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Cuckhold Stories


Amy story continued

Amy's slutty desire continued

Since I got positive feedback about my first story with Amy and Ross, I thought I would tell some more stories of experiences we had after that. After our first experience with Ross, I was constantly going over the night in my head. I never thought Amy wo...


Bartender found my wives phone unlocked

The clubs security team shared her naked pictures

It was over the Christmas period over 5 years ago! A night I will always remember, me and my wife (34) decided to go into London for a night out . I always looked forward to a rare night out with my wife as she has a stunning body and fake breasts, that s...


Wife felt stretched for days

His cock was so much bigger than mine

Things were going well in the relationship at the time and my wife was about to celebrate her 40th Birthday, she asked for a new set of breasts moving her from a 32b to a 32dd. After booking a consultation in London, the strangest things started to happen...

Martin calls part four and final part

The continuation of Martin my black bull

This is part four and last of Martin calls So Martin told my husband to leave the hotel and go home wait for Martin to call him the next day to pick me up from the hotel. My husband begrudgingly left me with Martin leaving the hotel, he told me after he p...

Cuckold with a difference Pt2

Invited to Dee's, I think this time we got more than we bargained for

My wife returned home around five, I went to greet her but she appeared a little subdued, no doubt still processing what had just happened to her at the hotel. This would be the start of her abstinence from having sex with me, a direct order from Dee unti...

So being in our early 50s I decided I wanted to have a younger guy pleasure me and be pleased by me for a change With this Will put an advert out asking for any younger guys who would be interested In meeting up with us We got quite a few responses, so af...

Wife finally meets her match

One last party with a big surprise for the both of us

Part 3 It was a nerve racking wait until I could call at 9.30, all sorts of things were racing through my mind as to what they were doing to my wife, that thought alone made my cock swell up in anticipation. I made the call bang on 9.30, an anxious wait f...

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Wife tricks me into breaking the rules

A moment of weakness results in both of us being reminded to Obey

In the days after my wife's little surprise, there was a lot of texts bouncing between her and the jamaican, Making plans for us was her only explanation, adding, he knows what you tried to do so expect the unexpected. That made me feel somewhat uneasy as...

Mystery revealed

Wife finally reveals the truth

It's now 5pm, just over 12 hours since my wife returned home from what turned out to be an unplanned orgy. I looked at my wife, still wearing, well, what she finally came home in, just the pleated skirt and the sheer blouse, her bra and knickers obviously...

Peter calls us back

Unexpectedly we get an invitation for a repeat performance with a twist

Part 1.5 It had been a couple of weeks since our first meet, things were ok between us, my ED still problematic at times but thinking back to what Peter did to my wife whilst I helplessly watched gave me that extra zing I needed to get any essemblance of...

The ultimate humiliation

Peter and his wife decide we were ready for the ultimate party

A couple of weeks later a parcel arrived, which my wife excitedly opened to reveal a his and hers bag containing clothing items and two letters, one for her, sealed I wasn't allowed to read with what would be required from us, but mainly her, a broad smil...