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Hotel Stories


I had been seeing Liam for 3 months. Instead of working late as I told my husband I left early and spent the night at a hotel. I met Liam at two and we went straight to bed. I was wearing my fuck me knickers, but not for long. I adored the way his passion...



and seduction

Before my next movie I was asked to pick a man up. He was not unpleasant but not attractive. I wore a tight blue dress. George was looking bored, perfect. I sat next to him. "What are you doing here?" "Pardon?" "I'm here to see Mr D." "So am I, what do yo...



Hung, Young - my icebreaker

The shower was refreshing, reviving after a sleepless night. Restless thoughts about what might happen. He might not even come. Would I be disappointed? Would it be a relief? Should I risk a happy marriage of twenty years for something fleeting? I used to...

Email from a cuck couple about our meeting last month I thought I would share

last thing to tick off our list was cuckolding or in simpler terms, letting another man fuck my wife.

WE HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO DO IT My wife and I in our 50`s had done most things at this point in our relationship, we had fulfilled most of our fantasies and the last thing to tick off our list was cuckolding or in simpler terms, letting another man fuck my...

When it all comes together

Inspired by a conversation with a sharing husband here, on SH

It was with a mix of anticipation and not a little trepidation that I entered the bar of the hotel on the outskirts of town. Scanning the seating area, looking for Debbie and Ben, hoping they were already down in the bar, as arranged. The room was awash w...

Northumberland Lodge

Hot Tub Fuck with Chambermaid

My name is Ben and my wife is Orla. Were in our late 40’s and both enjoy holidays, food, drink and other fun. We had booked a lodge in a hotel up in North Northumberland, the lodge was very modern, Scandinavian in style. Set in a park near the main hotel...

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One night, I was chilling out watching Netflix, and was very very horny. I checked all my hookup apps to see who was about and looking. While checking fabguys, I saw a man I've not seen on there before; he was older (in his late 40s), good looking and had...

Hotel Encounter – Chapter 3

"Follow on to "An unexpected set up" Hotel fun again" and "Hotel Encounter"

Reading Hotel Encounter - Chapter 1 and 2 first might make this one make more sense. This is totally made up and is just a thought about what might happen.. But Brief recap. In a small hotel in the middle of the countryside Sarah had been fucked while bli...

Hard Limit

Cuck loves a night bound and gagged but next time, we agree hard limits

I'm a 26 year old bi guy. I've been bull for a few couples about my age in the past but Covid stalled that until recently. I met a bi guy on another site (24) who said he wanted to cuck for his girlfriend (23, blonde, B cup, tennis player). He said he wan...

Hotel Encounter – Chapter 2

Follow on to "An unexpected set up" Hotel fun again

Reading "An unexpected set up" first might make this one make more sense. Rod got in contact with me and asked if I was free for a meeting during the week, different hotel, small hotel set in the middle of countryside. As it happened I could be, being mos...