Her husband nearly found out Lesbian

She fucks neighbour while I'm hiding from her hubby…

I've been gagging since about 1pm this afternoon(to get in touch) to be able to finally make my rock hard throbbong cock shoot out all the hot cream juicy cum that I've somehow managed not to let go of in my trousers.My cock has been hard and throbbing for hours. I couldn't
do a single thing anything about it as I've been stuck in an ex-girlfriends walk in wardrobe since 1pm when her son who was suppose to have be fishing until tomorrow morning … Read more

I like to watch ladies love Lesbian

Nothing gets me hotter than watching a lady 69…

Ive been in many a lesbian relationship over the years , all types of woman , young - old - plus size - coloured i like to to dabble.
Now in my late 40s i get off watching as much as doing.
Back in my journey of experimenting i liked being the leader , i loved strap on fun , giving and receiving , i loved mild bondage , watersports and when in the mood anal.
The dirtiest girl i had was a 19 year old college student , to look at she looked lik… Read more

Dear Waverly (Lesbian) Lesbian

Tristy loved her girlfriend.…

In the wash of new light, Tristy sat in a boring lesson. Yawn.

"Waverly, Waverly, Waverly," Tristy sang to herself in a daze. Oh, with Tristy and her dear Waverly currently walls apart, Tristy longed for her girlfriend's presence. With her hands on her cheeks, her elbows on the desk, Tristy rocked her head from side to side as she dreamt of her dear Waverly.

"Tristy, focus!" Michelle, the Arts Professor, snapped at a dreaming Tristy in orde… Read more

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First time in a gay/bi club Lesbian

My curious juices were flowing…

I am Jane, my mates invited me to a gay/bi club , she said no one bothers you , it fun , free and no one gives a shit.
The only rule was get have a skin full before going in , the place was bouncing with men and women of all sexuality’s, there were areas upstairs that were “no holds barred” i was inquisitive and surprisingly turned on , the music was intoxicating and i wanted more drink , men and women openly touchy feely and sometimes ful… Read more

Nothing to be sniffed at Lesbian

Sniffing soiled underwear is my guilty pleasure…

1 am in my early 30s , i have been bi sexual but for the last 2 years i am a lesbian and im happy with that.
Please dont judge me but kink , my little extra , is not sexy undies , porn or sex toys it sniffing worn panties.
In my teens i had my best orgasms frigging myself with one hand and sniffing my panties with the other.
I used to undress my lover and peel off her undies and sniff them during sex , some would be disgusted some would egg me… Read more

Hmm is this what I wanted? Lesbian

At least the wife is happy…

I guess I’m similar to many, been married for a number of years, what was a varied, exciting sex life dwindled to nothing much at all after kids and mortgages. In our early 40s my wife and I were going through the motions. I still remembered the wild nights in Prague with lap dancers and watching her getting off with the touch of other women, sadly, it seemed, she did not. At 5ft 6 and training hard in the gym and running 4-5 times a week, my w… Read more

my first meet with a nice mature couple Lesbian

First meet with a mature couple at their home…

In In Inn my previous description I was supposed to have a meet next with someone named Helen. Actually she never contacted me again and never replied my e-mail sollicitations.I guess she was no longer interested unfortunately.
Now to proceed with my research, I received a few replies but was not really attracted at that time.Rather I got a mail from a gentleman aged 65 asking bluntly if I would be interested in a threesome with his wife and him… Read more

Meeting my new girlfriend part 2 Lesbian

We finally go to bed together…

This true story is the follow up to part one where I met Sarah for a coffee.

She gave me her address and told me to be there at about 2.30. Nervously I set off and when my satnav told me I was there I couldn’t believe the size of the house. It’s huge and I knew it was the right address because her Merc was on the drive. I parked next to her car and with trembling legs walked to the door where I was met by Sarah who was looking very sexy… Read more

We met at the righttume Lesbian

After the past this was wonderful love.…

My divorce was complete all sorted I had one all the money to live a life full of enjoyment and pleasure. 43 is about right to stillpull the guys, I had decided to go away for a break in the winter sun.

I booked the holiday and here I was flying into Gran Canaria for 3 weeks of sun and relaxation. As with all flights it was quite a mixture of people many older few younger but it is not holiday time. Having collected my cases I was looking for… Read more

I love dogging for women Lesbian

Lesbian dogger…

In a nutshell i have been married , then bisexual and now i am lesbian , when i was married me and my ex used to dabble with dogging , i loved to be used , more cocks the merrier .
Then we had a group we used to contact for professional likeminded dogging adults .
If there was a mixed group i used to love sharing a cock with a girl , even a hot kiss or 2 , sometimes a fumble , then that progressed to fingering and bothway oral .
I was being ch… Read more

Bi woman in London Lesbian

Meeting a younger lesbian or bi-lady for some fun.…

Following my latest visit to London in June I booked a hotel near Kensington Gardens as I was expecting my husband to join me in the coming week for a business meeting he would have in Camden. He had told me that he would wish to have a sexy encounter with me and someone else, this else being in his opinion a single and lovely female.

I was not sure that i would find someone to cater for our mutual needs within the coming week and said I would… Read more

Andrea and Katie Lesbian

Lesbian Wife at it again.…

I’ve shared quite a few stories about my wife Andrea and her friend Katie, this one was from a few weeks ago. Katie’s husband works away in a high profile job so often invites Andrea over for a girly night and drinks (which is fine with me as I get to usually taste Katies pussy on my wife’s lips the next day). Anyway I drop Andrea off and pick her up the next day where she often recounts all the sorid details of their escapades.
This ti… Read more

Slut wife fucked my best friend Lesbian


Andrea and Katie (wife) have had many full on lesbian experiences and foursomes and threesomes with me and my best mate. One evening the pair of them decided to have a catch up drink and I would pick Katie up later. I got them both plenty of booze knowing full well that they are both complete sluts when drunk and I would very likely end up fucking both of them later. I arrange a time to get wife and receive a text message saying “key under p… Read more

New Encounter in sight 3 Lesbian

In continuation of my previous chapter. In the semi-darkeness I could see that Helen was masturbating whispering that she wanted some action on my part. I got onto the bed and straddled her my pussy over her lips. I wanted her to bad that
I did not think twice about what our preliminaries could be. In the classical mode I should have sucked her tits first, kissed her neck, given her a long french kiss but it seemd that I had no time and somethin… Read more

New Encounter in sight 2 Lesbian

I had a dual feeling: on the one side I was just a grandma (age wise/not related) to her or could at least be her mother and on the other hand I really wanted to fuck her in my bed. I felt I could not resist it. After all, why should I ? We had a couple of extra slow dances and then I took her back to the cubicle and started to whisper lovely words in her ear. Her reaction was prompt as she whispered back: please carry one with your scenario. I … Read more

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A new encounter in sight Lesbian

During my latest visit to London in June I booked a hotel near Kensington Gardens as I was expecting my husband to join me in the coming week for a business meeting he would have in Camden. He had told me that he would wish to have a sexy encounter with me and someone else, this else being in his opinion a single and lovely female.

I was not sure that i would find someone to cater for our mutual needs within the coming week and said I would en… Read more

Am I a lesbian Lesbian

I'm 25 fairly respectable and got a really good job so normally behave myself. My name is Rachel I'm size 10, 5ft7, 34b and shoulder length dark hair and told attractive. I split up with my boyfriend for cheating on me.

I was invited out on a girls night out with the girls from work. We went into a few pubs one of my work colleagues introduced me to her friend Lisa who I hit it off with straight away Lisa was 33 5ft4 bigger breasted than m… Read more

Learning Curve, Part 2 Lesbian

"You know what's hotter than a kiss from the right person?"
Although May heard her words, it took her a few moments to realise she had been asked a question. She thought for a few moments.
"I don't know," she stared into Scarlett's eyes.
Scarlett coiled herself around May a little tighter, she put her mouth close to May's ear and whispered, "A kiss from the wrong one!"
May absorbed those words. They could be taken in many different ways, … Read more

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a few more days in London Lesbian

I am sorry some of you believed the story was written by a man. I admit that I was not british born and my english has to be improved. In the future I have a friend in Portsmouth who will double-proof my writing. Regards to all.… Read more

A few more days in London Lesbian

Upon my return to London from Birmingham, I had scheduled to stay for 3 days. However I decided to call my husband to warn him that I would certainly stay a bit longer. I was actually getting hot and enjoyed Oxford Street so much that I just wanted to connect with a young female and do something naughty !

I was staying in a hotel overlooking Hyde Park so it was rather convenient to move around by bus.

Immediately after my arrival I had a po… Read more

An unexpected threesome, Part 2 Lesbian

Now it was my turn to have a shower and when coming out minutes later, I could see Sue and Vickie doing a 69 on the bed. My heart was beating quicker, so it seemed as I climbed onto the bed... As the lights had been turned down a bit I could faintly catch sight of figures in the semi-darkness. I climbed on to the bed and joined in. My pussy was so wet and my lips eager to bite or suck, ma hand tempted to seize any part of the bodies to caress the… Read more

Girl on girl fun. Her first bi experience. Lesbian

A friend I chat to online mentioned she had a list of sexual fantasies she wished  to fulfill.

She said she wanted to have her first Bisexual experience and I selflessly offered to help her out.

We chatted a bit back and forth. She thought she would like to meet me so we booked a hotel and arranged to meet.

We both had our nails done, bought new underwear and stockings and got a bit nervous about our “big night”.

We had a meal t… Read more

friends and friends Lesbian

i have been bi curious for many years and had a couple of meets but this happend out of the blue,i had been invited to an underwear party by one of my friends i got there about 7 30 there was about 7 women there and the wine was flowing thee garments were all sexy and we all was having fun as it got a bit later some of the women had gone which just left three of us my friend sue and a woman called lyn. sue was still showing us some underwear tryi… Read more

girl next door 2 Lesbian

hello on the first storie we ended up naked on the grass,well this one was out the blue,i was ready for bed sat watching tv it was about 11ish there was a knock at the door,i wenr to open it and stood there was the girl next door sue with her friend both had had a drink,sue said she had forgot her keys and didn't want to wake her perants up.so i let them in and we sat in the living room i offered a tea but there wanted a wine so i gave them a gl… Read more

girl next door Lesbian

hello i had to tell some one about this i live in a normal street and know everybody nexr door lives one of my best friends we go out together and shop together she as a daughter about 20 nice looking girl tall with short dark brown hair one sunny day i was in the garden pottering with a short dress on when i turn and saw sue stud looking at me from her garden i said you startled me she said sorry she didn't mean to then came in our garden it was… Read more

Seduced by my mentor Lesbian

This is an experience I had almost 15 years ago. I hope you enjoy.

I met Hannah when I left sixth form college and started working as an apprentice at a local estate agents. She was in her early 20’s, tall, thin and blonde. What I admired about her straight away was her confidence. She was excellent at her job and could close almost impossible sales. She honestly could sell ice to eskimos and clients loved her sincerity. I suppose looking ba… Read more

My best friends friend #3 Lesbian

Once again thank you for all your lovely saucy comments and advice , my story continues after my lovely time with hannah in the cinema , she invited me back to her place , to contiue our lust full fun , what happened blew my mind, opened up my horizons to lady love with sex toys .
We drove to hannahs , plenty of kissing , hannah took my hand and took me up stairs , we undressed each other and got under her dovet , plenty of kissing , hannah lick… Read more

My best friends friend finger fucked me #2 Lesbian

Thank you to everyone who commented on my FF story part 1 , i arranged to meet up Friday afternoon , i had a free afternoon at work , i was going to meet Hannah straight from work , i had my normal office attire, heels , shirt , white blouse i added matching cream undies , and black stay-up stockings , i felt horny all day in work , hannah messaged me saying did i fancy going to the cinema , afternoon viewings are quiet , i drove to the cinema pa… Read more

Dee's hotel adventure (Part 2) Lesbian

We walked to the restaurant with an arm around each other, me with my hand on her bum feeling her thong as she swayed along. Being a jeans and shirt sort of person, she said that she felt so sexy dressed as she was tonight.

We got to the Italian and were shown to our table (which was in a secluded corner), ordered our drinks and then perused the menu. We didn’t bother with a starter and quickly decided on our mains. As we waited for the f… Read more

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