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Blonde Stories


Shy Nurse

I could t believe she was so nieve

If you have read my previous stories you know they are all true and not made up, I started chatting online to this woman and we were not too far away from each other, she was very nervous about meeting anyone but I asked her to meet me at a Tesco not far...


Time for part 3 a little late but work commitments have kept me from adding part 3 here goes ; This time I booked a hotel which I knew was on her way home and you could almost see where she blew me off in the car from there. She came in still in her work...


We’ll time for part 2 as many people enjoyed part 1 hope this tickles your fancy The week after our first meeting I was ready for another encounter, we had been texting all week and trying to arrange something, it was Saturday and she had messaged saying...


My Hometown Lady

Part 1 but does go to Part 3

Trawling the internet I found this lady from my home town some 20 miles away and we got chatting, basically we arranged to meet in Manchester City Centre as she worked down there and being self employed I could be anywhere I wanted, we met in this little...


I worked in an office for many years,there were a few men but it was mainly women . I was a senior manager and the atmosphere was flirtatious but nothing more. Sometimes I would walk in when the girls were having a break in the office and could overhear t...

The rude milf who did not want stracciatella

She was rude. And older than me. I did not let her get her way, so we settled it under a bridge...

This little short adventure happened in the prime of my youth, during my university years. As a student, I was not too well off, but I managed pretty good, as I had little need for sleep back then, and balanced my days between classes and student jobs. On...

A Delicious First Meeting

How we interpreted meeting rules to get what we wanted

It started, as I am sure many of these things do, with me seeing her profile on the site. I read the text and wrote her a message. I spent some time on the message. A little humour, some blatant flattery, a little more humour, a bit about me and what I wa...

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Cap D'Agde 2021 Sunburn....the last night and the morning after!

Loving Kiwis - my last play at the Cap with an unexpected return.

For those that read my last story, set at the beginning of my week. I am skipping forward now to the end of my time there. Of course there was much fun during the week - the cute little Finn who wanted me in her ass, the Belgian, the other Belgian, the go...


Accidental Bull Pt 1

A FWB turns into much more

I’d started what I thought was a FWB arrangement with Wendy, mid forties, well spoken, short haired blonde friend of a friend from a series of social engagements. I ended up partnerless one night and her husband, Paul was with her but seemed less inclined...


New Colleague Adventures

New work colleague chemistry

As per my profile I've been lucky to have a number of 'friends' over a couple of decades working across the country for several large companies in senior field roles. I was always super careful as I was married, and didn't want any drama with miscommunica...


My knees were red once master had finished with me,i stood up wobbling after being used my jaw ached,good girl another load in your tummy..i looked up and licked my lips..yes master i replied. I started to remove my clothes and gather them up,leave them h...


...I felt vulnerable but willing as he guided me into the bathroom,he turned the shower on,in you get he said,i hesitated,now he instructed,i stepped in the water soaking my blouse through,my skirt clung to my nylons and the water penetrated everything,I'...

Did I dream it

Strange sex

This story goes back to around 1990 when i drove from Newbury to basingstoke or reading each day. I had travelled this road so many times that you drive in autopilot and wonder how you actually arrived. This day was different in as much as my journey was...