its amazing what you can see on camera Groups

Not Camera Shy…

When we retired we bought a holiday home is Spain and let the family use it as often as they want as its best occupied rather than left empty and someone can clean the pool. To make sure everything is fine I bought a very discrete CCTV system which hooks into my iPhone to allow me to check up on the house from the UK. The camera is set up over the pool area and one at the back of the house.

My sister in law and her husband, Margaret and Richar… Read more

The night I took her dogging Groups

Busty brunette slut…

This happened this summer during the recent heatwave in August and although she had always told me that she wasn’t interested in going dogging, I just had to take her out for a drive one evening.
She had come over to mine again for a naughty sex session and where as we usually just stayed in and drank until I felt like unleashing her huge/massive breasts.
This evening I hadn’t had anything to drink and after plying her with copious amounts… Read more

Trust me part 2 Groups

New experiences…

The force of his kiss and the roughness of his touch left no question to how turned on he was.. as I lay there naked emotionally wired from cumming so much and covered in strangers cum and saliva, I knew I needed him to have me.

Get up he said ..on your hands and knees....

As I did as he told me, unable to answer back due to the aching need to please him, I watched as he took his clothes off. Silently staring, hearing my heart beat pulsing… Read more

Trust me Groups

New experiences…

I have always been a little wild, wanting what I shouldnt have and going after it anyway. In my early 20s I was already quite sexually confident but more cocky than a list of experiences to show for it. At this time I was working in a bar flirting with the locals..generally having a blast being chatted up everyday. However there was this one guy who would chat to me, give me this fucking cute smile but never taking it any further, and omg God di… Read more

Insane Club Posse Groups

Insane Club Posse

Erica was small for her 32 years and looked more like a teenager from a distance rather than a fully grown woman, and her wicked sense of humor got us into trouble more times than you could imagine, especially when she pretended to be my daughter instead of my wife.

Petite was the perfect word to describe her with slight curves in the right places, a small but firm chest and a smooth rounded ass that looked super amazing i… Read more

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First of many gangbangs Groups

My Name is Julie and my husband asked me to tell you about how we got into Gangbangs,
We got together when i was 17 and he was 19, when I was 19 I had a fling with my boss which hubby suspected but I always denied anything happened, until when I was 25 hubby had pissed me off and I used the affair to get back at him, needless to say he was very angry at first and stormed out of the house, When he returned after about 6 hours and several pints la… Read more

It started with a confession Groups

It started with my now ex wife Lucy confessing that she was attracted to other women. Like most forces couples we married young) 21) and hadn't explored fully our sexualities.. The confession sort of slipped from my memory and when my wife said she was going to visit her friend Amy in London I thought nothing more of it.
On her return, however, things changed between us. Sex between us just dried up. Whenever I approached the subject it was met … Read more

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Great Dream Groups

I had a great dream last night, it was a no frills straight into the action kind of dream that I was gutted to wake up from. There were five of us, two girls and three lads including me. There was some kid of spin the bottle game going on with the girls upping the ante on what to do when the bottle landed on one of the guys, especially me.
I was starting to get nervous as, in all innocent fun, clothes were being removed and bodies were being tou… Read more

Alternative Wives Club - The Start Groups

Ted’s cum was still warm inside his wife’s cunt as I slowly entered her with my cock. There had been no foreplay, I didn’t want to lose any before I fucked her. She didn’t need any. It was only 30 minutes after her husband had cum inside her. And there was loads. Ted must have held it in the four weeks we were away.
Debbie was laying beneath me, on her back. I slowly removed her knickers, revealing her freshly fucked cunt, still pi… Read more

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Alternative Wives Club - The Start Groups

Ted’s cum was still warm inside his wife’s cunt as I slowly entered her with my cock. There had been no foreplay, I didn’t want to lose any before I fucked her. She didn’t need any. It was only 30 minutes after her husband had cum inside her. And there was loads. Ted must have held it in the four weeks we were away.
Debbie was laying beneath me, on her back. I slowly removed her knickers, revealing her freshly fucked cunt, still pi… Read more

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Alternative Military Wives Groups

I wasn’t having the night I had expected. Yes, my wife was in the living room. She was naked on her hands and my cock was buried deep inside her. This was planned. I had cum twice already through the night and I was close to the third. This wasn't planned. While I had my cock inside her, she had another cock inside her mouth. This wasn't planned. And neither was the other woman squatting over the other man's face. I could watch as his tongue an… Read more

Bi trucker NO wife Groups

Now with my wife’s secret out, I still play a lot when away,
One hot summer evening my days work was coming to an end as I approached the north end of Newcastle, so I decided I’d park in the highlander lay-by just north of Newcastle airport, it used to be a great dogging and cruising lay-by but I hadn’t been for several years. So I headed there, pulled in and parked the truck for the night, I was the only vehicle there so I peeked in a go… Read more

Sex club differences. Groups

Anne and I recently visited a city a couple of hours away for a few days as we both had time off work. We booked into a nice hotel, with the main intention of visiting a sex club I had researched online. It sounded quite interesting, with accounts of gang bangs and even some BDSM. On the night, I suggested that we go in separately to see what happened. I went in first and paid my entry fee. About 10 mins later,as I sat at the bar with a beer, i… Read more

Besft Friend Ganged Groups

She is a very close friend, Suzie. Short, curly hair, nice body and really enjoys good hard cock. How he knew that? She was also his secret slut while having a boyfriend.

It was June, and they wanted to do a hort EuroTrip. They decided to head of to Barcelona first and 15th of June RyanAir flight took off. When they arrived to the hostel, they have realised in 6 bed hostel there are 4 other guys. They briefy met each other and headed out to ex… Read more

Return of the surprise Groups

That night, she still was sore and still orgasming, yet he still was hard.

There was an unexpected knock on the door. He wanted to get it, but she insisted to get it herself. When she returned in the room, it was her best friend., also Korean, a bit petite, but extremely hot.

She smile and kindly told him, that it is time for his surprise. She told about her experience to her best friend, who in return also wanted to try. But she had other … Read more

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Watched her swallo Groups

He met her 2 years ago in uni and since then been together happily. She was Korean, pale skin, black long hair and amazing body with thick legs. He was tall athletic guy who loved fun.
Every time thery were having sex, he loved her submissiveness. So much so, he fantasised about her being submissive for others. No secrets here, he told her and even watched gangbang porn several times together. He knew she was getting wet from that fantasy as w… Read more

Young for her and her friend Groups

Since the last time both could not stop dreaming fucking each other again. Although he could hold a secret, she told to her best friend, equally hot and naughty, but blonde. To her surprise, her friend was turned one and told to invite him to the drinks.

Relaxing at home he receives a message :"I am with my best friend in the city, wanna join for drinks? ;)"
He was tired, but agreed. He arrived for a glass of drink, but got two hot women teas… Read more

Young for her Groups

He always thought of her, Ev, as a wonderful woman! She was older than him and married, but with energy so young and passionate, he did not feel the difference of age. Her tight waist always attracted him, while her cute smile and eyes were adorable.
He was young entrepreneur, 182 cm tall, athletic and a with too much energy. Ladies found him charming, confident and playful, yet not all knew how crazy he can make them in bed.

They met again o… Read more

Does this happen Groups

Does this really happen, this i would love to happen.
I hear of things like this on here but does it really happen an where.
If you have read any of my other stories you will see i like lots of naughty things lol.
This is something i would love to happen. I would like to meet a couple and just be stripped off the hole time there hands are over me.
I lick her body and feel his hands on my arse. I lie down and she sits on my face grinding on my… Read more

Exploring new boundaries Groups

I have a great buddy named Darren where we do all sorts of things together like fishing, drinking, holidays, etc. I am 5ft 10 with a quote fit body while he is slightly taller than me and he is a bit overweight. I am the one who always get the attention from girls and have a real active sex life but I have only had a single partner at a time and never tried swinging or group sex. My cock is at average size of 6.5 inches with average thickness and… Read more

Great first time Groups

Me and my girlfriend is sexually active and we have sex nearly everyday. My girlfriend has nice petite A cup tities and nice perky nipples. Her boobs is proportionate to her skinny frame. She likes to wear those padded bras that don’t cling on to her boobs as she is A cup and when she bends down, her nipples will usually show and I have seen guys turning heads even if it’s A cup. One day we went out for drinks with one of her female friend wh… Read more

Claire the reluctant slut s drunken performance Groups

Following our departure from the club in Edinburgh Claire was buzzing not only had I let two strangers fuck her but here we were in a taxi heading to a party with a bunch of drunken bikers. Claire looking horny as fuck her little tartan skirt riding high enough to expose a bit of stocking top to the driver I was determined she would spread her legs a little her knickers still in my pocket her neatly shaved cunt was going to get well and truly use… Read more

Claire the reluctant sluts Christmas to remember in Edinburgh Groups

Claires been a bit of a work in progress I had been seeing her off and on for the past few months a little shy when it came to getting her knickers off in public but she loved the thrill of never knowing what to expect. A quiet fun loving girl with a body built for sin she had got a little braver on the run up to Christmas usually once she had benefitted from a few glasses of wine
I would take her back to my flat and be rewarded with a blow job… Read more

My girlfriend shares me with her best friend Groups

Many thanks to you all for your likes and comments. I'm only sorry I am unable to respond.

I knelt at the end of the kitchen table oblivious to the coldness of the flagstone floor. My girlfriend's best friend was laid back on the table breathing heavily. Her feet rested easily on my shoulders. My head rested comfortably at the apex of her parted legs. I sucked air into my hungry lungs just pausing now and again to lick my spunk from the swolle… Read more

My first trip to Le Cap Groups

This is a very long one but there are no clear points at which I can break it up – Sorry!

I'm a slut and a swinger and I had to laugh at Louisa's earlier account of her trip to Cap d'Agde Naturiste Village. Not because they were funny or outrageous but because they were so very similar to my first trip. A strong feeling of deja vu!

People on this site often ask where the places alluded to in the stories are and Cap d'Agde appears quite fr… Read more

Cruising Groups

Ok, I am a newbie on here, but I am well aware of the site through one particular male friend who tries to shock me.
I thought you all may be interested in a fairly recent event. My husband Richard and I are lucky enough to live in the East Med for about 6 months of the year, and decided for a change to go on a short cruise, to visit Israel and Turkey. It was an unexpected birthday surprise for me, so I was quite excited and had fun packing clo… Read more

Stella's gangbang in Paris Groups

My wife was preparing for a business trip to France with her boss. She was staying overnight and was packing a small case. Some revealing outfits and a couple of pairs of sexy hold-ups, as she put them in and skimpy underwear she gave me a grin.
She had been fucking her boss for a couple of years and had recently cuckolded me by letting him fuck her in front of me in our bed. He took my wife anally and culminated in him nutting in her pussy and… Read more

Going with the flow 2 Groups

Ok after writing briefly about a meeting we had a few weeks ago and the positive responses I received, last night we meet the couple again.
Things are still rather fresh and mixed up a little, but I'll try and give as many details as I can.
I wrote primarily to get some opinions to help me get my head around the situation because we had already arranged last nights meeting! My wife had been so keen to arrange another meeting with the other coup… Read more

Milly & Andi Part Two - Further Adventures Groups

Milly and Andi, A night out on holiday

After the evening when I had shaved both of the girls pubes down to nothing and we had spent some time fucking together, this being the very first time for Andi having sex with another man other than her husband Derick, we did spend a second night together in my and Milly’s bed. Andi was telling Milly how she had learnt the trick of using her pussy muscles to grip hard onto my cock when being fucked and… Read more

Going with the flow Groups

Hey we're a early 40's couple who are very new to swapping/sharing and have certainly never written about it, so please excuse any errors.
Brief intro I guess, I'm 43 dark hair 5'11", pretty average build and around 8". My wife is 40, a redhead with a fantastic curvy size 8/10 figure and 32f boobs.
Anyway the fantasies have been going for years, but we've only recently moved forward. Our first time meeting another couple went perfectly (apart f… Read more

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