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Female masturbation Stories

female masturbation

Revisiting fun times with the Ex

Out of the blue message from my ex gf leads to campervan fun

Hi everyone, this is just a tale of a recent, random meet with an ex girlfriend of mine….. Wednesday night and my phone pings, it’s Sarah (not real name) an ex from a years back. We dated for about a year, I say dated but in reality we just got drunk and...

HORNMANJI: a game for adventurous couples - part 1

The adventure begins for three unsuspecting couples

So, the clue is in the title as to what inspired this one. Needless to say we’re in for a magical, fun-filled, sex-even-more-filled adventure, although that said it may feel like more of a slow-burn compared with previous stories. Let me know what you thi...

The mother in law

husband working away she lives in the same house as the M-in-law who takes advantage of the lonely younger woman

"See you in three months." Mark leant over to give her a quick kiss before walking down the path to where the taxi sat waiting. He lifted his hand to her before stashing his bag in the back and getting in the car. Nancy waived until the car was no longer...

Thursday morning

Part 4 -last-

I look at your photo gallery again, your shapely butt is beautifully flexed, in the next photo you expose your belly, I look down and I see a beautiful pussy. She is very shapely, her lips close beautifully, I imagine you are in front of me, your legs are...

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Separate, but far from alone, the new Sergeant and Mel cavort in Forston

Here we are again, folks with Part 5 of the sprawling epic that is HOT AND FUZZY. I hope you’re enjoying it so far and I guess if you’re returning to read some more you probably are. I guess that means that I should just shut up and let you get on with it...


The sleepy town of Forston is pretty far from sleepy!

So here is Part 1 of HOT AND FUZZY (there was part 0 if you missed that). It’s a very obvious homage to HOT FUZZ, as such there will be spoilers for the film, and it is an eight part story in total (including part 0). I hope you enjoy… Day 0 Expulsion fro...