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Outdoor Stories


An afternoon sunbathing

Starting off enjoying the sun but enjoyed so much more

It was a lovely summer’s day so I thought I’d go off to the coast. I arrived at the beach and off I trotted in the dunes laid out my towel slipped into my little bikini and started to sunbath. Laying in my front I undid my top so I didn’t get any strap ma...

Down in the Dunes

She told me she was going to wank me and give me a blow job and she was going to swallow my load for our audience

‘Look to your left but don’t let him see you.’ Sen hissed out of the corner of her mouth. ‘Who?’ I tried to nonchalantly but quietly reply as we walked past the scrub in the middle of the dunes. Of course, it wasn’t at all obvious that we were now loiteri...


Ann fucks outdoors

I can't keep my hands to myself, as we sunbathe naked outdoors.

Ann loved to sunbathe naked, so one summers day we headed out in to the countryside to a car park that we were familiar with as it was one of our evening shagging locations. We found a spot away from and out of sight of the main carpark, spread our blanke...

Surprise encounter.

I had never really thought of meeting couples, but they welcomed me into the lifestyle with open arms... And legs.

I thought I'd share the fist encounter that opened my eyes to the lifestyle. A few months back, last summer, I had just spent the day out walking in the Peak District, I ended a bit lost and returned later than I had planned and by the time I finally got...

Dogging is still around....

Great night in a layby with a great couple!

Hi, before I start I should say I'm not one of those that just gives a quick " I got her, out, called her a dirty bitch and stuck my cock in her before leaving her there..." sort of story writer. My stories (except where I have indicated) are me relating...


Saturday morning we woke up. The sun was filtered by the tent walls. Someone moved and the airbed deformed, moving my body. I never had the comfort of more than a carrimore mat in the past. I was still surprised that Andy and Phil were into camping. I fel...

Lonely Lady Biker - Not So Lonely Now

A quick meal followed by some fun with a stranger

Sarah and I headed for the restaurant next door to the hotel. I followed her behind so I could watch those lovely big hips wiggling in her red dress. We quickly arrived at the restaurant, I stood behind Sarah, holding her hips firmly. My heart raced when...

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After a decade, we met again.

My ex-boss' wife and I were fucking for months. And we met again... after a decade.

Since last year, I have been working on myself, going to the gym often so I can whip myself back into shape. I always go when the place opens or when it will close for the night, not a fan of crowds, especially in places like this. I was on the elliptical...

Pt 11. A night alone with Sal

Me, Lin, Ade and Sal continue to swing

Pt 11 The aftermath of our night at Ade & Sals, was all good. Lin and I spoke about the night when we got home on the Sunday. We mutually agreed that we’d both had a good time. There were no regrets from either of us. Lin did say how much she’d enjoyed th...


It all starts in the evening

Problems with a company vehicle leads to a chance encounter

My Vehicle dies on me on my way home, I've got an Hour travel to go but I'm stuck in the ass end of an A road through the Forest of Dean. Which means typically theres no signal (you know how the mobile companies claim 95-98% coverage? Well I'm in that 2%)...

A Delicious First Meeting

How we interpreted meeting rules to get what we wanted

It started, as I am sure many of these things do, with me seeing her profile on the site. I read the text and wrote her a message. I spent some time on the message. A little humour, some blatant flattery, a little more humour, a bit about me and what I wa...


Sex with an older woman

Edna wanted more sex outdoors.

This all started a very long time ago. I was single, twenty one and still living at home. My mother's best friend Edna lived four doors further up the road. She was a nice kindly sort of a woman. Her husband Joe was a huge man and he worked nights and was...