The Builders Fiction

When Helen entertained the workmen…

We currently live on a new build site. As with all new houses we had a list of defects as long as you arm, but one in particular stood out. This was the cracked plaster work in the master bedroom. The building company arranged for somebody to take a look too see what could be done. As Helen, my wife, worked locally she agreed to be home when they visited.

On the day I received a message from Helen. Apparently the wall was badly constructed and… Read more

Caught and humiliated fetish lover - Part 1 – Caught Fiction

Kinky fetish lover is caught by his wife…

The hypnosis had not been working, he doubted that it really did work in reality for anyone, the people on the internet who claimed that it did work were probably fake, however he enjoyed it as a fetish, listening to those hypnosis tapes and doing as they commanded was a huge turn on for him.

He loved to get dressed up in a thick diaper, two or three layers thick, covered with plastic pants and nice frilly panties. He would then put on a nice… Read more

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Felicity. Part 3 Fiction

Advanced sex academy.…

When I arrived at Euston (it was becoming a familiar place) Chris was waiting for me. Lea had the Bentley parked outside and we drove in luxury to the place where Richard had his office. Chris had a flat in the same building, right at the very top. It was very comfortable, small but cosy and well equipped. And if I stood on a chair and looked through the very top of the window, I think I could just about see the top of Buckingham Palace through t… Read more

Felicity. Part 2 - The proposal. Fiction

From wife to whore.…

My husband used to own a high tech engineering company in the Midlands, supplying mainly to the aerospace and high-end motor industries. The company had been founded by his grandfather, built up to a market-leader by his father and inherited, at a too young age, by my husband Rob. (for Robert). I joined the company when I married him, I had no office training, I was dogsbody. I was the receptionist, I ran errands, made tea, answered the ‘phone… Read more

Felicity. Part 1 - Courtesan Fiction

Felicity becomes a commodity.…

The man who opened the door was about the same height as me, me being in high heels of course. I knew nothing about him other than his name, and from that I deduced that he was Italian.

He stepped aside to allow me to enter the room, a hotel suite in fact. Large, comfortable, but not luxurious. I walked to where two sofas were arranged in an ‘L’ and put my bag down on one them, then turned to face him. He wore only a large bath towel, f… Read more

When the cats away Fiction

Complete fiction but the people in the story are real and the background is real I suspect a good number of men will have this fantasy…

My name is Paul I have been married to Wendy for just over thirty years we are both fifty six years old and have two grown up children.
It was early May last year and I had been asked to go down from where I live and work in Bolton to oversee a new computer programme at our Birmingham branch.
Wendy was not to pleased as the garden was a bit of a mess and I would not be there to get it ready for summer. I told her not to worry I had asked John i… Read more

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Anne and Carl Fiction

wife meets another…

I opened the door.
What a sight!
There she was lying on the bed, naked.
She was on her back , legs apart.
I could see the wet trail of sperm seeping
from her well used pussy.
He was lying next to her, sleeping,
hand holding her breast, a smile on his face.

How had we ended up here?
Anne and I had been married 30 years plus.
I had been diagnosed over 10 years ago and
the tablets had really began to affect our sex
life in the last 2 … Read more

Unexpected surprise Fiction

Spending a day off with my gf had an unexpected twist…

Recollections of a memorable day spent several years ago.

My gf Louise, who was 19 at the time, had applied to several universities and had already attended a couple of interviews. She had been invited for an interview to read Economics at Loughborough University. As it was a long journey she arranged to stay over at grandmas house on the day of the interview which was a Friday and travel back on the next day. She had already asked her grandma… Read more

Delving Fiction

Fictional kinky sexual encounter…

“You love my fingers deep in here don’t you?”

He grunted, morphing into a long, low stilted moan; a second finger had slithered its way beside the first, pain and pleasure cascading through his mind. The gag was muting his moans; Karen loved when he tried to reply to her teasing, he was sure her pussy was slick, just as his cock was throbbing with every move of her fingers.

His head was strapped to the bed, the pastel wall clashing wi… Read more

Tea or coffee Fiction


It was 8am and I was having a second cuppa at home when the phone rang. It was an agency I'd registered with a few weeks earlier as a plumber. Could I get to a job in the next town, about five miles away as the client had no hot water. Off I went to the address to hopefully remedy the job. When I arrived I was welcomed by an older lady who it turned out was the mother of the homeowner. Karen asked me to come over and wait for you, as she needed … Read more

Yesterday Fiction

Turning back the years…

I recently started watching vintage porn, the reason was that I loved the underwear that women wore then, I came across one called hard cinema or something similar.
The opening scene showed a couple groping her coat was open and his hand was opening her blouse her white bra was pushed down and he played with her nipples, her skirt had moved up showing her stocking tops and suspenders and a glimpse of white knickers.
A man had moved next to them… Read more

The Christmas Party Fiction

My wife Joanne had been telling me about a guy at her work called Gary!…

During the last few months, while in bed with my wife Joanne, she had been telling me about a guy at her work called Gary, it started out her telling me how she fancied him, but progressed to how much she wanted to fuck him, she knew this was a fantasy of mine, we had talked about it so many times. She told me how she flirted with him in the office, how he touched her arse when at the photocopier. When she told me these details it got me so horny… Read more

The Dare - Part 2 Fiction

White van man vs hot wife…

.........John's hand is sliding along your thigh and as he gets near your pussy he slides it inwards so that his thumb is on the outside and his little finger brushes against your by now soaking pussy, mmm you sigh as he begins to rub his fingers into you, you can barely concentrate on driving as his expert fingers bring you to orgasm all on camera for me to enjoy later! You look down and can see his cock has grown even bigger his jeans are pul… Read more

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The Dare Fiction

What happens when you dare a hot wife ;-)…

You wake up early, lots of prep to do, nice shower, shave and make up done to perfection, and then the is all about the outfit, should it be a skirt, a dress, mmm decisions, you try a couple of outfits on and settle on a little black dress, which when standing sits just above the knee but when sitting just covers your beautiful bum. You put your sun glasses on, it's a beautiful sunny day, set the phone up and check it is aimed at… Read more

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Callela 3 ( tablets take control) Fiction

The Holiday continues.…

Callela 3 (Exhibitionism)

The lads in the toilet said they would get her into the corner to the side of the toilet and have a gang bang with her, a stocky fat one said he was first and would make her scream.
He said their last night here would be one to remember when they got home.
I left the male toilet and the girls were wanting to go to the toilet as Paula and Jane had cum seeping out of their vaginas and it was wetting their bikini botto… Read more

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Summer car Fiction

Mind wanders on a summers journey..…

The car is warm and stuffy, the journey half done and the drone of the tyres becoming hypnotic. She gazed absently out of the window, conversation run dry, the radio droning in the background as her mind begins to wander, the hills and trees in the distance begin to blur. Her mind slips back to another journey in the heat of summer...

They had left the main roads in search of a spot to have the picnic they had packed. Spying a perfect spot the… Read more

Callela " Fiction

Her Exhibitionism continues (Shes amazing)…

Callela Holiday 2 (Exhibitionism)

We slept for a while and I was awoken by the sound of the shower, I got off the bed and peered through the ajar bathroom door to see Paula playing the shower head water onto her labia masturbating.
This was not the wife I knew back home but I liked it even though she had been unfaithful and this new side of her was exciting and in some ways frightening.

She stopped the water and her hair was soon wrapped i… Read more

Time Slot for a Flexible Open Office Slut Fiction

DPD delivery at work morphs into surprisingly filthy risky adventure…

I recently wrote this story for someone who requested it, she asked for it to be written about her at work and this is what I came up with.. I write stories on request for people I know I am happy to meet more people in order to write more filthy stories I have been doing it for 10 odd years however I thought I should share this naughty story with you lot please leave your comments whether they be positive or negative below every comment is const… Read more

Night School Fiction

Adult lessons of a different kind…

It was a few years ago that I attended a writing course. As one man among twelve women, I was well outnumbered. Most of them were there for the company and beyond interest in much other than keeping going. Through the ten week course, a couple of the younger ladies produced some really interesting works, but sadly the older ladies were not as inspired and churned out pretty boring episodes of their lives in lifeless characters amid dire plots.… Read more

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blindfolded dogging Fiction

surprise surprise…

it all started when my man suggested we go for a drive just the two of us on night during the summer when the nights were warm he was ready to go and i said i was going for a shower and get ready so i went up for my shower and when i got out as i went in to my room on the bed was a new outfit it was a short leather skirt bra and a fishnet t-shirt and a pair of knee high black leather boots it isn't my usual outfit i wear but i thought why not so … Read more

special delivery Fiction

the postman always rings twice…

well even though it says fiction the start of this story is fact so here goes i love being naked around the house in the garden flashing in the supermarket any were there are not kids so i seen on the internet about women flashing and answering the door naked to delivery guys so i said i wanna try it as we dont order take away i decided to do it to the postman so i started of small we have security cameras at the front and back of the house so … Read more

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Hotel Receptionist Fiction

Fucking a hotel receptionist on a work trip…

I have written two stories about Annastasia, my beautiful, horny, shy wife of 13 years ( Wife's Stag Weekend and First Meet). I still haven't the courage to show her these stories.....yet! I should also add that I have never strayed from my wife

I occasionally need to go away for courses, for work. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be put up in some decent hotels. They usually have very attractive , young receptionists; when they find out we … Read more

As Requested Fiction

Finally she asks me .......…

*J loves me to address my stories to her so she can live them vividly in her mind*

You asked for this. That night in the kitchen, the night I lifted the back of your skirt as you poured a drink and I whispered to you, “Imagine I’m another guy”. That night I wanted you to imagine I’d invited another guy home with me for a drink. That while you had your back turned I’d told him to go behind you and feel your ass. That if he could make … Read more

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The Priest Fiction

Endulge me..romance and fucking…

She had moved into the small, ramshackle cottage several days ago. Originally a tiny farm hands home, it had been added to over the years and was now a quirky odd shaped building in need of tender love and hard work. She moved here for solitude. A widow starting a new life far away from old ties and the pitying looks of others.

Today she was painting the living room. A small room with just enough space for a sofa and a small chair, facing towa… Read more

The coffee shop Fiction

Erotic, I hope, rather than explicit.…

It was the sort of dreary autumn day that depressed everyone, grey skies, ceaseless drizzle, and a cold wind. I was sat at a window in a coffee shop watching as people glumly went about their business.

Then it seemed as if the shoppers faded into the background when I saw you. you were heading towards the coffee shop, a smile on your beautiful face, You walked confidently and elegantly. You were wearing a stylish red knee length coat, red … Read more

Picked up in more ways than one. Fiction

Country lane goings on with a sexy taxi driver.…

I slip into the back of a car, relieved to be out of the pouring rain not taking much notice of who's driving, just grateful..

I'm soaking so loosen my coat, my top clinging to my tits, wet through.. It's not until we've locked eyes in the mirror a few times I realise that your staring at my tits spilling out of a quarter cup bra. I tell you it's date night, and try to cover up but you say not to worry and to leave them to dry off.

I rela… Read more

Staying power 5, Fiction

We hadn't heard from John for a long time, but me and chelle enjoyed some really horny times , and after one of them she said you know I get SAMs shopping once a week , sam being our old next door neighbor, yes I said , well he said if only I was younger, I said oh yes and what did you say , she said she just laughed and called him a dirty old man ,I said do you tease him , no she said , why not , well he's an old man , what difference does that … Read more

An evening with Dave Fiction

Friday had arrived. Tonight was to be the night. Hubby had swapped several e mails with Dave to set this up and our first meeting was to be tonight. Hubby knew I was reluctant but had gone ahead and organised this anyway, convinced once started I would enjoy it. After all I deserved it. I had tried so hard to please him and arouse him sufficiently to penetrate but it didn’t always work, I ended up frustrated again. Tonight I was to get my rewar… Read more

Staying power 4 Fiction

It was a couple of weeks since chelle was shagged by we will call him John , our sex life had been great no problems in erection department, we were still getting a high on chelles experience, then one night while we were shagging I said could you get used to having different guys cocks , we always spoke about our fantasies while shagging, it added a bit of spice to our sex life , mind you we never carried any of them out until the John episode ,… Read more

Staying power 3 Fiction

After they left I drove home and once inside poured myself a stiff whiskey. And waited for a text from chelle , I was excited as well as concerned, about an hour and a half I received a text from my girl she said I'm in a taxi and on my way home to you , well I said how did it go , she said can't you wait until I get home .. I said I'm sitting here playing with my cock thinking of you being shagged by someone else and not me , she said don't you … Read more

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