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The last throws of the dice, but will be the outcome?

HORNMANJI: The last throws of the dice - Part 5. The finale. So here we are. After delay and delay and endless struggle you mucky pups finally get an end to this five-part filth-fest. May you enjoy the salacious and saucy goings-on as this journey complet...

As we all remember we left our couples trapped in the house but also trapped on the board, unable to move. What gives, man? Well all the answers are here now in the next scintillating chapter of our latest sprawling saga. WOULD ALL THE PLAYERS PLEASE STAN...

HORNMANJI: a game for adventurous couples - part 1

The adventure begins for three unsuspecting couples

So, the clue is in the title as to what inspired this one. Needless to say we’re in for a magical, fun-filled, sex-even-more-filled adventure, although that said it may feel like more of a slow-burn compared with previous stories. Let me know what you thi...


Lewis starts to understand that being himself might be better than being others.

THERE’S A LOT OF ME ABOUT - Part 4 So, how will Lewis cope now his relationship with Kate is over before it began? What escapades will he stumble into next? What was the last film to win all five major awards at the Oscars? All of these questions and more...


Lewis learns that the many ‘hims’ have good and bad lives

So last time (like the movie serials of old) we left our hero in a tight spot…but, would he be able to get out of the howdy-doody car in time? Let’s find out shall we? THE REAL KATE AND THE FAKE LEWIS. “You aren’t Lewis,” Kate stated arms folded. “Er…I bl...


The party finally gets in full swing

Finally we’re here and oh my word what a ride it’s been. This is the last part of Martin and Michelle’s first swingers’ cruise. Without any further unwanted palaver…let’s get into it. THE PARTY STARTS Once Michelle and I got back to the cabin we immediate...


For the new sergeant things explode in Forston, literally and sexually

So here we are part 4 of HOT AND FUZZY. I’ve got to say in honesty this is the biggest part, it has the most sex and was arguably the most fun to write. There is some male-on-male sex featured so if you don’t want to read that then we will see you in the...

Trevor T

I turned Sadie into the slut she really was.

Sadie squealed and then groaned. It was the groan she made when I fucked her from behind.

It was at a party where Sadie first cheated on me. It was at one of my girlfriend’s mate’s house’s that I had not been to before. I knew some of the girls had planned some games, but I had no idea what they were planning to do. During the evening I notice...

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Mandy and Ben

The sex games room

On my return Mandy was tied firmly to one of the benches and Veronique was behind her fucking her with a strap on cock

About fifteen years ago my wife, Mandy, and I were in France looking at buying a chateau. It had twenty-eight bedrooms to give you some idea of the size. It was in pretty poor condition as it probably hadn’t been lived in for at least ten years. I was loo...


Our new house

As she went up the stairs I could see her bush of pubic hair, she had gone au natural.

I had just left my bank manager and he had told me the most that I could have for a mortgage on a second home. I had to dash to see the estate agent at the house that I fancied. I was surprised that it wasn’t the chap that I had organised the viewing with...


Another man's wife

Dennis demanded that I stop sleeping with his wife. I told him it was his wifes choice and not his.

Being single at thirty-four wasn’t easy. After my divorce, at first, I wanted nothing to do with women. Then my cock reminded me that it had been the best part of two years since it had seen any action. Morning erections and unwanted ones throughout the d...


Claire taunted her husband while I fucked her

Claire was on the phone telling her husband that I was fucking her doggy style.

This happened a long time ago. I had just started to see Sally. I didn't really want to be with her but I was trying to get with her sister. I had fucked Sally a few times in the back of my old car. In fact I took Sally's virginity in it. She had already...

Ben H

Our first accidental dogging

Before I could say anything he had raised her legs and plunged his cock deep in her pussy.

We didn't have much money but we had each other. Sonia loved sex and often instigated our sessions. I had bought her a vibrator but she wasn't impressed with it. I had seen duo balls but being broke I decide to see if I could make something that would wor...


Wife turns into an exhibitionist

We played a game and it was like a swithch had been thrown. Rosin changed into a real hotwife.

We had been into swinging for a while. Rosin was still shy and would only swap behind closed doors and not even in the same room as my and whatever partner I had. The last swing had brought us and invitation to a party. We attended and again Rosin managed...

T & D

Our first Orgy

My girlfriend persuaded me to go to our first orgy.

I have just read a story on another site that reminded me of something that my girlfriend and I Joined in with many years ago. Trisha and I had been swinging for some while and had a couple of threesomes. Trisha was keen to go even further than we had alr...