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I want to share a story about a horny naughty time my lion and I had on my Birthday earlier this year. Every time I think about that experience, my pussy twitches and gets wet remembering how pleasurable it was. How exciting and totally cirCUMstantial! ))...

It's been a while since I wrote a story... I used to have a different profile on SH and wrote a series of 12 stories, which I believe many of you enjoyed.)) Now with my lion I have been inspired to write again. I am used to squirting from fingers. There w...


Ann and date night

Ann enjoys the journey home.

We had been married for little over two years and had our first child. Ann would have been about twenty eight. Our sex life had not slowed, it had improved now she was able to again be the slut she was previously. A point in case, the midwife jokingly sug...


Our trip to the strip club part 1

Sarah was only supposed to dance for me, but the night had gotten away from us

After sharing our previous story about Sarah's first instance being with 2 other women never mind her first time with someone not me we thought we would share another of our stories. That happened about 6 months after. While on holiday to Vegas on our on...


Recently divorced Sarah was in need of some fun in her life. Her children had all grown and flown the nest, she wanted to spend some time on herself, for herself. She had signed up to an art class, she was looking forward to getting stuck in as she had en...

A fantasy about _loz_ public fun

Meeting _loz_ and playing in public.

I travel a lot for work and on this occasion found myself on the train to Manchester. I was sat on my own in a carriage with not many people in, minding my own business. The train stopped at a station and the usual people got on and off, I watched a blond...

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Station Loo

Got banged in the loo.

This was the 90's and everything in London was much simpler then. It was in a train station. Most likely Victoria. I have been in that toilet once before. But in the daytime. There were lots of people going in and out during the day. But this was already...


Debbie's betrayal

My fiancee Debbie is fucked by her older work colleague weeks before our wedding

I have known my beautiful 43 year old fiancee Debbie since secondary school. I worshipped her from afar then, I never had the confidence to ask her out even though we shared the same group of friends. About seven years ago we bumped into each other again....


Hi guys it is your Cornish girl here again. I'm back at the pub working. So on my shift yesterday, I felt ever so naughty. I was wearing black vans with ankle socks, black work trousers and a black top. With black bra on and a silky lace pair of leopard p...

No Words Required

Inspired by a profile I read recently...

The university library is vast. It’s grown organically over the years, now stretching over several floors, with interconnected rooms and dark passages, some seldom visited. This makes it perfect for what we have planned… We meet at the front desk as arran...


My Holiday Confession

How a holiday with my sister unleashed my inner slut

Sorry if this is a bit long but I wanted to share every detail. My name is Marie and I really need to get this off my chest. So I suppose this is a confession of sorts. I suppose I’m telling you as I can’t face telling my husband. I love my husband and he...

Train and shopping centre flashing escapade

Lou flashes her charms to passengers on the train between Nottingham and Sheffield followed by some changung room deliberate exposure.

This is another account of an adventurous day that Lou and I had back in the early naughties. You may have read about our encounter in Oxford or our session at Chameleons. Lou and I have a long distance relationship that we spiced up with meetings around...