Glory hole whore Fiction

Pure fantasy…

This 100% pure fantasy for me but I will show my wife this story and your comments like I have previously.

A little reminder of my wife a curvy size 12, 34 e boobs which are amazing a curvy bum and thick thighs and eyes to die for, she lacks confidence in her looks and fails to notice when she is being looked at or eyed up and when I notice she tells me I'm being silly but I know other guys want to fuck her.

We had arranged a night out a ra… Read more

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Married and No Longer Curious: The second meeting Fiction

Two men meet again for cock-sucking…

A few years ago James got the urge to seek out another cock. Curious about sucking and being sucked by another man, he decided to arrange this by meeting married men for a warm, relaxed introduction to this pastime. Turning to online chat rooms he found Tony who was similarly curious and over the next few months they worked themselves up to their first meeting. For both, it was a positive experience allowing them to safety and discretely explore … Read more

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The Walk In Fiction

He came, he fucked, he left…

“Try to be around 10mins away at around 9 pm, then wait for my text”, I’d set up the evening perfectly. We’d planned a night in at mine, some food and a little to drink and of course I planned to fuck her brains out. We had been horny all day, making suggestions to each other about what we’d like to do and who we’d like to do it with. Sending each other pictures and gif’s just to keep us on edge until we got to see each other. It se… Read more

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Working Late.. Fiction

Last ones in the office...…

I am working late at my desk and I shout goodbye as the last person leaves the office. I am just wondering if you are still around when you appear in the door. You smirk a little and I can see a hint of two perky nipples showing through your blouse. You walk over silently and move between me and the desk. You sit on the edge and lift a foot up and place the heel of your shoe on the arm of my chair. I run my fingerer black clad leg past your knee … Read more

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Wash day blues Fiction

Looking forward to wash day…

Although some of this story is fact, the majority of it is about one of my fantasies about this fantastic sexy woman that I was so lucky to live next door to.
I was newly married, and living next door to us was a couple about the same age, early forties. It was a starter type home with a four foot high panel fence splitting our gardens. This of course gave us all the opportunity to become friends, chat and of course able to see quite a lot!!
Read more

Real Anal From The Lodgers Fiction

She told them that they could watch if they wanted, but when they came into the room, they were both naked and were obviously hard.…

Julie and I had been married for about 4 years and she knew from the start that I wanted her to finger my hole during sex. This led to her sometimes using her vibrator on me while I sucked her clit but sometimes she would use a strap-on double ended dildo so we both got pleasure.
I worked from home and Julie travelled the country as a rep so she would sometimes be away for a week or more. We had no kids so to help pay the mortgage; we rented our… Read more

Jackie and Adam pt2 Fiction

Not o so shy now…

Jackie is now getting wet, it's time to taste her sweet juices.
Ipart her legs which she opens willingly.
Without my fingers I run my tongue up and down her pussy tasting her for the first time her out lips part slightly allowing my tongue to explore her.
Slowly lapping up and down pushinshing my tongue harder she opens more her scent is heavenly I find her clit becoming engorged flicking it with my tongue sends a mini shock wave through her… Read more

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The night i strayed Fiction

one drink to many…

So I was invited to my best friends hen night and I was going to be a big one. We planned if for weeks and I was really going to enjoy myself as I haven't been out in a good while. So the night was finally here and all the girls about 15 of us were at my house getting ready hubby was at work till after we left so the house was empty apart from the happy drunken heads. the coach pulled up out side and we we`re off. We loaded the coach and heading … Read more

Jackie & Adam Fiction

She is tempted to more…

I meet Jackie and Adam in the hotel as we had arranged.

Jackie is sat looking a little nervous wearing a almost see through blouse which you can make out her lacy bra underneath with a few buttons undone showing off a little cleavage without giving away too much and a shortish skirt showing ample leg but not looking like a tart.

We swap greetings and I go off to the bar nd get a round of drinks in. We sit and chat over the drinks with Ada… Read more

Naturist Beach Fiction


I have been to a few naturist beaches now and find them extremely free and erotic. This is my fantasy...
I walk onto the beach and, nervous, I start to take off my clothes. It seems full of men today and I am reluctant to get fully naked, leaving my boxers on for now.
The day goes on and now a few couple and women are on the beach. The site of their naked bodies is so refreshing and, I admit, a huge turn on.
A couple come onto the beach an … Read more

Nudist Beach Fiction

The wonders of naked flirting…

I have always wanted to explore naturist so one day decided to go to a nudist beach
Nervous at first i stripped down to my shorts. However, there were not many yet around so thought I would wait.
As the day went on more and more people started to appear. Mainly men, proudly strutting around with their cocks in full view. However, there were a few women and couples too.
There was one couple in particular who sat near to where I was sittin… Read more

bareback neighbour Fiction

wife creampied by neighbour…

I found out that my wife was having an affair. but strangely it didnt bother me too much.

She was always tired and disinterested in sex with me these days but seemed to have plenty of disposable cash.
the odd time we did have sex her fanny was really wet like she had just been creampied by another man.

anyway i confronted her about this over a bottle of wine and she confessed. she had been having full unprotected sex with our neighbour f… Read more

Like Father like son Fiction

surprising what you get when you have your garden done…

A while back me and hubby decided that we need to get the garden sorted redo the patio sort the boarders and some new turf and a bit of a tidy up. We looked around on line and found a local company phoned them and asked for quote. A couple of days later the guy turned up I showed him the garden he seemed very pleasant in his mid-50s and seemed to know what he was talking about. When the quote came in it seemed reasonable so we decided to go with … Read more

More than he bargined for Pt 2 Fiction

My journey into being a married slut continues…

Following on from my first meeting with steve i thought that after my night of being a married slut that id got it out of my system and that was that but as the weeks went by i kept thinking how much i enjoyed my night with guy from the pub. I decided to text Steve and see if he wanted to meet up for a drink, to be fair i didn't expect a reply i thought he has had his fun and lost interest. To my surprise he replied and said save meeting at the … Read more

Shy but willing pt2 Fiction

Can she be tempted pt2…

Jackie turned her head towards me and I could see Adam's cum on her tongue. She stood up and gave Adam a long sensual kiss as if to say I’m with him, but you are welcome to join in. As I walked over Adam lifted up her denim dress, I could see her black lace nickers. Adam fingers now working away down the front of the lace, I could hear how wet she was as Adam's fingers penetrated her.

My cock in my hand, I wanted to fuck her fast and hard. … Read more

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Walk in the woods Fiction

A walk in the woods takes a naughty turn.....…

This story is fictional, but is something we have discussed and fantasised about, and maybe I have embellished certain elements that turn me on....

She is 27, blonde and fair skinned, with huge blue eyes, and an innocent look that defies her voracious sexual appetite. She has large pale breasts with sensitive nipples that just scream to be tweaked. Petite with a gorgeous round bum. She needs me to take charge, craves my sexual control and bei… Read more

More Than he Bargained for Fiction

i posted this before but it disappeared so i thought id repost ready for part two…

Like a lot of men hubby had often fantasised about me being fucked by another man but out turns out he got more than he bargained for. We talked it through and decided on a few ground rules. Hubby would be there, it would only happen if we both agreed and condoms must be used and that’s as far as it went.
A month or so later a colleague from work was leaving and we all went for drinks after work. During the evening we all had a good time and a… Read more

Shy but willing Fiction

Can she really be tempted…

This is completely fiction but you never know what might happen.

After speaking to a couple on here things seemed to be going well, and although the female ( I will call her J and her partner A) J is very shy we agreed to meet for coffee to chat and see if we all felt comfortable.

I arrived at the pre arranged place some 5 mins early got a coffee and sat and waited, as arranged J&A arrived they both spotted me and came over J sat opposite m… Read more

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Goddess in the moonlight. Fiction

When you got to go, you got to go.…

It had been a long days work fixing yet another broken piece of kit for unnapreciative customers who seemed to think that their cack handedness was somehow my responsibility.
I left the factory much later than planned and started the 3 hour drive home.
It was a cool spring night and the roads were quiet so I put my foot down and hoped to make it home in record time.
90mins into the journey I needed to piss. I tried to ignore it but it was get… Read more

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Jogging Fiction

Good time in the woods…

It was a hot day, too hot for jogging, but my stubbornness to allow the passing of time take it's toll on my body was stronger than the morning sun so off I went.
I was running through the local woods and saw the usual other determined guys on the main paths but today I had other plans.
I headed higher up the woods to where the trees were denser.
The paths grew thinner as the trees grew wilder until I was almost having to force my way through… Read more

My wifes friend Fiction

Fantasy (that i want to come true)…

This is my first story on here so bare with me (fantasy)
My wife has a friend who we comes round to our house on a regular basis or we go to hers for food and wine she is absoloutly drop dead gorgeous shes in her late 30's very small blonde hair and a great figure with amazing round fake tits not too big just right! Her tight little bum looks good enough to eat! (Oh how i want to) i often sneak into her bedroom when we visit her house to have a… Read more

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The Builders Fiction

When Helen entertained the workmen…

We currently live on a new build site. As with all new houses we had a list of defects as long as you arm, but one in particular stood out. This was the cracked plaster work in the master bedroom. The building company arranged for somebody to take a look too see what could be done. As Helen, my wife, worked locally she agreed to be home when they visited.

On the day I received a message from Helen. Apparently the wall was badly constructed and… Read more

Caught and humiliated fetish lover - Part 1 – Caught Fiction

Kinky fetish lover is caught by his wife…

The hypnosis had not been working, he doubted that it really did work in reality for anyone, the people on the internet who claimed that it did work were probably fake, however he enjoyed it as a fetish, listening to those hypnosis tapes and doing as they commanded was a huge turn on for him.

He loved to get dressed up in a thick diaper, two or three layers thick, covered with plastic pants and nice frilly panties. He would then put on a nice… Read more

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Felicity. Part 3 Fiction

Advanced sex academy.…

When I arrived at Euston (it was becoming a familiar place) Chris was waiting for me. Lea had the Bentley parked outside and we drove in luxury to the place where Richard had his office. Chris had a flat in the same building, right at the very top. It was very comfortable, small but cosy and well equipped. And if I stood on a chair and looked through the very top of the window, I think I could just about see the top of Buckingham Palace through t… Read more

Felicity. Part 2 - The proposal. Fiction

From wife to whore.…

My husband used to own a high tech engineering company in the Midlands, supplying mainly to the aerospace and high-end motor industries. The company had been founded by his grandfather, built up to a market-leader by his father and inherited, at a too young age, by my husband Rob. (for Robert). I joined the company when I married him, I had no office training, I was dogsbody. I was the receptionist, I ran errands, made tea, answered the ‘phone… Read more

Felicity. Part 1 - Courtesan Fiction

Felicity becomes a commodity.…

The man who opened the door was about the same height as me, me being in high heels of course. I knew nothing about him other than his name, and from that I deduced that he was Italian.

He stepped aside to allow me to enter the room, a hotel suite in fact. Large, comfortable, but not luxurious. I walked to where two sofas were arranged in an ‘L’ and put my bag down on one them, then turned to face him. He wore only a large bath towel, f… Read more

When the cats away Fiction

Complete fiction but the people in the story are real and the background is real I suspect a good number of men will have this fantasy…

My name is Paul I have been married to Wendy for just over thirty years we are both fifty six years old and have two grown up children.
It was early May last year and I had been asked to go down from where I live and work in Bolton to oversee a new computer programme at our Birmingham branch.
Wendy was not to pleased as the garden was a bit of a mess and I would not be there to get it ready for summer. I told her not to worry I had asked John i… Read more

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Anne and Carl Fiction

wife meets another…

I opened the door.
What a sight!
There she was lying on the bed, naked.
She was on her back , legs apart.
I could see the wet trail of sperm seeping
from her well used pussy.
He was lying next to her, sleeping,
hand holding her breast, a smile on his face.

How had we ended up here?
Anne and I had been married 30 years plus.
I had been diagnosed over 10 years ago and
the tablets had really began to affect our sex
life in the last 2 … Read more

Unexpected surprise Fiction

Spending a day off with my gf had an unexpected twist…

Recollections of a memorable day spent several years ago.

My gf Louise, who was 19 at the time, had applied to several universities and had already attended a couple of interviews. She had been invited for an interview to read Economics at Loughborough University. As it was a long journey she arranged to stay over at grandmas house on the day of the interview which was a Friday and travel back on the next day. She had already asked her grandma… Read more

Delving Fiction

Fictional kinky sexual encounter…

“You love my fingers deep in here don’t you?”

He grunted, morphing into a long, low stilted moan; a second finger had slithered its way beside the first, pain and pleasure cascading through his mind. The gag was muting his moans; Karen loved when he tried to reply to her teasing, he was sure her pussy was slick, just as his cock was throbbing with every move of her fingers.

His head was strapped to the bed, the pastel wall clashing wi… Read more

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