Blown Away.... Fiction

For someone who blows HIM away...…

He had slept well , his thoughts full of her .. not unusual but they had sustained him past his usual 3 am wake up and took him almost to the alarm...
His dreams this night not of hard brutal domination not of taking her with hard angry control but soft gentle and loving...
As night turned to day and the sun filtered in he became aware of her moving adjusting herself next to him and he .. even while still asleep.. moved against her...
He felt… Read more

Time to eat Fiction

fantasy threesome / role play:- looking to act out and film…

Sharon woke to a noise, not Marks snoring, it was a knock on the door, room service a voice called, Sharon jumped out of bed and went straight to the door, cum in she said opening the door wide. Dave stood there with a dirty grin on his face and a growing hardon in his pants. Sharon reconised him it was the guy from earlier. Dave pushed the trolley past Sharon, she closed the door, Mark was now awake, but pretended to be asleep. Dave pushed the t… Read more

Still Life. Fiction

A happy accident.…

Serendipity. A happy accident. It really was accidental. If I was ingenious enough to plan it, I would be a millionaire many times over. And besides, what are the chances of such a plan actually working?

To begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself: I am mid-sixties, desperately trying to avoid retirement and I am twice divorced. I have given up chasing women, it is not worth the effort and expense. Instead, I rent them.

About… Read more

The Corset Fiction

When asked to make a corset for a young lady how could I say no?…

After I graduated some years ago I spent some time on the rock and roll.
With spare time on my hands I started to hang out at a couple of the local theatres persuing an interest in costumery.
One of the young ladies - a very nicely figured twenty yr old student by the name of Sarah - became rather enamoured with a period dress that I had made for a production and approached me to make a fitted corset for her.
Never having attempted a corset I … Read more

fantasy in the room Fiction

fanasy threesome / role play;- looking to act out and film…

Sharon felt somthing hard easing its way between her bum cheeks, fingers gently stroking her breasts and every now and then pinching / pulling her nipples, Marks gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders reviving her desire. Sharon now felt very horny and thrust her ass backwards craving the hard cock in her ass, lube was not required as her pussy juices and Marks cum were still running from her cunt. Some women hated that word but Sharon loved it,… Read more

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fantasy meeting for sex Fiction

fantasy threesome / role play:- looking to act out and film…

His fantasy was about to be a reality, after several months of searching on the internet he had finaly found a woman looking for the same fantasy fullfillment. Sharon was going to meet him in the bar of a local hotel it was all arranged, a weekend to remember, they had been sexting each other for two weeks and Mark felt certain this was it.
Mark arrived first and checked into the room he carefully unpacked his case then went to the bar and waite… Read more

My ultimate fantasy fuck Fiction

Meeting Jennifer…

I was at a art exhibition at a five star London hotel, I was staying there for a few days. It was early evening, I noticed a stunning woman, looked slightly South American, great body, younger than me but I could not take my eyes off her. She looked familiar but could not place her. I went up to her and looked at the same painting that she was looking at; I made some small talk and she responded. We chatted about the exhibition and the hotel, she… Read more

Into the woods. Part 3 Fiction

Mission acomplished…

It was a long time before I had my turn. Summer was over. The next session was cancelled due to bad weather, and then the next. We had switched from email to texting as a means of communication, replying to the latest cancellation, I replied;

"What happens in winter? Does it always have to be outdoors?"

Adrian replied by calling me back. He said that he had been having the same thoughts, and that he had an idea that he had been working… Read more

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There for the Taking....Taken...Punishment... Fiction

Extended with a nod to the original author ..hope she likes it..…

He lifts her up and takes her to the bar...but it’s not a drink he has in store for her...

He pushes her down and spreads her legs sliding her ankles into the.cuffs on the bar..then places her wrists into the remaining cuffs pulling the leather tightly’s a normal bar but with the added improvement of an anal hook which has been in the fridge fir a couple of hours...attached to a collar and causing her head to be pulled back to take… Read more

Dominatrix Display Fiction

This wasn’t dogging...…

There’s a gathering in the woods, cars in a circle, music and lights, people milling around. A party? The crowd senses some activity and huddle forward, eager to watch.

I’ve exhibited you with your collar and lead for the best part of the evening, however now it’s our turn. I shorten your lead, tightening your collar just enough to ensure total compliance and I walk you centre stage.
I tell you quietly that you have my permission to spe… Read more

There For The Taking Fiction

A kinky girl eager to please...…

I know what time you're due to arrive so I'm dressed in leather. A deep posture collar and leather corset, no knickers, stockings and your favourite shoes.
You have requested me to be knelt at the end of the bed waiting, with a silk scarf covering my eyes.
I hear the door open and sense you get on the bed in front of me. You grab a handful of my hair and hold me there just a second too long, I know I'm in trouble. You force me to take your co… Read more

Into the Woods. Part 2. Fiction

Deeper into the woods…

When I got home, I went on-line and searched my local area for dogging sites. There were several, including one quite close to an up-market pub/restaurant that we had used in our early days. I called Ash, my wife, (Short for Ashley.) and told her that we would be eating out that night, ‘to celebrate my success up north’.
The place was packed, I had needed to book. It was a favourite place for people to show off, slightly exclusive, jacket… Read more

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No Going Black pt 2 Fiction

my journey to a black cock slut continues…

Wednesday morning my phone went off with a message saying “buy these” with a link to a local sex shop. When I clicked on the link it was for a tiny red G string and a half cup bra where the nipples pocked out over the material. I went to the sex shop walked in, it’s the first time I’ve ever been in one. I found the outfit and bought it and took it home. When I got home I tried it on much to hubbies delight he could hardly keep his hands o… Read more

Into the Woods. Part 1. Fiction

Discovering dogging…

I was staying at a large, comfortable, very expensive hotel in Yorkshire. My company was footing the bill, so the ‘expensive’ part did not trouble me. I was there because a very important new client had their premises nearby, they were on the brink of signing a contract worth £millions. What I had to do was agree to a few design changes and the deal was done. Design, engineering design, is my job. There should have been two of us, the h… Read more

Sister-in-law Fiction

I find out the difference between the girls…

I was driving home from a two-day trip when my ex-wife called me. We were on friendly terms, and she was watching my pup for me while I was out of town. She asked if I had passed her sister's house yet and I told her that I was coming up to it.
“Would you swing by Robin’s place and pick up my CBD oil? Also, she owes me some money and she should have that for me too.”

To hear my straight-laced, up-tight, ex-wife asking for cannabis oil f… Read more

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No going Black Fiction

How debt can lead down a path you never imagined…

Due to one thing and another me and hubby found ourselves in debt we tried the banks for a loan but were refused due to poor credit ratings. At our wits end our friend told us about a guy who she had borrowed money off in the past. I spoke to hubby and although we thought he was probably a load shark we needed the money so decided to call him. We arranged for him to come round to our house and talk about the load. When he arrived and knocked on t… Read more

Bob-a-job Fiction

What happened in the 60's…

It's 1966 and Britain is basking in record temperatures. England have secured a place in the World Cup Final and in nearly every town and city “Bob-a-Job” week is underway. Scouts all across the country are out doing good deeds in their local area and collecting a few shillings for charitable causes.. Let's see what these enterprising young men are up in in one leafy suburb...

"Morning, Mrs," said Dick, "can we do any odd jobs for you to… Read more

A night to remember Fiction

Ultimate dream…

We met in a bar on the train platform, I was waiting for another no show blind date, she had just finished work. She noticed in between sips of wine, my eyes checking the entrance then my watch. Curious she commented, we ended up discussing our failed relationships and dodgy dates, laughing I ordered another drink, asked whether she wanted one, she suggested getting the rest of a bottle. "I'm Clair by the way ", "I'm Cassie" she replied.
We we… Read more

That guy Fiction

Erotic fantasy…

We're quite new to this area. It's taken a couple of years to settle and get to know people.
School seems to be a good place to meet people, friendships can form, fantasies can be inginted....
I remember the first time I saw him. I remember being quite disturbed by the effect it had on me. C is tall and fair. I'm still convinced he's not a drop dead gorgeous head turner, but by god, he does something to me. He seems to look right into my soul … Read more

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Candi 1st time with a woman (Fantasy only) Fiction

The people are real but story is fantasy…

Candy’s 1st with another woman.

Although the people and names in this story are real,
It’s just a fantasy that we have about a woman in our local

Me and hubby were out 1 night in our local,
They had a DJ on and we were enjoying the drinks and they were flowing well,
We both noticed this woman on the dance floor, hubby pointed something out about her side (more like looking at her tits)
And I found myself staring at her, unsure wh… Read more

Married and No Longer Curious: The second meeting Fiction

Two men meet again for cock-sucking…

A few years ago James got the urge to seek out another cock. Curious about sucking and being sucked by another man, he decided to arrange this by meeting married men for a warm, relaxed introduction to this pastime. Turning to online chat rooms he found Tony who was similarly curious and over the next few months they worked themselves up to their first meeting. For both, it was a positive experience allowing them to safety and discretely explore … Read more

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The night i strayed Fiction

one drink to many…

So I was invited to my best friends hen night and I was going to be a big one. We planned if for weeks and I was really going to enjoy myself as I haven't been out in a good while. So the night was finally here and all the girls about 15 of us were at my house getting ready hubby was at work till after we left so the house was empty apart from the happy drunken heads. the coach pulled up out side and we we`re off. We loaded the coach and heading … Read more

Naturist Beach Fiction


I have been to a few naturist beaches now and find them extremely free and erotic. This is my fantasy...
I walk onto the beach and, nervous, I start to take off my clothes. It seems full of men today and I am reluctant to get fully naked, leaving my boxers on for now.
The day goes on and now a few couple and women are on the beach. The site of their naked bodies is so refreshing and, I admit, a huge turn on.
A couple come onto the beach an … Read more

bareback neighbour Fiction

wife creampied by neighbour…

I found out that my wife was having an affair. but strangely it didnt bother me too much.

She was always tired and disinterested in sex with me these days but seemed to have plenty of disposable cash.
the odd time we did have sex her fanny was really wet like she had just been creampied by another man.

anyway i confronted her about this over a bottle of wine and she confessed. she had been having full unprotected sex with our neighbour f… Read more

More than he bargined for Pt 2 Fiction

My journey into being a married slut continues…

Following on from my first meeting with steve i thought that after my night of being a married slut that id got it out of my system and that was that but as the weeks went by i kept thinking how much i enjoyed my night with guy from the pub. I decided to text Steve and see if he wanted to meet up for a drink, to be fair i didn't expect a reply i thought he has had his fun and lost interest. To my surprise he replied and said save meeting at the … Read more

Jogging Fiction

Good time in the woods…

It was a hot day, too hot for jogging, but my stubbornness to allow the passing of time take it's toll on my body was stronger than the morning sun so off I went.
I was running through the local woods and saw the usual other determined guys on the main paths but today I had other plans.
I headed higher up the woods to where the trees were denser.
The paths grew thinner as the trees grew wilder until I was almost having to force my way through… Read more

My wifes friend Fiction

Fantasy (that i want to come true)…

This is my first story on here so bare with me (fantasy)
My wife has a friend who we comes round to our house on a regular basis or we go to hers for food and wine she is absoloutly drop dead gorgeous shes in her late 30's very small blonde hair and a great figure with amazing round fake tits not too big just right! Her tight little bum looks good enough to eat! (Oh how i want to) i often sneak into her bedroom when we visit her house to have a… Read more

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The Builders Fiction

When Helen entertained the workmen…

We currently live on a new build site. As with all new houses we had a list of defects as long as you arm, but one in particular stood out. This was the cracked plaster work in the master bedroom. The building company arranged for somebody to take a look too see what could be done. As Helen, my wife, worked locally she agreed to be home when they visited.

On the day I received a message from Helen. Apparently the wall was badly constructed and… Read more

Caught and humiliated fetish lover - Part 1 – Caught Fiction

Kinky fetish lover is caught by his wife…

The hypnosis had not been working, he doubted that it really did work in reality for anyone, the people on the internet who claimed that it did work were probably fake, however he enjoyed it as a fetish, listening to those hypnosis tapes and doing as they commanded was a huge turn on for him.

He loved to get dressed up in a thick diaper, two or three layers thick, covered with plastic pants and nice frilly panties. He would then put on a nice… Read more

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Felicity. Part 3 Fiction

Advanced sex academy.…

When I arrived at Euston (it was becoming a familiar place) Chris was waiting for me. Lea had the Bentley parked outside and we drove in luxury to the place where Richard had his office. Chris had a flat in the same building, right at the very top. It was very comfortable, small but cosy and well equipped. And if I stood on a chair and looked through the very top of the window, I think I could just about see the top of Buckingham Palace through t… Read more

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