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Sloppy seconds

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Picking up cock

Friday Sally is coming with us for a weekend. She was going to bring a man from the site, but he stopped talking to her yesterday so he is missing out on three very adventurous ladies. “Shall we give him time to arrive?” I asked. “No, let's just go.” Sall...

Letting the genie out of the bottle.

Discovering the joy of sharing.

One of my many fantasies, in theory the easiest to fulfil, was to suck my own spunk from my wife's cunt after having filled it. Somehow, after my climax, it did not seem like such a good idea. Is it something to do with the curse of all men, the desire fo...


My best mate loaned me his girlfriend

Barry had told us to enjoy oursleves and be good. Jane said she was always good.

I became best of friends with Barry at secondary school. We hit it off straight away and we seemed to like all the same things. This even applied when at fifteen we both met Jane in a coffee bar. For me it was love at first sight. But Barry, being the mor...

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I answered her advert

I asked how they wanted me to fuck Maria.  The man shouted missionary and Maria shouted doggy.

I was looking through some personal adds on line when I came across one that asked if there were any men out there willing to make a twenty five year old woman pregnant. That definitely perked my interest, especially as the photo showed her in a sexy pose...


Don't you just love married women

There was never a shortage of married women prepared to play away from home.

I am about to tell you about a couple of my adventures. I have a very good friend Robert, (Rob), who likes to hang around with me to see if he can pick up any leftovers. Whilst I have always been the bolder of the two of us, and better at pulling a bit of...

Janice Camping Lover

What happens in Glastonbury

I didn't know my boyfriend intended sharing me with anyone who wanted a go.

I was just nineteen when my boyfriend suggested that I go to Glastonbury with him for the week. My father didn’t like the idea but he liked Gary, so when he showed my father that we had two tents between us my father eventually agreed, or should I say he...


Sharing a fuck buddy

I started to fuck Leslie and then another buddy appeared, so we shared her.

Hi. I would like to tell you about a session that I had with my fuck buddy. I am fifty three and I’m pretty sure my Buddy is now about sixty. I have been seeing Leslie for almost ten years. My wife is fully aware that I see her. My wife has always had a l...


Kelly wanted to lose her virginity in a hurry.

I discovered that I couldn't live without Kelly even if she did sleep with other men

I had just returned to university for my third year after the summer break. I had set myself up in the rooms I rented and decided to go to the students union bar for a few drinks before turning in. All the new comers had started along with most of the sec...


Hubby is a pussy licker

Jackie told me that Nick ripped her clothes off to lick her out and then reclaimed her by fucking her.

It had started off just like my typical day. Once a month on the second Tuesday of the month I have a four hour drive to a managers meeting then four hours back home. I leave at five in the morning and get back close to ten p.m. It was our normal boring m...