Just the start Dogging

How far will she go…

Last week on the 12th Feb I decided to take the Mrs out for a meal as we were both working on valentines day.
So we went out had a nice meal and a few drinks, it was only about half seven by this time and the Mrs said should we go somewhere quiet for a play.
So we went for a drivealong the Welsh coast through Prestatyn, Rhyl and Towyn with my mind in overdrive, I thought let's see if I can push this a bit "should we go to Llanddulas beach" I s… Read more

Our first dogging experience Dogging

A flirty night out results in a spontaneous horny encounter with a stranger in a layby.…

The strong sexual attraction we’d felt towards each other before we were together as a couple meant that when we were finally able to satisfy our desires it was always going to be a very passionate period of our relationship.
We had an amazing time in our early months together exploring each other’s bodies and minds and finding out what turned us both on.
Louise loves sex and enjoys sucking cock and being fucked hard regularly which I took… Read more

Cold but dogging still goes on. Dogging

Dogging can happen even on a cold night.…

In the middle of January for the first time in over two years I had the opportunity late at night to stop at my favorite dogging site near Bath. The weather up on the hill was foul, cold and misty with some drizzle. As I drove in I was not too confident of the chance of any action especially when I saw that there were only two other cars parked up. One was parked close to the toilet block and from the loud rap music and smoke coming from it I ass… Read more

who said dogging is dead Dogging

argument led to sex in the camperva…

you know the boring time between Christmas and New year. Well due to having nothing to do the Mrs and I had a blazing row. Leave she said so I grabbed the keys for the campervan and off I went. I parked up in a layby about 10 miles from where I live. I had been there a couple of hours with the usual do you want your cock sucked from the few cars that came into the layby. around half 12 a car drove in. pulled up in front of me then reversed back. … Read more

An unexpected layby encounter Dogging

Even I know that a woman is a rare occurance…

After a late night at work I decided to check out the layby I'd had success at recently. I'd been back a couple of times since then, but I had not had the same joy, so I wasn't arriving with any expectation of success. However, what I found couldn't have proved me more wrong.

I pulled into the layby and found the usual parked up trucks, but no cars apart from one lone vehicle parked at the far end near the exit. I parked up behind, but the … Read more

My first guy experience Dogging

Late night searching for that first touch…

I'd been curious for a while but I had never acted upon it, but recently that changed.

I had a free weekend and found myself at the cinema watching a late film. Upon leaving the cinema I was feeling horny and adventurous, so I googled some local dogging spots when I got back to my car. I set off for the first location which was about 20 minutes away. I nearly missed the turn when I arrived, but I managed to find the most secluded location… Read more

Not where I thought Id be Dogging

Entry into the unknown…

Bit of a long intro, but first time so bear with me if you can
Here I am at a point in my life where sex with my loved one seems to be a distant memory. Because of the absence of bodily contact I've become increasingly frustrated. So opportunity has given me a bit of time on my own. So what does the mouse do when the cats away? Exactly, what I thought Id do.
As I had never thought about dogging before, why not give it a go, so found some fai… Read more

Suck and go Dogging

Bj at Wisley…

Suck and go

I live on the south coast but work in London often. The nature of my work means public transport isn't an option so its a trip up and down the A3.

I usually work fairly late so drop into Wisley on the way home. Its usually a load of fellas mooching around without a female in sight.

Today I had to be in nth London by 8 so planned on leaving home around 4 to beat the traffic, then have a nap in the van on arrival. However I … Read more

My last dogging fuck this summer Dogging

Tied to a tree and fucked by allcomers…

As usual when I get horny my thoughts turn to getting a well filled pussy, so my partner suggested dogging with a difference but wouldn't tell me what, but to just get dressed up in my usual horny rubber wear which I did wearing my open crutch knickers, my short flared rubber skirt and matching rubber bikers jacket, stockings an rubber Acquo thigh boots.
We went to our usual place in Surrey hills which we hadn't been to for a while but it was a… Read more

First time dogging Dogging

Leicestershire fun found…

Apologies that this is a little long and not the frantic paced porno shag-fest of some others, but I've tried to tell it how it was. Likewise with any poor grammar or punctuation, but I'm no literary icon.

I told this story some years ago, so some of you may recognise it and while i have kept the exact locations un named, some of you may well recognise them, or infact have been there that night.
If so feel free to get in touch.
The last i he… Read more

expert cock sucking Dogging

long time coming…

on my last story ( older woman) my neighbour asked me what was my fantasy?..
i replied a 3some.. but that was hoping she just might forfill it... but no it was just a question
but i did tell you all it wasnt my fantasy at all. cos my real fantasy was to suck a big cock.
i was just a lad when my neighbour taught me nearly everything i know about sex.
and moving on a few years got married had kids, and still fucking my neighbour on the odd occa… Read more

Wifey Goes Dogging... Dogging

...and brings a treat home for Hubby.…

I drove through the gate and parked my car. I was in a dark gravel car park used mainly for people walking their dogs in the nearby woods. There were five or six cars parked up, some with their engines still running. I could see that there was someone in every car, and at least four in one of them.

I got out of my car and paced around the edge of the car park for a few minutes until the entrance was lit up by car headlights. A blue car slowly… Read more

My dirty weekend Dogging

part one…

My dirty weekend : Friday 7.00pm arrived at Gloucester and parked up in a large layby for the night. I had been parked up for ten mins and went for a walk to streach my legs (still in male clothes) as I walked past a car that was parked there I noticed a face looking at me from the drivers seat the window slowly came down to reveal a TV sat there all dressed in stockings and suspenders short skirt blouse and bra as I approached she said hi how a… Read more

The man in black Dogging

A night out dogging…

This here happened a good few years back when i used to go for a drink with this girl I new and we used to tell each other everything about each other which also meant telling each other about our sex lives. To get to the point I told her I loved going dogging she told me she never had but would love to try and would I take her the next time I went I told her I would. My friend lets call her Mary lived were I lived at the time in Banbury she was… Read more

Great Memories! Dogging

Reminds me of my younger days.…

I've been reading the gay dogging stories on here after a long absence away from the site. It really reminds me of my early days of doing this. Much of what I used to do was in toilets through glory holes. Once I'd got started I couldn't stop. I went every opportunity I could get. Mostly I went to the same few places on the way home from work. I was in my mid twenties, married with a young child. I was still having quite good sex with my wife but… Read more

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Dogging is not dead....its just very hard to find..... Dogging

Dogging, session that turned out perfectly.....…

if you spend enough time in the right car park you just never know....tonight was one of those occations!

The evening was warm, and as often happens when I have some spare time i was sitting in my car in one of my favorite car parks, waiting to see if there was going to be anything happening.....there was another guy in his car....it was a pleasent evening and i was, as always eternally hopeful.

In drives another car which parks between … Read more

Donna gets more than she bargain for Dogging

first time outdoor sex and encounters…

Donna is 47 and my girlfriend and she has always wanted to do outdoor sex with me. We've chatted about it a numbers of times and have played about in cars and in pubs but nothing outdoor until last summer 18. It was a wonderful hot summer and Donna decided we should go for a picnic. So we went for a drive and found a lovely spot to stop. Donna is pretty and petite, green eyes, long brown hair, 5.3 in height, size 10 body and lovely 36c breasts. S… Read more

getting into dogging Dogging

our first few experiences dogging…

Me and Bee had been curious about dogging for a long time but never really were confident enough to give it ago. Eventually, after 8 years of our relationship and 3 years married we decided sex had gotten to routine and decided to try something a little more adventurous. We didn’t want to do anything to exotic, only dip our toes so Bee had a good look online and found some local dogging sites. Although we were both apprehensive it put us at eas… Read more

One loss finds another joy Dogging

wife gets extra attention during easter break…

This easter weekend wife and I took the caravan over Hereford direction to get away from the 'grown up' kids. The weather had been so good we decided to go for a good walk and parked up in one of the many country park car parks. We took drink and snacks and barely needed much clothing just shorts and t shirts because it was so abnormally hot for the time of year. following behhind the wife in her tiny shorts and gaping t shirt I fantasized abou… Read more

Joined in the park Dogging

We didn't even know what "dogging" meant…

It was Friday and I was winding down when Wife called me to chat about our plans for the weekend, and what she ought to make for dinner. Since it was just the two of us I asked if she wanted to go out to our favorite steakhouse. No cooking, get to dress up, good food and drinks? No question. She quickly agreed and said she would be ready at 5 pm for me to pick her up, so I made reservations for 5:30 pm.

The sun was low when I drove up to our … Read more

First time dogging Dogging

Go on then why not…

Me and my gf are both 20 for a while I have been interested in dogging after knowing a local place nearby, after speaking to Sarah she at first wasn't interested much but I was so we thought we'd give it a go.

One Friday night we decided to go for a meal and then as time went just go for a drive up and see what was going on at around 9ish. We had a lovely meal locally then headed down the road about 10 mins from the restaurant, we pull in to t… Read more

Mrs C latest dogging adventure Dogging

Mrs C dogging…

Well Mrs C and I decide to have some dogging fun before the summer left us for good. And with her new fan club of guys this was going to be one hell of a night.

We had planned it to be the coming Friday night and with it only being Monday. They should be plenty of time to get the guys together.
As the week goes by we get confirmation form about six guys that they are happy to meet Friday night. With this being a big event I go online shop f… Read more

accidental dogging Dogging

Hi, Paul & Karen here. Were new to the swinging scene but wanted to share our sort of accidental introduction to the scene.
We’re both 23 and have been married for just over a year. I’m 5’10” and Karen is 5’2”.She’s got a really hot body and because she’s short her DD tits make her a bit top heavy ( As she puts it). She’s gone on about getting a reduction but I’m trying to talk her out of it.
Anyway, we had talked for a w… Read more