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Meeting Stories


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Celebrating Eostre

Good Friday We are off to Wales when Fria says. “I have been talking with a man close to where we are going.” “I did not know you had an account.” “Fria has had an account for months.” Anna answered. “Are you going to see him?” I asked. “He cannot accommo...


It only took a moment

but Paul was loverly

I don't recall if I told you when I opened an account here, but I will tell you when I first met from the site. It was after the visit to the club. I looked for a man close to us. It took a long time to find someone I liked, then I told Paul. “Do you want...

Married lovers - Part 1

This happened a few years ago, but is still fresh in my mind

James and Sophie had known each other for many years, they were married but not to each other. They met via the men’s work first becoming friends and then lovers. This is an account of one their adventures where they managed to get away together for 36 ho...


My little friend

It’s 16 centimetres long with three vibrating fingers, and it is pink. It’s my favourite toy. We call it Pinkie. On this warm Saturday morning, C is plying a wondrous trade between my legs as he gently slides Pinkie along and between the slick folds he lo...


The porn film

I asked Pat if she was ready and as she said yes we both pushed and we met with my cock buried deep.

I grew up with a big group of mates and girls. As time went on we sort of paired up. I hadn’t fancied any of the girls as life long partners so I just played around with some of them. One day Bruce arrived at the pub showing off a brand new video camera....


School Mum

Sophie the dark horse

Sophie was a mum from the school where my youngest son goes, we always chatted and sometimes walked home together halfway before we had to walk separate ways. The conversation was always pleasant, and she often joked that we spoke more than her and her hu...

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My fuck Buddy

I had expected to just sit and talk, but she almost launched herself on me

I was down on my luck and was telling my mate about it in the pub. I had turned Thirty-one the week before, and although I run my own successful business, my love life was a mess. It was my own fault as my long-time girlfriend caught me with her best frie...

Cherry 🍒

I wanted to be fucked in the arse - I wanted someone to take my anal cherry

He spooned me as he pushed into my arse , the feeling was amazing

I have always been bi curious , as the years have passed I have dabbled with male / male sex , wanking , sucking , kissing , I have sucked all sizes of cock , took loads on my face and swallowed. I have sucked muscular men and fat ones , young and old and...


First time cuckold

My extra needs

Hi I’m Lee-Anne a redhead 57 year old woman. I look after my body with plenty of exercise by running as well as three visits to the gym a week when I can . So if I don’t mind saying my body is still nice and tidy and with my quite large breasts and I get...