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HORNMANJI: a game for adventurous couples - part 1

"The adventure begins for three unsuspecting couples"

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So, the clue is in the title as to what inspired this one.  Needless to say we’re in for a magical, fun-filled, sex-even-more-filled adventure, although that said it may feel like more of a slow-burn compared with previous stories.

Let me know what you think at the end.


“Selective Treasures,” I read out-loud as I looked at the sign.  “What an unusual name for a thrift store”.

  “It might be worth looking in,” my wife Amy helpfully suggested as we hovered undecided outside.  The two of us had decided to venture out for the day and had happened across a very small village of twenty, maybe thirty cottages in pretty much the middle of nowhere called Lakeview Solace.  It had a post-office, a cute little pub, a very old-looking bank, a school, a corner shop and this unusual oddity.

  We wandered over to the window and stared inside and our curiosity grew even further due to the oddities on display.  There was an ancient globe but all the place names were from colonisation times, a golly was looking out on another shelf, a video box-set of the seventies comedy “Mind your Language” and a three foot, slender, wooden carving of a tribal warrior all increased the sense of otherworldliness.

  “Weird display to entice people,” I observed as both of us gazed at the display, but, I had to admit I found the African tribal figure intriguing, and I could see Amy was drawn to the golly.

  “There might be something fun inside.  Besides we could do to find something for the dinner party,” Amy replied, and she was right.  We were hosting two other married couples in a week’s time at our house and it had become tradition for the host to bring something unusual each time to make things more interesting, due to Elias’ habit (much to his wife’s disdain) of purchasing items that soured the mood.  One time he’d brought a spicy chilli chocolate that no-one could eat and another time a sauce that ruined the meal and left everyone hungry.  From this the tradition was born for hosts to provide the interesting tidbit, prop or souvenir and now it was our responsibility.

  In the store were stuffed birds, old mirrors, darkly varnished furniture that seemed weirdly foreboding, a monkey’s paw, cutlery sets that appeared to be wedding gifts (unwanted), actual Humpty from the TV show Play School and a selection of very old Games, including earlier versions of Ker-Plunk, Crossfire, Tank Battle, Tin Can Alley and a wooden box on top of all of them that was covered in dust, even though everything else around it seemed relatively tidy and clean.  I picked up the box and brushed away the dust so I could see what the cover looked like.

  “HORNMANJI: A game for adventurous couples.  2-6 couples,” my wife read the cover over my shoulder.  “What do you think it means?”

  “I don’t know.  Do you think we’re adventurous?” I asked her, just about to pop it back on top of the other games.

  “Very much so,” Amy replied with a serious expression.  “Do you not remember last month when we went to BINGO on a whim?”

  I thought back to that night.  Boy, were we such wild and crazy kids back then in the yesteryear that was last month?

  “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I replied as I remembered how fun and daring we were.  “I won FIVE pounds that night as well”.

  “Yeah, but it cost us six pound per person entrance fee,” Amy pointed out, creating a little bit of a sour note, but this was only a game.  I doubted there’d be any price to pay here.  I went to the counter where an older gentleman with silver hair, a dark grey three-piece suit and a crooked smile tilled it up for me on an old-timey cash register.

  “Nine pounds ninety nine, please?” the somewhat sinister shop owner stated.

  “Do you take Apple Pay?” I asked.  The man looked at me like I had just taken a dump in the middle of his store, before he reached down and brought out a scanner.  I placed my phone near it and the device gave its merry BIP, before I put it back in my jacket and picked up my prize.

  “Have fun,” the shopkeeper advised, although for some reason it felt his words were more like an order and a little like a warning.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I stared at the myriad of vegetables before me, shallots, spring onions, pak choi, mushroom, tomatoes, peppers, chilli peppers, potatoes and garlic and realised I was in for a Hell of a lot of chopping.  My wife Amy was upstairs beginning the three hours of preparatory work of getting ready whereas I would need only forty minutes at most, such was the disparity between the different sexes’ standards of beauty.  As a married man I knew better than to ask about the differences.

  “Okay, veggies.  Let’s not make this any more painful than it needs to be,” I advised my multi-coloured collection of edible plants. I grabbed a large spud that I was about to chop into cubes and odd end bits and brought my knife in for four quick chops to split it into five levels.




I looked about me as the last chop sounded like a cross between a drum and a thunder-clap.  I was no longer in the kitchen but in an outdoor setting.  In front of me was a fire, I looked about my person and my clothing had gone save a cloth around my waist.  On my right was someone I knew in similar garb, my friend Elias, his belly protruding above his cloth with it under the material like an old man’s pants.  To my left was another friend Will in identical get-up looking skinnier than me with war paint or something else smeared across his torso.  I stared out past the flames and I could make out a number of women, half-naked to the waist, with the one across from me being my wife Amy.


  I stared down at the chopping board and I was right back in the kitchen.  The darkness of the tribal-gathering, replaced by fading afternoon light.  My first worry was that I’d accidentally chopped my own fingers off but this was not the case.  I had to swing my head around the room to make sure I was definitely back home in my own kitchen.  I marched to the hallway and shouted up to Amy.

  “Hey!  Everything okay?”

  “Uh-huh!” Amy yelled down over the sound of her hairdryer.  I raised my eyebrows dismissively of my bizarre vision.  I picked up a layer of potato and began to chop this into four.




  There was no mistaking it this time.  I was back around the tribal fire, staring out at my topless wife.  I licked my lips as my eyes roved over her body, hips wide, a tiny waist and a chest you could play bongos on, not that I ever did.  On Amy’s frame this all looked in superb proportion and my body couldn’t help but respond to the sight before me, however I then noticed movement either side of her, more topless female flesh.


  “Mother-fucker!” I whispered beneath my breath.  I didn’t know what was occurring but every third best of my knife it echoed out like a drum-beat and the fourth stroke would bring me back.  This time I needed no convincing to keep chopping, but I figured it made sense to do it a lot slower. I grabbed another layer of potato but slowed down the slicing.

  Chop!  One…two…three.

  Chop!  One…two…three.


  This time I adjusted far quicker to the environment, noting my wife's relevant position in front of me, but now I could concentrate on the other topless figures either side of her.  On one side was another woman I recognised straight away, it was Elias' wife Emma, standing slightly smaller than my wife.  Emma had slightly larger proportions and so seemed to have an almost dumpy shape, her long blonde wavy hair in stark contrast to Amy's red hair, she possessed the same wanton look as Amy too, a brazen stare as though she was deliberately on display and very much enjoying it, gazing at us under her brows like she was assessing us as much as we were her.  I then moved my eyes to my wife's left and saw another woman I was my friend's wife, Wendy.  She was taller than Amy and Emma with straight black hair and more slender than both women, stood with her shoulders back, her eyes filled with the same intoxicating lust that we all seemed to be consumed by.  I took a step nearer the fire and...


  "Oh man," I muttered into the air.  I was starting to become extremely aroused by these flourishes in another land and another time.  I found my breath coming in shorter bursts as the scenario played out with increasing intensity.  I took another layer of spuds and began the process again.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four.


  I took a further step towards the fire, expecting my wife to do the same, but it wasn't Amy that moved forwards, it was Emma, the two of us seeming like we were being pulled towards each other through some unknowing force.  I glanced either side of Emma as we moved towards each other and could see three more women on either side of the three I already knew, but my eyes right now were drawn to Emma's shapely form heading towards me, my loin cloth tenting in response to her buxom body, my eyes coveting her delicious form, my body responding even more as her hands touched my chest, her breasts just beneath her hands pressing against my body, their warmth setting ablaze deep inside me, till I sensed movement around me and…


  “Son-of-a-bitch,” I mumbled as yet another potato level got chopped.  I grabbed another spud urgently and placed it on the chopping board.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four…five.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four…five.


  I turned to face the movement as Emma rubbed her body against mine, it was Will on my left walking around the fire and embracing my wife Amy, her arms flung around his narrow shoulders as she  squeezed her body up against his lean torso, their lips pressing together instantly as the two of them gyrated their hips against each other, dry-humping frantically.  I returned my attention back to the delightful blonde rubbing herself against me, Elias’ wife Emma.

  “So what’s a pretty girl like you doing at a tribal gathering like this?” I asked as our faces came ever closer.

  “Waiting for you,” Emma replied before her mouth met mine, her tongue gently pushing forward her hands sliding up my pecs and moving around my neck, her hips grinding against my length as we moved against each other, my hands quick to her backside forcing her hips against my tool, my own tongue surging outward to mash against hers.  For a moment I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Elias with his head at Wendy’s tit, his lips around the nipple as he sucked hungrily on the end, Wendy with her head back and all clothes off, her hand reaching out and tugging on his rod as he also stood minus any garments.  I moved my eyes to try and spot my wife and the others with us but…


  “You gotta be kidding me,” I breathed as I stared at the chopped-chip shapes.  I grabbed another plane of potato and counted out again.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four…five…six.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four…five…six.


  I tilted my head so I could peak on my left more and there was my wife on her knees, naked all the way down, bobbing her head along Will’s prick, providing him with a long wet blow-job as he stood defiantly, hands on hips, eyes closed savouring Amy’s mouth as slathered all over his tool with a strange bend to the side.  For a moment I felt my heart burst with a jealous pain till I felt Emma slide out of her remaining clothes and tug around my waist to remove my loincloth, leaving all of us naked around the fire in this hot night air.

  “Do you want something to eat?” Emma whispered in my ear as she ground against me.

  “Very much so,” I replied as I dug my fingers into her fleshy glutes, as I enjoyed the feel of her ass in my hands.  Emma then eased the two of us down and pushed me onto my back.  I licked my lips in anticipation of her fleshy clam being lowered onto my mouth and my eyes being able to absorb the delicious sight of Emma’s under-boob but as she moved her pussy over my face she spun around and led the opposite way on my body, instantly wrapping her hand around my girth.


  “Hi-yi-yi did not expect that,” I commented before moving my mouth forward and sliding my tongue between her slender lips, her tangy flavour sending my tastebuds to their happy place as I felt her mouth move over the crown of my cock and…


  “Oh-ho-ho-ho, you cheeky…” I began before switching the spuds around to chop them the other way.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven.

  Chop!  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven.


  Emma’s mouth slid down the length of my pole, taking half of my into her oral instrument, sucking yearningly on my fleshy log whilst he hand yanked at me further down as my tongue flicked at her nub, then along her fleshy crevice as I held her in place with my hands gripping her cheeks.  I heard a guttural moan from my left and saw figures on the ground, moving against each in the distance but next to me on me right was Elias and Wendy, Will’s wife on all fours as Elias began to move behind her, thrusting himself into Wendy as she rested willingly on all fours, licking her lips at Elias’ efforts.  I continued to lap at Emma’s tasty quim as she slurped away at my rod.

  I turned to my right and there was Will on top of Amy, her legs up in the air as Will’s lean torso powered into my wife, Amy moaning and sighing in agreement as Will slid his skinny pole inside her.  I could feel my cock thicken as Emma wrapped her lips around my end, her head moving enthusiastically up and down my length as Amy sneered encouragement at Will, the two of them locked together in furious fucking as they began to build up speed, their bodies illuminated by the cascading orange flames of the fire as they whispered to each other inaudibly over the crackling of the flames, the only sound that could be heard being the sound of the sighs and moans of lust and longing.

  I could feel my own balls tighten as she slurpily worshipped my girth, her hand moving up and down me as my tongue slipped between her fleshy flaps, delightedly exploring her folds and the delicious juices found within, her funky taste tripping my senses.  I could hear the sounds of the others around us including Amy as Will fucked her, her moans of encouragement being distinctly audible as I closed my eyes to focus on the woman astride me now as she sped up her efforts her mouth sucking on the end of my tool as the cum made its way to the end till I could take no more and…


  “Holy Christmas!” I whispered, instantly grabbing a level of spud to chop.





  Nothing. Whatever magic was in the air, me reaching my finish had ended the journey.  I checked myself and found I was still hard, the orgasm I’d experienced in the other realm had only occurred there thankfully.  I rubbed the back of my neck in mild frustration, popped my earphones in and tried to find a documentary to take my mind off my strange out-of-body experience, wondering if it was only me who went through that.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  “Art, do your hair.  They’ll be here any second,” my wife chastised me, gently.  If she was really angry she would have used Arthur…Art meant I was still just about in the good books.  I headed to the bathroom and straightened out my unruly hair.  It did get somewhat wild after a shower or a snooze and needed regular taming.  It was starting to turn grey as my forties had continued, but I embraced it, unlike my wife who dyed her red hair in order to mask any diminishing returns in terms of her natural hair-colour.

  Personally I wouldn’t care if she was grey but women did tend to want to continue the illusion of never-dimming hair colour until well into their sixties and I was sure my missus would be no exception.

  The doorbell went and the two of us headed down there to greet our first guests of the evening.  Standing there looking as boring as ever was Elias and his wife Emma.  Elias was around my height of five feet ten, slightly paunchier, somewhat more receding and no matter how often he shaved seemed to be beset by permanent five-o-clock shadow.

  Emma by comparison was a ray of sunshine.  At five foot two, she was shorter than my wife (at five four) but her shape was more fulsome, topped off by wavy blonde hair that billowed down past her shoulders.  Emma would always feel somewhat embarrassed by Elias’ quirky ways and I often wondered why she put up with him.

  “Welcome,” I said as I moved aside to let them both in.  Elias bustled in, giving me a grunt before moving over to my missus for a customary welcome kiss (I always wondered if that kiss held for too long) before Emma moved over to me for her customary welcome hug, her arms slipping around my neck as she pressed herself against me.

  “Oh, we haven’t seen you guys for so long,” Emma sighed into my ear as she held on tight.

  “You are ALWAYS welcome,” I replied as I squeezed her close to me, her boobs (larger than my wifes) were squishing against my chest delightfully and part of me wanted to move my hand down to Emma’s slightly larger backside and grab a piece.  I could feel her hips pressing firmly against me as we clung to each other for far too long before letting go, accompanied by a stern look of rebuttal from my wife Amy.  “Who fancies a drink?”

  “I’ll have a Fosters, Emma probably fancies a wine.  A wine dear?” Elias asked after assuming for his missus.

  “You could live a little and have something different for a change,” I suggested.

  “Why would Emma want something different?” Elias asked, affronted.  I smiled as I picked up his Fosters and spun around quickly to hand it to him.

  “Emma?  I was talking about you,” I joked.  The two women chuckled at Elias' expense and he begrudgingly smiled at my jape at his expense.  I was just about to introduce the centrepiece of tonight’s dinner party when the Ring doorbell went again and both Amy and I walked over to let our guests in, opening the door to reveal other couple friends, Will and Wendy.

  “Hello, hello, hello.  Good evening, sir,” Will bantered as he came in for a hug, being a lot less stuffy than Elias, before moving onto a hug from Amy with Wendy, a more slender brunette who always seemed somewhat standoffish compared to Will, moved over from a hug from me.  I moved my arms around her awkwardly except tonight she pulled her arms right around me, emboldening me to do the same.

  “Thank you both for coming,” I whispered in Wendy’s ear.

  “Not a problem.  Always fun seeing you guys,” Wendy responded as she held me close to her lithe torso, her hips pressing firmly against my waist and as we stayed in that position I noticed something that I thought was my heart beating loudly in my chest…but it wasn’t…instead it was the sound of drums, beating out a steady rhythm over and over and over again, pulsing as I held onto Wendy, who was only a couple of inches shorter than me.

  I opened my eyes wide as I felt myself starting to react in response to her body being so closer to mine.  I pulled away expecting Will and my wife to clock me a dirty look but as I checked them they were still locked in their embrace, only separating after Wendy gave a loud “AHEM” cough to make them aware just how locked together they’d been.

  “Sorry about that…I…don’t know what came over me,” Will replied quite flustered after hugging my Red-haired firm-bodied missus who plumped up her hair after their embrace.  It felt like there was some sort of otherworldly force pushing and pulling us tonight.  As I sniffed the air I surmised it must be the beef in black bean sauce we’d been preparing that was riling us all up.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  “So, what interesting tidbit have you guys picked up?” Elias asked, leaning back confidently, feeling secure that whatever we had must be as bad as the mystery jelly beans that Will and Wendy bought that were largely lime.  It was a most disappointing night.

  “Something I guarantee none of us will have seen before,” I said as I left to get the game from the kitchen.  I could hear them talking in the front room and my wife batting them away from guessing what it was.  I held the wooden box out in front of me and laid it on the table for everyone to see.  Elias was the first to speak after a brief inspection.

  “Looks like a cutlery case,” Elias quipped, clearly intrigued but jealous.

  “HORNMANJI?  What’s that?” Will enquired with a smirk.

  “Well, according to the description it’s a game for adventurous couples,” I replied, getting assorted ‘OOH’s from everyone gathered.  “I guess the question is…are you adventurous enough?” I questioned.  Will and Wendy both nodded enthusiastically with Elias and Emma looking uncertain.

  “I don’t know, Em.  We’re not really the adventurous sort,” Elias remarked, seeming genuinely concerned over whether they should play.

  “Of course we are.  Don’t you remember last week?” Emma asked with a corresponding degree of certainty.  “We bought that wallpaper from The Range last week that had no price on”.

  Elias nodded and went wide-eyed as he thought back to their previous escapades of derring-do.  Truly the game would be within their capabilities.  I opened the case up and saw the swirling path the game took around the board.  There appeared to be no instructions on the squares but an orb in the middle glistened ominously as if about to impart the relevant information.  For a moment we all stared at the dice unsure who should go first, before I decided to take a chance and hurl them onto the board.

  “Hey!” Elias shouted, disappointed that I took charge.

  “Look if you want to go first instead…oh,” I stammered as my figure, one of six at the start, seemed to move of its own accord across the board to the four I threw, before the orb in the centre of the board shifted and words formed within.  All of us leant forward to read what the instructions said.

Your garments are enticing to these fiery red ants.

So it’s wise to get rid of your skirts, dresses and pants.

  “Huh?  What the Hell does that mean?” Elias asked as we all pondered the riddle, till we heard a scratching sound emanating from the walls, a sound that got louder and louder until from the doors and skirting boards an armada of ants emerged and started skittering their way towards us.

  “Holy guacamole!” Will shouted as he stood on the sofa with Wendy as the ants trundled across the floor towards us, all of us climbing on furniture as if that could save us because ants couldn’t climb.  My mind scrambled as we stood there terrified trying to work out what to do when I remembered the poem.

  “Strip!” I suggested.

  “WHAT?!” barked Elias.

   “Strip!  Down to our underwear.  I think it’s how we stop the ants!” I countered as I dropped my trolleys faster than a Virgin on seeing his first naked woman in the flesh, as soon as I did, I unbuttoned my shirt and flung both across the room, as I did the red ants that were heading towards me, reversed course and headed towards my clothes instead.

  “He’s right!  Come on!” Will barked as he and Wendy unfastened their clothing, stripping down to their unders and tossing their outer clothes by the door, the ants getting near to them but happy to change direction and go where their dress, pants and T-shirt all wound up, leaving Elias and Emma nervously perching on the coffee table as the ants closed in on them, hopping from leg to leg, clearly hoping the ants wouldn’t be able work out this mind-boggling tactic as the irritating insects reached the corners of the table.

  “You’ve got to get your stuff off, Elias!  It’s the only way!” Will pleaded.  Elias shook his head stubbornly as though he was one of those people from a disaster movie attempting to justify why blatantly stupid decisions were being made in the face of obvious facts.

  “Elias.  Strip!” Wendy demanded.  This seemed to finally trigger a reaction in Elias who dropped his pants just as the ants closed in and flung them into the corner as Emma pulled her summer dress over her head, revealing a matching red set of bra and panties (meaning someone was gonna get lucky later tonight) and threw it to where Elias pants lay.  The ants moved away from Emma but then kept on moving ominously towards Elias as he balanced on one foot then another on the table.

  “Your shirt!  Take off your shirt!” Emma yelled.  Elias began to slowly unbutton the clothing from the top before Emma had enough and yanked it from the bottom over his head and tossed it away, finally causing the chattering bugs to all make their way from us over to our outer garments.

  “What the Hell kind of game is this you’ve bought?” Elias shouted as he found his voice again.

  “We need to get out of here,” Will suggested.


  “Agreed, but I think we’re probably gonna have to drive,” Wendy replied, pointing out our semi-clad state.  I nodded and all of us headed for the front door.  I gripped the handle and pushed but it wouldn’t budge.

  “Must be locked,” I pointed out, heading back to grab the keys.  I inserted the metal widget and jiggled it about only to find the door was decidedly unlocked, but the handle wouldn’t budge.  I gazed around my friends to try and explain but they merely looked back expectantly, wondering why the door wasn’t for opening.

  “What’s the hold-up?” Amy whispered, as she pressed her face close to mine.

  “The goddamn door won’t budge!” I reported, shaking the handle trying to force it loose.

  “Let me try,” Elias insisted, moving forward demandingly before gripping the handle and using all his strength (of which there wasn’t much) to move it, but it was like the unworthy trying to force the over-rated cutlery piece Excalibur from its knife-sharpening holder, the effect that Elias had on the door was negligible.

  “We can’t get out!” Elias announced to everyone what Amy and I already knew.  “What are you trying to do to us?”

  “We’re not trying to do anything!” I replied defensively, feeling strangely fragile as we all stood about in our underwear.  It was then that I heard the sound of drums, at first I thought they were in my head like the fantasies when I was cooking but when I looked at the others I could tell they were hearing it too.  I looked at my wife who nodded, knowing what I was thinking before I expressed.

  “It’s coming from the front room,” Amy informed us.  We trundled back to the room, the red-ants still chattering over our clothes meaning we were not getting them back.  All of us craned ourselves closer to the game and stared at the central orb which, after beginning cloudy, formed another rhyming couplet related to our situation.

Leaving is impossible for you and your friends

You may only exit when this game ends

  “Was this your plan?  To get us all naked?” Elias barked.

  “I had no idea it would be like this,” I replied, forcefully.  Elias’ snarky comments were starting to piss me off.  I understood he felt aggrieved, as did I, but everything I’d done had been in good faith.

  “Oh come on!  You expect me to believe that you had NO inkling this would occur?” Elias sarcastically postulated.  I shook my head but for a moment the visions I had whilst cooking returned, seeing ten people fuck around me as Emma was positioned solidly on the end of my cock.  I began to speak, feeling somewhat vulnerable when Amy stepped between Elias and I.

  “Art did nothing wrong, and you having a go at him will not help the situation,” Amy interjected, whilst Elias struggled to keep his eyes up towards Amy’s face as she stood in front of him in her underwear.

  “Sorry,” Elias muttered as he sat down humbled by my wife.

  “Now I suggest that we get out of this situation by completing the game as soon as possible.  Anyone disagree?” Amy continued.  None of us disagreed with her and we all took our seats around the board.  “So whose turn is it now?”

  “Why don’t you go next?  After all you’ve got the dice in your hands,” Wendy suggested to Amy.

  “Huh?” Amy remarked, staring at her hand and realising she had indeed picked up the two cubes that had started tonight’s nightmare escapades.  Amy flucked her wrist and watched the offending three-dimensional squares flick through the air and came to a stop with a three, Amy’s piece sliding forward past mine and stopping at the appropriate spot, the central orb clouding and then having more words appear.

You ladies must beat to the sound of the drums

You will make them stop when one of you cums

  “Drums, what drums?” Elias asked out loud and impertinently.  We all looked at each other puzzled before Wendy, the youngest amongst us tilted her head.

  “Listen,” Wendy advised.  All of us stood still as we held our heads in the air and listened intently, before the sound became audible to each of us.




  A slow, almost murmuring drum beat, resembling a heartbeat in the background, not dissimilar to our own beating chests.

  “Well this doesn’t seem that bad,” Elias barked.  “Maybe we should play on,” he suggested.

  “Wait,” Amy stated, holding her hand in the air.  Our attention still caught, we remained motionless listening to the drums.




  “It’s getting louder,” I said, feeling foolish as everyone stared at me as if to say “Yes, we noticed”.

  “It’s gonna keep getting louder, until one of us finishes, I think,” Emma suggested, looking around, feeling somewhat uncertain.

  “I think you’re right,” Amy agreed.  “Shit,” she continued as she peered at everyone else for a moment before lying back and placing her left hand on her boob and her other hand down the front of her panties.

  “Oh my…what the?” Elias began, clearly wanting to condemn Amy but also being unable to pull his eyes away.

  “It’s the poem,” Amy explained, strumming her pussy whilst staring straight at Elias.  “Beat to the sound of the drum, till one of you cums”.

  Emma nodded as she moved her hand behind her, unclasped her red bra and slipped it off before matching my wife with her hand on her boob and the other down her  fierce red knickers, the two women locking eyes as their hands moved beneath their underwear, my wife’s left hand pulling the cup down so she could tease the nipple as my red-headed missus gazed at the blonde Emma, the two of them imagining lord knows what as they moved their fingers beneath the material.

  “Oh, fuck this,” Wendy interjected, taking a different approach as she got up and removed her panties and leant back, legs open exposing her quim to the air as she slid two fingers inside herself whilst circling her bean with the other hand.




  The drums beat ever louder as now all three women were leaning back on the two armchairs and sofa, legs open wide, one topless, one bottomless and my modest wife still with bra and knickers on all playing with their pussies whilst sighing and giving gentle mews of delight as their breathing would quicken, lips being bitten, eyes glazing over as they would look at each other and their passionate action then switch gazes to other  people.

  I watched as Amy gazed at Emma as she pressed her lips together, her stomach showing her deepening breaths as her fingers moved quicker, flicked my eyes over to Emma whose teeth were clenched together as she squeezed her fingers around her nipple and pummelled her love-button beneath the lacy material.  I then moved my gaze to Wendy whose eyes were fixated on me, her fingers moving in and out of her sloppy gash as her other lubed-up fingers glided sweetly against her clit.  I let my eyes stay on the brunette lovely as she held my stare, my eyes gliding over her still covered boobs, something I was definitely looking forward to seeing more of as her thighs trembled whilst her sexual imagination soared, I was hopeful it was with me making an appearance in there.




  The drum beats were getting louder the more time went on, causing the furniture and walls to vibrate.  I imagined that if this went on unhindered that it would start to become painful even for all six of us, but I cast such thoughts aside as I watched all three women pleasure themselves.  Wendy averted her gaze as she closed her eyes and let her head top back as she fingered her snatch and flicked at her nub, her hand moving at speed over the tiny yet powerful piece of flesh.  I turned my head and as I did I spotted Emma now peeking my way, eyes filled with lust as she sneered longingly at me, her left hand moving down to her red knickers to pull them aside and give me a clear view of her fingers playing with her pussy as she eye-fucked me, her mouth wide before she ran her tongue over her lips, before biting the top lip, her hands mashing against her privates as she stared at me and was imagining what, I couldn’t even begin to fathom.




  The drumming sound was now shaking the room every time it pounded but my attention was consumed by Emma as our eyes were locked on each other, her breathing getting more shallow as between the pounding bass, the three wives' sighs and moans were reaching a crescendo.

  “HURR!  Hmmm.  Oh God,” Wendy breathed as she stared at Amy, both hands working her pussy.

  “Oh yeah.  Oh my.  I’m almost there,” Amy sighed as her breasts heaved as she was so near finishing as she pulled on her left boob and spun her finger over her clit.

  “Oh that’s good.  Hmmm, yeah!  OH OH OOOH!” Emma yelled as threw her head back, her legs jamming together, her hand lodged between her thighs as her orgasm wracked her body.  The drums stopped suddenly, the sound emptying from the room leaving only Amy and Wendy's mounting gasps as they were so near finishing, before the two of them withdrew their hands from between their legs and all three women began putting their underwear back on, although I sensed it would not be long before it was off again.

  The tension in the room had risen quite dramatically by now, with all of us menfolk protruding around the waist area, constantly moving junk around down there to make it look as though we were neither disturbed or aroused by the women's partial undress or the show we had just witnessed.  Each of us were looking at each other, very aware of what had just occurred and equally wondering what was going to happen next, because someone needed to throw the dice other than myself or Amy, but no-one seemed to want to pick up the cubes and take a punt.

  "Oh, give it here then," Wendy demanded as she got up and grabbed the white boxes of chance and flicked them over the board, watching them bounce and roll till they gave up on a seven, Wendy's piece sliding along the squares moving past mine and my wife's pieces and stopping at the appropriate place.  We all crowded in to see the latest poetic instruction/challenge from the misty and mysterious central orb.

Your breasts are going to swell the most

They must be drained by tonight's hosts

  "What?  What the fuck does that mean?" Wendy asked, befuddled by the puzzling prose.  "I mean my tits have never been..." Wendy began before looking down at her pert breasts that were no longer pert, they were straining at her bra, pressing against the material as they were straining to get out.

  "What on earth?" Elias began, his eyes staring at Wendy's increasingly expanding chest.Wendy looked like she was starting to feel uncomfortable and so reached around as her boobs strained the material even more so, but somehow managed to unclip her bra, the material flicking off and towards Wendy's face as the straps on her arms meant it was not going to ping off Carry-On style, however we could all see what was happening as Wend's modest breasts became Wendy's whoppers.

  "We've got to stop this...within reason,' suggested Will.  Wendy looked at her husband with an anger that suggested even if she was going to get out of this situation he was most definitely in the dog house as her rack became monumental as it expanded.

  "Jesus Christ how do most women manage to put up with large boobs, my back is killing me already," Wendy complained as her boobs expanded to what must have been a double H by now.

  "Can someone help my wife, PLEASE!" begged Will.  I rubbed my head as if to try and remember the instructions.  "Your breasts are going to increase the most, they must be drained by tonight's hosts,"

  "We have to suck on them!" I said to Amy.  Amy's eyes went wide at my suggestion.

  "What?" Elias questioned, temporarily removing his eyes from Wendy’s ever swelling mammaries before returning his state there.

  “Come on,” I said to my wife as he moved next to Wendy who was now on her back, the weight of her huge triple H feeders keeping her down.  “We need to suck on them to get them to reduce,” I explained.

  “Just get on with it then!” Wendy replied, her eyes wide with fear.  I looked across at my wife who nodded determinedly before we attached our mouths to Wendy’s nipples, our lips wrapped around the sensitive yet toughened flesh, switching between firm sucks to our tongues swirling around the darkened point of her enormous jugs.  “Oh god this hurts but your mouths feel amazing,” Wendy breathed, eyes closed.

  I looked over at Amy who returned my stare as she grabbed the gigantic tit in place and began to suck as if she were a hungry newborn when suddenly the right tit exploded in my wife’s gob.  Amy began to cough as the boob pumped its white liquid into the air.

  “COUGH, COUGH, COUGH!  What the fuck?” exclaimed Amy.

  “No, it’s working!  That’s what we’ve got to do, keep going, keep going!” I explained as I held the massive nork in place and began to slurp that end like our lives depended on it before I felt the breast start to pump into my mouth but, being prepared for what was coming, I kept my lips around the end and eyes closed as I concentrated on draining Wendy’s immense rack, Amy and I gobbling down the milky warm liquid coming out of Wendy, as we did so I could feel the breast begin to reduce in size and was certain Amy could feel that across from me too.

  “Oh, don’t stop.  That’s fucking amazing,” Wendy begged as I felt her fingers go through my hair holding me in place.  I flicked my eyes across to see she was doing the same to Amy, unlike me though Amy was neither shocked nor bothered by the presence of Wendy’s fingers through my wife’s hair as my wife moved her right hand down over Wendy’s stomach and between her panty-clad, rubbing Wendy over the lacy material.

  “Oh, fucking Hell!” Wendy sighed as she pressed our faces even tighter to her rapidly-shrinking tits, the milk squirting past our lips and down our throats as Amy continued to rub against Wendy’s snatch, aiming to finish the job from the previous go and push Wendy towards an orgasm after she teetered on the edge before.  By now Wendy’s boobs were down to an F cup but needed to end at a C.  She gyrated her hips steadily against my wife’s hands as she held on to our heads as her breasts were nearly back to their normal size, but I felt like both Amy and myself wanted to make sure she finally got to finish, which my wife confirmed by moving her hand from the top of the flimsy material and slipped it inside.

  “HO!  What are you doing?!” Wendy gasped as she gyrated her hips against my wife’s hand as she worked it either over or inside her pussy.

  “Finishing you off,” Amy answered as Wendy’s head flew back.  “Want me to stop?”

  “Oh God no,” Wendy breathed as our mouths successfully removed the swelling of her boobs back down to their usual C cups, although Wendy’s hands kept us firmly in place, her hips flicking up against my wife’s fingers as Wendy’s breath came in ever shorter bursts, before her fingers dug into our scalps.  “HO, FUCK, STOP STOP STOP!”

  Wendy stiffened beneath my wife’s touch and then relaxed into the seat beneath her till her body went completely limp.

  “Oh my stars.  That was amazing,” Wendy admitted, placing her bra back on as Amy and I retook our seats, although both of us were getting noticeable daggers in the looks from Will, and weirdly enough, also from Emma, although to be honest, at this point I had no idea why?


So that’s the end of part 1 of HORNMANJI.  Join us next time for the next three goes as we see how this jungle-based sexcapade continues.  See you all soon.

Written by goodafterboob

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