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Fictional Stories

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and writing about them can often be an erotic experience. Reading adult literature is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with company.

Fiction lets the mind run wild, imagining that you are the character in the story which can be the catalyst for introducing a new activity to your own sex life.

Write your own fictional erotic story here and get your creative juices flowing.

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Love, Lust and Promises of BBQ

An excerpt from Flirthilda and Dom's novel in progress 'The Girls From Two Broken Universes'

Jane had been awake for a little while now, but as far she could tell, Milly was sleeping peacefully, her arms still wrapped around Jane, leaving her completely enveloped in a feeling of love. The saraphin was still swirling around her system, and as she...

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Fantasy Wank

This story was instigated from chatting to guys in one of the chatrooms

Fantasy wank. I normally log in most days and take a peep in the chatrooms that are about. Mainly out of interest to see what people are chatting about. Lately quite a few of the rooms have been stagnant for actual room banter. I assume all in there are e...

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Impertinent Brat

One way to deal with a brat.

She was in full on pest mode. They had checked into a hotel and were shortly to go out to see friends. She was being over excited and wanting everything now. She had her shower. He started to shave. Her hand snuck out from behind the curtain and pinch his...

The mother in law

husband working away she lives in the same house as the M-in-law who takes advantage of the lonely younger woman

"See you in three months." Mark leant over to give her a quick kiss before walking down the path to where the taxi sat waiting. He lifted his hand to her before stashing his bag in the back and getting in the car. Nancy waived until the car was no longer...

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Carry on Camping

Scandi delights in wildest Wales - part 1

After my adventures in Scotland with Fiona, I wasn’t planning on getting away again for a while. But, the experience awakened my mind to the possibilities a life on the road could bring if I dropped lucky in the right communities at the right time. So muc...

Grace ravished by older man

Girlfriend ravished and impregnated by stranger 2 nights in a row

tom and grace decided to stay another night at the hostel. she said nothing of what had happened the previous night to tom. Tom said he slept well but could hear grace tossing and turning in the night. grace said she couldn't settle for ages. she knew the...

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A trip on the bus

I forgot to get the shopping

It’s great to be on holiday. Leaving the cold, drab, English airport behind and stepping out a few hours later into a delicious 27c and warm sunshine. The flight wasn’t too bad either and after picking up the rental car we reached the pretty little hotel...

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A Highland Fling - conclusion

As with the other two parts this story details the aftermath of a chance encounter with a hitchhiker picked up on a rainy Scottish road.

We both lay in the afterglow as the throes of what just happened passed. Fiona snuggled in, her firm breasts pushing against my side. I ran my fingers through her tangled curls managing to reach her scalp and provide a very gentle head massage. She shiver...

A Highland Fling - pt2

The events that follow, happened in the days after my meeting Fiona on a rainy afternoon in the Highlands of Scotland. The story picks up right where the first part left off…

It took all my self-control not to take matters into my own hands. But the thought of my unloading into Fiona’s willing and wet mouth and throat, made me pause for thought. I really wanted to experience that, so I managed to resist. I gave it 15 minutes,...