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Group sex epitomises one of the core associations with swinging, unlocking wild fantasies when sharing multiple sexual partners in the same room.

Gangbangs, orgies and bukkake events are often typical terms you'd associate with group sex and can yield a whole new opportunity for sexual intimacies. From first time experiences to hardcore practices, the group sex stories below should have most angles covered.

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Filthy Frank

The sofa was covered in creamy cum, Sen’s not mine!

It was Christmas of 2022 when we found out that we were both a pair of complete pervs. You see we’ve always been somewhat conservative in our sex life, adventurous but, well conventional. All that changed after Sen had a dream though. After Christmas day...

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Holiday Gite 4

Last night party

Rich and Amanda had been busy all week view houses. We had a drink on the Tuesday with them , I feel they maybe wanted to play but we had a busy day Wednesday . They had been back to the same beach as Sundays fun , not so busy but they both had fun . Rich...

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The Gite part 3

Sunday comes round

Sunday morning and it's another very hot day looking out over the world . Our bedroom hot and it's not even 9am . She's gonna shower etc while I go get fresh bread . Short walk into the village and it's so hot I'm worried a day at the beach could see us c...

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The Holiday Gite 2

Strapon Saturday to Sinful Sunday,

Once back , late afternoon I get the B-B-Q ready , my wife sorting out cous cous, potato salad, etc Meat all done and on tray ready to go , beers and wine sorted . We're off up to refresh , I get undressed to shower and before I enter my very sexy wife co...

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The holiday gite

Meeting new friends

This takes place when we first moved to France . To have some money coming in we built a gite at the back of our home . It had its own entrance, small pool in a private court yard, Stairs up to a sun terrace and 2 bedrooms . Most bookings were in the summ...

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The young ones get into it - part 2

Another youngster enters the party

Stood naked , wanking my cock to get hard as I'm about to enter Ruby " in any hole " her boyfriend now stood next to my naked wife and Claire . This wasn't what I had in mind. I really feel nervous, embarrassed even . Before he has time to speak Ruby utte...

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The youngsters get in on the action

2 naked 20 somethings is a dream come true

After all the events of my wife's leaving party and the fun after that life did go quiet . We had slipped back into our normal Kink life of just thr two of us . We had been very active and both felt we had enough to keep us both satisfied. After she had l...

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🚿 79

Will was used and abused

We asked Maddie and Will to our house. It was the first time he had met Anna and Sally, but we did not tell him that his wife had been to bed with us all. “Come in, would you like a drink? Fria, introduce our playmates.” “Playmates?” Will asked. “You don'...

More Bi Swinging II

Later on it gets hot

So far the night had been an Adventure. Richard had really not had much Bi Fun and no idea of the pleasures of anal sex . Angie in the past had been quite domineering and forceful. I think she'd fucked me harder and longer than I'd ever been fucked before...

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🚿 78

Picking up cock

Friday Sally is coming with us for a weekend. She was going to bring a man from the site, but he stopped talking to her yesterday so he is missing out on three very adventurous ladies. “Shall we give him time to arrive?” I asked. “No, let's just go.” Sall...

Lexi said she was going out with a friend, she looked really hot,her boobs where on show , leather skirt and strappy heels,she went to the pub in Stratford,once there her friend was nearly there but had to cancel,so Lexi was in the pub on her own, with dr...

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The House

A recruit

I had paid off the debt and saved some more from my movies, but I know porn is not something that I can do for long. I found a country house surrounded by a little land. I got a loan for the house and used my income from my flims to service (pun intended...

PC Plod

A man in a phone box

A woman in swing

I got invited to a join a modern commune, but the story starts long before I joined. I have changed every name including any user names on here. Dan purchased an old hotel intending to open it as a club. He started work on it just before covid hit so his...


🚿 77

Celebrating Eostre

Good Friday We are off to Wales when Fria says. “I have been talking with a man close to where we are going.” “I did not know you had an account.” “Fria has had an account for months.” Anna answered. “Are you going to see him?” I asked. “He cannot accommo...

The Final Part I'm sat in the rental place naked stroking my cock , ex wife next to me naked and rubbing her clit . We have both naughty boys handcuffed , TV is showing today home movie while we wait for the girls to return . Time passes by and eventually...

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In part 1 my ex wife had been I feel abused ,she'd broken swinging rules with 2 young 20+ boys . I wasn't cross as it had re ignited our sex life . We'd just had the best sex in month because of this. I'd got footage of my wife spitroasted on the Sunday w...

Score 7 7
1.8k Views 1.8k
1.2k words 1.2k words