples and singles with me.
Anyway, we meet up with t… Read more

That night at the bar... Meetings

Pass the panties!…

Every now and then you meet people who are even wilder than you could ever imagine possible. I had just such luck with a couple I had met online. Initially it was just some good hearted sexual humour shared. This went on for about 6 weeks and to be honest I was beginning to wonder if they were just using the site for the online flirting. While I prefer to meet, I enjoyed the chatting.
Then, one night while I was online in the late hours they ca… Read more

Have cock will travel Meetings

When a four hour drive for a meet is well worth the effort…

Last week I dipped into the personals on swinging heaven, sent off three messages and tbh I didn't really expect a reply. After all, couples looking for solo guys are usually deluged with messages and it's easy to get lost in the crowd. I do get that.

However one of the ads, from a couple almost 4 hours away from me, responded.

My message to them read "I spotted your ad today and had to reply. I'm miles away but have a hard cock. On one han… Read more

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Helping out Meetings

Wife and old man…

This is probably more wishful thinking on my part ,
My wife works in a department store and last week my wife told me about one of the regular customers, an old guy in his 80's, she was saying that she was feeling sorry for him as he seemed to be quite lonely and that he probably needs someone to talk to sometimes and did I think she should visit him sometimes to see if he needed any help, I of course said she should and my dirty mind just star… Read more

My risky meet Meetings

I loved it…

So I was surfing my local swinging sites both swinger and bi sites due to my wife being ill in bed again when I started chatting to my guy I met before. He was bi and I let him face fuck me
He said he was gagging for a repeat session I told him I can't accommodate because wife was in bed sick I begged me to let him come over even asked if I could just suck him off quick drop pants quick cum and go. I said to risky but I checked on the wife - … Read more

Helping a couple - part 4 Meetings

A follow up from the first three parts…

This is the fourth part of the story I’m telling on behalf of Peter.

I’m sitting in the corner waiting to see what Ann will do to please David. I’m completely free now, so if I want to stop it at any time I can do. But I just sit there waiting.

Ann has already gone further than I expected ..... but is it further than I’d hoped. I honestly don’t know. Do I want her to suck him until he cums ..... and maybe swallow it? Surely s… Read more

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Helping a couple - part3 Meetings

A follow up from parts 1 and 2…

This is the third episode that I’m publishing on behalf of Peter. It’s best if you read the other two parts first.

David’s asking Ann what next.

But before I continue with the story I’d like to give you a quick resume and reflect on what’s happened so far.

David has visited my wife Ann and I. I chatted to him before the visit and he asked whether I wanted it to be a Dom/sub relationship or merely involving some corporal p… Read more

Helping a couple - part 2 Meetings

Continuing the story.…

This is the second story I’m writing on behalf of Peter. You should read the first one before this!

I only met David 30 minutes ago, but he’s already given me a better orgasm than you’ve managed in three years, says Ann! And stop playing with yourself! Can’t you stop him David.

Well it might deter him if we “hobble” him says David. What’s that asks Ann. Well there are two wooden pieces that fit around the scrotum and f… Read more

Helping a couple Meetings

A threesome where everyone loves a bit of corporal punishment…

I’ve been chatting to a guy on here who shares my penchant for corporal punishment, and I’m writing this story on his behalf.

So here goes.

I’m Peter, and there are a number of long held fantasies that I need to live out very soon. And hopefully my new friend David will help me! He has a reputation for helping couples to have a really good time and he’s volunteered to help me .......... and my wife!

We’ve talked about how… Read more

Catch up with a friend Meetings

A catch up with an old friend turns into more than a drink!…

I met an old friend in a bar for something to eat and and drink, just a bit of a catch up as we hadn't seen each other for years. There's never been anything between us and we used to know each other really well until he'd moved down to Somerset several years ago with his wife because his job was based down there. We've kept in touch with just general chat now and then and he said that they were coming up for a couple of days to see his wife's re… Read more

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First time swallowing cum Meetings

Shemale forced me to eat her cum…

I have being married for 10 years, although I have never being attracted to men, lately Im obsessed about big cocks, watching porn I didn't like the idea of sucking a man however I started watching shemales and i just loved the idea of a cock in my mouth.

So I got into a shemale escort site.... Found the one that I liked very sexy and 25cm cock. I arranged the appointment at her place and left right away.

She was waiting for me in very se… Read more

First Time Anal Meetings

My Bi Experience…

This is about me giving my first Bi Anal, normally i have been the receiver, i give oral but that was about it, anyway i met this guy on line, chatted a few times, telephone wank etc but he had said he would like to take his first anal, i thought this is my perfect opportunity even if i don't get it right.
we chatted again and as he was not to far away arranged to meet at his place, i drove over with an hard on all the way, my cock was throbbing… Read more

Anal Meetings

My first car fun…

I started swinging accidentally. I was approached by a couple in central London after we were chatting and I happened to say the word "big". He joked bet "you are and could sort her out for me". I was so embarrassed.

They were laughing at me so much. Then few weeks later I was on the tube when a nice lady ask if I ok was and we started chatting. The husband said I could have her if I wanted and this time I was still embarrassed but coped … Read more

My wife loves black cock Meetings

With her latest lover…

This all started with me wanting to share my wife, but she has come to like it so much she has become very assertive herself (see It started with a desire to share my wife parts 1 to 3 posted around Christmas time). It may be something to do with her latest boyfriend being black.

We have met him several times now, always on neutral ground at a hotel, and they always use a condom, which is something that Emma and I agreed at the outset. There i… Read more

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Meeting 23 - Tyrone BBC meets Sally Meetings

I loved the look on Sally's face as she saw him, mixed emotions, shock, nervous, smiling!…

Saturday January 5th

Our first meeting for the new year and this proved to be something special. I want to keep Sally on her toes and push her boundaries and what better way to allow a guy to fuck her who she has never met or spoken to.

I had met Tyrone online last year and had chatted with him at length over the next few weeks which included Skype calls and face to face. I purposely had not intrduced Sally to Tyrone, but just told her that… Read more

A Night with old friends Meetings

Surprise supper…

The nights are long, dark and cold at this time of year. We were cheered up last Friday to receive a call from an old colleague of my wife’s, visiting London over the weekend from his new home in the north, asking if we’d like to join him and another pal who also knew Linda on Saturday evening.
Linda was delighted but insisted she would cook and we’d eat in, (hardly the weather for wandering around the west end in high heels she suggested)… Read more

Establishing new regulars - Toby and Mike Meetings

I got a text as walked from parking my car at the airport. "Your wife is sucking on my balls right now"…

I had a work trip out of the country at the beginning of the month, leaving on 1st and returning on Saturday 8th December.

I thought that it would be a good idea to keep Sally occupied while I was away and organised two separate away days where Sally would spend time on her own with guys that could become regulars. Toby was the obvious first choice. This was the first guy that Sally had really found herself. He was a nice guy, bit full of hims… Read more

Meeting 21 and 22 - A busy Month for Sally Meetings

She loved performing for me as she sucked his cock on our bed. Gosh she has come along way since that first meeting.…

Saturday 10th November - Meeting 21 - Stuart

Friday  16th November - Meeting 22 - Ajmal

Thursday 22nd November - Lee

Meeting 21 - Stuart
It took a couple of weeks for Sally to recover from her threesome with Brian, Ian and I. She had bad stomach cramps and a bad case of thrush. That, however, had not quelled her sex drive and was starting to get a bit snappy with me and so when I offered her to meet Stuart she accepted willingly. Via o… Read more

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Meeting 21 and 22 - A busy Month for Sally Meetings

He kept telling me that Asian guys just love slutty white girls with big tits.…

Saturday 10th November - Meeting 21 - Stuart

Friday  16th November - Meeting 22 - Ajmal

Thursday 22nd November - Lee

Meeting 21 - Stuart
It took a couple of weeks for Sally to recover from her threesome with Brian, Ian and I. She had bad stomach cramps and a bad case of thrush. That, however, had not quelled her sex drive and was starting to get a bit snappy with me and so when I offered her to meet Stuart she accepted willingly. Via o… Read more

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Sally takes three - Part 2 Meetings

"I love that she loves cock so much" Ian acknowledged to me.…

Saturday 27th October

Part 2

Sally joined us about 30 minutes later in the pub, smiling broadly and looking a little less green. Brian was still complaining about his knee and it needed at least 3 pints before he stopped moaning. Sally also was looking far more relaxed and unlike earlier. She was now wearing a short jean skirt, knee high boots, a low cut black fitted top and her hair tied in a single pony tail at the back. At one point lat… Read more

Naughty girl fucks a stranger... Part Two Meetings

Making it happen. How Wendy's threesome fantasy became a reality...true story…

A little while ago we told how I'd realised just how much Wendy, my friend, fancied the idea of sex with others; of fucking a total stranger...

Thanks for your patience. Here's an update and our long promised part two.

We'd played a game in which I pretended to be another man, the stranger, and I'd been shocked at how far she'd been willing to go with 'him', the supposed lover. It led to a confession from Wendy, and a great deal of exciteme… Read more

Sally takes three - Part 1 Meetings

They could not keep their hands off Sally, even in the pub they were stroking her thighs and bottom...…

Saturday 27th October

Part 1

Those that know me are aware that I have a very long bucket list of things that I want Sally to experience. I have been so lucky to have persuaded her to sleep with other men and even for it to become a relatively normal part of her life. I have been planning on adding a third guy to the mix for months. My friends and Sally's fuck buddies, Brian, Ian and I first sat and discussed how we would do it back in June … Read more

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Friday feeling Meetings

Lunchtime fun…

After spending most of my adult being curious about my sexuality, i always knew i loved women and until recently it had only really been a fantasy about having sex with another man. But that all changed this afternoon, I went for a quick pint from work at lunchtime and got chatting to a chap called Joe at the bar, just pleasantries basically but nice to pass the time away. One pint turned to two then three and drinking more than a pint at lunchti… Read more

May 2017 - Meeting 2 Sharing Sally with my friend Paul Meetings

We both watched amazed and she performed a strip tease by the side of the bed…

May 2017 - Meeting 2

I was keen to make sure that the success of sharing Sally with Brian was not just a one off and I was desperate to start getting her used to being shared more often. Sally and I had chatted a length about the evening with Brian. She was now clear about what I liked and wanted from her and had admitted that she had really enjoyed being with Brian despite her nerves before hand. She even revealed to me that she had found hav… Read more

Meeting 20 - Sally tells us about Toby Meetings

I look vacant and distance because I am trying to focus on anything but my groin. I have even stopped thinking about anything else, but having sex wit…

Saturday 13th October

Written by Sally.

My name is Sally and I live with my husband Mark in Birmingham, UK. Mark has asked me to retell the evening Mark and I enjoyed with Toby last weekend.

I met Toby in a chat room on a dating site at the end of August which is not the most orthodox way of meeting people when you are married, but let’s face it the relationship I have with Mark is not what I call normal.

I liked Toby from the begin… Read more

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