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A close shave

Julie had escaped from prison and psych wards for killing her rapist.

I have changed our names as this is a true account of what happened to me. I had owned my new house for just over six months, and due to all the work I wanted done on it, had only moved into it three weeks back. I was sat having just opened a bottle of Me...


Holiday fling turns into so much more

Carrie let herself into my motorhome stripped and dived under the covers.

My wife Penny was off to Marbella for a fortnight with five of her best friends. I knew it would be a boozy affair with sun sea and lots of sex. Of her five mates I had slept with four of them, only my wife only knew about me sleeping with three of them....


Jade was already married

I got jealous, but also excited, hearing Jade making love to her husband

I met Jade completely by accident. The last thing I was looking for was another woman. I had just gone through a very bitter divorce and was relieved to finally be free from her. Yet here I was holding hands with this woman. We had both reached for the sa...

A Delicious First Meeting

How we interpreted meeting rules to get what we wanted

It started, as I am sure many of these things do, with me seeing her profile on the site. I read the text and wrote her a message. I spent some time on the message. A little humour, some blatant flattery, a little more humour, a bit about me and what I wa...

A Hilton in Orlando

A room adventure

I was nightstopping in Orlando and had gone out for a meal and a few beers with a mate , Dave, who lived and worked there. On returning to the hotel , we discovered that one of my crew was a lady he had a huge crush on. She was small , long blonde hair, p...

James T

dirty dilemma

I let an old man watch us fuck and now the wife has a fetish about letting an old man shag her.

I’m James, I’m married to Helen and we’re both 23 and I think I’m in deep trouble because of what I’m about to tell you. Helen is slim, she’s a good-looking girl with freckles and long strawberry hair. I think she’s perfect. Perfect smile, perfect arse, a...

pretty boy

I've got myself into trouble.

shaggign dads partner is so wrong

Hi everyone. I’m Jack, I’m 23 and I have a lot of success with the ladies because according to my mates I’m a ‘pretty boy’. I don’t get it myself but a guess I’m good looking and because I have long blond hair they call me pretty buy. I’m not going to tel...

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secret wife

a confused woman

rough dirty sex with two others .

I’m going to share with you my story because I would like your comments, especially if you are going through the same thing yourself. Not because I want to copy any of you but because I am so confused, and I hope you will understand. I’m a married woman,...

It’s a Hard Life (part 3)

It became a different kind of package holiday when I found myself involved in an unexpected age-gap tryst

Here’s a fond memory from a holiday a few years back. I was in my twenties, newly single and had come on a Spanish resort holiday with a couple of mates. I had been looking forward to relaxing, so when my friends headed into town on the first night I deci...


On my way to being a Hot Wife

So, wishing I had done this earlier in my life, but I am going to make up for lost time.

By way of some background, I am a bubbly blonde, 5' 6” with small pert 32b boobs, slim flat tummy, long thin legs, a very nice size 10 body, I had just turned 59! And still have a very high sex drive, in recent years my hubby who is 64 has struggled to ke...

Kathy T.

My Boyfriends Birthday

I wanted to get him something special this year

Hi everyone, its Kathy again. It was my boyfriend Dave's birthday in 2 weeks and I still couldn’t think of the perfect gift to get him! It was driving me crazy! I happen to mention that to one of his good friends Kevin and he told me something Dave had sa...

Felicia Fucks Strangers 4

Our eyes met across the coffee bar and my pussy told me yes

Fourth instalment from 2019 when hubby gave me a free hand to play. This was in August, a weekend in London which I would normally think of a great opportunity to be naughty. However, this weekend hubby and son were competing in a 100 mile cycle event aro...