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Lesbian Stories

Sexual practices involving just women often display an engagement of erotic affection. If the women are exclusively sexually attracted to women only, they are classed as a lesbian.

However, it's fairly common that many women in heterosexual relationships have lesbian fantasises that they'd like to fulfil. For swingers, participating in lesbian sex can unlock many first-time bisexual experiences and introduce a taste for regular MFF threesomes. Desiring lesbian sex can raise many questions about a person's sexuality; bicurious, bisexual, gay or just happy to have an open mind.

Probe into the lesbian intimacies in our collection below. Are you also desiring a lesbian exchange or experienced one that you'd like to share?


The only movie I did with no men, I played a housewife who had just moved into a new house. I say there were no men but, my husband said goodbye and drove off. My new neighbor noticed me and invited me in. "We saw you moving in yesterday. I am Jill." "I'm...


Lady's night

Pussy cum pussy cum

It was after the second set of films that Tammy and Musky visited. Lucy had invited them, at first I was not sure why. "I know you enjoy me, but the next films star Tammy and Musky. The question is do you want to be a co-star?" Lucy asked. "With Tammy and...


🚿 61

Old friends

Thursday 11th May We spent the night at an airport hotel. We did find a couple In the hotel. We met them in the bar, but we settled for pizza in our room. We said good night to the couple. Friday 12th May We got to the airport early and had breakfast, the...


The Day After

I learned that it was not only men who could give me pleasure.

It was the morning after the party. Sharon and I slipped away. "It looked like you enjoyed the party." Sharon observed. "I don't believe what I did yesterday, it was all a dream." "It was no dream, you have given a lot of men a lot of enjoyment." "They ga...


A lesbian surprise

How we caught Irina and Carol

Jeff and I came in from the shop and found Carol and Irina on the sofa. There was coffee in front of them. Jeff put his finger to his lips. Suddenly I knew why. Carol and Irina were kissing. I could see they were hugging and touching but could not see muc...

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I had had a foursome with Tony and a couple, Clara and Don. Clara and I had kissed, we even kissed each other's pussy. More accurately, I kissed her and she did more than kiss. Tony had said what happened was good and I should go with my desires. Clara an...

Sub down under continued My girl Gabi knew what I had bee upto for years with the sailors and even that we had had a little party the night before our flights, so she wasn’t fazed by much and knew I wasn’t either. We arrived in Melbourne and got to our ho...

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sub down under

my dom ruled me

When I was 22 my marriage broke down and my solicitor suggested we stay away from each other for a couple of years to get an easy divorce. I went out drinking with some female friends, of of who were lesbian, and yes I had dabbled in the past,. I said 2we...

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I was surprised

I had spoken with a couple in the chat rooms and I had an mfm with Tony and Jed. The experience started me thinking again about the couple. Not as they wanted, but as a foursome with Tony. "Have you been to bed as two couples?" I asked. "Yes, it is fun."...

Kirsty helps Sarah explore

Kirsty helps Sarah discover some fun new experiences

Even before she opened her eyes again she could feel that Sarah wasn’t there, and when she did finally open her eyes and her vision cleared it was confirmed. But, she heard the unmistakable sound of water. She knew it wasn’t raining outside because she co...