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Outdoor Stories


Surprise encounter.

I had never really thought of meeting couples, but they welcomed me into the lifestyle with open arms... And legs.

I thought I'd share the fist encounter that opened my eyes to the lifestyle. A few months back, last summer, I had just spent the day out walking in the Peak District, I ended a bit lost and returned later than I had planned and by the time I finally got...

Dogging is still around....

Great night in a layby with a great couple!

Hi, before I start I should say I'm not one of those that just gives a quick " I got her, out, called her a dirty bitch and stuck my cock in her before leaving her there..." sort of story writer. My stories (except where I have indicated) are me relating...


Saturday morning we woke up. The sun was filtered by the tent walls. Someone moved and the airbed deformed, moving my body. I never had the comfort of more than a carrimore mat in the past. I was still surprised that Andy and Phil were into camping. I fel...

Lonely Lady Biker - Not So Lonely Now

A quick meal followed by some fun with a stranger

Sarah and I headed for the restaurant next door to the hotel. I followed her behind so I could watch those lovely big hips wiggling in her red dress. We quickly arrived at the restaurant, I stood behind Sarah, holding her hips firmly. My heart raced when...

After a decade, we met again.

My ex-boss' wife and I were fucking for months. And we met again... after a decade.

Since last year, I have been working on myself, going to the gym often so I can whip myself back into shape. I always go when the place opens or when it will close for the night, not a fan of crowds, especially in places like this. I was on the elliptical...

Pt 11. A night alone with Sal

Me, Lin, Ade and Sal continue to swing

Pt 11 The aftermath of our night at Ade & Sals, was all good. Lin and I spoke about the night when we got home on the Sunday. We mutually agreed that we’d both had a good time. There were no regrets from either of us. Lin did say how much she’d enjoyed th...


It all starts in the evening

Problems with a company vehicle leads to a chance encounter

My Vehicle dies on me on my way home, I've got an Hour travel to go but I'm stuck in the ass end of an A road through the Forest of Dean. Which means typically theres no signal (you know how the mobile companies claim 95-98% coverage? Well I'm in that 2%)...

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A Delicious First Meeting

How we interpreted meeting rules to get what we wanted

It started, as I am sure many of these things do, with me seeing her profile on the site. I read the text and wrote her a message. I spent some time on the message. A little humour, some blatant flattery, a little more humour, a bit about me and what I wa...


Sex with an older woman

Edna wanted more sex outdoors.

This all started a very long time ago. I was single, twenty one and still living at home. My mother's best friend Edna lived four doors further up the road. She was a nice kindly sort of a woman. Her husband Joe was a huge man and he worked nights and was...


Fastest I ever went from chat up to fuck

How a horny slut got the cock she needed...and I never even knew his name

This won’t be the most exciting story out there, but it is 100% true. Although I’m now a respectable (stop laughing at the back) married woman, in my younger days I was a wild, wet, willing slut. My husband doesn’t know 1/10 of what I got up to before we...


What a barn find

going back to our youth found us a nice couple.

Helen and I were in our early forties. We had married very early at seventeen and our kids had flown the nest. I had been feeling that all the fun had gone out of our marriage, and wanted to do something wild again. I set up my plan to bring the romance b...

Chris X

Accidental dogger

A dabble at dogging

It's my habit, if I'm travelling alone, to buy something to eat and drink at a supermarket, rather than pulling into a service area. All I need is a snack, a drink and somewhere away from traffic noise. This was such a day and it was lunchtime. I switched...