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Cheating Stories


Brokeback shower

Playing with another guys cock

Some years ago I was working away in London building an exhibition for an exhibition company. They put us up in a small hotel near the venue. We worked pretty long hours to hit the deadline. One evening after a particularly sweaty day at work and after a...

So, I have been writing about my wife of late having sex with our neighbour Ian. Today though, I felt horny after finishing work early, went on to a hook up site and a chap local to me just wanted to suck a cock and go meet. I text to say I would be there...

As we all remember we left our couples trapped in the house but also trapped on the board, unable to move. What gives, man? Well all the answers are here now in the next scintillating chapter of our latest sprawling saga. WOULD ALL THE PLAYERS PLEASE STAN...

HORNMANJI: a game for adventurous couples - part 1

The adventure begins for three unsuspecting couples

So, the clue is in the title as to what inspired this one. Needless to say we’re in for a magical, fun-filled, sex-even-more-filled adventure, although that said it may feel like more of a slow-burn compared with previous stories. Let me know what you thi...


Back in Anya

She said don't tell her sister

Having taken my punishment I was feeling a lot less than guilty about fucking Anya. I went around to check the tap was still OK. “Yes it's fine thank you. Would you like tea?” “I would, thank you.” First step, in the flat, second fuck her. “Do you like Uk...

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There was no train, but we found a bed.

The Unions were responsible for me cheating.

It was at the beginning of the rail strike that I had my second exciting adventure. It started months before. I am not sure when it started or exactly how. Liam asked to sit at my table in a crowded railway station cafe. We began talking. Over the next fe...

Ally Humiliates with Bill

Wife cheating again

You may have read other stories about my very naughty wife. This one is from about 10 years ago but she only admitted it recently. My friend Bill and I have been mates for 20 years through work although we don't socialise as couples we know his wife Carol...


Separate, but far from alone, the new Sergeant and Mel cavort in Forston

Here we are again, folks with Part 5 of the sprawling epic that is HOT AND FUZZY. I hope you’re enjoying it so far and I guess if you’re returning to read some more you probably are. I guess that means that I should just shut up and let you get on with it...


Things get better for the sergeant with a surprise and a fantasy

So, if you’ve reached this far you’re at the mid-point of the story. I hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed creating this fantasy version of HOT FUZZ. Day 2 Meet and Greet I woke up as my alarm beeped me awake. I reached out and knocked it...


In the randy village of Forston the plot thickens, as does the new sergeant's truncheon!

So here it is. We're already three parts in with this one (after Part 0 and Part 1) and we finally get to meet more of the horny villagers of Forston, Somerset (side note we visited Wells, Somerset this year, and found it to be amazing. I recommend it to...

Married lovers - Part 1

This happened a few years ago, but is still fresh in my mind

James and Sophie had known each other for many years, they were married but not to each other. They met via the men’s work first becoming friends and then lovers. This is an account of one their adventures where they managed to get away together for 36 ho...