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New sexual experiences for couples, old or young, can start expectedly. Quite often even the most faithful relationships can take a new direction during a regular night out with friends, a weekend away, or when bumping into an attractive stranger. Swinging can start a new life or improve an existing relationship.

There's plenty of arousing encounters that have been discovered by swingers and confessed below for others in a similar situation to enjoy.

Experienced a sexual exchange that has brought out a naughty side? Submit your own encounter for others to admire.

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First Time

The best laid plans don’t always come together

Hubby will set the scene for this story before my wife takes over for the actual meeting. We are a happily married couple of 40 years and been around Swinging Heaven for a few years without meeting anyone. He is 62, 6ft 2 tall and medium build, grey hair,...

All Stories

VHS, Porn, and a policeman

Penny tries her hand at writing.

In 1982 I was a stay at home Mum. Joe had a good job in the upcoming media business and things were good for us. Although we still did the swap parties I was finding that I would recognise people while we were out shopping, so our circle was clearly too s...

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Unfaithful wife

It happened on Holiday

My boyfriend is the member on this site and this story happened before i met my boyfriend when i was married but my boyfriend likes it so much he told me to put it on here When i was married me and my husband had a dog so we booked a long weekend away in...

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A Hotwife, finally

Another true story, as always, comments welcomed.

We have always had an interesting fantasy sex life. However, one thing we have never truly explored was the hotwife scenario. However that was to change. Initially, I wasn’t overly a fan of the idea, seeing another man with my gorgeous wife however as tim...

Trip home

A pleasant car journey home

It was a a day we was to travel back from Middlesbrough Had gad a week down visiting family so we got up early and decide we would embark on our journey home so knowing we had a 5 hour drive in front of us we decided to dress with loose clothing to make j...

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This the follow on from the first instalment entitled newly married well sort of which gives the background of our married life. This is fast forward 4 years from the first post and how we arrived to our future together. About 9 months after my wife had s...

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A man she'd never met...

My wife has a meet with a guy she'd only spoken to on the phone

At the time of this story, we had three kids aged 5 to 12 and were staying on a campsite in Dorset, not too far from Studland Bay. Before going on holiday, S had been in contact with a man in the course of business, and had developed a flirtatious rapport...

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fell for it

My friend had been going out with a girl really fancied,he broke up with her and I asked her out,she to my surprise she said yes,we got on well,and I was fascinated with her,she seemed to take to me and we had a great relationship together.She was a very...

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Multiple partner party

Penny takes on three but wants more

By the start of the 1980s Penny and I had our first child and were eager to get back into the party scene. We contacted some of our old friends and pretty soon found a regular group that met once a month for a 'No Holes Bared' group sex session. Our first...

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Cruising For Cock Part 3

4 or 5 guys watching

Stood naked in the old man's mobile home as he sucked my cock ...... right next to the blacked-out windows with a guy stood there trying to look in ...... the old man sat back stroking his cock and said 'Wank it for him, show him your cock' and I turned t...

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Following on from Kim’s story about our first visit to a nudist beach we have another chapter, some fiction some true. Only we know. Kim and I fucked like bunnies when we returned home from the beach the last time, it had opened a whole new avenue for us...

The Mag


I pop round now when ever I could and both were always eager to see me, either for a chat, a dirty flirt or a play. This evening was warm and I found them both sipping G&T in the garden, in the shade of some trees. Sam was wearing a short skirt and a top,...

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Cruising For Cock Pt 2

Guys Could See Into The Van

.......... as he slid the door shut the guy looked me up and down and said "Get your clothes off". I unzipped the hoody and dropped it on a seat, slipped the sweat shorts off and stood there naked in just boots and cock rings, my cock stiff, jutting up at...

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Continuing my sexual encounters . Nina my HR fuck buddy couldn’t make our usual meet with her friend Maria , the tutor . She insisted we carry on but to record and take pics to send . Maria as always , looked very sexy , a short dress , exposing her toned...

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Cruising For Cock

Rain Didn't Stop Play

Driving past a cruising spot I visit last night around was raining, cold, damp.....miserable weather....... didn't think there'd be anyone there but thought I'd take a look. 5 or 6 cars parked near the trees as usual........ always busy da...

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Loved them

If your looking for outrageous sex this is not for you,so please move on,and for younger readers you will probably not know,what petticoats where,women wore them under there skirts and dresses,this was in the early 60s, it was a turn on seeing them,they a...

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