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Club Stories


I met Cherry at a club

We had a funking good time

I first met Cherry at a club. It was her first club I had just arrived, stripped off and wrapped a towel around me and taken a walk around. I was sat on a sofa looking for hints from a couple that had just arrived. The woman took her coat off. She had wha...


Shower 🚿 55

Away again and a home coming surprise.

Friday Separated again, Anna is away on her trip, I am away on mine. I had a few online chats, mostly men, but only one real offer. I was encouraged one man and I did go for a drive, but first he said go to a car park, then redirected me to a house. When...


🚿 54

Time away

Monday I have been chatting to a woman and a man online. The woman seems to have stopped chatting, but the man is still chatting but not getting closer to arranging anything. Tuesday Anna gave me her attention this morning. She says she is having lunch wi...

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AO Swingers Club in Germany

Couple try a AO swingers club while on holidays in Germany and have unprotected sex

We Try an AO Swingers Club in Germany We were traveling to Germany for a holiday break. Lisa my wife had heard from a swinging couple about AO swinging in Germany. If you don’t know, AO stands for "Alles Ohne", In essence people have sex without condoms....



Hoping for a baby

Poor Emily, no more drink, the only pleasure she has left is tennis and sex and soon no tennis. We went to the club. Emily said I had to pick the most virile men to fuck me. We took a dozen men, "you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you." I sel...


Saga 10

A week to test

When we got home, Kay stripped herself. I could still not believe Kay was there. "Are we sending out for food or are we cooking?" Kay asked. "Sending out, what do you want?" "Cock, what do you want?" "You, food can wait." Kay had told me I could do anythi...


The Club


"Is this it?" Irina asked. The club was on an industrial estate, hardly any windows, lots of parking around. "Yes, are you sure about this?" I asked. "It is not very pretty?" "It looks better inside." "Let's find out." I paid for an entry. "Locker number...


Anna's Trip

A night of pleasure

I dropped Anna for her flight yesterday. I did have lunch lined up with a girlfriend, but she had to cancel. So I am here hoping for some meets in York next mouth and chatting online with Star Hyke on in the background. They are a ship full of sex mad wei...


6 men

2 cunts

Emily and I went to the club with a plan to get filled. We walked in with towels around our waist. I selected my first man. They would all be tall, young and slim. "What's your name?" "Clive." He answered, his hopes rising. "Do you fuck bareback?" "For yo...



With Phil and more

On Wednesday Phil and I went to a swinging club. It was half past two in the afternoon. Andy was meeting us later. It was my first club. Phil introduced me to Fanny and Dick, I don't think it was their right names. We had a coffee and talked about the clu...