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Shy Nurse

I could t believe she was so nieve

If you have read my previous stories you know they are all true and not made up, I started chatting online to this woman and we were not too far away from each other, she was very nervous about meeting anyone but I asked her to meet me at a Tesco not far...


Shy Nurse

Couldn’t believe she was so limited sexually

Hi everyone if you have read my other stories you will know they are all true not made up and as accurate as can be, I may forget to add some things but I don’t imagine things. I got chatting online to this mid forties lady, she was very nice and as we ch...

Clair's husband

Fun getting out of hand

from peeping tom to rough lover

We live in a bungalow and our bedroom has a floor to ceiling window and sometime ago we noticed that we had a peeping tom. A lad, about 19 or 20 who lived next door. You can’t see in from his house (or his parents house to be more exact) but there is a ga...


Never judge a book by its cover.

couple want help with their roll playing, and it was shocking.

A short story for you. You can call me Dan, I’m 59. I regularly get contacted by married women and couples for sex but the married women of all ages and sizes outnumber the couples 10 to 1. It’s shocking how many married women want to fuck behind their hu...

Amanda's hubby.

Holiday romance

A one off unexpected swap.

I’ve noticed that a lot of stories are based on events that happen with strangers whilst on holiday which is what happened to us and why I feel I have to share ours. Our adventure started completely out of the blue. Amanda and I have been married for 15 y...


The Hotwife - Chapter 3

Hubby loves to show off his wife to strangers…

Sophie follows Georgio into the cinema room with a glass of champagne in hand. She looks sexy yet classy at the same time. They approach at the bottom of the staircase and Sophie looks upwards tentatively at the audience. Although it’s dark she can make o...

pretty boy

I've got myself into trouble.

shaggign dads partner is so wrong

Hi everyone. I’m Jack, I’m 23 and I have a lot of success with the ladies because according to my mates I’m a ‘pretty boy’. I don’t get it myself but a guess I’m good looking and because I have long blond hair they call me pretty buy. I’m not going to tel...

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It’s a Hard Life (part 3)

It became a different kind of package holiday when I found myself involved in an unexpected age-gap tryst

Here’s a fond memory from a holiday a few years back. I was in my twenties, newly single and had come on a Spanish resort holiday with a couple of mates. I had been looking forward to relaxing, so when my friends headed into town on the first night I deci...

Dan and Clair

how we started

Almost railroaded into sex.

Our swinging sex life started when I went into business with another couple who I will refer to as outrageous and demanding in more ways than one. I’m Dan, I’m in my mid 30’s and married to Clair who’s the same age. Clair had always been quiet and reserve...


I was set up

My dirty minded husband gets what he thought he wanted.

Why am I writing this? A message to my husband. A good few weeks ago when we were finally allowed to mix with other people, rather than my husband use that time to be able to mix with family and friends he used it to trick me into having sex with a guy he...

Sir Arthur Cumalot

Lust Story

Taking my wife's cherry

LUST STORY Even after all this time, we're still mad for each other and deeply in love. With no distraction of kids, I think a lot of our mutual attraction is down to our age difference of a good few years.  I met Ellen a few weeks before her 21st birthda...


Insane Sue Part 1

Filthy public sex in London

Insane Sue If you have read my previous story Pounding the Passionate Pensioner, I mentioned that certain meetings stick very firmly in the mind. Carol was the most fantastic one-off meet I ever had. This is the tale of a different nature, one which is al...

Welsh bull

we fuck fuck his wife

We fuck his wife whilst he looks on patheticly.

You are telling your stories calling them weird sex but nothings weirder than what my wife and I do with another couple. My Mrs and I are both 26, she’s really pretty, her nickname in school was Elfie because she’s a bit on the skinny side with tiny tits,...