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Adventure Stories


Playing with Steve and Julie

Business with pleasure

It was Monday morning and I was looking forward to my first call of the day. The office where Julie works had been a regular customer of the Business, but I had only recently taken over responsibility for that account. In fact, I had in the last week begu...


Cathy wanted a sex adventure

Tom made Cathy lick out the asian girl's pussy while he fucked her from behind.

My wife Cathy was always asking me about what I got up to at university. She hadn’t gone to Uni and loved hearing about all the naughty things I got up to at the parties as well as the girls I brought back to the house me and some mates rented. I guess sh...


Pillow Talk

A stupid game that was very very dangerous

Pillow Talk I often talked with my husband about having sex with a stranger, or being a whore, it was a turn on, it was fun, I even dressed like a whore with red lipstick and it was a game! that we both enjoyed and ended up in pleasing sex it was never me...

A Delicious First Meeting

How we interpreted meeting rules to get what we wanted

It started, as I am sure many of these things do, with me seeing her profile on the site. I read the text and wrote her a message. I spent some time on the message. A little humour, some blatant flattery, a little more humour, a bit about me and what I wa...

Clair's husband

Fun getting out of hand

from peeping tom to rough lover

We live in a bungalow and our bedroom has a floor to ceiling window and sometime ago we noticed that we had a peeping tom. A lad, about 19 or 20 who lived next door. You can’t see in from his house (or his parents house to be more exact) but there is a ga...

Cap D'Agde 2021 Sunburn....the last night and the morning after!

Loving Kiwis - my last play at the Cap with an unexpected return.

For those that read my last story, set at the beginning of my week. I am skipping forward now to the end of my time there. Of course there was much fun during the week - the cute little Finn who wanted me in her ass, the Belgian, the other Belgian, the go...

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Ed Hagar

Wife get rocked at a concert

Turned on watching wife with stranger for first time

This story happened about 5 years ago, our favorite band was coming to our town, so we got tickets, for the show. We were very excited because, we rarely get to go out, but by ourselves that never happens . So I dropped our 4 kids (2 boys 3,7 and 2 girls...

Amanda's hubby.

Holiday romance

A one off unexpected swap.

I’ve noticed that a lot of stories are based on events that happen with strangers whilst on holiday which is what happened to us and why I feel I have to share ours. Our adventure started completely out of the blue. Amanda and I have been married for 15 y...


Threesome with my friend

This was always meant to be

HI I'm back again, the previous 2 stories I've recently put up on the cuckold and dogging genres have been well received, so after careful consideration I've decided this story is the best one to come next, it involves my Hotwife and star of the stories J...

Anon Jane

A shameful secret

The secrets of a wife in need.

I’m not sure if this is classed as swinging but I’m having a bit of excitement that would be considered ‘wrong’ in normal circles and I need to share it with you. I’m a 45-year-old happily married woman. I have two grown up boys. I love my husband very mu...


Dogging adventure

we got the desired results

Over the past three years or so and because of my husband having trouble with his sexual performance , we have explored different ways to heighten his performance and also fulfil my sexual desires . But all of this is as long as we both agree with each se...