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Coworker Stories


The case of the 'bi' couple and the hetero male

The gorgeous, petite coworker and her fiancé wanted a threesome.

The following story is something I never planned on sharing, but as I read through some of the other stories on SH, I thought, why not. It did not happen that long ago - the year is 2018, I was working for a relatively big company in central London. It wa...


New Colleague Adventures

New work colleague chemistry

As per my profile I've been lucky to have a number of 'friends' over a couple of decades working across the country for several large companies in senior field roles. I was always super careful as I was married, and didn't want any drama with miscommunica...

The Discrete lad

Stories from the hotel

An insight into the really shocking things that happen in our hotel

I love the stories but some of the doubters out there would be shocked at what goes on in the rea world. I love the stories from the guys who work on board the cruise lines and I know for a fact that what they are saying does go on because I work in the h...

Jenni H

straight woman bedded by women.

confused straight wife has weekend of lesbian sex.

I hope no one minds me telling my story on this web site. I know this isn’t really swinging but I’ve hunted the web and I cant find anywhere that is more appropriate and I was hoping for some comments that make all this make sense, possibly from someone w...

Always ready

Workman spunked on my face

I asked could I wear his safety vest and hard hat as he fucked me

In January there has been building renovation work in our street , I would wave at the workers during my daily jogs , one of the workers was on his 30s big strong lad , I got chatting to him he said they were building studio flats , he said he had drawn t...

Horny trucker

True story woman at 21 told me she'd never had sex 100% true Part 1 Yes i am rubbish at spelling and punctuation.

One horny hot lady from shy to cock sucking slut in one night. But it's all true apart from her name.

Hi this happen about 15 years ago I was working in a job in a transport firm which I worked some of the time in the office and the rest of the time driving. Jane was 21 lived at home with her mum a dad. She told me she didn't go out with friends or anythi...


Gary's Party invitation 3

Party cum Fuck Session cont'd

My last story ended with Gary our host and Omar a young work colleague of Rob's, who had both just fucked my Wife Amy & Tina who is Rob's girlfriend and who have both become Fuck buddies of ours , we had all stopped for a drink and some of the food on off...


Gary's Party invitation 2

Party cum Fuck session cont'd

My last story left off with two cheeky lads Leigh & Alun , both work colleagues of Rob & myself ( Dave ), fucking our other half's in our host's Gary hot tub as we looked on with a few other work colleagues of ours, I looked at Ann now , noticing she was...

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