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Revenge Stories


Taking advantage of the sluts

My wife and her friend were sluts at a party, so I decided to treat them like sluts.

It was by sheer accident that I heard my wife Shelly talking with her best mate. They were discussing what they had gotten up to at a party that I was unable to go to. I was livid to hear that both my wife and her mate Lynn had gone back to a flat with fo...


I knew Ellie was a slt and with better judgement should have fled.

I found Ellie in the gents toilets being fucked while she sucked and wanked two other lads.

Against my better judgement I had started going out with Ellie. Yes, I had heard all the rumours that she played fast and loose. But I thought that if we were an item things would change. On our first date on the way home from the cinema, Ellie had me pul...


Wife’s Revenge

She found out I’d cheated

So this is my first time ever writing but this is something I need to get off my chest. About four months ago my wife found out about drunken one night stand I had. She was upset not about what I’d done but she’d always warned me if I ever did anything ne...


Holiday fling

Joan was on her back sucking one cock while another fucked her and where was my wife.

I had decided, because we hadn’t managed to get away for the previous two year I would drop my caravan down on the south coast, and my wife and her best friend, Joan, could have a month on the site. Joan drives so once the van was there, they could go dow...


I was the prize

His cock was longer and thicker than my husbands and it was still limp

My husbands regular card game was arranged for Friday night. Then on Thursday Alf rang to say he had to drop out as he had a family issue. As the game requires four or six my husband asked me to be the fourth player. Reluctantly I agreed. Normally I would...


Taking care of my wife didn't meant they could fuck her.

I woke to hear someone fucking my wife.

Sandra needs a lot of loving and up till now had always managed to keep her happy. Then I was involved in a pretty bad car accident. I knew nothing about what had happened as I was hit from behind and spun into the oncoming traffic. I was told that I was...

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Mike N

Cuckold my dad

found my real dad and cuckold him with his wife

I grew up feeling that somehow I was different from my older brother and sister. There was a six year gap between them and me. Some how this feeling had made me a fairly angry child. Then at the age of three I lost my dad. I had an aunt June and uncle Har...


Helping the Tenant

The tenant pays with more than just money

My wife and I decided that as we had a large house and only used half of it, we would do some work and make a flat with part of it and then take on a lodger. The work took longer than we expected and the cost was way more than we expected. All finished an...