Me the wife and daughter in law Fact

I know its bad but who wouldn't…

I’m 57 and I’m having an amazing sex life thanks to my wife and my son’s wife.
I’m going to keep our names private for obvious reasons, but I have to share this with you.
Like I said, I’m 57, my wife is 45 and originally from the USA. She has dark skin and is an amazing woman. We had both fantasised about sex with someone else in the bed but had never done anything about it until one day it just happened. The problem is it just h… Read more

How I Became a Hotwife Fact

How I slept with another man…

I have been a hot wife for a few months. It’s a big change but I love it. My name is Nala, I'm married to my dear Hubby for over ten years, and so far it’s been a good and happy marriage. He has been hinting from not long after we were married that he wanted me to have sex with another man. I had only had sex with my Hubby till then and it has become routine. We may have managed 2 times a week only.

Hubby and I got talking one night a… Read more

1980 - Rhyl - Kings Disco Fact

Carl gets a new car and a bit more…

Before we share the second half of our Boat Trip from 82, Michelle would like us to share a night that we enjoyed from the summer of 1980. It is a prelude from our next holiday from 83 in Ibiza with our friends Jane N Andy and Carl my mate.
Its probably quite a quick one.
Before we get into what went on we would like to thank you for your kind words for our previous sexploits, we will be adopting this word from now on as it explains well our … Read more

East coast fun 3 (part 5 ) Fact

Liz keeps on going…

Young Mike had come back into the bedroom after his dad had fucked Liz . He said “can we do it again “ . Liz smiled and nodded . He had his clothes off in a flash and got on the bed again . He was rock hard again . They kissed deeply as he climbed on top . She spread her legs and he entered her and started to fuck her . He was banging her hard with his 7 inches . She orgasmed very quickly and held his arse as he continued to fuck as hard and… Read more

unexpected Fact

what happened ?…

I first met Susan when we both bought a house in the first phase of a new development . We were next door to each other , both alone, similar age. As we both left home at the same time in the morning, to walk to the station to get the same train, it was inevitable that we would get friendly and then travel together. She was not the type of woman I would normally be attracted to, being very slim and hardly any breasts, but she was elegant and lo… Read more

Wife still seeing someone Fact

Wife playing away…

My wife hasn't admitted she's seeing someone but it's so obvious. I hope it's just one lad it's been going on for 3 or 4 years. She has changed for the better, we now have sex twice a week sometimes more. She fully shaves now which she wouldn't do for me. Also she has had a coil fitted. I asked her for years to go on the pill or have a coil fitted but she wouldn't I had to pull it out at the last minute plus we could go a month without having sex… Read more

East coast fun 3 (part 4 ) Fact

More cock for Liz…

Please read parts 1 to 3 before reading this .

Liz arrived at Kevin’s flat on time the following week , dressed as ordered in a black short dress , hold up stockings and black lacy bra and panties wearing red patent 4 inch stilettos . Bright red lipstick finished off the look . Kevin and Phil , his brother were there and there were 2 other guys there that she did not know . They were Bruce , early 40s , 5 ft 9 , fairly stocky , and his son … Read more

82 - Boat ride Fact

A special fantastic day or a fantastic day fuckin - you decide…

We met Toni at the jetty at 9am as arranged, Michelle was wearing her string bikini bottoms and a tee shirt dress which just covered her arse, no bikini top. With her 36D's standing proud her nipples were displayed strongly sticking right out of the tee shirt as she was already horny.
We hadn't fucked since the session after the disco and Michelle was gagging to be fucked.
Toni told us as would go in a small motor boat for the short ride to th… Read more

Sister in law flashing by the pool Fact

She could help to notice…

Recently I have returned from our place in Spain and I couldn't help but give my sister in law Margaret a flash of the tadger.
She is one of those people who thinks that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but I know she can be very mucky, and is a bit of a prick teaser. So I decided to give her a bit of her own medicine.
I started by making sure that I sat facing her on a sun bed and then made sure that my cock and balls were hanging down the in… Read more

Paula's holiday photo latest update Fact

Now a total slut…

Some weeks ago, I wrote to tell you of how my wife Paula and I had introduced what I thought was a friend into our life and how later I found out that he had introduced others to fuck Paula when I wasn’t there, Paula had told me that I accept it or she would just continue without my consent….see Paul’s holiday photos and the update.

I have to tell you all that I wasn’t best pleased but what could I do? Therefore I let her have Jim’s … Read more

Used for a one night stand Fact

one night stand…

This is a story of something that actually happened 100% true.
None of the names or places have been changed for this story (recollection) as there is no point as it was so long ago and I very much doubt that anyone mentioned in the story would remember me from the description of events in the story.
Those of you from the area mentioned in the story, that were around the area at the time of the story will know of the places mentioned.
Sorry if… Read more

Fuerta fun again Fact

beach fun after meeting in the hotel…

Before my last solo holiday in January to Fuertaventura, I posted an add in the Holiday Personals, but had no replies.

It was the second weekend of the holiday in the Coltilo Bach Hotel in ElColtilo and after dinner I was sitting in the bar with a large G&T, the hotel entertainment that night was a music/film quiz and was quite noisy. It was a mixed bunch in the bar mostly couples German, French and a few from the UK sitting around mostly on t… Read more

82 - 18/30 Disco Fact

Boobtube, rah rah skirt n no knickers - well in the end!…

Michelle was getting ready for the disco and she had her spangly sequined boob tube and very short rah rah skirt. She bent over in front of me without any knickers on and said what do you think. As I could see all her pussy lips and arse like a big round O I said I think you will have to wear knickers love but choose them really tiny ones that run up your arse so she did then bent over. The gusset pulled into her labia and looked really sexy.
Of… Read more

Fingered at the footy Fact

Wembley memories…

This is a quick one from when me and Chelle went to Wembley to watch Man U play Liverpool in the early 80's. Michelle was wearing a short denim skirt and a gypsy top, which are now strangely back in fashion.
We had spent some time in the pubs getting drunk and were now in the Man U end and mega packed in. It was before the game started and everyone was singing and pushing and we were like sardines.
Michelle had hold of me and pulled me close to… Read more

're met2 Fact

Moving on…

Hi back soon, this follow up seems quick but these happened a while ago.I didn't think I would post again as I thought it wouldn't interest people as it's not as graphic as some posts, but quickly saw how many readers, and nice encouraging comments.
We met as arranged, we drove to a popular pub, no worries about being seen as we had nothing to hide, we sat and chatted, and as the drink started to take over, I asked her about our day out. She sm… Read more

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Black man's slut Fact

Sara blacked again…

I thought I would recount something that happened last month. A bit about me: I am a very nightly sexed married woman, slut my husband says. I am forty five, size ten 38d2435, smooth, leggy, shortish blond highlighted hair, I have a toned body due to swimming and gym work outs and lots of sex. I am also bi but this is not about that. I have a huge weakness for younger mixed race or black guys, love the muscular or athletic thug type. I also enj… Read more

Turned on by sounds of sex Fact

Wife brings home lover for overnight fun…

We have been married for almost 25 years. Pam is 48 and I am 51. We have 3 children who aren’t around much due to higher education and having set up their own pads, but have retained our large house as are too emotionally connected to sell. Our sex life became stale and effectively non-existent a couple of years ago. We discussed this and whilst we don’t wish to separate, we agreed that we wouldn’t stand in the way of extra marital fun as l… Read more

Healing Our Lonely Friend Fact

From soft swinging to blowing our friend…

We have been friends, then sexual friends with this couple for a couple of years. It was soft swing only but we did just about everything but full penetration of each other’s partner. The problem in their marriage had nothing to do with their lifestyle. We tried to help them through it but to no avail. They finally temporarily split for a few months.

I will call our friend Jim. He was terribly depressed and my husband and I talked about how… Read more

East coast fun 3 (part3) Fact

Moving on…

Please read parts 1 & 2 before reading this .

Liz arrived at Kevins flat near the seafront as arranged , dressed as he had stipulated , short black dress , black lacy underwear , red patent stilettos and with bright red lipstick . She was ushered into the lounge . She really didn’t like him .She sat on the settee and Kevin joined her there. He started to kiss her and slide his hand up her dress . He was rubbing her through her lacy knicke… Read more

A quick boat ride Fact

82 boat hire fun…

A couple of days after our beach party we went down to the jetty where some of the boats were moored and arranged to hire a small motor boat. The guy asked if we wanted him to drive the boat for us and we both asked if it would cost any more and he said not so we said yes. He said his name was Toni and to come back in about an hour and he would have a boat ready for us. We went to the bar and had a few Bacardi n cokes n Michelle was getting a goo… Read more

We remet Fact

Long time ago…

My friend was going out with a girl I really fancied,I was married, but he told me in detail of there escapes,he seemed to get a kick out of it, the first time I met her was at her work, as he wanted to make arrangements for a date, we waited in reception and she came down, she sat opposite us, she was georous, I felt a bit awkward knowing all the things he had told me.
He spoke to her in a manner I never would, she seemed to have no problem wit… Read more

Beach Party 82 Fact

Beach fuck…

We would like to share an evening with you from the early part of our relationship. We had been going out with each other for a couple of years and booked an 18-30 holiday. One of the early night's a beach party was arranged and we had a Barbie and loads of beer, beach games and loads of horny sexy games.
We ended up on our own with a plastic gallon drum full of wine, we were hammered and there was me Michelle and 3 other guys left. We sat aroun… Read more

Ex girlfriend daughter part 6 Fact

Sexy sexy Becca…

WI have written before about Becca, an ex girlfriend's daughter. She spends at least one night a week with me, often more. Last week she stayed over for two nights. On the first night she was home before I was, when I got home there was a bottle of Rioja on the table with some salmon snacks, some jazz music playing. I called for her and she. Are downstairs and into the living room, Becca looked amazing; she had a short leather mini skirt, above t… Read more

a bi experience Fact

experiencing full bi…

Hi all I am sitting here and contemplating how I begin telling the experience that I have had a week ago now. It all started where I have been chatting to a guy over the internet and talked about meeting up etc. Now I am no stranger to having a bi experience as I have met several guys over the years and sucked a few cocks in my time and also taken the odd mouthful of cum.

We decided that the best thing to do was to meet for a drink and take… Read more

East coast fun 3 (part 2 ) Fact

More than she bargained for…

please read part one first.
Liz had bumped into Rob in town about a year after their liaisons . They went to a local coffee shop for a chat . The spark between them was still there . They chatted for ages . Rob told her that he had met someone and that they had decided to get married . The wedding was a couple of weeks later on a Saturday . They had little money so it was going to be a quiet affair . After some chat Liz said that we had a vid… Read more

It is really my thing now Fact

The beginning was full of doubt and not being sure…

My first venture into the world of bi and gay men was a bumpy one maybe a bit strange if not a frigtening one when you are curious but not admitting it is what you want
I would of been in my late teens and things where not as they are today people didn't accept things then like they do today it was still a hidden place in some ways

Maybe I gave off the right vibes I have no idea but Albert befriended me a charming man in his mid late fift… Read more

The older woman Fact

I have a thing about older woman .…

I’m 19 and I have a thing about older woman. But it only been since I started fucking my neighbour. Clair is 55 and her husband is really into watching me fuck her.
It started when he asked me if I could keep a secret. Of course, I told him I could, then he said that he thought I had a thing about his wife. I thought he was going to be pissed off but when I told him I thought she was hot he just smiled and said ‘that’s ok then’.
Clai… Read more

Wife + Sand Dunes = Fun Fact

Fun in the sand dunes.…

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years, I'm 65 and my wife , Liz is 55, 10 years younger. Earlier this year we went on holidays to France, to les Portes-en-Re to be precise on the Ile de Re. Liz had played before, over the years, but had not ben active for the last 6 months or so, don't know why not, because, she's still quite attracrtive, 5-10", medium build, short cropped fair hair, nice legs and a pair of 36C boobs. Both of us are… Read more

after the pig roast Fact

Long time no see then see all…

I had been invited by a friend to a Hog Roast in his village. I went along to the village green at the appointed hour, got myself a beer and looked around for a table to sit at. Most had somebody sitting at them so I headed off one with a single woman seated at it. I was just about ask if the other places were free when I recognised the woman.
It was Averil.
I had not seen her for several months as she had been away working in Italy. We have … Read more

Party in the village? Fact

Emma prepares for the village party…

Party time in the village……………. continued from previous posts

As promised Carol arranged a party. Invites were sent out to the chosen few, indeed just to those who had been to our BBQ previously, Carol likes to do things properly, and the theme she had chosen was, ‘Teachers & Students’ not surprising really, her hubby, Pete, is a year head at the local high school so it plays right into his hands, and it’s also easy for the re… Read more

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