Shy wife to slut Dogging

Within a month I was a slut…

I was the perfect mum and wife. Was. I’m not anymore. Some would say I became a fully fledged slut in just under 4 weeks.
Married for 25 years, with three daughters now aged 23, 22, and 17.
I’m Karen, 5’5, size 14 bottoms, 16 top (big boobs), brown hair, brown eyes.
I’d returned to work part time when my youngest went full time at school, and then once she’d started senior school, I went full time. I was 42 then and I’m 48 now. … Read more

First time dogging Dogging

Go on then why not…

Me and my gf are both 20 for a while I have been interested in dogging after knowing a local place nearby, after speaking to Sarah she at first wasn't interested much but I was so we thought we'd give it a go.

One Friday night we decided to go for a meal and then as time went just go for a drive up and see what was going on at around 9ish. We had a lovely meal locally then headed down the road about 10 mins from the restaurant, we pull in to t… Read more

Mrs C latest dogging adventure Dogging

Mrs C dogging…

Well Mrs C and I decide to have some dogging fun before the summer left us for good. And with her new fan club of guys this was going to be one hell of a night.

We had planned it to be the coming Friday night and with it only being Monday. They should be plenty of time to get the guys together.
As the week goes by we get confirmation form about six guys that they are happy to meet Friday night. With this being a big event I go online shop f… Read more

accidental dogging Dogging

Hi, Paul & Karen here. Were new to the swinging scene but wanted to share our sort of accidental introduction to the scene.
We’re both 23 and have been married for just over a year. I’m 5’10” and Karen is 5’2”.She’s got a really hot body and because she’s short her DD tits make her a bit top heavy ( As she puts it). She’s gone on about getting a reduction but I’m trying to talk her out of it.
Anyway, we had talked for a w… Read more