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The one with T at the spa club

Erotic non fiction of my Killing Kittens spa party

Arrived by train. Left stuff at hotel. I was very excited, tried to relax and not think too much. T looked stunning. We found the club which had a short, slow moving queue. As we approached the sign in desk we put our compulsory masks on and entered the c...

Daddy Stuart

Sowing wild seeds

Legs wrapped around me, hands were on my arse cheeks, ensuring that I didn’t pull out when I came.

It was almost at the start of the Thatcher Years in 1980 when I was out with my wife in one of the better pubs in the poorer run down part of town. Thatcher was so busy fighting unions and the EU that she temporarily let the domestic scene slip. My wife w...


Who's pussy was it

A tall man was fucking Caroline, believing that he was fucking Erin. It was me fucking Erin.

Doreen Lydia Erin Caroline Not good Nice Pretty Mixed race I lived in quite a large village in my teens. During the days at school we boys, as it was an all boys school that we were bused to, would talk and fantasize over the girls that went to a school a...


How we returned to swinging

I found an advert and picture of my best mates wife, in a swingers magazine, cheating on him.

Sorry that this is a bit long winded but I felt the whole thing needed to be said. This all started when we were eighteen or nineteen, in the days before the computers took over the world. I had met Anne, and my mate had met Brenda. If I had met Brenda fi...


Muff diving

while Ron was muff diving Alma's pussy I was diving in diving in his wife glend's pussy

The first bad snow of the winter had just fallen and I decided to take the bus instead of risking my car. I had only moved into this neighborhood two months back and didn't really know anyone. I had just waddled into the shelter when I watched a neighbors...


Housekeepers duties

When Rod finished fucking Steph, his father George took over fucking her.

Steph, my wife, and I had been married for a little over five years. She worked as a housekeeper for an old couple. The guy died and the woman had dementia and was taken into care. Steph was soon looking for another job as we could not manage the mortgage...


Our first party

Loretta said she slept with nine, or was it ten men.

My wife Loretta and I had gone in for swapping and up till then had very good experiences. Then Stella and Frank suggested that we might like parties and that there was one coming up shortly, They had attended this group a few times. Frank said that the m...

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A family affair

My aunt was sucking my brother's cock and waving her arse at me.

My wife Ruth loves the stories on SH and suggested that I tell my story. It started a little over thirty years ago when I was nineteen. I was living away at University and only came home for the holidays. My brother and I had a favorite aunt, Aunt June wa...


He lied to her

We swapped wives for their holiday

Albert was at my door and asked to come it. It wasn't an evening we had arranged for him to come and fuck my wife, and me his wife. I let him in anyway. My wife Lila joined us and Albert explained that his wife wouldn't go on holiday with him. She didn't...