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The last throws of the dice, but will be the outcome?

HORNMANJI: The last throws of the dice - Part 5. The finale. So here we are. After delay and delay and endless struggle you mucky pups finally get an end to this five-part filth-fest. May you enjoy the salacious and saucy goings-on as this journey complet...

As we all remember we left our couples trapped in the house but also trapped on the board, unable to move. What gives, man? Well all the answers are here now in the next scintillating chapter of our latest sprawling saga. WOULD ALL THE PLAYERS PLEASE STAN...


Our second full swap

Wife gets more adventurous and takes things to the next level

My wife secretly organised a couple for us to meet. A bisexual lady and her husband - a tall blonde and athletic man. I tell the story from my perspective. You and I met for dinner at a restaurant bar in London and I thought it was a regular date night. O...

HORNMANJI: The game for couples continues

The next three turns in this saucy game

Welcome, welcome, welcome back to the second part of this big adventure. We left our game explorers trapped in the house of Art and Amy and locked into playing the game, down to their underwear. Will they manage to get out of their predicament in one piec...

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HORNMANJI: a game for adventurous couples - part 1

The adventure begins for three unsuspecting couples

So, the clue is in the title as to what inspired this one. Needless to say we’re in for a magical, fun-filled, sex-even-more-filled adventure, although that said it may feel like more of a slow-burn compared with previous stories. Let me know what you thi...


Lewis Doppelgänger lifestyle finally catches up with him

Have we got to the end of this short story about mistaken identity quite so quickly? It appears so…but what of the invite Lewis received at the end of the last chapter? Let’s rejoin our dim but diligent hero in this final part. IF I’M EVERYWHERE, WHERE AM...


Lewis starts to understand that being himself might be better than being others.

THERE’S A LOT OF ME ABOUT - Part 4 So, how will Lewis cope now his relationship with Kate is over before it began? What escapades will he stumble into next? What was the last film to win all five major awards at the Oscars? All of these questions and more...


First time swinging Playa del Ingles Club

Our first time swinging and what great time we had with a fabulous Irish Couple

Our 1st time swap Playa Del Ingles club This is my memories of our first experience of swinging in November 2017. We had been going to Gran Canaria for a number of years and enjoyed our times there, we had even ventured as far as the naturist beach at Mas...


The party finally gets in full swing

Finally we’re here and oh my word what a ride it’s been. This is the last part of Martin and Michelle’s first swingers’ cruise. Without any further unwanted palaver…let’s get into it. THE PARTY STARTS Once Michelle and I got back to the cabin we immediate...

Happy Birthday Cab!

We always spend birthdays together but apparently not this time, my 59th would be spent alone, or would it?

Sen and I love buying each other gifts, not for birthdays or Christmas, no we have never bothered with them but especially of late we love to buy each other sex toys and me being a bit of a pervy hubby, I have only recently found that I love wearing sexy...


As things build-up our couple split!

Aw! Have we got to the end already? Not quite. Here is part 5a of the story as things are winding-up and winding-down as the tale of Martin and Michelle begins to cum…I mean come to a close. I hope you’ve all been enjoying it thus far. And just as a warni...