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Party Stories


Party Season

Shy wife has fun

So, we are at the end of another party season. My wife June (name changed)works in a small office, goes to a couple of evening classes, one for aspiring authors, the other is keep fit. I am retired, June has a while to go, but is trying to cut work back....


We drove Sue to her first party. We arrived early as planned. Fay gave Sue her bag. “Put all your clothes in there and hang it on the numbers peg.” Carol explained. Carol pulled her top off. Sue shrugged and pulled everything off. “Is it just us?” Sue ask...


Party time

In a naked house

Sharon was in the back of the car with me. "Why do they have a room like that?" I asked. "They have parties." "SEX PARTIES" I asked loudly in disbelief. "Swinging parties, yes." "Has Paul been to them?" I asked in a whisper. "No, only couples get invited....


Summer Solstice is known for gatherings. We have a week-long party. Friday 17th June and Penny took the children to their parents. I cleared toys into the children's rooms and locked them. By the time Penny and June were back I had the rubber mats out of...


Xmas Party fun

Dirty M fucked three men

I told how I fucked Amy after leaving the company but when I was still there 7 years ago we had a xmas party. At this point I was in an unhappy marriage but I was seeing a married woman and had an exciting and passionate affair. One of the female members...


Helen's first gang bang

I watched as Helen gave one of the men a blow job for the road, and she swallowed his cum.

My wife Helen is far too much for me and over the years she has had many lovers to aid me in keeping her happy. When this occurred her latest lover had just moved away and Helen was getting frustrated that I wasn't able to keep up with her needs. I had he...


Carol and Roger

All up to date

Roger and I have now been together for years. We have both told you how we met. Now I will bring you all up to date. We have moved in together and have a young family so our wild times are better planned. We met a couple online and they introduced us to a...

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House party fun

Sleepover after the house party turns into sneaky sex

This happened around 1998-99 when i was in my second year at college. A friend of mine lived in a block of flats that was normally used as holiday apartments during the summer season, but was rented out to students for the rest of the year. It was a fairl...


Wife turns into an exhibitionist

We played a game and it was like a swithch had been thrown. Rosin changed into a real hotwife.

We had been into swinging for a while. Rosin was still shy and would only swap behind closed doors and not even in the same room as my and whatever partner I had. The last swing had brought us and invitation to a party. We attended and again Rosin managed...


New Neighbours help us settle in.

We find that the neighbours are more than just good friends

Lisa an I were no strangers to sexploits as we had tried swinging, threesomes and foursomes and even a couple of orgies. Our only rule was to be honest with each other. Then due to my work commitments and a promotion we had to move to a new town. We visit...

Fun for everyone

A sex party facial for my wife and I got used as well

He was wanking close to her face and I got some of the spunk

A sex party facial for my wife and I got used as well - last year we were invited to a “adults only stress releasing party” if you k ow what I mean. We are a liberated couple who know how to enjoy ourselves , my wife is bi and is not shy when it comes to...


A gay guy watching lesbians at a sex club

The vocal demands and pussy dildo fucking was

Last August i got a invite to a sex party , it was masquerade ball , all sexualities ive been to a similar club in manchester. First let me introduce myself i am Gerard and i am single and gay, there was a time i was bi and burnt the candle inbetween men...

Annon housewife

my first and last orgy

Boring housewife to strangers toy

I am going to keep my personal details a secret because what I’m going to share with you can ruin my life. I am 32, married with a small family. My husband has a very good job and as he says’ he earns enough for the family, therefore, I don’t need to work...