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Games Stories



The game becomes increasingly dangerous

We left our horny players in a possible bind but what will occur next? Well…you’re just about to find out so let’s crack on. FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS EXCEPT WHEN THEY’RE NOT. BHWANG! The note echoed ominously throughout the house. Every time the gong or wh...


Lewis learns that the many ‘hims’ have good and bad lives

So last time (like the movie serials of old) we left our hero in a tight spot…but, would he be able to get out of the howdy-doody car in time? Let’s find out shall we? THE REAL KATE AND THE FAKE LEWIS. “You aren’t Lewis,” Kate stated arms folded. “Er…I bl...


I caught Ruth cheating on me

Ruth confessed she was with Clive and he was licking her pussy getting it ready for a good fucking

I met Ruth when I was twenty one and by twenty two we were married and expecting out first of three babies. In those days I had a slight feeling that Ruth had cheated on me. There wasn’t one particular moment or one particular man, buy just a deep seated...


Our swingers club

It was agreed to have swapping weekends

Hi, Keith and Daisy here. Were not members but have used your site for inspiration for some ideas. We are forty-three and forty-two years old. We have been members of a swinging group for almost fifteen years. About five years back we contemplated leaving...


Pleasing older gentleman

More grateful than any young guys

It would have been 3 to four weeks after doing the porn video as a present , from a young wife to her husband and his friends . When Wendy and myself caught up for one of our 3 times a week catch up for gym and coffee . We were in the changing room puttin...

Jedi Master

Jenny saw the shining light

I indicated with a laser light for Jenny to play with her own pussy, she was soon rubbing her own clioris.

I often worked in a building that was higher than the neighbors property across the road. The elevation allowed a view straight into a bedroom. I had worked there several times before I noticed that the woman would come home from work and immediately stri...


Cheating with older women

My mates asked if Janice had any mates that wanted to play

My mates all knew I was seeing and knocking off a thirty five year old married woman. Being just nineteen most of them thought that I was one lucky bastard with the exception of one who had a far higher moral compass than the rest of us and perhaps a bit...


My girls a slut

My girlfriend now wants to go dogging

I first set eyes on Joan at a wild party. Her and three other girls were playing a drinking game with a difference. They would try to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup. If they missed they would suck off one of the men stood around with their cocks hangi...

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Tim, Pippa and Andrea

Two become three

holiday games end with changing partners

We went on holiday with six other couples, none of us were married and it was shaping up to be a pretty wild affair. I had been with my girlfriend for seven months and this was the first time her parents let her go on holiday without them. We got to the v...


game gets out of hand

My wife and I play a game that

My wife and I have played a game of forfeits for over three years. Basically if you loose the first part of the game, then you get a forfeit. If you fail to do the forfeit then there is an overall forfeit that we have both agreed on as the ultimate forfei...


Unexpected Foursome

I cuckold my mate and we ended with a foursome

I was slamming into Beverley when Mick, her husband, came in. "Alright mate? You nearly finished, were meant to be going to a barbecue at some friends," Mick informed me. I slammed into Beverley for one last time and blew my load. "Yeah, just finished mat...


Holiday sex

My girlfriend took me on a sex holiday

I had only going out with Sheila for two weeks and this beautiful creature had banged my brains out nearly every evening. Then she dropped a bombshell on me that she was off to a Spain for a week with friends. She then asked if I would like to go with her...


Second Party

party games to make us meet new people

My wife Sue and Jill was telling me of another party that was to take place a week Saturday. The last one was very wild and was a games theme night. Jill laughed telling me that this one would be even better. She hinted that the necessary props were alrea...