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Bartender found my wives phone unlocked

"The clubs security team shared her naked pictures"

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It was over the Christmas period over 5 years ago! A night I will always remember, me and my wife (34) decided to go into London for a night out . I always looked forward to a rare night out with my wife as she has a stunning body and fake breasts, that she shows off in tiny tops when we go out.

On this particular night she wore a black deep plunge top, where from certain angles I could see her nipples, if she leaned forward, so could others. After a great meal we carried on the high entering a large but exclusive club in the west end.

As the night went on we got more drunk and as she stayed at the bar, I went to the toilet and said I would be right back, leaving her with the drinks, as I came back she was no where to be seen, but eventually came back from the toilets herself.

We settled into the night, she informed me that she took her knickers off whilst in the toilet, as any husband would do , I slipped my hand up her skirt quickly, we were enjoying each others company and as we got more drunk she was adjusting her top as much so could clearly see nipples and even though, I knew other guys could see also, it was worth the risk,

Twenty minutes later, I started to notice more and more of the doorman looking at her, I thought it was because of her low top and 32dd breasts nearly falling out, then the barman was making an effort to talk to us, and even giving us free drinks, It was then the barman said “have you lost your phone” to me and I said no, but my wife looked in her hand bag and said yes.

I looked surprised and she did too and the barman smiled as he gave the phone back. Apparently they had a male toilet cleaner inspect the female toilet and they found the phone near the wash basin.

She was apparently messaging her friend, a picture of what she was wearing that night and then left her phone unlocked by the basin.

She was happy she had her phone back and we laughed at what a near miss she had, not thinking anything more about it. I again went to the toilet and couldn’t stop noticing the door men and bar man constantly looking at her.

As i got back from the toilet my wife said guess what? She was drunk and found something slightly amusing,?so I asked her what it was, she looked embarrassed.

She then proceeded to say that she checked her phone and noticed her friend had replied and then she had noticed over 85 pictures were sent over text message to an unknown number.

The first message saying: “that I have just found a phone in the women’s toilets! and she should be easily recognisable!” The unknown number (person) said send “some pictures over as busy!” then the cleaner had obviously sent the latest pics of her preparing to go out that night! then the unknown number (person) kept repeating “send more pics now!” and every time they sent some they asked for more, untill they sent over 80 pictures!

As my wife explained the messages, she started to look embarrassed but also laughing, I asked what was funny and then she showed me what was sent, originally it was fine, then they sent ones of me and her then, topless pictures, then naked pictures of her us on holiday and also her sucking me off, in total over 50 naked pictures!!!!

Initially, i was shocked but also drunk, so i struggled to process it. Then I started to get hard I mean really hard, I leant over and told me wife where she laughed and she said actually it’s made me a bit wet too.

We carried on drinking our drinks, but noticing all security, barman looking at her more and more. We then thought it would be funny to text the unknown caller and say thanks for getting my phone back!! But no answer. We then decided to leave as it was nearly 2 am. As we went to get our jackets I couldn’t help noticing the doorman staring and smiling at each other and my wife. Then it happened her phone went off, it was a text to say no problems and a smiley face. She then replied who is it? And a response was immediate saying Rick the head doorman, I am on the front door say goodbye when you leave with a kiss, I was unaware of her messaging him until we got to the front door where four very athletic men were at the Front of the club, she confidently went up to the first doorman and said who is Rick, the largest of the doorman turned round and just smiled and said” hi I am glad you got your phone back” and she said “Thankyou” and then smiling she said “did you get enough pictures? “He responded we needed to make sure it was you! “ He was totally ignoring me but flirting with my wife , which was a turn on as she was flirting back.

We eventually left, we laughed about it in the way back to the hotel which was only a 5 minute walk.

Once in bed, I couldn’t wait to fuck her, she asked why I was so excited and I told her that knowing the doorman got to see your naked pics was a turn on, she then surprised me and said me too, shall we send him some more ? I though she was messing around but the drink had kicked in and I took some on her topless then naked and then went down to lick her pussy, she messaged him the new topless pics saying in case you don’t recognise me again.

Within seconds, he replied saying “when can I see you again” now to drunk and not thinking about anything apart from fun, I said invite him over? She smiled and just carried on messaging him, then said he will be over in 20 minutes!!!!

Long story short, he fucked her so hard that night with a very wide cock, that I have seen her cum so good, I also found out that he sent the pictures to a group chat with the whole club’s security team over 20 guys!!!! and the barmen!!! he said he also sent to his rugby teams local rugby team where they said I looked pathetic next to her and looked like a cuc. My wife still messages him to this day!!!

Written by curious

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