Winnie finds a young lover Part Four Fact

52 year old married slut continues her kinky adventures…

After I had taken my sons former school friend Andy as my lover (or more accurately fucker) I had agreed to have my pussy shaved and nipples pierced both for Andy's pleasure and to see if my new look made my husband Pat more interested in fucking me on a regular basis.
The lady who did the piercing was a sexy petite brunette in her early forties called Norma and after telling me how gorgeous I was, gave me a card with her number on and told me t… Read more

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masseur revealing stress with a wank and more Fact

Recommended by her dad.…

I read a story in here written by a guy who said that he fucks a girl who gives him massages and the girl is his friend’s daughter. A few people thought it was bullshit because it never happens like that but I can tell you, it does and whilst I don’t; fuck the girl, there’s a lot that does happen.

I’m 45 and in a relationship. A while back I had to take a few months off due to stress at work. My mate who works with me suggested that… Read more

Adventure in a B&B Fact

So, I decided I would sightsee around West Wales. I was looking for some mental stimulation and a restful few days to re-charge my batteries before re…

I thought maybe a rural base was preferable to a town hostelry and decided to scan the accommodation sites for suitable locations.

It wasn’t long before I found a rather attractive sounding little place with a river at the foot of the garden and a spacious room with en-suite shower. I thought that will do nicely and contacted the proprietors to find it was free for the weekend so that was how I found what, in hindsight was an interesting cou… Read more

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Paramedic paradise Fact

The perfect mentor…

I’m a 22 year old trainee paramedic and after 18 months of different shifts and crew mates I recently got onto a regular shift and partner/mentor. Emma is 39, married with 2 kids and has been a paramedic for 15 years. We instantly got on, she’s got beautiful smiley green eyes and we laugh a lot together. People call her my work mom with Emma usually bringing me food in for our meal breaks and generally taking me under her wing. After shifts t… Read more

the first time later Fact


At that point J came back, she had changed into an old baby doll nightie that she hadn't worn for years, it was my favourite that she wore to our swinging parties many years ago it had a very short, just to the top of her stockings, fairly see through skirt and a bolero type top through which you could see the darker red of her nipples, Max said WOW!!!. J said this is for Tim not you and pulling Tim up she put her arms around his neck and cudd… Read more

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Once again! Fact

Quite a surprise.…

This is a pleasant follow on from my post in January in Gay stories. Not had any sex with my wife for more than a year. Our sex life was a bit limited anyway. No fucking as she said it hurt too much. Mostly all we did was go to bed and wank ourselves watching porn. I like to watch most types but she is more into straight stuff with men and women under about 40. All shaved and good looking. I like that as well. I was still feeling very pleased abo… Read more

Almost Caught 2 Fact

In Stockings and Panties In the Toilets…

Yrs ago I used meet a guy every week for lingerie fun; we first met one afternoon in a toilet wanking and he invited me back to his home where as he sucked me he told me he loved dressing in his wife's stockings, panties, lingerie. I told him to show me and he quickly changed into her things ..... a red and black matching set with black stockings.......he was early 30's with a slim figure and a lovely shaved cock and balls. And that afternoon he… Read more

fucking strangers in the Spanish woods Fact

how a domestic argument leads to a swinging lifestyle.…

I’m 58 and my wife is 45. She’s attractive, has an extremely athletic physique with large heavy breasts. Our sex life was ok but as strange as it sounds, I preferred penetrative sex where’s my wife was obsessed with oral sex. She would cum hard when I came in her mouth. 9 out of 10 times we had sex it would be a case of my wife in her knees sucking and tossing me off until I came, and because I ejaculate a lot of semen when I cum she … Read more

Table Tennis and alcohol Fact

Girlfriend has some holiday fun.…

My girlfriend of 6 years - Clare and I went to Cuba in September. We stayed in a resort and whilst the sun and sand were great there wasn’t loads to do. We were all inclusive so we made the best of the food and alcohol. In the afternoon we got into the habit of playing table tennis together and drinking cocktails- we would get seriously tipsy and it was fun.

One afternoon we were playing ping pong - even sober we were shite so afte… Read more

Blast from the past 3 Fact

we meet at last…

After weeks of phone and WhatsApp sex, we finally reached a point where our diaries allowed for an afternoon of fun. I had to be near where she loved and worked for a morning meeting, she had some time off in lieu, and there was a new hotel a few miles away with rooms available for daytime bookings. The build up was intense and the scene was set, I would arrive and check in and wait for her to leave work early....plenty of teasing along the way a… Read more

Voyeur Fact


This happened many years ago, but still get off thinking about,I'd left school but still lived at home,I went one afternoon to the cinema can't remember the film, as it turned out I didn't see much.
Not many people in I suppose it was inbetween times,I watched the trailers, and went to get a drink before the main feature,I herda the cinema doors open and looked around,the couple looked like they had come straight from school probably the last ye… Read more

The most embarrassing massage ever Fact

Don't dare tell me you wouldn't do the same…

I’m 58 and divorced. I’m not particularly good looking and although I’m not overweight, I’m not in the greatest shape ever. But what I do have is a big cock and over the years that has got me laid sometimes by women who are just curious. Erect its around 7 1/2.” but it’s also quite thick and I get hard very easily which is why I rarely go for massages because its embarrassing laying on your back with a huge hard on even under your sh… Read more

Jackie the hairdresser Fact

Jackie the sexy dirty whore hair dresser…

I met my wife Jackie when she was 18 and I was 26. I was working in my father’s car showroom, when she came in with her father to buy a car for her. She was a gorgeous woman, natural blonde hair and a fantastic pair of tits. I found out later they were size 42d. We hit it off and started dating and I sold her a car. We dated for two years and in that period I found out she was a sex maniac. Every time we went out she want her clit sucked, have … Read more

Massage Fact

Started legit and then got .....…

Went on a recommendation to see Karein to sort out dodgy shoulder and joint problems. First appointment was a scoping meeting, lots of background notes taken and initial fully clothed manipulation of shoulder.

Karein was in a jog top and leggings, probably around late 30's and very professional. Arranged 2nd follow up and told to wear shorts or jog shorts etc.

Arrived and massage took place with lots of stretching and Karein pummelled t… Read more

Massaged by my friends wife Fact

You can never tell how naughty another man’s wife is!!!…

Peter helps me out with a sports team I run. He knows I have a bit of a back problem and several months ago suddenly suggested his wife could give me a massage!

I love massage and also had a bit of a thing for his wife Lisa. You couldn’t describe her as a stunner, but she was attractive enough and had an awesome body for a 40 year old. She was slim and trim but with gorgeous big tits that looked huge on her fairly small body. She has very li… Read more

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milestones,, The tide turns. Fact

appreciating each others needs,…

After getting married at eighteen by the time i had reached nineteen it was obvious to Pam and myself where my sexual orientations lay,We loved each and wanted to be together, but my sexual attractions were for men, we chatted for many hours and i knew just what an eighteen year old girls needs were,Pam had come from a very sheltered background and sex was still new and very exciting for her,After the time we stopped at a public toilets on the… Read more

Gatwick Hotel Fact

voyeurism produces results…

A certain Gatwick hotel boasts an executive U shaped section with the inside room windows facing each other. I always got an upgrade in those days and asked usually for the first one in either corridor , facing inwards towards its opposite across the void of the ‘base’ of the U shape .
There was also an exec lounge which offered drinks and snacks at certain times of the evening which git very busy.
I was just back from work and taking adva… Read more

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holiday fun Fact

first experience…

My partner sarah and I have never been involved with swapping or anything other than good sex fun with each other although I guess I have the fantasies like most men! What occurred when we went away for a well earned long weekend to stop at a hotel with a nightclub attached was completely unexpected and was as follows..
We had a pleasant dinner with a couple of bottles wine before moving to the nightclub next door, the drinks were flowing freely… Read more

My hotwife Fact

never knew I would love cock too…

We had always had fantasies about other men fucking my wife and this would lead to really horny sex. My wife T is small and petite and late 40s and I am tall with a bit of a belly with average length cock but not a fat one. We eventually plucked up courage to live out our fantasy, T was more worried about it than me. We both knew our marriage was strong enough but actually going for it was hard the first time. It was agreed that T would be given… Read more

Am I gay? Fact

Middle aged man finding sexual excitement in a gay sauna…

I’m 50 years old, have been married for 25 years and have two children. I am successful at work and have all the trappings of success. My wife finds intercourse painful but she does masturbate in front of me frequently. I’ve spent many years sexually frustrated and masturbate over porn when I’m alone. Over the years I took an interest in bi and gay porn and found it turned me on. Late last year I visited a gay sauna and was really t… Read more

My soul mate chamges completely part 3 Fact

how my wife becomes a nympho…

As I lay there savouring her sweetness she got up and went to the bathroom . she came out and walked over to the mirror looking at her large love bite and kept touching I. I walked over to her and stood behind he and cupped both her breast in my hands and squeezed her nipples and she was soon moaning and I leaned over her and started to bite and suck the other side of her neck before she stopped me and just said later.
She opened the small fri… Read more

my soul mate changes completely part 2 Fact

how my wife becomes a nympho…

As I jumped out of bed Grace was disappearing into the bathroom and I heard the shower I was shocked to see that she was already completely naked and that was the first time I have seen her naked during the daytime and realised she must have slept naked and my 5" was stood to attention. After about 5 mins she came out with a towel wrapped around her. And I dashed in and after a quick emptying of my bladder had a quick shower and wrapped the othe… Read more

Wife with a secret life (the threesome) Fact

Why not!…

Hi, I’m back. For those who haven’t read my blogs before I suggest you look at my blogs from the 17th, 20th & 21st Jan. Basically I’m a married woman who became bored with her life and I had the opportunity to liven my life up and I took it. I love sex so why not tie the two together.
I must admit, I did start to go off the rails a little and even pretended to be a prostitute when I guy offered to pay, and of course there was the taxi w… Read more

Business Trip fun. Fact

Fun after husband leaves me…

My husband of 20 years told me one evening that he was leaving. Said he didn't love me and that he'd found a place to live. The next morning he'd gone.
I was hurt, gobsmacked, and in pieces. My friends rallied around and looked after me. Taking me out and keeping me busy. I soldiered on and was doing fine until one of my friends told me that she'd found out that my husband was seeing a woman and had been for about a year before he'd left. He'd s… Read more

Almost Caught Fact

Being Wanked and Sucked by The Old Man…

In my early twenties I met an old guy in a cottage one afternoon where I let him wank me then suck me off. He was very smartly dressed in a black Homburg hat, long black overcoat, 3-piece suit, shirt and tie and shiny leather shoes.

In the cottage he came and stood next to me then reached round and gently wanked me all the time watching my face for a reaction. When I allowed him to carry on he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and slow… Read more

Sue gets more Fact

A visit…

After our adventure on holiday with Dave and Andy our sex life as been great,sue cannot get enough of my cock,so a surprise visit off them both was just what she needed ,they called on a working day for me,and said they had the wife,s with them and had dropped them off in the local city for a day,s shopping.Dave as last time the more forward asked where I was,sue said at work on afternoons,he said great and with that smiled grabbed sue and starte… Read more

Martyns return part 2 Fact

Returning long term fb…

Ok so following on from her blowjob for Martyn shes now telling me in front of him she wants him in our bed for the night and im to use the spare room for the night.
I asked her if I could watch but she refused saying she wanted to get to know Martyn all over again without distraction.
I was of course disappointed but jaq knows i also find listening to her highly erotic.
We all went upstairs and jaq kissed me goodnight and closed my bedroom… Read more

Winnie finds a young lover Part Three Fact

52 year old married slut continues the kinky fun with her toy boy lover…

After the best nights sex of my life with my sons former school friend Andy I had agreed to have my pussy shaved and my nipples pierced to please my new lover but also to see whether it would improve my nearly non-existent sex life with my husband of 18 years by turning him on. Naked except for my raincoat Andy drove me to the parlour where he had booked me in to be shaved and pierced. I was met for my appointment by a small, sexy,dark haired wo… Read more

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Horny, horny night Fact

What a horny experience…

Me and my wife had a Friday night out in Chester for my birthday and stayed over at what was the Hilton Hotel so no driving and handy. Out all afternoon drinking, back for a shower and change and out again. The night was good, both really drunk and a treat from the usual staying in routine.

We have been together for over 20 years and nothing really exciting has ever happened in the past but on the rare occasion when we go out and get drunk, we… Read more

Blast from the past 2 Fact

Sarah gets naughtier…

Our WhatsApp messaging continued with me telling her what a naughty girl she was, and how much she was turning me on...she said that her husband was home that night and would not be able to message as much. I told her to be careful and that I was sure he would be very pleased to see her. She replied that he would undoubtedly want sex and she would be the dutiful wife, leading me into say that the thought of her having sex per se was erotic.... an… Read more

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