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Hotwife Stories


Recognised from SH

No sex (sorry!) but might be the start of something

Just before Xmas me and husband where out in Lytham for drinks and food, the meal was great the waiter was a handsome tall guy, attentive, smiley, very chatty, edging towards flirty (with me) and seemed to be intentionally catching my eye a lot, then as H...



Hung, Young - my icebreaker

The shower was refreshing, reviving after a sleepless night. Restless thoughts about what might happen. He might not even come. Would I be disappointed? Would it be a relief? Should I risk a happy marriage of twenty years for something fleeting? I used to...

The time is right….

His cock teasing and touching but not entering straight away…

So, after talking to lots of very lovely and sexy guys online, the time is now right to for me to take my first step into being a hotwife! We’ve been chatting to a very sexy, fit and confident guy who knows how to flirt and turn a girl on! God, I love the...

How it all started

A revenge fuck that changed our lives

OK here goes - hope you like it. I have seen a number of posts on sites along the lines “how did you start…’ or “how do I convince my wife to try…” so I thought I’d tell our story. It might help, it might not, but I hope you enjoy our experience. And I ap...

I want to be a cum slut

I love the taste of thick, creamy spunk…

My boyfriend and I are getting more and more adventurous. We’ve had a few text sessions with a couple of guys on SH who were up for a threesome. One of them said he wanted to ruin me and treat me like his cum slut. God, that turned me on. I played with my...


So getting on a train from Preston to Manchester to meet the girls, a night away from hubby. I’m dressed to impress, Short skater dress, just barely hiding my stocking tops, heels, killer 51yo curves and maximum cleavage on show. I am feeling super sexy h...


One Lady, Two Cocks

How much cum can one little lady pull from two hard cocks? A lot, apparently.

My wife is 5'4" / 164 cm and built like a Ukrainian gymnast. In fact, it was her hard, round ass that first made my cock stir those 25 years ago when I first saw her. She's also a beauty. A babe. And now, in her 40s, a certified eastern European MILF. Our...

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Smurfs in Blackpool

I bet you never thought you’d see that as a story title in here!

At the Jubilee weekend we decided to head into Blackpool, my wife has always loved dancing in bars and part of what started this crazy journey was me getting turned on watching her dancing, flirting and being flirted with when we’ve got a beer buzz on. We...


More Pete adventures

… is she now a hotwife and he is her bull?

So a few more of our adventures, just search on the author name for how we got to this point. We are deffo into the hotwife /cuckold kinda vibe, my wife is getting really relaxed with all the fun and trusting me that I wont go bonkers jealous. So she has...

A Trip to the Mountains

My first Hotwife Experience

A friend of ours asked us to join him and his girlfriend at his ski lodge in Breckenridge. I don’t ski but thought it would be a fun weekend. My husband had a boudoir photo shoot scheduled and Dave’s girlfriend couldn’t come until the following day. After...

Grampy Fixit

My granddaughters friends

As she bent over the Hopper I fucked her from behind.

My granddaughter, who I call Mouse, came around to see me and brought two of her friends with her. She was very excited as my son had just bought a house for her, and she wanted to live in it with her two friends, but first it needed a lot of decoration a...


Hotel Hotwife

First time wife sharing on holiday.

Hi, I’m Jason. This happened on holiday last summer, but I guess it really started several years ago when I asked my wife Emma, then still my fiancé, if I could share her. It was fantasy I’d had for years, since my early 20s or maybe even before. One nigh...


Emily’s foursome

My fiancé had a foursome… but I wasn’t involved.

This account should stand on its own, so if you haven’t read anything else about Emily it will be ok. But If you want any context go back and read Emily’s first threesome, Emily’s one night stand, Emily’s other threesome, Emily’s new friend and Emily’s co...