My mate becomes the wifes lover. Part 2. Cuckold

Please read part 1...…

Continued from Part 2 ...

First day of our weekend visit was mainly chat between us all and a walk out with the children.
When Tom and I were away from the girls, he would brag about his past conquests before his marriage and how his large member was a draw to the ladies he had been with. Since the birth of his last child his partner had gone off sex and he wasn't getting any attention at home. The odd innuendo was mentioned towards Sue and I… Read more

Cuckold Cuckold

My mate becomes the wifes lover. Part 1.…

We both worked in a Yorkshire City and were in our early twenties. My wife Sue worked in a national High Street store where she formed a friendship with a local girl.
After a while we and her friend and partner met on a night out in town and discovered her friends partner Tom came from a nearby village where we had lived during our childhood.
We all hit it off and became very close friends and as our children grew we did things together . Howe… Read more

Size Matters Cuckold

Incredible experience…

I’m 21 years old and I recently got together with my bf and we have a wonderful sex life. He is my first partner and he is a great guy. I have a nice body as I have been keeping myself in shape. My bf loves my tits of 32D and he has an average cock size of 6 inches and it is the only cock that I had seen before real life.

One day during sex, he asks me if he was adequate in cock size to please me and I assure that he was. Now that I know mu… Read more

I asked for it !!! Cuckold

My partner and her Ex…

I have been with my current partner now for 11 years. She knows all about my previous sexual past and how my first wife would find lovers fuck them then tell me all about her exploits !!
I have constantly hinted encouraged and suggested that she could do the same but apart from one episode very early in our relationship (see Xmas Tights) she has never shown any inclination to repeat or indulge me in my fantasies !
However what she does is tell … Read more

Kath, My Shy Wife, Becomes Her Lovers Whore. Cuckold

Final, instalment of Egyptian story.…

After the initial, excitement of Kath’s week in Devon had started to wear off, we had a long talk, and we both asked some serious questions about our relationship.

She said she was a little concerned about me eating her out, knowing that she was full of Graham’s sperm, and asked if I was gay or bi-sexual. I answered truthfully, that no, I wasn’t and that, I was getting off on her empowerment and heightened sexuality.
I made it plain th… Read more

Cuckold exploration Cuckold

The start of an erotic journey........…

A few years ago I set up an account online as a 50 plus years couple in the North East of England. My aim being to introduce and develop my prudish respectable wife to the world of swinging. I’m 6ft 2 medium build small appendage, low sex drive, she is 5ft 2, medium build dark haired 36DD and shaven and an insatiable sex drive that I can’t appease, lately sex has become routine and not very exciting.

She agreed but said she would not have … Read more

Developing Cuckold

The build up to something special…

A few years ago I set up an account online as a 50 plus years couple in the North East of England. My aim being to introduce and develop my prudish respectable wife to the world of swinging. I’m 6ft 2 medium build small appendage, low sex drive, she is 5ft 2, medium build dark haired 36DD and shaven and an insatiable sex drive that I can’t appease, lately sex has become routine and not very exciting.

She agreed but said she would not have … Read more

The repercussion of my wife’s massage in Egypt Cuckold

Kath’s is turned into a slut…

My wife is turned into a slut.

Kath my wife is rather petite, with dark brown hair, which is cut short into a bob, her elfish face, tends to make her look younger than she actual is. Her figure is toned, with smallish and sensitive breasts, topped with prominent rosy nipples, which have breastfeed our children.

Kath keeps her pubic hair neatly trimmed rather than shaved; her vulva’s outer lips are best described as being, pleasantly puff… Read more

Wife parts legs for younger guy on holiday Cuckold

Shy wife finally agrees to my fantasy of watching her with another man and humiliates me in the process…

My wife Julie is outwardly shy but adores sex and I just can’t satisfy her needs with my smallish cock.

We are both mid 40’s but she looks younger as she is very cute looking and petite with long blonde hair. She is size 8-10 with 32c tits that are really noticeable on her small frame. She has big protruding nipples and always shaves her cunt bald when on holiday as she knows it drives me wild.

Towards the end of last year we had a wint… Read more

Say thanks with a blowjob Cuckold

Diy skills rewarded…

Its been a very long time since i last posted. My wife Jacqui and i have lived this lifestyle many years now but have recently rekindled a long time friendship with a guy we have known for over 15 years . Martyn has regularly serviced Jacqui for most of the 15 years we have known him but we had a silly fall out 18 months ago.
I should explain im useless at diy and take an eternity to do the simplest of jobs. Martyn was always the opposite great … Read more

Sue gets more Cuckold

Caravan fun…

On a caravan holiday my wife sue gave me a treat I been waiting for a long time ,it came from two guy,s in the next caravan who were on a fishing trip .we got to talk with them and spent some time in the club house having a drink with them ,Paul made it clear he danced sue danced with her a lot,she told me he was groping her a lot on the slow dances and rubbing his cock against her.
We decided too have some fun with them both aft… Read more

What the wife wants... Cuckold

Wife says she needs a lover with a big cock…

For some time now my wife has told me she wants a regular lover who has a big cock to satisfy her. She has had fun with 2 guys and has the clone of my mate who sadly moved away before they got to fuck. He has a very large thick cock.

My wife is a size 8/10 has very long legs, an incredibly sexy tight ass, pert 34b tits and a smooth pussy. We are approaching 40 and loving life.

My wife is a very sexy, naughty lady and takes great pleas… Read more

My wife, Lily, Hotwife with boyfriends, taken on dates, but sometimes went whoring. Cuckold

"My pussy and mouth are for other men to use nowadays, ha ha cuckold"…

My wife, Lily, Hotwife with boyfriends, taken on dates, but sometimes went whoring.
Lily enjoyed 'denying' me sex and said "My pussy and mouth are for other men to use nowadays, ha ha cuckold"
Lily has now realised some men like to use her arse and she has learned to enjoy the sensation, and will even do 'arse to mouth' afterwards whenever asked, naughty girl!
Memories come back to me from time to time and I enjoy writing down the experiences… Read more

My wife , Lily, helping a groom-to-be loose his naivety Cuckold

One young guy was about to get married and had never had sex…

Most of the men in cars with my wife Lily are quite keen to abuse her tits when told by Lily that her tits are available for pinching, twisting, pulling, and slapping.
Lily is still religious and feels a bit guilty about fucking other men so ‘repents’ by being ‘abused’ a little.
As far as fuckings is concerned some really young guys use my wife, in their 20's even, and do not care about the age of the pussy they are using hard.
They c… Read more

My wife, Lily wined and dined before long erotic evenings Cuckold

My wife meeting new men…

After 15 years as a faithful naive wife , Lily let a man have the panties she was wearing and he ended up fucking her and he gave her orgasms she had never known before.
So we also started going to swinging parties and Lily found all other men had bigger cocks than me and gave her orgasms .
Men lined up to fuck my wife one after another and she kept on wearing her seamed stockings and very high heels and suspender belt
So she made me advertise… Read more

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Cuckolded again Cuckold

Wife pulls a student in oxford…

My lovely wife went out last night into oxford with her slutty mate both dressed to pull, they ended up at a house party and she spent from 3am until 7am getting fucked by a 29 year old french student I picked her up on a cold and windy oxford morning she was just in her dress n coat she left her bravissimo underwear in his room that I bought her last week and I’ve never seen her in😔😆 what a waste of a hundred Quid she has now gone to bed… Read more

Bi cuck role play Cuckold

First cuck experience of sorts…

Let me introduce myself , my name is Dave and i am a 41yr husband and wannabe cuckold .
For a number of years i have been viewing cuckold porn online and absolutely love the idea of being cucked , the only thing is my wife Carol would have other ideas regarding this lol , so i have satisfied my need chatting online in chatrooms with like minded guys .
Im married to Carol who is totally unaware of my secret , Carol is 39yr mum of 2 young kids , … Read more

He fucked my wife Cuckold

How the tables turned…

So after the many times me, my wife and my mates wife had fucked so many times, we finally got to switch the tables. My mate had split up with his mrs, and was feeling depressed about it. I had fucked his wife all over countless times during threesomes and just fucking her on the off chance when he was out.
Anyway he comes round mine the drinks are flowing and I see him fingering my wife under a blanket he had got. I could see my wife po… Read more

Wife’s BBC fantasy satisfied Cuckold

Wife gets the fuck of her life…

We have been married for around 20 years and have a pretty normal sex life and have added dressing up, toys and role play over the years. The role play is Different scenarios that pretty much lead to my wife fucking an 8 inch black realistic cock that I wear in a harness.She also likes having her vibrating beads in her arse when fucking her black toy. I have always said that she could have one has earned it etc to get her to do it. When I used … Read more

I make my darling a true cuckold Cuckold

I couldn’t fight being bred…

My partner, Gavin, and I have been together for 4 years. We had decided we would put off having children for a few years since we were both in our late twenties. We have an excellent sexual relationship. Gavin haS a nice seven inch cock which gives me great pleasure, especially when heejaculates inside me. That always makes me cum without fail.
Recently Gavin asked me, as we were having sex, if I ever fantasised about fucking a man more well end… Read more

Humiliated by Ally Cuckold


If you have read any of my other stories you will know my wife of twenty odd years has fucked many men behind my back. We both work in the same organisation and she seemed to get off fucking guys I knew. Tommy was no exception. I had worked with him for about six months before he moved to Ally's department. He was a likeable guy and always cracking jokes. Ally and Tommy hit it off and she used to come home and tell me how funny he was. She forgo… Read more

Cuckold fun with a BBC Cuckold

A morning of firsts…

Over the last few months we’ve discussed getting into cuckolding. I’ve always loved seeing Ed’s cock locked into one of his chastity cages (my favourite being a tiny one). On several occasions when we’ve played at a club, I’ve locked him into his cage and had sex with other men (one time 4 of them in a group session in the dungeon) while he’s had to stand and watch.

I did some research online and found a scenario that really turn… Read more

My wife, Lily introduced to my 'shy' friend Cuckold

I told my sexy wife, Lily, how shy my friend…

I told my sexy wife, Lily, how shy my friend was and that he did not

have a girl friend, but as soon as I brought him home to our place

and they met they hit it off immediately, and they hardly stopped

talking, and soon she was urging him into the marital bedroom

(privately, without me) (but I had a secret hidden microphone in the

skirting board, under the bed) and he got into his stride and was so

good at sweet intimate t… Read more

World Cup Sex Cuckold

Rugby party we will not forget…

Like millions of other people around the world my husband and I keenly followed the Rugby World Cup, watching nearly every game, the only one we missed where when we had to work on the Fridays. As the tournament progressed we decided to take a couple of weeks off, go abroad for some sun and watch England in the semi-final against The All Blacks on foreign soil hopefully in a big crowd with a great atmosphere. We found a nice hotel in Rhode… Read more

3 cocks in 1 night, re posted Cuckold

If my cuckold size cock counts…

I’ve always enjoyed SH stories, it reminds me of my preference for Readers Wives when finding my dads Fiesta mags... please search for my older stories, “DJ” should help you find them and I’ve reposted them a couple of times - they still give me lots of wank bank memories

My wife DJ is a sexy little minx, nice size tits with really big nipples, a world class vagina (to steal a line from a film) and the most perfect round ass - very hap… Read more

3some fun, re-posted Cuckold

Hot wife enjoys superior cock…

I posted earlier about how my now wife DJ and I started enjoying regular 3some fun with a friend S; i had captured some of these on video and regularly would watch them wanking whilst my wife enjoyed S's big fat cock

One weekend we decided that we should do things 'properly' and rather than post pub fun we would have dinner together at home; during the day DJ had bought some new underwear, I remember is was expensive - sheer purple material, j… Read more

Hot wife, first fuck with friend (re posted) Cuckold

Hot wife loves big cock…

as posted earlier, my wife DJ and I realised a 3some fantasy that started a long relationship that was filled with a lot of fun

it was a warm Sunday afternoon, we were sat in the back garden having a drink and reading the Sunday papers when S called round and sat with us for the afternoon - nothing untoward happened and when I asked S one time about that Sunday he said he had no sexual thoughts about what might have happened... later that nigh… Read more

My horny hot wife (reposted) Cuckold

Hot wife with a friend…

My wife DJ is highly sexed, dark haired - good sized tits with fantastic nipples, lovely tight pussy usually clean shaved or with a small tuft of hair at the top of her slit and a fantastic round ass that when youre behind it you want to pump for longer than youre able to; DJ emits a kind of sex scent that is just seems to have men thrusting thier cocks at her - she has a great story of a mixed sauna where a guy from nowhere started to kiss her w… Read more

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Revenge cucking Cuckold

price of a fling…

Here's a quick little story from a few years ago.
My wife and I have an open marriage, although it's mostly her as a hotwife, I do from time to time indulge in some extramarital activities.
One particular activity didn't go down too well with my wife.
I began a fling with a young employee of mine, she was just 18 and with me being in my 30's I was very enamoured with her. Before hooking up with her I had hoped my wife would also welcome her i… Read more

Michelle my married slut Cuckold

Cock mad slut…

After many years meeting up with Michelle and her hubby Dermot we had a good thing going
She wore whatever I wanted her to and I used her hard
Seeing her all dressed up in a French maids outfit was a turn on
Getting her on her knees in front of Dermot and sucking my cock as he watches her
She tells him to get out so we can have our alone time and as soon as he is gone she begs to be eaten by me
After she squirts several times I Fuck he arse … Read more

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