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Caught cheating Stories

caught cheating

One thing led to another

I could see the back of Ellie's head bobbing up and down as she gave our boss a blow job.

I had just gone through a rather bitter divorce with my ex-wife Olivia. I barely managed to hang on to my house as my wife strolled away with a load of my money and one of my best mates. To make things worse I was also getting a pretty rough ride at work....


Business deals

While I hid I watched Roger with Suzies tits out and hands in her panties.

Hi, I’m Hank and my wife is Beverley (Bev). I hope it’s no too boring if I fill you in as to how we got to where we were. I had packed in work and had been working on a project with a mate. Unfortunately, he had run out of money and returned to his old jo...


The exchange student

I followed Layla up the stairs when she stopped watching Phillipe fucking my wife.

My wife Ginny took in an exchange student. Not the normal school age but a university exchange. Phillipe was in his early twenties and spoke pretty good English. He was charming towards Ginny. A bit to charming for my liking. This young twenty something l...

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Lesson worth learning

"...inch by inch, his massive cock disappeared up the arse of the woman I loved."

I work for a company that fits security systems, I am the surveyor. I visit the houses of potential customers, and give them a quote. I was called to a big house, electric gates, big plot. All it lacked was a swimming pool. There was already a good system...


My fuck Buddy

I had expected to just sit and talk, but she almost launched herself on me

I was down on my luck and was telling my mate about it in the pub. I had turned Thirty-one the week before, and although I run my own successful business, my love life was a mess. It was my own fault as my long-time girlfriend caught me with her best frie...

The cameraman

She was making porn films

I watched and filmed as Suzi sucked and fucked the old man.

As I work from home mainly three days a week, not always the same days, it was a pleasure watching the yummy mummies walking their kids to and from school. I would take a break at the right times and afford myself a half hour in the morning and again in t...


Holiday fling

Joan was on her back sucking one cock while another fucked her and where was my wife.

I had decided, because we hadn’t managed to get away for the previous two year I would drop my caravan down on the south coast, and my wife and her best friend, Joan, could have a month on the site. Joan drives so once the van was there, they could go dow...


The swing seat

I pushed the seat away, lined up my cock and then let go of the seat allowing gravity to penetrate her.

I made my wife Jemma a swing seat with a difference. It had a cut-out to make it much easier to get between her legs and either suck her or fuck her as she swung gently back and frow on my cock. There were also straps to keep her legs up and out the way....


Best mates Step Mother

I wasn't sure how she would take, it but I straddled her, and slipped my cock up her pussy

I met Hermon when I started secondary school. It was an intake of seventy-one kids that year, so they were pretty big classes. I was a bit like Hermon in that I was an odd one out. Whilst Hermon was a little on the slow side, no, not thick, just slow. I w...