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Sissy Stories


My Sister’s Ex 2 - Becoming His Slut

Submitting to my sister’s bully ex as things escalate to new desires.

It was four days since I deepthroated Rich to a huge orgasm in the living room of my sister’s house. I wasn’t sure if he would keep to his word and keep my true identity intact but I thought that if he was intending to expose me it would have happened by...

My Sister’s Ex 1 - My Favourite Blue Dress

My sister’s bully ex notices me dressed and I can't resist

My name is Sophia and I’m a twenty-one-year-old sissy girl who loves to dress femme all the time. Over the past few years, I have got more and more daring with my feminine side, going out in public dressed. It was on one of those adventures I discovered a...

Crossdressing Journey: Tentative Steps - The Next Evening

The climax of two fun nights in Bath with a fellow bi guy

This continues after the exploits of the morning before breakfast. I spent the day with a heightened level of arousal in anticipation of what might unfold tonight. I didn’t set any expectations, so that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and instead just thought...

The ultimate humiliation

Peter and his wife decide we were ready for the ultimate party

A couple of weeks later a parcel arrived, which my wife excitedly opened to reveal a his and hers bag containing clothing items and two letters, one for her, sealed I wasn't allowed to read with what would be required from us, but mainly her, a broad smil...


Sissyfication by my friend

My friend makes me his submissive slut

Part 2 After that incredible night with my friend, I tried to process it all in my head. I wasn't gay? I had a girlfriend and enjoyed sex with her but also enjoyed what I did that night with my friend. For a couple of days I avoided my friend, mainly out...


Finally my sissy dreams are realized

My friend seizes his opportunity to sissify me

After that memorable night with my friend I tried to process it, I wasn't gay? I did have a girlfriend. I didn't fancy men but a man dressed in sexy slips and nighties and dresses, well they definitely caught my eye and I did enjoy that unexpected night w...

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The art club visits

Another fantasy

Sissy is tied face up on the bed, arms and legs spread to each corner. Sissy is in full pink sissy outfit but with a hood over her head, only sissy red lips showing. She cannot see anything. As Mistress secures her, she leans towards Sissy’s ear while gra...

Cucked Sissy

My biggest fantasy

Sissy is sitting on her bedroom chair, wrists and ankles secured to the chair arms and legs. Sissy is in full make-up with pink wig, glasses and earrings. She is wearing her pink dress. Underneath, she is wearing a sissy pink bra filled with her fake boob...


The Club part 3

Leaving the house dressed as a slut.

"Get up" his instruction came just as I got the last drop of cum from the floor. "Yes sir" how many times had I said that in the past 20 minuets or so, it was ritual for a submissive like me, though if a request was shocking enough, I was still capable of...