3some Fun Cuckold

Make me a cuckold hot wife…

I posted earlier about how my now wife DJ and I started enjoying regular 3some fun with a friend S; i had captured some of these on video and regularly would watch them wanking whilst my wife enjoyed S's big fat cock

One weekend we decided that we should do things 'properly' and rather than post pub fun we would have dinner together at home; during the day DJ had bought some new underwear, I remember is was expensive - sheer purple material, j… Read more

My horny wife Cuckold

Hot wife…

My wife DJ is highly sexed, dark haired - good sized tits with fantastic nipples, lovely tight pussy usually clean shaved or with a small tuft of hair at the top of her slit and a fantastic round ass that when youre behind it you want to pump for longer than youre able to; DJ emits a kind of sex scent that is just seems to have men thrusting thier cocks at her - she has a great story of a mixed sauna where a guy from nowhere started to kiss her w… Read more

First fuck with friend Cuckold

Hot wife...…

as posted earlier, my wife DJ and I realised a 3some fantasy that started a long relationship that was filled with a lot of fun

it was a warm Sunday afternoon, we were sat in the back garden having a drink and reading the Sunday papers when S called round and sat with us for the afternoon - nothing untoward happened and when I asked S one time about that Sunday he said he had no sexual thoughts about what might have happened... later that nigh… Read more

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Cucking the neighbour Cuckold

Our summer bbq adventure…

We hold a summer barbecue each year, it allows my wife (H) to play up to her "stepford wife" persona and gives me an opportunity to seek out my next conquest.

We invite the neighbours round and our close friends, it turns into quite a night after a day of drinking in the sun and they have become legendry events.

At our most recent one, I was introduced to our new neighbours, they had recently moved into the estate and were keen to meet ever… Read more

Sales Conference Cuck Couple Cuckold

What happens abroad stays abroad…

I get to attend conference events all over the world, it's a perk of the job that I take full advantage of, we are allowed to take our partners and my wife enjoys being pampered in the posh hotel whilst I attend the meeting.

The most recent event was in Hong Kong, and my wife was excitedly packing for it, she has some sexy underwear that she brings as well as her special toy that I bought her a few years ago.

It's a 8" dildo and harness tha… Read more

Breaking in my new secretary Cuckold

Slutty secretary taught a lesson…

I have a new secretary in the office (J), she's 21, a size 8 with lovely 32g pert titties, I noticed them in the interview and had to give her the job.

She has proper "daddy issues" and bored me about them during her first day, if it wasn't for the tits and the fact that I knew she would be sucking my cock by the end of the week, I would have reconsidered my recruitment decision.

She gave me her mobile number for "emergency contact" and we … Read more

Cuckolding a Colleague Cuckold

Cuck earning his bonus…

I work with a pathetic man (M), somebody who has held the same role within the company for the last twenty years, he lacks ambition and drive, just plods through his day and I am in the unfortunate position to have to manage him.

The other guys in the office mercillisly bully him, they are all far younger and more successful than he is and they let him know it.

He recently returned from a holiday in Thailand, the first day back in the offic… Read more

Meeting lover Cuckold

Meeting love then cuck arrives…

I woke on Saturday morning all excited and relaxed knowing I was going to see my lover again.
We had planned to meet in Manchester. The hotel had been booked 24hours previously, I had chosen one i had stayed at most recently so I was familiar with my surroundings and more importantly, it was a stones throw away from the train station.
Always thinking I have more time than I anticipate, I hadn’t acknowledged the train times or my ‘getting … Read more

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New Cuck Cuckold

How a normal relationship change for the better!…

I’m Ken a 65 year old bisexual, married to Helen, who is 64. We have been happily married for nearly 20 years (second marriages for both) with 3 children between us from previous marriages. Our sex life from first meeting until about 6 years ago was fantastic. We made love 2/3 times a week, indoors and outdoors and very adventurous. The sex then began to fade until it’s probably once a month now, if I’m lucky! I started to dabble with my fe… Read more

First Time Sharing Cuckold


I frequently read with interest the growing past-time of wife-sharing. I guess it’s more prevalent than we know.

My one and only experience of sharing my wife happened about 15 years ago and we’ve never had the need to repeat it.

Turn the clock back to 2004 and at a time when my wife Penny and I were in our mid 40’s. Both kids in senior school and wrapped up in their own lives.

We had a party at our house (no kids there) and to… Read more

Caged cuck Cuckold


I have to say my husband grabbed the idea of being a cuckold by both hands. I've always known he was Bi from perhaps our third date if memory serves me right, well it was a long time ago, lol.

I was a good sub wife, so I let him watch me getting fucked by real men, when I say real men I mean men that didn't cum in 5 seconds and had a cock that I could tell was inside me without asking! Finding a guy with real men credentials was a hit and miss… Read more

Self Service Cuckold

Wife organises her own fun…

I was back home after work when my phone rang. I am delighted to hear my wife at the other end. She sounded very excited and I was amused, intrigued as to the cause of an unexpected contact and her doubtless excitement, you could tell by the rapid barrage as she spilled the news that she had been chatted up by a really nice looking guy who was in town working as a shop fitter in the new complex. They met as she ordered coffee at a nearby stall… Read more

The consenting cuckold Cuckold

Based on real life, but set to an anonymous setting for you to immerse yourself into…

She was all about new experiences. So to return to a city with her Lover, at the same time as last year was a surprise. More surprises were yet to come.

It was 12 months ago under the warm winter sun they shared a chilled glass of Rose wine and talk casually turned to desires. Her Lover had not forgotten the glint in her eye as she mused about as-yet-unfulfilled desires. The way she idly stroked the stem of glass whilst assessing his re… Read more

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Cuckold creampie Cuckold

cuckold again, a whole week of anticipation…

This is an update on recent First Time Cuckold. My sexy wife Sarah helped her horny friend Jenny by going with her to meet Ryan and they ended up having a threesome.

The sex has been great between Sarah and I since the threesome and I am excited that Sarah is meeting Jenny this weekend for another threesome with Ryan. I have said I am fine with it as long as she is happy and stays with Jenny. I told her I get very horny thinking about her ha… Read more

My Wife's First Big Cock Cuckold

Her first big cock and I was there…

My wife, Tameia and I live in Northern America and have been in the cuckold lifestyle for about 2 years now and she has been with over a dozen other guys so far, but this is about her 4th guy and he has a really big cock. We found him online on a weekend. Big thing was he is almost 15 years younger than us and has a big dick. The photos with his profile were awesome. So she was really looking forward to this and it was her that chatted back an… Read more

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Carla Enjoying Cock Cuckold

We have enjoyed several different swinging scenarios. Carla has an urge for younger male cock, she’s 48 and still in amazing shape. One of our favourite is having a male come to the house.
Our male friend is called Ash and is a good looking lad in his 30’s, we had played with him before but on this occasion we thought we would try soft Cuckold,Carla was excited by this scenario. I texted Ash and set up a date, before he arrived I set up a c… Read more

The cuckold bites back Cuckold

In my last few posts, I told you how my wife, Eva, started sunbathing naked in the garden, and this has progressed to her having sex in our spare bedroom with Clive, our next door neighbour who is considerably older than both of us. I wasn’t sure whether Clive’s wife, Celia, knew anything about it, but I suspected she didn’t. I realised that Eva was effectively cuckolding me, but I realised that, as she wasn’t abusive about it and she was… Read more

Sloppy Seconds Cuckold

My darling wife has had the same lover for over a year and a half. She met him through her business and she literally get to mix business with pleasure. She took that big step to have sex with another man with my full agreement. He is the only other man she has had sex with since we started dating and married.
We have been together 10 years. It was her idea to have sex with him and asked me if I could handle her having it with someone else. I ag… Read more

Yvonne the slut Cuckold

Yvonne was my wife’s friend and our neighbour and almost 20 years our senior at 66 years old but looked 10 years younger. She had a cracking body nice legs hair well kept and lovely tits I had always fancied fucking her but always thought she was slightly reserved. We would invite one another around to each other’s houses or garden parties from time to time along with some other friends around our age. Yvonne was a retired lecturer and her hu… Read more

letting marriage take it own path Cuckold

Hello I want to introduce my self my name is Laura and my husband tells me that I am very good looking. I am a size 12 figure being around 34 d bust 30 inch waist and I have a big firm bottom and a very hairy black bush. I am 39 years old and my husband is Keith and he is 41.I met Keith when i was 21 we went out together for 12 months then We got married. He is not good looking and my mother said to me one day where did you find that ugly bugger.… Read more

Eva gets her own way Cuckold

When Eva came home from work after I had watched her two latest ‘events’ on her sun lounger, she was a bit subdued. She had actually invited Clive, our next door neighbour, down to join her, although she had denied him the ultimate. As I say, she was subdued but, when she realised I wasn’t going to hit the roof, she became more confident.

We talked about it …… we made love, very passionately I might add …… and we talked some more… Read more

Cuckolding my andy for the first time Cuckold

This is how I started cuckolding andy after 18 years. It all started when we went to look at a new Mazda mx5 for me. We was talking to the salesmen andy explained the car was for me. So he turned his sales pitch more towards me and almost ignored andy. When he opened the car I got in and he squatted down at the side of the open door telling me all the features and every now and again leaning over me to point out things in the car. I looked ove… Read more

Tuesday Part 1....... Cuckold

I currently live in York with my current main cuckold partner, though I work in Manchester and I am a successful business woman. As I travel a lot with my work it gives me ample opportunity to be a real naughty slut and sample some real cock, instead of my pathetic partners attempts to satisfy me.

I work away two nights a week, so I have lots of opportunity to have lots of cock on a regular basis, in hotels, bars, clubs and even on an early … Read more

Me too.... Cuckold

For some time, I've popped onto swinging heaven stories but have been reticent to add anything. After all I'm a normal guy, married to a normal but sexy lady. Unlike many contributors I don't have a huge cock. My wife is a size 14, not the size 8 ff women often described on here.

I'm based in Portsmouth and in early December stumbled across a story on here about a handyman teaming up with a guy who wanted his wife fucked.

I then read a cpl… Read more

Pete gets a pegging Cuckold

I had been having sex with Samantha a woman who worked with me as a cleaning lady for a couple of years now, this as encouraged by her older cuckold husband Pete. He was 20 years her senior and couldn’t keep up with her, she was a sexy mynx and always wore sexy underwear and stockings for our sex sessions.
I had fucked Sam in front of her hubby Pete, and he did cleanup on both of us, him cleaning her pussy and sucking me off after I had fucked… Read more

Sam’s Cuckold Cuckold

I work at a large office as a senior manager at a construction firm my name is David. I had been working there a couple of years and not long after I had started there a girl called Samantha started shortly after as a cleaner. We had a few dolly birds working here and some young sluts, Sam was only 3 years younger than me, we were both in our 40's and she was attractive and had a great personality we hit it off from the start, and I preferred tal… Read more

Not what I Thought Cuckold

Hi, my name is Mark I’m a 34, 6 foot tall, blonde, good looking (or so I’m told) and I work in a well known high street bank. What I’m about to re-tell are the events that led up to me, unwittingly, becoming part of the Swinging and Cuckold scene.

About 10 months ago I met a girl Di who is a 33 year old stunner with long legs (she’s nearly 6ft tall) jet black hair and big tits (34DD). When we first met we got on like a house on fire a… Read more

I cuckold my work mate Cuckold

My name is Pete and i'm 22 i'm 5' 10" tall and athletic, and if l say so myself I'm quite well endowed being 9" erect and 5 and half" circumference.I keep myself fit as l'm down the gym most nights after work.

Now me and my work colleague Mike who is 59 and 5' 7" tall and slightly grey and balding.
We were just chatting at lunch time when he said "Do you have any sexual fantasies".
After a moment l said "Well I've always liked the thoug… Read more

The Wife Made Me Proud, BBQ with John and Guest Cuckold

So after returning from holiday in Bulgaria and reminiscing on the teasing Paula had been doing, I would be whispering in her ear while fucking her with what could have happened in the situations on the balcony or on the bed and it made her horny as hell. I even asked her to imagine that if she had the situation again, would she do anything different? Of which in the height of me fucking her she told me that she would have liked all three men wan… Read more

My wife's developing sexual needs Cuckold

My wife, Amy, and I met when we were both 25 years of age, we had both had quite active sex lives before then, Amy losing her virginity when she was just 16, so we both felt we knew what it was all about. We had a bit of a whirlwind romance and we were married by the time we were 28, the sex was great and I fell for her hook line and sinker.

It wasn’t until we had been married a few months that Amy told me she wanted to continue dating other… Read more

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