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Ex boyfriend and his mates get inside my wife part 1

"“I think I can fit you in lol”"

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We have shared many adventures and I have shared my wife Lily with many many men. The build up to her getting a good hard fucking is all part of the eroticism for us. Followed by me fucking her spunky hole after other guys have dumped their cum inside her and/or cleaning her up after she has been a complete slut. I love it, Lily loves it and we love each other. My favourite is fingering Lily after she has been fucked hard, to feel her opened up, puffy and spunky. She loves me to finger fuck her squelchy pussy and then feed my fingers into her mouth for her to taste her juices mixed with cum. Of course I love to kiss her and taste for myself. She loves it and I love her.

I share my wife and Lily shared her experiences with me. I have listened to her stories of fucking guys before we met and Lily goes into real detail about their individual specialties I,E size, girth and spunk load, or sometimes their sexual preferences for example a married guy she used to see would only fuck her in pub car parks and would literally be inside her for only a minute or two before he came in her. She loved it and these quickies carried on for a couple of years. I love listening to her stories it makes me hard as hell and I can usually wank over Lilies face or tits and if I’m lucky I can last for over a minute or two before I cum.

One of her regular reminiscences was about Kevin who she went out with for a few weeks before we met. She liked him and she loved being fucked by him and by all accounts he really loved fucking her. They met on PoF and she always reminds me how he had her tits out and fingered fucked her in his car only thirty minutes after they first met. Apparently she didn’t let him fuck her that night but sucked his dick and swallowed his load. What a lady my wife, what a absolute slut. They broke up after a booze party on a canal boat that ended up with Lily letting two of Kevins friends spit roast, he and a few other people watched this happen. Unfortunately he didn’t deal with it well afterwards and in Lily’s words ‘turned into a muggle’ so they parted and he moved eventually with his job to Detroit and they lost contact.

However, during the summer Kevin contacted a mutual friend and got to Lily via messenger to arrange a catch up whilst he was visiting family in the Midlands. He was over for a week and only had the Sunday before his return if Lily was free. “What do you think hun” , I could tell she wanted to meet up by her enthusiasm to tell me. Lily had told me how big his cock was and how he got deep in her and how she needed her “full stretch capacity” to engage with him. I never say no and as gave her my standard “your fun is our fun babe” .

Lily and Kevin spent two weeks leading up sexting each other. She shows me her texts, usually she will comment something like “look what he is going to do to me” and even shows me a pic of Kevin holding his enormous cock with the message “carnt wait to meat you”.

So I wasn’t jumping to conclusions about Kevin’s motives for this catch up. Lily instigated the sexting by asking him if he was “still good in the sack” in an early text. Yes he was and he was now planning to empty his sack inside my wife. She was in his words “the dirtiest fucking slut he knew”. Wow Lily loved that one. A couple of nights before they meet Lily is in overdrive, I help her to shave shave her pussy for the adulterer as it’s easier for me to get her looking good and smooth for sex. I love to smell her sex, her smell is intoxicating and a fusion of sweet with musk. I put my fingers inside her whilst I prepare her and love to sniff my fingers and taste her on them. My stomach churns with anticipation as much as Lily’s, this is what we do together and I’m hard as I think about her. I know I’m now unlikely to get to fuck her until after Kevin had finished with her, however, it’s worth every second of the wait. Lily eats very little in the build up in order to aid her flexibility whilst having sex. Preparing her clothes, her perfume, her shoes and best of all her panties and bra for her planned adulteration is all part of the build up. Very often she will ask me to buy her new underwear or perfume for another guy to enjoy and rightly as she always states the enjoyment is both of ours.

We always plan the fine tuning together, especially if it’s a stranger or strangers who are treating my wife as their personal slut or if it’s a re fuck (we don’t do this very often) where and whether or not to let them nut inside Lily or dump on her face, belly or tits. Lily has let guys gangbang her bare back and loves cum on her face and tits, whilst also letting her ovaries and throat get a gushing of warm spunk. Sometimes Lily likes to tell me what a guys load tastes like, for example she knows if whoever is emptying his sack in her mouth has been eating spicy food as she tastes it in their spunk. She really is a fucking slut and I love her.

It’s all getting very horny before Kevin is to visit us and we both love this. Lily takes time to look in the big mirror whilst I observe, she will hold her tummy in and lift her tits and ask me if she is looking fuckable, of course babe he will enjoy you I answer. I ask her if she is wet and she will state “I think so” , thats the cue for me to finger her and report back and of course she is dripping wet with anticipation.

The day before Lily gets a text from Kev and she shows me. There are two guys naked holding their cocks with the short message “remember these”? Xxx . Lily explains that she thinks it’s the two guys who spit roasted her in front of Kevin when they were together. Lily cannot be sure as it was a unplanned drunken fuck on a narrowboat . She can remember letting one of them nut inside her whilst they kissed and the other put his load on her tits whilst she caressed his bollocks. She always remembers the best parts does Lily. She replies “yes I think so, how are they, obviously your still in touch”. Lily also stated she cannot remember the guys names but she remembered them being fun. Kevin comes straight out with it, they would like to come visit tomorrow if you and your fellow don’t mind . Lily looks at me and I do not need to say anything before Lily is texting “I’m sure I can fit them in lol”. Wow I’m creaming my pants just thinking of what’s in store. My slut, my wife, my Lily is going to get tag shagged and used like a whore whilst I get to watch, listen and smell it happening in front of me in our marital home.

Written by Horatiowellbred

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