Cucked at the festival Cuckold

Slut wife set loose in the wild…

As a first anniversary treat to ourselves we booked a long weekend away at a summer music festival.
My cute petite 19 year old wife had already opened up to me about her past and her desire to carry on being a slut. She had just had a little fling with a past work colleague, with my approval, to see if I could handle the situation. I passed with flying colours.
This trip provided the perfect opportunity for her to be a slut away from home,… Read more

Monogamy lasted one year into our marriage. Cuckold

a slut reborn, cucked for the first time…

I met my wife in college, she was sweet sixteen and I had just turned 18. Sex soon became the backbone of our relationship, it truly was an everyday occurrence. What struck me early on was just how confident and experienced she seemed. As much as I tried to take the lead it was always her dictating proceedings. I began to press her about her past boyfriends, she had only said she had a couple here and there. As our past stories will show, th… Read more

BBC loving couples Cuckold

Thai girl gets it good.…

I was with two couples last night who work in the legal sector and very well educated but sexually seemed to be quite frustrated and with very reserved knowledge on intimate inhibitions.

The evening began with myself attending the address given to me via text message by one of the males. As I entered the premises I noticed the strong smell of lavender and a very rotund smartly dressed middle aged woman walking upto me and greeting me with a h… Read more

Giving in to my slut wife Cuckold

My wife always ends up getting what she wants so now she has several lovers…

I love my wife Claire but she always manipulates me into getting what she wants. She is persuasive and loves using the line, “you love me so want to make me happy don’t you?”.

On the flip side I guess I’m a total pushover so easy for her to always get what she wants. This relates to everything in life but most recently sex. She has never openly said I’m no good in bed but now I have seen her with better lovers I realise what she has … Read more

Cuckhold fun Cuckold

I had lots of fun here…

Hi all, back again with another story. This one is fresh and happened at the weekend.

I've been visiting a sites and forums and pages to find something new and fun. I came across an advert. "Male needed for cuck fun". Well I saw it had only been published a few minutes ago so I saw the as and saw they were in the Newcastle area for the night and were looking for a young lad to fuck a wife while the husband watches. Well this has been a dream … Read more

My wife has a kink Cuckold

A introduction to my wife…

My wife has a kink.

You wouldn't know it to look at her and to those who know her, she keeps it well hidden. Perhaps it's a result of her little miss perfect childhood or her Catholic upbringing, maybe it's how the stars were aligned the day she was born or perhaps it's me that has corrupted her.
Whatever the reason is she loves this kink. She loves thinking about it while sitting at the family table at her church-going parent's house. … Read more

Wife told me about her cheating Cuckold

It turned me on when I wasn’t expecting…

My wife (12 years married) had arranged for our kids to be away at her parents for the evening. She said we were going to see a film, but she had to tell me something first.

I knew something had been on her mind, as she’d been jumpy for the last few days and made excuses when I tried to kiss or touch her.

My wife is 37. I think she’s stunning - light brown hair down past her shoulders, nice tits (34D) and a nice round butt that begs… Read more

Cuckolded Twice in my life Cuckold

GF blew an old Greek…

Now in my late fifties I am happily married to lovely lady who is 11 years younger. We often fantasize about third parties in our love life ( usually MMF) and I readily admit I encourage her to dress sexily and get a kick from the attention she gets from guys. I have been particularly turned when she has slow danced with other men at functions and seen 2 or 3 fondle her boobs and bum. We have never progressed further though.

On my part the… Read more

Army v Navy Rugby threesome Cuckold

Wife’s first threesome…

Earlier this year May 2019 I went with my wife Amy to watch the Army v Navy Rugby fixture at Twickenham.

Amy has never been to a Rugby game so we wanted it to be memorable. We’ve always watched porn together and she gets turned on by threesomes and gang bangs. She admitted that her biggest fantasy would be to get spit roasted by 2 men.

With this in mind I started planning to make her fantasy come true. I contacted one of my ex army mate… Read more

3 cocks in one night Cuckold

If my cuckold size cock counts!…

I’ve always enjoyed SH stories, it reminds me of my preference for Readers Wives when finding my dads Fiesta mags... please search for my older stories, “DJ” should help you find them and I’ve reposted them a couple of times - they still give me lots of wank bank memories

My wife DJ is a sexy little minx, nice size tits with really big nipples, a world class vagina (to steal a line from a film) and the most perfect round ass - very ha… Read more

Our journey into cuckoldum Pt3 - Submissive Bf cuck Cuckold

R needs his cock again…

Please read our first two stories to follow our story.

We arrive at Rob's after a busy day but I'd had enough time to dress R for Rob, the usual, stockings/knickers/bra but this time under a jump suit. R currently 32wks pregnant was now finding its hard to wear tight clothes, especially with her sexy undies underneath. I had once again laid the ground work for what would happen, telling Rhi while we playing at home and then messaging Rob the… Read more

Meeting the gardener pt3 Cuckold

And she gets more…

I didn’t get to fuck Claire on the lawn as she said she it was the wrong time of the month. Liar again. The real reason is she was so fucking sore I would imagine. I did get a blowjob on the patio table. I laughed as I came and said “it’s a bit Salty isn’t it”?
The following day was good weather, and I asked about the washing going out.
She said their wasn’t enough to put the machine on last night. Really! Clair was livid when I sai… Read more

Meeting the Gardner pt2 Cuckold

Centre of attention…

Having downed a couple of pints I was becoming more concerned about Claire. I made my apologies and left the pub. When I got home it must’ve been around 5.30. My intention was to ask her why she wasn’t at home when I dropped by on my way to another job earlier. However she was in such a strange mood
I let it go for now! As I knew why! Hi said Claire, how was your day? Biting my lip I said fine! Yours I asked? Busy to be honest she said, (I b… Read more

Meeting the gardener Cuckold

Never knew…

This will be in Four parts!
As the temperature started to rise at the end of last week my partner, let’s call her Claire decided to top her tan up. We’ve recently returned from a foreign holiday and she is quite brown. So I was setting off for work and Claire was already out in the garden hanging out some washing. She had a loose fitting flimsy dress on and it appeared little else. I gave her a kiss and left for the day. As the day progresse… Read more

Sexy as hell fiancee Cuckold

Black cock…

So myself and the better half have always enjoyed fantasies & talking dirty so we thought we would put a profile on swinging site,just doing it was horny and i put pics of her in sexy red pencil skirt & heels and a few other sexy outfits

Anyway 1987 likes & hundreds of comments later its fair to say i was so turned on by the sheer volume of lads who wanted her i encouraged her to enjoy the new found attention and asked what would do it for her… Read more

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Big black and made for sharing Cuckold

First time…

As we continued to swing Katie would as you would imagine got most of the attention
Now very bi she enjoyed the female touch
But as she took more cock
I realised just how horny it made me
I’d watched as Katie took it in every hole
She had started by insisting that the guys used a condom
But had by then decided she would take them bare back
As I’d never tasted condom in her during her fling with her ex colleague
So I knew she… Read more

Cock loving slut Cuckold

Three into one???…

Katies explanation for her sexploits
With her ex colleague always seemed to be
Well it was only sex!!
Just another cock!!
It didn’t mean anything!!
But she seemed to return to him
Many times??
I knew she’d have sex with him again
Would she like to with me knowing???
No I don’t want to she said
But she didn’t say she’d never see him again??
Well if it was only sex!!
Just another cock!!
Then I’d have to make sure I go… Read more

Katies first black cock Cuckold

Watching her…

By now I’d seen Katie take quite a bit of cock
But I knew I wanted to see her take even-more
And wondered how big she could take??
I asked her
And she surprised me by first fucking herself with a cucumber not all it’s length but it’s reasonable girth
Then she rubbed the top of our rolling pin and gestured????
Sitting on the kitchen floor she eased it into her lips
Again she couldn’t take much length but she took its thick girt… Read more

Our journey in to cuckoldum Pt2 - Caged cuck Cuckold

Our first Cuck meet…

So following on from my first story, here is how our journey is proceeding.....
After many messages with lots of suitable guys and either them disappearing or life getting in the way, we found out R was pregnant and I thought 'Thats it for now, not going to happen as she won't want to play'.......and resigned myself to waiting a few years for our journey to progress. But then, one night whilst fucking I mentioned a guy who id been chatting to, … Read more

Watched Cuckold

My dream…

Hi, we play silly games indoors, not sex but who ever wins the dare has to be carried out by the other person.These are always sexual, we're not swingers or doggers, my husband likes me to flash my stocking tops and knickers to other men and it turns me on, probably a bit more than he realizes.
When I lost it was always flashing time usually in pubs and gardens, I asked him if he wanted me to leave my knickers off, defently not, he has a knicker… Read more

Katie my slut of a wife Cuckold

Telling me about her cocking…

So we set about looking for a guy to have fun with Katie
But I wanted to know about (him)??
It was back in 1989
Katie was working in a bakery shop
He was the new temporary baker who was lodging in a local pub
she said she’d started by teasing him
Eventually rubbing her boobs against him as she squeezed past in the back of the shop
He made as to grab her boobs
Don’t you’ll get flour on my top!
The next time she did it she made … Read more

Wife’s used pussy Cuckold

Katie cums clean…

Many years after I’d tasted her used pussy
I found out that Katie was seeing a former colleague of hers
I’d suspected something was going on at the time
but she always denied it
I needed to know what was going on
So I decided to confront her
But I also had to come up with a way of taking it forward?
One evening I started browsing through our naughty photos
Katie asked me what I was doing
Just looking for ideas for some new pics … Read more

Hubby got me GangBanged Cuckold

Hubby introduced me to enjoying lots of men…

I have been Hubby’s HotWife for some years and we mainly got involved in threesome with strangers and went to different swingers places in the London area. I enjoyed showing myself at the clubs and spa’s, but getting meetings with great guys that mainly hubby chose for us to meet at our Hotel room was something I always was looking forward to. Hubby selected men with big cocks, so I got my pussy well stretched when we had our fuck escapades.
Read more

My wife’s used pussy Cuckold

Taking her used???…

Our landlord decided to have new windows fitted
But we were just about to go on holiday
Katie had a word with the Forman Steve who agreed to postpone ours until we returned from holiday
But at a cost
Tea and coffee
Katie obliged even taking them some biscuits on her way to work
We jetted off for two weeks of sun in Greece
And were surprised to find our hotel had a rooftop terrace
Ideal for naked sunbathing
Katie worked hard to g… Read more

Eating the results Cuckold

holiday fun…

We visited Bulgaria for an holiday north of Sunny Beach at a place called Sveti Vlas , however we ventured into the kicking place of Sunny Beach itself a few times both during the day and night.

There were numerous sex shops which we visited and picked out things we may like to purchase. Numerous other shops sold 3 piece bikinis, basically a strapless bra, large briefs and thong briefs, the one we bought was red and black.

Anyway the wife… Read more

Husband total humiliation Cuckold

I humiliated her husband and pleasured his wife in front of him…

I have had an amazing sex life since my divorce. I’m a very highly sexed late 40’s Male. Luckily I’m considered good looking, have really looked after my body and been blessed with a very large cock.

I have found I love joining couples and love it when husbands want me to pleasure their wife. It goes without saying that many married women love a bigger cock, but always surprises me how many men want to watch their wife being pleasured b… Read more

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My sexy wife Cuckold

All true…

This happened some years ago, but it is still vivid in my mind to this day.
It was a Bank Holiday weekend and a friend that was originally a work colleague was at a loose end, so I suggested he came down to visit my wife an me and stay, have a Bar B Q and stuff – he had fairly recently split up with his fiancé and was keen to come down. It was a Sunday and the weather was good surprisingly and I suggested he come down about 1.00pm – typical… Read more

fingered by doctor Cuckold

doctor creampie…

my wife loves being fingered
its her favourite thing especially while using her dildo.

anyway she is in her 40s size 12 and very attractive.

she had a doctors appointment because she wasnt making so much mucus anymore naturally when i fingered her.
she asked for a female doctor but when she got to the gps she was told her regular female doctor was off sick so a male one would be available. oh well she thought its only an examination.

Read more

Amazing hotwife, chastised cuck and me Cuckold

True story about me and a very sexy cuckold couple…

I've just acted this out with J and M. Those initials are totally made up for discretion. J is a very sexy married women, beautiful smile, with an amazing body, more importantly, a very sexy mind. M, I don't know too much about M, I've never seen his face and he is usually told be to quiet when we meet up, he is however, a very willing cuck.

I book a nice hotel room for you both one Saturday night. You both arrive there in the afternoon and ta… Read more

fingering Cuckold

wife fi ngered…

my wife Valerie had been flashing lorry drivers and she wanted to take things to a new level.
I had arranged for her to be tied up at home whilst I invited 2 men round to pleasure her.

i had blindfolded her and left her on our maritial bed in only bra a pants.
she was bound to the bed by her feet and wrists.
her favioute dildo was laid out for the men to use on her but she prefered being fingered to orgasm.
she knew i would be in a chair… Read more

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