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Fictional Stories

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and writing about them can often be an erotic experience. Reading adult literature is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with company.

Fiction lets the mind run wild, imagining that you are the character in the story which can be the catalyst for introducing a new activity to your own sex life.

Write your own fictional erotic story here and get your creative juices flowing.

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Las Ramblas

Anastasia's girly trip to Barca

It was an amazing late spring Thursday as I kissed Anastasia goodbye, her bright red lips-stick left a smear on my on my cheek as her big soft tits pressed against my chest, 'Have fun....' I wished as she pulled away, leaving to meet her friend Clare, who...

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On the town

Looking for sex

“A good breakfast I hope, we are going out for the night again. Open the box in front of you. You will find a cash card for £500.00, spend it how you wish, 12 condoms, lube, details of your room for tonight and a phone. The phone has a quick dial app to u...


Lesson 10

The club

“Good morning everyone. We don't have anything scheduled for this morning , so relax. We do have something for this afternoon you will get a full brief at lunch. My advice is mostly for the men not too much fucking. After lunch we briefed the class. “We a...

Who Is Winding Who Up?

One night. A bar. Myself & Jen. It's not true, but it's reality. Part two will be published if Jen is a good girl. Let's hope she's a good girl.

I know you want me. I can tell, just by looking at you and how you look at me. The striking thing for me is, the look never goes away. It's on, 24/7 and I don't understand how. But I accept it. Like right now, in a crowded bar. Everytime you look at me, i...


Lesson 9

The men took it

We had finished dinner and was about to start the 9th lesson. “Guys you have fucked every woman here. You have eaten cunt with another man's spunk in it. You have sucked cock. You have fucked women’s ass.” I paused. “Time to fuck each other.” Martin was n...


Lesson 8

Cock on cock

It was after lunch. “Let's play a game. You have been fucking for two days, you must know who without looking. Put the blindfolds on, we will lead you to bed and partners.” I told the class. We led the men to separate beds, then placed women on them. Four...

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All about her

It started as an unconventional restaurant meet

I was sent very clear guidelines, rules and instructions during our pre-meet chats. In summary though, I was to follow the pre-written instruction and only deviate when she gave verbal instructions to the contrary. I was not allowed to talk at all. My onl...

Their first meet

A short story of a couple’s first meet with an obedient sub

Being this couple’s very first meet, they were understandably nervous and very specific in their instructions. I followed them to the letter. I arrived exactly on time and walked straight through the front door without knocking which was left unlocked rea...

An afternoon sunbathing

Starting off enjoying the sun but enjoyed so much more

It was a lovely summer’s day so I thought I’d go off to the coast. I arrived at the beach and off I trotted in the dunes laid out my towel slipped into my little bikini and started to sunbath. Laying in my front I undid my top so I didn’t get any strap ma...


Lesson 3

Another guys cum

It was after dinner, small portions that lesson 3 started. “I hope you have been enjoying. Sit down time for some more TV.” I started the DVD. The movie was about how to please a pussy. “Sluts, pick a man, starfish on their bed. Men that's not your spunk...


Lesson 2

Everyone gets a bj

“Remember to order your dinner.” I told the class as we finished lunch. We returned to the bedroom. “Stand by your beds.” Eve called. Eight naked students stood by their beds. “I said this morning that this course was all about overcoming your inhibitions...



Lesson 1

“This is a purely voluntary course. It is not designed to teach you to seduce, it is designed to get you over any hangups you may have. Some of you are married. If you stay you will have sex. Anyone who wants to leave, leave now.” I told the eight officer...